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Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo

All of the marketing and packaging for this fragrance uses a pink reptilian skin motif. According to the marketing, this stuff is meant to express “an aura of strength and beauty.” so I guess pink snakes/crocodiles are pretty tough and hot. I’ve never really put too much thought into that. Still, I’ve long since given up on trying to tie in the marketing of a fragrance to the actual scent of a fragrance, so let’s not dwell here. The bottle itself looks fairly elagent, bending light in the right ways to give a nice crystalline feel. Unless of course you’re a nerd like me, in which case it looks like a pink hand grenade.

And explode it does! This statement is in context to the last line of the previous paragraph, in case you jumped straight to this one, and are confused (also, what the heck? Why would you do that?). This stuff sprays loud, and strong. Pretty much a perfect example of the feature my girlfriend hates about perfumes. Now soaking into her arm.

It starts with what smelled to my like fresh fruit. Apple, pear, you know, the lot that is technically citric, but you’ll never see commercials referencing them for their power of Vitamin C. That freshness almost instantly turns to sweetness. Candied apple, candied pear, you know, the lot that destroys your teeth, but makes up for that by making you feel like you want to puke a few minutes after eating it. After things dried down, I was left with a feeling of chocolate/toffee, with slight floral tones. Everything pretty much died down after about two hours, but that may be attributed to her skin’s magical ability to break down a fragrance faster than a normal person would.

This scent feels a bit too young for me and my age group. This is a terrifying thing for me to say when I’m 26, I cannot stress that enough. Still, this just comes off as too loud and sugary to be taken seriously. It is a smell I would associate first with “immaturity”, rather than “youth”. I certainly don’t mind the smell, but it’s not something I would expect to see from most people my age, unless they’re still living the “I just turned 19, let’s go party!” lifestyle.
11th April, 2011

Reserve for Men by Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis Reserve is a fresh and powerful smell that opts to project sophistication instead of sex appeal. That power is rather short lived however, as it calms down and wears close to the skin a lot faster than an average fragrance would. The crispness of cold weather helps increase the potency of the freshness in this one. If you keep it subtle enough, this would make a fine daily scent that would likely be very unique, and definitely become memorable to others as “your smell”. That said, it was made for a formal affair; something you would dress up for.

I am partial to it because it was my very first. If one were to say it deserves a neutral vote, I wouldn't be able to hold it against them or try to debate it. However, for me it was good enough that I sought it out again years later, after my old bottle was long gone.
01st December, 2010