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Bois de Cédrat by Creed

Falls somewhere between Cacharel and Eau Sauvage.
ES does it for me.
15th July, 2012

Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Are we measuring "modern" by how much fruit is in the ingredients? I wouldn't call Armani pH dated. It's absolutely versatile -- for work and for play. its most prominent notes are bamboo and lavender. I'm 28; I can not IMAGINE wearing Azzaro pH -- it's smells like something jmmy carter could wear today... for nostalgic purposes of course. Armani, you can wear it to your meetings and to your tennis game... :)

17th June, 2012

Mister Marvelous by Byredo

Clean masculine scent. Very similar to Armani Pour Homme. Lavendar and Bamboo sitting on top of a wood base. And yes, to pay this type of $$, I look for something that's more than just "nice".
16th June, 2012
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Terre d'Hermès Parfum by Hermès

to me, this is the scent of the century. It's unpretentious, original, powerful, purposeful...
It's a blast of energy. It's real, it's soulful. it's the scent of a man who knows himself. I know these words may not mean much, but I couldn't describe notes to you...

Imagine, for a moment, a safe and insconpicuous designer scent...
the Company employs a tall Habit Roug-ish model and creates an ad that says: MYSTERY, CLASS, DANGER, POWER... Then the group of High school kids buy the idea and make a trip to Sephora.

U with it? ...Well, Terre is the scent that owns that danger/class/power domain.
31st December, 2011

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Mugler's Pure Somethin' series is a strange phenomenon.
The newborns carry the genes of their big-egoed hairy chested father, but the small changes add up to enormous differences in their character.

Imagine what single a garlic clove can do to a tomato soup...

Where A*men is loud and without a purpose (other than being different and offending people); Pure Havane uses his loudness to sing opera. The Tobacco and the mello-vanillic sweetness work very together to project a rich and confident masculine scent.

Do you want to smell like a man?
30th September, 2011

L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Toilette by Diptyque


Reminds me very much of Un Jardin en Mediterranee. Begins with a leafy fig-like blast; skip forward ten minutes and it's a rosier, more feminine, version of Jardin's Dry down. It's hard to call it unisex. But then again, I've heard Kouros and N* 5 be called unisex, ...why bother choosing carefully some obsolete terminology.
30th September, 2011

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

4 out of 5 people love Terre religiously
1 person doesn't care: buys it, uses it, and forgets it once the next thing comes along
(there was sixth person involved in this study, but died holding his breath)

chances are, you'll LOVE Terre.

it is fresh and dirty, young and old, arrogant and humble all at the same time. EDT is more interesting IMO, but buy both versions if you can afford.

Orange Sanguine and Bigarade Concentree smell very bland in comparison.
03rd August, 2011

154 by Jo Malone

Quite different than most Jo Malones I've tried. I can't imagine a women wearing it -- I would compare it to Antaeus, or another heavy "old man" smell from that genre.
03rd August, 2011