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Reviews by nishantdavid

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Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

Well i love citrus based fresh scents and always thought that Eau Sauvage will be the holy grail fragrance for me. Then One day i got a bottle.
In my humble opinion i found it very over rated and hyped. Spending top bucks for a Dior fragrance and getting a bitter citrusy juice that lasts for no longer than 3 hours on my skin is not my idea of a Legend.
The bitter herbal candied citrusy opening is also not very pleasing to me.
No matter how hard i tried to Love it ...I failed.
Sorry Eau Sauvage.

The Neutral Rating is as a regard to its awesome reputation.
18th January, 2016

Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

A True Masterpiece Indeed.

I basically hate sweet fragrances. But this one has such a refined sweet accord that it is hard not to like it. The spices and the florals are so well blended that it becomes a truly captivating scent.

Well i Live in India and have visited the city of Jaipur atleast thrice. when i first tried this fragrance i was surprised at the fact that this smell is somehow remniscent of the city of jaipur. Wow the perfumeur has really managed to capture the fragrance of Jaipur City in a bottle.

Bravo Annick Menardo.
14th January, 2016

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

This fragrance has hands down proven two basic facts for me...." Never Judge a fragrance in a single wearing" and "our nose change with time and age". When i first tried it in 2004 i discarded it immediately and thought of it as SHIT. those were the days when i was in love with Cool Water and only preferred fresh aquatics. Today in January 2016 this smells like heaven to me. I bought it in December 2015 Christmas and have enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a fragrance best experienced in Cold weather. It warms you up and makes you feel cozy.
Another thing about this fragrance is that it grows on you. First wearing it was ok, Second time it was Above average, third time it was good and now after a dozen or so wearings i absolutely love it. I even enjoy the harsh opening tar note to the fullest. Its to the point of being addictive now.
As a fellow member wrote this fragrance is almost like a living being. It evolves on your skin and smells different upon each wearing.
The honey and chocolate in the drydown are amazing
The coffe in the middle is spell bounding.

A true masterpiece.
14th January, 2016
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L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Yuzu by Issey Miyake

Man i just bought it yesterday at a discount counter. The top notes just blew me over. The Initial Yuzu note is breadth taking. Even when i was checking the other fragrances i kept coming back to this to get a whiff. Didnt get time to check its longevity on my skin in Indian conditions but still even if it lasts just 3 hours i will still buy this. It has the best citrus opening i have ever smelt. Has a reassuring and happy feel about it.
07th January, 2016

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

I totally Agree with AndrewTheCologneGuy. This being such a pleasant and unoffensive scent i am unable to understand the negative reviews. Well My wife loves D&G Light Blue for her and even i used to Love it. I even used to quitely apply it sometimes......
But this is truly a Male version of the D&G Light Blue for her.
I enjoy this scent immensely. It also has similarities to Antonio Bandera's Blue Seduction which can be a cheaper altenative for someone not willing to buy Eau Fraiche.

Longetivity seems fine right now in Winter as i get 3 to 5 hours. Have to test it in Summers to verify the claims that it lasts better in heat.

Amazing Fragrance not very deep but very zesty and sparkling never the less.
14th December, 2015

Ed Hardy Born Wild For Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

Well when i read the reviews i thought ...Oh Gosh i have wasted money. I brought it blind because i found it so cheap. But this is a very pleasing fresh and clean fragrance which is very inoffensive. It starts out as Lots of Sweet Orange. After half an hour Pink Pepper starts to dominate. In the end we have some wonderful woods laced with pepper and a hint of Orange. I Liked it a lot. Its nothing very special, But Nothing Bad. I would say It is great Value For Money. It Lasts 8 plus hours on me.
Godd Job Mr. Olivier Gillotin...Bravo.
10th March, 2015

Blue Seduction for Men by Antonio Banderas

Well No one can indeed contest the fact that this is a VALUE FOR MONEY fragrance with a 100ml bottle available for just 20 usd even in India. Well its a Melon blast in the beginning with a touch of creamyness. then very faint woods seep in at a later stage. The fruity vibe lingers on my skin for the entire duration of the fragrance. It has above average lasting power and above average sillage. Very affordable for a Hot and humid place like India. And yes the opening does smell a bit like a melon bubblegum.

Forgot to mention that it does smells like a cheaper version of Versace Eau Fraiche and the womens version of D&G Light Blue.
01st March, 2015 (last edited: 14th December, 2015)

Nightflight by Joop!

Let me tell you guys this fragrance is really very very underrated.

This Fragrance is truly very captivating. It has an element of freshness and mysteriousness about it. Something in it brings a clear starlit night to the mind. Its like taking a walk in a floral garden at night. Very well made and longlasting the smell lingered on even after washing it off with soap.

It is so pleasing to the nose that you feel like smelling it often. Hard to resist smelling it.

22nd September, 2010

Ice*Men by Thierry Mugler

Its definately different than most other summer colognes but i guess too different. Well Here in India we have a medicinal ointment for cough, cold and chest and nose congestion called Vicks Vapourub. The Initial minty, menthol tinge surely reminds me of that medicinal ointment. Long Lasting yes it surely is. But i was never able to get this association out of my mind hence couldnt enjoy it. It always made me feel as if I had A BAD COLD AND THEREFORE USING this medicinal ointment called Vicks.

I read a similar reaction from another basenoter who smelled muscle spray called BenGay in It.

Guess this menthol tinge is Too Medicinal.

Other wise quite clean and surely gives that icy effect as its name implies.

But I cant Use It.

Hence Gave it away.
28th April, 2010

Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Yes true the top notes really scream for attention, but hey whats the problom as they are beautiful. With Orange Blossoms and MOGRA ( As callen in Hindi In India) which is an extremely fragrant flower. I was surprised as to how authentically the smell of MOGRA Flower has been captured in this Fragrance, not synthetic at all. Superb Job. The base is a beautiful soft Vanilla (from coumarin) laced with orange blossoms and just hints of Mogra which dissapear in the BG.
Its a sillage and Longevity Monster.

17th April, 2010

Eau Maximum by Nickel

I Recently Got a 75 ml bottle of this fopr less than 10 dollars and am smelling it on me while writing. This is a good fragrance considering the price. It is Super Fresh but less of citrus. I can detect More of cool frozen Cucumber and the cocoa leaf. Some aquatic nature is also added as i can definately detect some notes very prominent in BVLgari aqua. If you Love BVLgari Aqva and Polo Blue then you would definately like this. The and Longevity is slightly above average (say at 5 - 6 hrs). Sillage is mediocre as after some time it just gets very close to the skin. But for the while that it lasts It is very energising and fresh specialy suited to the harsh Indian summers. At the price that it comes you can always re apply it to keep cool and fresh.
The Best part is that it doesnt smell cheap at all smells as good as some expensive stuff. Great Buy.
17th April, 2010

Monsieur Balmain (original) by Pierre Balmain

Well If i would have to review this fragrance in just two words.........

it would be


The Lemons seem to last on and on forever acompanied by a touch of spice somwhere in the background.

Could even be classified as a lemony gourmand as it smells like something edible too. But yes If you love citrusy scents and often complain about the lemony top notes dissapearing way to quickly then this is definately the one for you. The Lemon notes last forever.....
Great for waking up someone on a hot summer morning.
Kudos to Mr. Balmain (or should i say Monsieur balmain)
11th February, 2010

Hugo by Hugo Boss

I simply hate this scent.
Though this was my first designer fragrance gifted to me by my wife. But still no matter what i do i just hate this. is very cloying and irritating.
05th February, 2010
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Dunhill Signature by Dunhill

Simply Love it Guys.
Its very unique and sophisticated refined smell.
cant go wrong with this..
a mediocre sillage though.
30th January, 2010

Banana Republic Classic by Banana Republic

A beautiful soft soapy fresh fragrance which opens with very very tangy tangerine and orange smell. Its a very casual and relaxing natural smell.
Like a poem...
30th January, 2010

Chrome by Azzaro

Very refreshing citrusy and metalic smell but sillage is a major problem. Only you and those who come pretty close to you can smell it. Doesnt have any major presence.Its a very pleasing but feeble smell. I wish they come out with an intense concentrated version of this.
What i felt amazing about this smell was that how it makes you remember a shiny smooth metallic surface as soon as you smell it.
13th November, 2009

Soul by Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

It is not def a bad scent. It is a very pleasing and soothing frag. The sillage and projection is just average. A good option for some boring casual day when u dont want to waste your better options. Longevity on me is just 3-4 hrs.
Bought a 100ml bottle just for the low price. wont buy it again.
28th October, 2009

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

with the price tag that it sells this juice is superb. The top is of moist green grass to be precise. It will wake up any soul. within an hour this fresh green smell transforms into sweet pure violet.Its called the smell of Diplomats. Very formal, distinguished and refined.
28th October, 2009 (last edited: 30th January, 2010)

Cool Water by Davidoff

I find it very very soothing and relaxing. Its definately not a very loud frag but a subtlr sweet lingering floral lavender smell. Its good everyday kind of a frag but def not for special occasions. Longevity is above average at 6-8 hrs.
Good to have this in your arsenal always..................
28th October, 2009

cK be by Calvin Klein

A lovely Musk scent. The only thing i catch is the musk and i love it for it. Is a very subtle fresh and lingering kind of frag which smells expensive. The only downside is poor longevity. Dissapears in 2-4 hrs. Requires re application. But till the time it is on you , you enjoy thoroughly.
Do try this once as u cud get a 200ml bottle for less than 20 USD.
28th October, 2009

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Eau d'Été Summer Edition by Issey Miyake

A very stupid scent. The opening is of awsome citrus. but then it turns to the smell of raw beaten eggs ready to be turned into an omellete. Gave the bottle away. Didnt expect this from issey miyake.
27th October, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

This is a very decent frag. It is not at all over the edge. Very refined and contemporary. If you could smell refinement this would be it.very fresh and long lasting. Every fragrance lover must try this once in his lifetime.
You wont be dissapointed ......I Bet
26th October, 2009

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

The first time i smelled it out of the bottle i fell in love with it. It is so fruity, lively youthful. My wife wears Light blue by D&G a lot so the un canny resemblance came to light pretty soon.It is a very rich sweet deep fragrance which will definately evoke ones emotions ( either of awe or of naseau).But the light citrus tinge in the dominant sweet note is awsome.
Monster Longevity is an excellent plus point.
My wife loves it what more can i ask.
Definately worth buying.
24th October, 2009

Ferrari (Red) by Ferrari

I just recieved a 125ml bottle of ferrari red and let me tell you that it is nothing great. Just an average budget perfume that you can wear to work. Though it is definately very warm and soothing. Would be great for a normal winter day perhaps..... Nothing out of the ordinary but none the less a good floral warm soothing frag.

24th October, 2009