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Nautica Oceans by Nautica

Nice clean smell, but nothing new or original. This scent doesn't last for crap on my skin...maybe 3-4 hours if I'm lucky. It wore pretty close to the skin as well since it's such a neutral smell. Might work for some who prefer light fragrances or dislike most fragrances.
29th October, 2009

Heiress by Paris Hilton

Got this as a sample on a past online order( I don't know why they continue to send me female perfume samples when all I buy is Men's cologne) but anyways, I don't see how people say this smells like bubble gum. I don't know which bubble gum you're chewing, but this smells nothing like orignal bubble gum flavor. However, it does smell like a particular flavor of gum(not original bubble mind you). It's most definitely the artificial smell from strawberry or some kind of berry Trident gum my mother always used to chew in the 90's. Way too synthetic for me to ever find favorable worn on a woman. Like others have said I could only see very young girls using this like 12-16 years old. After that they should be looking elsewhere.
29th October, 2009

Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton

Just Me actually really surprised me. No, it's nothing new at all, and yes it's a copy cat/morph but for the price you can't beat it! Very similar to Aqua di Gio as others have suggested as well as Burberry Summer(AdG copy with pepper). Top notes scream citrus-lemon(almost like pledge or citronella but not in a negative way) but it mellows out fairly well and the sweetness balances it out in the dry down. Did I mention it's cheap yet? For being reasonably priced, it doesn't have a detracting synthetic smell like most cheap fragrances. Great for everyday wear or whenever you don't want to waste your more expensive stuff. I would say this isn't for anyone above the age of 30, but it is appropriate for teens-mid twenties.
29th October, 2009
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Hugh Parsons Traditional by Hugh Parsons

I have to agree with SirSlarty on this one. It's very fresh with a sweet fruit tone and just a hint of spice and herbal background. Very understated and classy! I love it! It's great for the office since it's inoffensive and I often wear it for job interviews just because of that. I'd say the age range has no limit except for maturity in the individual so I'll say 18+.
29th October, 2009