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Colors de Benetton by Benetton

This review is for the vintage formula in the clear bottle.

I really don't know what formula they used making original Colors by Benetton, but whatever they used this herbaly,woodsy,fruity?,florally?with a dash of citrus?
This scent is magic. Vintage Colors actually soothes my headaches. You know the didn't sleep enough,didn't eat much for breakfast and delayed lunch so long it's almost dinner time and oh yeah , you didn't really have enough caffeine or water either? Now a headache starts in and you can tell it's got some ambition,it wants to be a full fledged Migraine when it grows up.
Spritz. Ahh . ...Mmm...I'd swear there's some clary sage and lavender and maybe some nice woods...
Okay I did take some Tylenol as well , but food and coffee weren't helping . After this helped me I noted that my bottle was only about half to a third full . So I did what any self respecting Basenoter would do. I got o eBay and ordered another bottle. It arrived today and smells exactly like my big bottle. As soon as I finish this review I'm ordering another couple bottles before y'all raise the going price on it.
06th March, 2019

Greedy Essence by Weil

This is just squeaking by as a positive/ thumbs up .
I'd rate it about a 6.5-7 out of ten and that's factoring in the price I bought it for ($10 at TJMaxx) and the climate in reside in (Alabama/ usually hot and humid).
This seems to be a offering for mass appeal, Greedy Essence by Weil opens with a freshness from the mandarin mixed with a apple and candied rose note . I don't really detect a distinctness of much from the mid notes, as it stays a fruity candied rose the basenotes are present almost from the beginning and save Greedy Essence from being a completely over market researched scent. ( cough!Anna Sui, cough!) . The packaging is bright matte pink with a looseish silver cap ( so don't go trying to pick it up from the cap ) . I believe this will be a nice addition for my work scents as it feels pleasant and a bit interesting without being overwhelming.
Greedy Essence's sister Suki Essence in yellow version packaging is VERY nice and I'm going to be on the lookout for backups . Suki is a beautiful citrus incense that drys down to a incense powder think Roberto Cavalli Oro to Infusion d'Iris.
28th February, 2019

Reem Acra by Reem Acra

Pleasant in a mainstream sort of way . Reem Acra's first venture into the world of perfume doesn't seem to have done anything groundbreaking , unfortunate for her as a new smash hit could have really helped launch her bridal / formalwear line into a much more well known designer .
Instead , she apparently opted to do a remake of either Armani Code or Burberry Brit ( seriously ! They are extremely similar !) The distinctiveness of this perfume? The bottle . I can easily see why this scent didn't do well at high end stores and has hit discounters for $7-$10 . I wouldn't want to pay upwards of $90 for a perfume that smells just like a couple of other popular ( and likely already owned ) established designer brands for a newcomer designer many may have not heard of .
Also although the bottle design is pretty , the gold mirrored top, bottom and sides with clear glass front and back mean that it will be a royal pain to keep clean of fingerprints for the average person who keeps a few bottles of perfume out on display /for ease of use.
13th September, 2018
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Baby Phat Goddess by Kimora Lee Simmons

Pleasant enough. Soft ,clean floral with a soft musk dry down . This wouldn't be inappropriate for a youngster as a first perfume. I got a bottle in a group assorted lot . I don't hate it , I sort of like it, but I definitely don't love it . So as its a light scent that may require reapplication,I brought the bottle with me to work. My manager loves this ( one of her top five)and hadn't been able to find it recently. So I passed it on to her, where it should get much more love .
15th June, 2018

Cashmere Aura by Donna Karan

This scent is perfect for those who've been longing for that long ago scent from that big yellow bottle with J&J and " no more tears " on it. Pleasant enough , and comforting I suppose. It leans slightly more elegant , a whiff of Prada Infusion d' Iris ( your mom just stuck her head inside the door to tell five year old you to hurry up and finish your bath - it's bedtime !)
10th September, 2017

Wood Mystique by Estée Lauder

I had high hopes for this. Not totally unexpectedly, my hopes were rather sunk by reality.
Wood Mystique is a odd fusion of a floral dominated scent with accents of raspberry and part two being a strong harsh rubbing alcohol/"cedar" iso E Super i.e. Pencil shavings and alcohol kind of vibe reminding me quite strongly of Dolce &Gabbana Light Blue's dry down.
This holds through the heart of Wood Mystique and softens somewhat as it approaches the dry down.
I agree with another reviewer I read who said that this seemed to be a quick dry run in Oud scents for the Arab market . The second release Amber Mystique is much richer and better blended in it's composition in my opinion.
07th April, 2016

Miu Miu by Miu Miu

Tried it on blotter . Skin tested this and had to get a roller ball size immediately. I don't get much if any lily of the valley. I get peppery wild Kansas roses. This is a lovely fragrance , but it does drop down to a closer to the skin scent after a couple of hours.
12th March, 2016

212 Glam by Carolina Herrera

On me this is a semi tolerable scent . It actually smells a lot like some sort of lotion that is just put on for moisturization and not chosen at all for scent. One I'd choose so I could layer a chosen scent over it. Slight plastic note is present to my nose. Cotton candy, toffee, sweet notes? No. Rose ,iris,and woodsy notes? Slightly. Like I said -this smells like a lightly scented lotion.
Bought in a group lot. Tried a few times, and it's okay but not love /craveable. Honestly,I tend to forget about it.I'm passing it on to someone who could use it.

28th January, 2016

White Diamond Night by Elizabeth Taylor

This released recently at Belk's department store where I tried it both on the blotter and skin tested.
It opens very citrus fruity, I could envision peeling the mandarin cuties ( I correctly guessed mandarin ! )the bergamot is more a citrus uplift rather than star here. The apricot nectar sweetens Night up ( slight thought to Tang orange beverage).
The florals blend in but didn't overwhelm ,the base almost seemed Chypreish. This was rather surprising with today's typical releases.
Bottle was the typical cylinder but in a glossy black with the " diamond pave" collar.
Me likey. Will buy.
15th January, 2016

Omnia Paraiba by Bulgari

Only a few days ago I was thinking that Bvlgari was one of the fairly" safe to blind buy from" . And that I always at least liked or tolerated their scents even if I wasn't head over heels in love with all of them. I must have jinxed myself.
On my skin Paraiba opens with mashed bananas ( baby food) with a side order of artificially flavored and colored banana candy ( recall those hard candies shaped like the flavors they were supposed to be? Those.)
A few minutes drydown reveals a " tropical floral " heart --unfortunately it strongly reminds me of some bathroom deodorizer spray ( green can Glade? Febreeze?) which my dad uses whenever he's let off a big stink bomb in there. Honestly I dislike this " tropical " stuff so much, I'd rather smell the stink bomb.
Base is beginning to appear--a clean musk and freshness of vetiver . This part is rather pleasant, if it didn't have the ( repulsive to me ) top and heart notes overshadowing it.

I'm reviewing from a sample I acquired free from Sephora, thankfully NOT from a blind bought bottle. Enough of this,I'm off to scrub....
09th January, 2016

Promesse by Cacharel

Pleasant enough,I bought this at a Thrift store for a few dollars. I gave it to a coworker who loved it . Promesse is/was her holy grail perfume. After she ran through the bottle I found that a pretty identical dupe is on the market . Soft berries, fresh florals ( peonies and roses) and peppery white woods now ( also in a purple bottle ) in the Lancôme line. If you love Promesse by Cacherel then Tresor Midnight Rose might be your new holy grail . Hope this helps!
23rd October, 2015

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

I like Fancy Love , it smells lovely a soft fruity, watery musk with vanilla . Sort of like having a hot fruit pie cooling on the counter( it's probably peach or apple ) while it cools you're enjoying a cup of tea and pulling out the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream you plan on serving with it.
The bottle is pretty milky white with a gold cap and artwork lettering. My only issues with it are # 1 it is my current boss's signature scent so I'd avoid it for workwear on principle.
And #2 it is almost identical to Burberry woman. I figured I didn't need the scent redundancy,it's available if I need to replace it -either of them-(which might be when exactly? A couple decades from now? ) I passed my nearly full bottle of Fancy Love to my boss who as it happened,had run out and unknown to me was missing her favorite.
22nd September, 2015

Black Opium by Auric Blends

I have a partial bottle that I bought in a group lot. I love it . I does smell extremely close to vintage YSL Opium - perhaps a hint oily due to the type of scent ( perfume oil vs edt or edp). The quality and longevity are great ,making me very curious about what other gems may be found in this line . ( Warning ! Blind buys may ensue!) . For reference I have the YSL Opium in edt ,and parfum in vintage, as well as the modern reformulation . I love the vintage more but the modern is nice too ( could've been a summer cologne version!).
04th August, 2015
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Walk On Air by Kate Spade

This is a lovely little floral/soft powdery/ green scent. Almost a semi-aquatic,I'd say that the heart notes and the Violet Leaf are dominant in this composition. All other notes are supporting or background players to my nose. I loved the silliage when someone else was testing this and had to have a rollerball of the edp immediately . I helped convince the lady testing it to go for the gift set as it was about the same price as one FB anyway, and that it may be harder to find long term versus Aqua di Gioa ( her alternate choice she was waffling between).
This makes me think of the Favorite Things song, probably because of the mention of white, blue and silver ( there's likely some helional in this) . As it drys down it seems a bit soapier , but still quite pleasant . If the Clean brand did theirs more like this they'd have my business , alas no . They don't. All the better for my pocketbook's health!
I suspect that guys could wear this fairly easily as the Violet Leaf pulls it towards a bit of a Grey Flannel mixed with jasmine scent .
03rd June, 2015

Tweety by Aquolina

Nice enough scent it seemed like the citrus and sugar were dominant . It's a Aqualina- what do you expect? Honestly it reminded me of LemonHead candy,tart on the outside but sweet lemon /caramel/ creme sugar inside. I don't recall longevity being exceptional,but I didn't wear it much,and I passed it along to my 7 year old niece to coordinate with the Bath &Bodyworks Lemon Vanilla shower gel and lotion I gave her already.
29th May, 2015

Uninhibited by Long Lost Perfume

I nabbed a partial ( 1/6th Of a bottle?) of the Cher Uninhibited . This is my first impressions review.
Wowzers! This baby has a punch to it! What isn't listed in the notes pyramid is the aldehydes , which this definitely has in spades. ( My Mom said it smelled like baby powder when she sniffed the bottles' nozzle.) So much so that I wondered if this could possibly be the right fragrance . Had it seriously gone off? Usually older scents with aldehydes lose the aldehydes rather than find them as a new note. Reading others' reviews reassured me, chemically= aldehydes !
Patience pays off with this one . It starts out in the same family with Chanel # 5 or # 22 and then adds some rich floral bouquet ( I was thinking Jontue or Le Jardin) then you start feeling the incense prickling the top of your palette and back of your throat. With the incense comes the rich stewed fruits and it gradually blends all the elements together . Overall this reminds me of a cross between Chanel # 5 and Fendi Asja . Beautiful! I would definitely repurchase this edt , and would consider the Edp or parfum if it were findable at a decent price.
15th May, 2015

Cuir by Lancôme

Okay in times past I must have tested Cuir in warm/ hot weather. Result = herbaly amber. Retrying this in cool 60 ish degree weather and using a spray and a half on one arm , I can FINALLY pick up a bit of leather- within minutes though it's swamped with baby powder . So as a go to leather? Nope. Not for me. This smells sortof new bike tire-ish like Bulgari Black with less tea and a lot more powder. This is obviously a well crafted scent and I appreciate that and the opportunity to try it but it doesn't suit my preferences so it will be swapped .
04th December, 2014

Stella by Stella McCartney

Nice , but not quite . Passed my bargain find to my mom ,who loves rose scents. I'm pretty sure it's the "woody ambers" that are not quite syncing up with me. It gives a bit too much " heaviness " to the scent and ( perhaps this is unfair -but hey I have a lot of scents that have to compete for skin time) I had a sinus headache verging on a migraine while wearing Stella edp . Not quite a pleasant association. Another find , vintage Colors de Bennetton actually seemed to take my headache DOWN a few notches when I wore it the next day.
I think this is pleasant enough to be around but I don't really want to wear it and have it wafting up all day. Stella resembles other peony rose type scents like Ellen Tracy but with more clean musk and amber-"woods"added.
07th November, 2014

Strenesse by Gabriele Strehle

This is a review for the original Cylinder one done by Roucel.
I tried this for the first time when it arrived ( warm to hot weather)and honestly, I wasn't all that taken with it. Tried it again recently ,now that it's getting cooler and it is beginning to grow on me. Strenesse is a soft, powdery, milky ,with a hint of caramel and florals,skin scent on my skin. I believe I'll give it some time in my collection, Roucel's work seems to take getting used to ,but then I usually love it.
07th October, 2014

Idol Moments for Her by American Idol

Inexpensive berry -musk-clean patchouli , that was mass marketed for a reality television talent show . Not groundbreaking ,earth shattering perfumery by any means. Very synthetic smelling ,but probably cheaper alternative to some department store or celeb scent . Bottle is dull too -reminds me of a Calgon bottle style. This was a gift from a former coworker ,it'll probably get resold on ebay.
14th August, 2014

Ellen by Ellen Tracy

I got a bottle of this for my birthday, and honestly I couldn't even smell it at first. Tried it a few times but eventually returned it for credit . When I was testing it ,Ellen turned out to be primarily a sweet, clean musk scent on me with a hint of fruity floral which maybe because of the packaging I was interpreting as very light berry notes. Cinnamon or other interesting ingredients ( rose,tonka bean , sandalwood) weren't very evident. Generally a fairly safe ,clean unremarkable,-probably a good office scent.
I may rebuy this in the travel assortment if only to try the Bronze one in the line ,as that one seems to be well regarded.
18th July, 2014

In White by J del Pozo

I bought this completely blind based only on reviews. Most seemed to say it was creamy ,white floral,and a possible dupe for Dior Pure Poison. As I've tested the Dior one a few times while shopping and found it to be pleasant enough ,when I saw this available on ebay for a steal , I pounced.

I DO like it! Though I seem to be getting a scent that reminds me of a softer touch more floral Bvlgari Black( new flanker?).Seriously ,if I didn't know otherwise I'd think this to be one of Menardo's works. This "feminine" could probably work quite nicely as a unisex ,especially if the guy likes some of the floral masculine scents already . Bottle style is sort of graphic looking , a pearlized white sphere sandwiched between two lucite discs. So no froufrou phobias to try to overcome in getting this.
03rd July, 2014

Silk Way by Ted Lapidus

Extremely similar to others in the powder incense category. Silk Way is a soft incense ,musk and woods fragrance. Closest relatives are Sonia Rykel for Women not Men, Barbara Bui edp, and Hiroko Koshino, though HK is more first cousin than fraternal twin. Silk Way will likely serve as the least expensive option ,and probably the easiest to source of those I mentioned. Vaguely related ( great aunt perhaps?) would be Estée Lauder Sensuous ,though it is far sweeter and stronger in the wood and coconut notes.
29th June, 2014

M.A.C Hue: Turquatic by M.A.C

Okay just got the rollerball size (6ml) . This is pleasant enough to me for me to keep it, but only time will tell if I ever rebuy or get the full size bottle. Turquatic is a lightly citrus floral mostly clean musk and soft woods. It would not be a shock to smell this from a small box labeled Lever 2000 or Irish Spring. So guys try this one too !( also the bottle is blocky and bluesy-green colored so nothing too frou-frou in a bottle collection)This isn't quite as soapy as the Clean brand stuff which I find unwearable ,or as sharp or sweet as D&G Light Blue feminine ( top notes a bit too sweet , base far to sharp and synthetic of a " cedar"). This should be a good scent for days that I want to smell unquestionably clean and fresh. And with summer as my dominant season in Alabama ,this will hopefully get plenty of days that are appropriate.
Side note : I'm testing this on my hand here. I'm wearing EL Azuree (Nose: Bernard Chant)on wrists ,chest,neck and arms ( applied last night) the combination of the scents seems very pleasant. MAC Turquatic might be a useful layering scent over Azuree, Aramis and the like to create your own " summer flanker". At $22 for a rollerball it's not going to break the bank for a easy experiment.
26th June, 2014

Enjoy by Jean Patou

I really like EnJoy . It's a really ,really pretty rose scent on me. Yes it IS a bit synthetic but I find it to be within tolerable limits. The opening is lovely fresh roses ,after awhile it either is more skin scent on me or more probably my nose is tired . But when I walk around shopping I'll get a whiff of something that's just BEAUTIFUL and wonder what it is . Until I realize that the scent trail I smelled was my own. I have a FB and a mini and lotion( true to the scent and well scented , penetrates well but doesn't moisturize all that much) and shower gel ( haven't tried it yet). I may back up EnJoy a bit as it appears to be getting axed from the lineup ( or up for reformulations due to EU over regulation ) .
23rd June, 2014

Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

I really like this fragrance but something about it is really relaxing . Really relaxing! As in spritz,spritz,spritz and very soon it's getting placed in the bedtime scents in my collection. I just spritzed a few minutes ago and am virtually holding my eyes open with toothpicks to write this quick review . Night all!
30th May, 2014

Orange Sapphire by Bath and Body Works

Orange Sapphire is a great citrus fragrance.Should've been properly marketed as a shared scent.
If the fragrance was a stage play the citrus top notes would be your A list headliners. The remaining top notes would be bit /background characters that usually don't tend to have proper names in the script (something like Second Flower Bundler on My Fair Lady). The florals would be small parts but fairly memorable ( the housekeeper and maids). The basenotes would also be somewhat memorable parts ( Mr. Doolittle ,Eliza's drunken Welsh father) without which the fragrance/play wouldn't be the same.

Primarily the citrus and basenotes are dominant. As with most BBW scents longevity depends on how much and where you spray. I layer the shower gel, triple moisture body cream,and around fifteen - twenty sprays of the edt . I spray about four to chest/neck areas and three or four to crook of arms/ wrists. I also spray my hair ( mid back length ) and after eight hours or more the hair will still retain the scent . The skin application spots will be faint when layered imperceptible if not layered.
This scent reminds me of the Orange Julius beverage place at the mall or orange pumice soap my dad uses to degrease. It also recalls Angel Innocent to some extent. If you like this scent and see it - stock up! BBW discontinued it so it's only available online or for their semi annual sales( maybe - if you're lucky). BBW tends to do that though , they keep the stuff that smells as if it should be hummingbird feeder water,and discontinue the more intriguing scents.
28th May, 2014

Ultraviolet for Her / Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne

I blind bought this and am quite happy with it! It reminds me very strongly of Dreams by Tabu which was a great favorite of mine when I was a teen and has since been discontinued ( I have back stock) . Nice to find something that feels similar and is still available.
27th May, 2014

Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

I ran across a gift set of JC Couture Couture at a discounter for a absolute steal price of 15 dollars . So of course it went home with me that day. I was pretty sure I had a sample vial at home ( and I did) so I tested my vial before making a final decision about opening and keeping it.

JC CC opens on me with the scent of grape jelly ( sorta makes me hungry in retrospect for some jelly toast) then moves into a quick snatched floral whiff of honeysuckle before it plunges into a vast dryish,jasmine ( in a similar vein to Alien). There - may- be other things in here the orange blossom,sandalwood etc.but my nose isn't really registering them as major players .

I think that this is a nice fragrance ,but not a love for me ( probably a bit too clean of a floral fruity). I returned the set unopened,hopefully it'll find someone who'll be thrilled with it.

I do like the kitschy holy hand grenade of Antioch style bottling. So I won't object to this in a future ebay group lot purchase ,I just don't love it enough on its own.
10th April, 2014

White Vetiver by Mark

For a modern day Avon scent this is a fairly good one,though SERIOUSLY misnamed. This probably should have been marketed by Dior as Dior Poison L' eau.
Notes are Top: mandarin orange ( minimal support role if any),plum and pink pepper ( true opening);
Mid:jasmine ( minimal support role) TUBEROSE ( starring diva of the scent)and cacao (theoretically there?)
Base: Vetiver( support background player),Patchouli (main base note) and Georgywood molecule ( supposedly something vetiverish?)
White Vetiver is loud for the first hour or so and it quiets down after for another four to six hours of wear. Applied around 4/5 pm this afternoon now 10:30pm this evening.
This scent was nice , but not a Love it! or extremely high quality noted even if it wasn't a "Me scent" so I'm downgrading this to a neutral and may end up moving it on.
01st April, 2014 (last edited: 26th June, 2014)