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    Idol Moments for Her by American Idol

    Inexpensive berry -musk-clean patchouli , that was mass marketed for a reality television talent show . Not groundbreaking ,earth shattering perfumery by any means. Very synthetic smelling ,but probably cheaper alternative to some department store or celeb scent . Bottle is dull too -reminds me of a Calgon bottle style. This was a gift from a former coworker ,it'll probably get resold on ebay.

    14 August, 2014


    Ellen by Ellen Tracy

    I got a bottle of this for my birthday, and honestly I couldn't even smell it at first. Tried it a few times but eventually returned it for credit . When I was testing it ,Ellen turned out to be primarily a sweet, clean musk scent on me with a hint of fruity floral which maybe because of the packaging I was interpreting as very light berry notes. Cinnamon or other interesting ingredients ( rose,tonka bean , sandalwood) weren't very evident. Generally a fairly safe ,clean unremarkable,-probably a good office scent.
    I may rebuy this in the travel assortment if only to try the Bronze one in the line ,as that one seems to be well regarded.

    18 July, 2014


    In White by J del Pozo

    I bought this completely blind based only on reviews. Most seemed to say it was creamy ,white floral,and a possible dupe for Dior Pure Poison. As I've tested the Dior one a few times while shopping and found it to be pleasant enough ,when I saw this available on ebay for a steal , I pounced.

    I DO like it! Though I seem to be getting a scent that reminds me of a softer touch more floral Bvlgari Black( new flanker?).Seriously ,if I didn't know otherwise I'd think this to be one of Menardo's works. This "feminine" could probably work quite nicely as a unisex ,especially if the guy likes some of the floral masculine scents already . Bottle style is sort of graphic looking , a pearlized white sphere sandwiched between two lucite discs. So no froufrou phobias to try to overcome in getting this.

    03 July, 2014


    Silk Way by Ted Lapidus

    Extremely similar to others in the powder incense category. Silk Way is a soft incense ,musk and woods fragrance. Closest relatives are Sonia Rykel for Women not Men, Barbara Bui edp, and Hiroko Koshino, though HK is more first cousin than fraternal twin. Silk Way will likely serve as the least expensive option ,and probably the easiest to source of those I mentioned. Vaguely related ( great aunt perhaps?) would be Estée Lauder Sensuous ,though it is far sweeter and stronger in the wood and coconut notes.

    29 June, 2014


    M.A.C Hue: Turquatic by M.A.C

    Okay just got the rollerball size (6ml) . This is pleasant enough to me for me to keep it, but only time will tell if I ever rebuy or get the full size bottle. Turquatic is a lightly citrus floral mostly clean musk and soft woods. It would not be a shock to smell this from a small box labeled Lever 2000 or Irish Spring. So guys try this one too !( also the bottle is blocky and bluesy-green colored so nothing too frou-frou in a bottle collection)This isn't quite as soapy as the Clean brand stuff which I find unwearable ,or as sharp or sweet as D&G Light Blue feminine ( top notes a bit too sweet , base far to sharp and synthetic of a " cedar"). This should be a good scent for days that I want to smell unquestionably clean and fresh. And with summer as my dominant season in Alabama ,this will hopefully get plenty of days that are appropriate.
    Side note : I'm testing this on my hand here. I'm wearing EL Azuree (Nose: Bernard Chant)on wrists ,chest,neck and arms ( applied last night) the combination of the scents seems very pleasant. MAC Turquatic might be a useful layering scent over Azuree, Aramis and the like to create your own " summer flanker". At $22 for a rollerball it's not going to break the bank for a easy experiment.

    26 June, 2014


    Enjoy by Jean Patou

    I really like EnJoy . It's a really ,really pretty rose scent on me. Yes it IS a bit synthetic but I find it to be within tolerable limits. The opening is lovely fresh roses ,after awhile it either is more skin scent on me or more probably my nose is tired . But when I walk around shopping I'll get a whiff of something that's just BEAUTIFUL and wonder what it is . Until I realize that the scent trail I smelled was my own. I have a FB and a mini and lotion( true to the scent and well scented , penetrates well but doesn't moisturize all that much) and shower gel ( haven't tried it yet). I may back up EnJoy a bit as it appears to be getting axed from the lineup ( or up for reformulations due to EU over regulation ) .

    23 June, 2014


    Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

    I really like this fragrance but something about it is really relaxing . Really relaxing! As in spritz,spritz,spritz and very soon it's getting placed in the bedtime scents in my collection. I just spritzed a few minutes ago and am virtually holding my eyes open with toothpicks to write this quick review . Night all!

    30th May, 2014


    Orange Sapphire by Bath and Body Works

    Orange Sapphire is a great citrus fragrance.Should've been properly marketed as a shared scent.
    If the fragrance was a stage play the citrus top notes would be your A list headliners. The remaining top notes would be bit /background characters that usually don't tend to have proper names in the script (something like Second Flower Bundler on My Fair Lady). The florals would be small parts but fairly memorable ( the housekeeper and maids). The basenotes would also be somewhat memorable parts ( Mr. Doolittle ,Eliza's drunken Welsh father) without which the fragrance/play wouldn't be the same.

    Primarily the citrus and basenotes are dominant. As with most BBW scents longevity depends on how much and where you spray. I layer the shower gel, triple moisture body cream,and around fifteen - twenty sprays of the edt . I spray about four to chest/neck areas and three or four to crook of arms/ wrists. I also spray my hair ( mid back length ) and after eight hours or more the hair will still retain the scent . The skin application spots will be faint when layered imperceptible if not layered.
    This scent reminds me of the Orange Julius beverage place at the mall or orange pumice soap my dad uses to degrease. It also recalls Angel Innocent to some extent. If you like this scent and see it - stock up! BBW discontinued it so it's only available online or for their semi annual sales( maybe - if you're lucky). BBW tends to do that though , they keep the stuff that smells as if it should be hummingbird feeder water,and discontinue the more intriguing scents.

    28 May, 2014


    Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne

    I blind bought this and am quite happy with it! It reminds me very strongly of Dreams by Tabu which was a great favorite of mine when I was a teen and has since been discontinued ( I have back stock) . Nice to find something that feels similar and is still available.

    27 May, 2014


    Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

    I ran across a gift set of JC Couture Couture at a discounter for a absolute steal price of 15 dollars . So of course it went home with me that day. I was pretty sure I had a sample vial at home ( and I did) so I tested my vial before making a final decision about opening and keeping it.

    JC CC opens on me with the scent of grape jelly ( sorta makes me hungry in retrospect for some jelly toast) then moves into a quick snatched floral whiff of honeysuckle before it plunges into a vast dryish,jasmine ( in a similar vein to Alien). There - may- be other things in here the orange blossom,sandalwood etc.but my nose isn't really registering them as major players .

    I think that this is a nice fragrance ,but not a love for me ( probably a bit too clean of a floral fruity). I returned the set unopened,hopefully it'll find someone who'll be thrilled with it.

    I do like the kitschy holy hand grenade of Antioch style bottling. So I won't object to this in a future ebay group lot purchase ,I just don't love it enough on its own.

    10th April, 2014


    White Vetiver by Mark

    For a modern day Avon scent this is a fairly good one,though SERIOUSLY misnamed. This probably should have been marketed by Dior as Dior Poison L' eau.
    Notes are Top: mandarin orange ( minimal support role if any),plum and pink pepper ( true opening);
    Mid:jasmine ( minimal support role) TUBEROSE ( starring diva of the scent)and cacao (theoretically there?)
    Base: Vetiver( support background player),Patchouli (main base note) and Georgywood molecule ( supposedly something vetiverish?)
    White Vetiver is loud for the first hour or so and it quiets down after for another four to six hours of wear. Applied around 4/5 pm this afternoon now 10:30pm this evening.
    This scent was nice , but not a Love it! or extremely high quality noted even if it wasn't a "Me scent" so I'm downgrading this to a neutral and may end up moving it on.

    01st April, 2014 (Last Edited: 26 June, 2014)


    Essence Eau de Musc by Narciso Rodriguez

    Clean, aldyhydic,soapy white musk with accents of citrusy-floral and a dry down of sharp rubbing alcohol mixed with " cedar" . Dry down is yuck in my opinion ,in the same genre as D&G Lt.Blue which likewise is pencil shavings and rubbing alcohol on me. I paid $15 at a discounter for my bottle which with it's mirrored glass is the nicest thing about this perfume. I'm going to return this if possible and see if I can get Burberry the Beat or something else instead.

    01st April, 2014


    Erbe Bergamo by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

    Gorgeous ,zesty ,classic Chypre! Love! If you love classic old-school chypres like Pour Monsieur,YSL Y, and Coty Chypre then you must try to get your hands on this! I have the oil form and love it.

    21st March, 2014


    Attimo L'Eau Florale by Salvatore Ferragamo

    Very nice citrusy floral.(Hey -it's by Menardo how bad could it possibly be?). Personally , I think this should have been Happy by Clinique rather than the meh stuff they have bottled now. Peony,and Bulgarian Rose are very evident bouncing around playing ball with Kumquat. Jasmine (little sister)is just peeking around the other two's billowy gowns. Basenotes and pear seem to be inside in the sun room having tea and conversation.

    Clean,happy,citrus floral scent . Medium safe for work situations. Would be a very nice wedding guest scent

    Unfortunately this reminds a co-worker quite strongly of Clinique Happy (and she's burned out to the point of nausea/headaches from Happy ) so wear with caution .

    18 March, 2014 (Last Edited: 29 April, 2014)


    Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture

    Fairly nice fruity -floral-musk . Doesn't have the bitter aftertaste whang that the cheaper BBW smellalikes have. Smells a bit smilar to Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP NYC the multi-patterned canister bottle that smelled rather strawberry candyish. I expect there is also some similarity to the Miss Dior Cherie strawberry though I can't verify that as I didn't smell the early iteration of MDC that is acclaimed as the best.

    This still smells very similar to it's parent Viva La Juicy but with a stronger berry/Strawberrry emphasis.
    Viva La Juicy Noir is probably one to wear when you want to be feminine and non-threatening.

    29 December, 2013


    Viva la Juicy - La Fleur by Juicy Couture

    Competent floral-vanilla-fruity-musk . Low silliage especially if applied with a rollerball . Less sugar than the other Viva La Juicys and less berries. In comparison to BBW products this line doesn't have that bitter artificial musk whang to the drydown that some(many ) BBW sweet caramel amber scents seem to have.
    I'd label this as the generally "office friendly" or close quarters friendly of the line.

    Notes (per Fragrantica)
    Top: Mandarin Orange ,Red Berries,Water Lily
    Mid: Honeysuckle.Gardinia,Jasmine
    Base: Vanilla,Caramel,Sandlewood

    29 December, 2013


    Languor by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

    From the Sin & Salvation section .
    "An opiate torpor,soporific,trancelike and sublimely languid.A poet's morphine dream ,a listless journey into a gentle dream and the precipice of intoxicated madness.
    (Notes ?) Paperwhite,Black Narcissus,three lillies, Black poppy,Tuberose,and a hint of hypnotic opium den haze.
    Review to come. So far quite nice ,but I am testing three things at once .I'll review after wearing it alone.

    01st May, 2013


    Histoire d'Eau Amethyste by Mauboussin

    I just blind bought this .And I like it ! It seems like a creamy peppery wood scent with soft florals and musk.
    HdEA smells quite similar to some of the Victoria Secret Heavenly line or Kenneth Cole New York Woman or a bit like Isabella Rosselli's Manifesto. I thought there might be a bit of bergamot and basil in this but maybe not.This seems like it would be a good everyday casual scent . If you like this style stock up the prices won't stay this cheap forever(under $20 counting shipping!)

    08 March, 2013


    Azzura by Azzaro

    I'm not sure if I have a good bottle -I got a bit of bergamot green at the top then sort of clean florals and a heap of calone melon and clean musk (at which point I scrubbed -it is persistant -BE WARNED!!!) Not for me .If anyone wants my capless bottle PM me if you are in the Con/US and I'll send it to you. Free.

    08 March, 2013


    Celtic Woods by Dragonfly Blue

    Website info" Seductive,passionate and for those who know what they want out of life."
    I'll enter a review when/if I try this.

    24 February, 2013


    Angel by Dragonfly Blue

    Website info: "A soft very feminine scent for those angelic days."
    I'll post my review when/if I ever try this.

    24 February, 2013


    Amber by Dragonfly Blue

    Adding info about this scent from the website.
    "Resiny warm and sweet.Subtle at first with depth as you wear it.
    I'll post my take on this when/if I ever try it.

    24 February, 2013


    Ka'aty by Amazongreen

    If you like Patcholuli this one's for you . This is a BIG BOLD Patchouli scent. I know it came out earlier than 2012 as I have had a bottle I picked up at a thrift store for hmm..two-three years? 2010/2011?
    Patchouli isn't my favorite note right now,but this does seem to be well done. I like the bottling Amazongreen does for thier scents real dried leaves decoupaged on the oval bottles.Different.

    29 January, 2013


    Sirène by Vicky Tiel

    Chameleon fragrance as noted by others previosly.I blind bought a half-filled spray bottle of this glorious juice. I absolutely LOVE it .Sirene smells like a one third Asja,two thirds Parfum Sacre edp blend with a bit of chocolate faintly in the drydown.Yum!
    I may need to back up my bottle of this!
    Highly Reccomend!
    Hmm.. now that I'm home for the evening I my need to up the application from "polite level" to Total Marination!

    29 January, 2013


    Lady Stetson by Stetson

    A very nice drugstore scent. LS opens with a BIG poufy blast of soapy aldehydes and peachy amber. As it wears there is some spice in the drydown.
    For me this works best in cold weather as aldehydes/peach/amber can feel a bit suffocating in Southern heat and high humidity.
    I tried wearing about 10 sprays on my wrists,arms,neck,collarbones and chest and then decided to amp up the spice/incence with 1 spray of CDG Avignon to my wrist and then share it to the other wrist and pat my wrists to my neck.Then I repeated the Lady Stetson sprays .The result was very,very nice and I highly recomend it.

    18 January, 2013


    Dans Tes Bras by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    I have a carded sample of this and I find it REALLY doesn't work on me. Apparently my skin will amplify Heliotrope (based on reading Ayela's review) and it goes Very plastic-y on me . My impression was and is LATEX PAINT with a teeny bit of floral something that barely pokes it's head onstage.
    As my family tends to be DIY-ers we paint some room in the house every year or so .Alternatively I will be painting /touching up the wear spots at work or church so the scent of latex paint isn't something I really crave or find very comforting or sensual.For me this is one of the few Roucel scents that doesn't really impress me.At least it's one of the pricey ones .

    17 January, 2013


    Envy by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

    According to Bpal the notes are: Green herbs,mint,lime,lavender.
    I have not tried or smelled this yet,-I'm just trying to get the note info in the BN database.I'll review this when and if I ever try it.

    20th July, 2012


    Egoluxe Feminin by Otto Kern

    My Dad bought me a bottle of this while on a business trip to Europe.
    Egoluxe Feminin smells like a cross between YSL Baby Doll and Prada Prada(or Costume National Scent which is almost identical)
    .I enjoy it ,it is pleasant ,sweet grapefruit and mandarin(works on my skin) with a woodsy ambery PATCHOULI dry down I like it,. but it isn't a eyerollback swoon-for fragrance .
    Longevity for me was okay around 5-6 hours if I recall correctly.
    Caveat -If grapefruit &/or citrus doesn't work well on your skin this may be a stinker.So test it before you buy.I tend to see a lot of mixed reviews about citrus scents .Most of the negative ones say 'It smelled soooo good on______that I asked _____ what it was and rushed out and bought a bottle of my own .But on me it smells like (sweat/pee/?)So test first!

    06 July, 2012


    Black Amethyst by Bath and Body Works

    Black Amethyst is one of BBW's better complex offerings and as such it may be too grown-up for those who frequent BBW for an olefactory sugar high .As of summer 2012 they seem to be discontinueing it.Naturally-Murphy's Law .
    I went in for the 2012 SAS and bought the entire line.The tart/sweet berries,vetiver and sandlewood and incense smell good and should work well with several higher end scents: Black Orchid,Hot Couture, and Midnight Fantasy spring to mind. This really,Really shouldn't have been dropped from their regular lineup- this is a near exact dupe for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle . The products layer under the pricey Chanel seamlessly.

    01st July, 2012 (Last Edited: 28 May, 2014)


    100% Love by Rampage

    A clean fruity scent,100% Love by Rampage reminds me of a fruity shampoo or Jolly Ranchers and a bit of face powder.100% Love does have the plastic doll scent that is often found in the Kimmorra Lee Simmonds Baby Phat scents.

    Notes(per Fragrantica) Orange,Osmanthus,Grapefruit,Water Notes,Spices.

    Well the Orange/Osmanthus/Water Notes --maybe -spice? Not much more than orange peel.Grapefruit likewise doesn't seem to have made much of a showwing.

    This is a fragrance that is probably best suited to casual or office wear in summer-especially if you aren't supposed to be wearring any -You could believeably claim it's only your deoderant(it does smell a good bit like Degree Pure Petal-at least in the drydown ).

    24 January, 2012

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