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Highwayman by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

After a 5 months time - i have finally figured out what Highwayman is about. On my skin upon applying it i get a burst of flowers and leather and as it dries down the leather settles in and looses some its edginess and the flowers, mainly gardenia gives it an aromatic touch. I've become to appreciate it a lot more than i used to and once i use up my imp, it's on my to buy list. Actually Highwayman is a serious contender for Chanel's Cuir de Russie or Lancome's Cuir de Lancome!
25th December, 2011

Omen by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

I can see this as a mainstream fragrance. It's an aromatic woody herbal creature. It's definitely manly and addictive.
12th September, 2011 (last edited: 29th September, 2011)

Iago by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This is a darker interpretation of Encre Noir. When i smell Iago i imagine burnt forests, smoky air and ashy ground. Longevity and sillage are huge!
12th September, 2011
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Pour Un Homme by Caron

i got a 4.5 ml bottle from the 80s and i was anxious to smell this much-praises fragrance. Upon application, i immediately smelt lavender, much to my expectations and the first thing that came to my mind was Jicky. I waited several more minutes for the drydown to come out and it paid off. I smell gentle and suave vanilla notes rising up and suddenly toned down by lavender. Imho, it's an evening scent, best worn during spring time. It awakes your senses and informs people of the arrival of a heart-breaker.
23rd July, 2011

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

It took a while for me to get used to and appreciate Habit rouge. The EDT is starts off with a dose of lemon dust (not powder). Then the sweet spices emerge, notably cinnamon and vanilla and something else warm (amber, maybe ?). The scent, as far as i can tell doesn't smell old-lady or old-fashioned to me; i like wearing it during cold months when i get tired of the gourmands and woody spicy fragrances; it's almost like a getaway/refuge from the heavy strong silage monsters. can't wait to test it in the spring/summer
23rd July, 2011

Ricci Club by Nina Ricci

After trying it on my skin the top and mid notes transitioned in a hurry and after 10 minuted the drydown has arrived. I mean, really? Already? That soon? Why the rush?
So the drydown, initially reminded me of Gucci Envy, the oily amber note, but then the oiliness disappears and you get a green mossy tempered accord.
I'm glad i bought the 10ml mini and not a full bottle. Will put this scent to use as soon as possible, since there's no reason for me to keep it in my rotation throughout the year.
19th April, 2011

Horizon by Guy Laroche

Where do i begin?
The initial blast has a distant sweetness and i hoped it would last sometime. But not my luck. The scent goes into full herbal territory and honestly there's no trace of aquatic or dewy notes or whatsoever. Minty herbs paradise! It doesn't cheer me up or evoke some sort of feelings! Time will tell.
19th April, 2011

Monsieur Rochas by Rochas

Concentree edition review:

It starts out with a blast of flowers, chamomile and sage standing out the most. Then the scent transitions to a cooling-like accord, almost breezy and calming. It's a pleasant and classy scent.
17th August, 2010

Moods Uomo by Krizia

The fragrance starts with a LAVENDER OVERLOAD/BURST, literally!, thus quickly settling down. Next up, the aldehyde notes linger here and there, accompanied by an intense slightly bitter note (i still can't figure out what it is, maybe ginger and pimento). I can clearly smell the patchouli base, which reminds me of the one in Fendi Uomo, but not as strong. In Moods' case this is a dark and tender patchouli, accompanied my oakmoss and leather. Somehow the base turns a bit dense, as in oily, but not completely. Yet, there is something emanating from this suave "darkness", call it spiciness, almost minty. I think Moods would work the best during cold November/December/January nights.
19th May, 2010

Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

I purchased a sample of this fragrance. Then i applied it on my skin and then waited for several minutes. the drydown, imho, smells almost exactly like Lanvin's Arpege PH. I was shocked!!! I had total different expectations from this perfume.
02nd December, 2009