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Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

Longhair said it best: "it reminds me of my childhood. I have smelled this before, on whom I don't recall, but it was always a pleasant experience".

It does bring to mind associations of a mature gentleman, a father or grandfather, and due to this I'll be taking a pass. At 22 years old, I think this is a fragrance I'll have to revisit in another 20 years.

I'll leave the note analysis to more sophisticated noses but suffice it to say on me, it smelled mossy with a tinge of alcohol. Like a fresh out of the shower with a refined aftershave applied smell. Comforting. I think the basil is this scent's signature. The dry-down gave me a totally different impression than smelling it on the paper strip.

10th April, 2010