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Canali Style by Canali

This is not for everyone, and not for everyday use... this is a singular scent, there is something like a pineapple with furniture mix, it's kind of odd, but is unique and beautiful.
In the drydown I got some FCUK for Him vibe, not so sweet, but reminds me a bit.
I really enjoy this, but I only use this in formal occasions.
12th March, 2013

Quartz pour Homme by Molyneux

Based on the reviews here, I got it from Ebay, and was I nice surprise.
Quartz PH has some Cacharel Pour Homme vibe in it, that's why I love it so much, but Quartz is more citrusy than CPH.
One of my favorites in the moment !
12th March, 2013

Zirh Ikon by Zirh

Based on the reviews here, I bought it blind, and was a amazing surprise, I was expecting a scent like this a long time... Zirh Ikon is dark, there is a mistery in the air.
Reminds me a bit YSL M7
Thumbs Up for Zirh !!!
12th March, 2013
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Moschino Friends Men by Moschino

Wow!!! A must have for any citrus based fragrance fan.
The drydown reminds me a bit from Kenzo Jungle.
Fresh Fresh Fresh and Fresh... lovely scent !
Perfect for summer.
12th March, 2013

Aura for Men by Jacomo

Great scent!!! Has the same vibe from Gucci Envy for Men, but less powdery, just the way I like, and the drydown reminds me a bit from YSL M7.
One of my favorites !
Thumbs up for Jacomo
12th March, 2013

Lynx 2012 - Final Edition by Axe / Lynx

The best Axe/Lynx of all time !!!
Is sophisticated and masculine, reminds me the drydown of Kenzo Jungle for Men.
The drydown is beautiful, and last all day and evening.

If someone knows other fragrances that has the same scent , please post here.

Thumbs Way Up for Lynx 2012 !!!
25th March, 2012

Dimitri by O Boticário

Amazing !!!
Reminds me D&G Pour Homme, but less strong.
The cassis and mandarin from beginning is beautiful.
A masterpiece !
25th March, 2012

Nicole Miller for Men by Nicole Miller

Reminds me Nautica Oceans, but much more loud and vulgar... I really don't believe that NMM is a masculine scent, it is too much sweet to be a masculine fragrance.
22nd December, 2011

Blue Jeans by Versace

At the start is a blast of citrus, and I detect the Nutmeg from the start too, that reminds me Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur a lot, after one hour or less , becames sweet , and sweet , in a feminine way ... I just can't wear it , it's too sweet and loud for me ... I think it's a little bit vulgar too.
Versace Black Jeans continues to be my favorite.
22nd December, 2011

Dune pour Homme by Christian Dior

Dune is a classy , clean , sophisticated scent... the fig just gives it a sexy exotic aura, women love it !
One of my top 10 fragrances.
22nd December, 2011

Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

Amazing summer scent, I like to spray 2 times in the same spot in the skin, because the citrus notes became heavy and acid, that reminds me Ungaro I , which I love it. And the drydown is beautiful. One of my top 10.
Thumbs up for YSL !
22nd December, 2011

Homme Nature by Yves Rocher

Fresh green crispy and minty, I really don't understand why many negative ratings. Does not smell like many synthetic aquatics out there, the notes are all natural and well projected, has good longevity, and the drydown is amazing. I like to wear it in summer rainny days.
Thumbs way Up !
22nd December, 2011

Lynx Twist by Axe / Lynx

I like it , very fresh and brisk , the lemon note is very pleasent.
Thumbs up !
08th September, 2011
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Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

For years I smell RL Safari on my brother any time he goes off , for playing saxophone in his jazz band. For the first time I smell it , it really don't take my attention , but a few days ago I gave it a try , and I changed my mind.

Safari is a sharp leathery green and sophisticated fragrance, I smell the same citrus note of Ungaro III in the background , and the same dark feeling. The same time it is sensual and exotic. Women love it !

One of the best of all times ! In my opinion =)
16th July, 2011 (last edited: 22nd December, 2011)

Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

This is my first Kenzo , and I just fell in love ... KPH is sophisticated , dry , fresh and unique. Placing my top 5 ranking.
There is something in the background that reminds me Cacharel Pour homme , and I love it !
Thumbs Up for Kenzo !!!
11th July, 2011

Kiss Him by KISS

Surprisingly good ! Despite being a big fan of KISS , at beginning I was skeptical , you know , something like... everyone that has a name in the show business can make loads of money in several business sectors , just carrying the name, and people buy it.

But this fragrance is really good.... starts sweet with some dark thing going in the background , after one hour takes place a leathery base , kinda synthetic , but does not hurt my nose. It's a OK fragrance , nothing outstanding , but it's good.

Good job Gene Simmons !
30th June, 2011

Deseo for Men by Jennifer Lopez

Starts with a sweet fruity opening , and to me is very similar to Kenneth Cole ‘Reaction’ with some tobacco in the background (very subtle) , but after 1 hour takes place a harsh citrus. After this I give it up!
It’s highly synthetic … sorry J. Lo
18th June, 2011

M by Ted Baker

Ted Baker M has a citrus opening that is strong, and for my nose is aggressively synthetic , and reminds me Polo Blue (that I don’t like it too) but after a couple of minutes takes place a powdery creamy base , that in minutes disappear.
The drydown is good, reminds me a weak YSL M7 with some chocolate , but disappears so fast , and the opening is strong and cheap to my nose.

I tried to like it , really… but it’s like love , you don’t need to push it , it just happens … I’m sorry Ted Baker M.
06th June, 2011

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

Amazing ! One of my top 5. Never smelled something like this before , brings to my mind the fresh air after a summer rain, and the orange note … wow … sometimes I wish to drink it… hahahah.
Got a lot of compliments wearing this, especially from women.
TdH is Sublime !
11th May, 2011 (last edited: 13th May, 2011)

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

At start there is a soda vibe in it , like Versace Black Jeans , but is more citrusy and warm , and as many said here , like a cherry soda. I believe that because of the agarwood in the middle notes gives M7 a harshness , that to me is very sensual , and in some way reminds me the blast opening from Versace Black Jeans. Wow , its just beatiful.
And the drydown to me is very similar to Gucci Envy Pour Homme. I was willing to buy another GEPH , but I found a substitute , and in my opinion is way better than GEPH , and longevity is great too !
A winner.
Thumbs up !!!
30th September, 2010

Paul Smith Men by Paul Smith

A good fragrance , fresh and crispy.
As many mentioned about similarities to Dior Fahrenheit , in my view PSMen is more similar to Lucky #6 , but less sweet. Fahrenheit is way way way complex and deeper than PSMen.
If you will buy it only because of the comparisons about Fahrenheit , and you love Fahrenheit. Don't buy it !!!
Without any comparisons PSMen is a good fragrance.
21st September, 2010

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

YSL Kouros with tobacco notes in the background , but with its own personality , very pleasant.
If you like YSL Kouros , try this juice.
Thumbs Up for Alfred Sung !
14th September, 2010

Nautica Oceans by Nautica

Fragrance Notes:

Ocean Air - Sea Salt Rose - Regatta Accord - Teak - Geranium - Amber Crystals - Lavender - Lemon Tonic

Nice and clean , due to the weak projection is perfect to use at work / office , or a romantic ocasion. I like it !
20th August, 2010

Witness by Jacques Bogart

The opening reminds me Oscar De La Renta 'Pour Lui' but less agressive with the cinnamon in evidence , giving a more sophisticated touch to JB 'Witness'. The drydown is very intriguing , similar to Chanel 'Antaeus Pour Homme'.

But for some reason, after some time, I just put aside this scent, and really, I just don't find any kind of event to wear it... because it's too heavy and loud ... a bit vulgar

29th July, 2010 (last edited: 12th March, 2013)

Dunhill Signature by Dunhill

Like many has said here , reminds a lot D&G Pour Homme , a sinthetic version of , but I like it a lot ... very pleasant scent !
Thumbs up !
26th April, 2010

Cuba Red by Cuba Paris

One of my favorites from Cuba Paris , the drydown is beautiful... the tobacco note dominates !
Two Thumbs Up !!!
09th February, 2010

Ungaro pour L'Homme I by Ungaro

Amazing !!!
Reminds me a softer Terre D'Hermes combined with the screaming opening of Versace Black Jeans , but at the same time a unique scent... beautiful !
One of mine top 5.
So sad that is discontinued !

21st January, 2010

Black Jeans by Versace

One of my favorites of all time !
A fresh strong opening , and the drydown is better yet. And good longevity too.
Two thumbs up !!!
21st January, 2010

Cuba Black by Cuba Paris

Excellent ! Woody and Dark.
A true black fragrance.
Very similar to Azzaro pour homme.
One of my top ten !
Two Thumbs Up !
19th December, 2009 (last edited: 13th March, 2010)

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

Smells so good !
This is a close to skin fragrance , for intimate moments. Not to be over-applied trying to be noticed by the crowd.
Thumbs Up !!!
18th December, 2009 (last edited: 13th March, 2010)