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    Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron

    I don't know where people are getting aldehydes in this...this is a straight up floral blend,
    appropriate at all times and nice in warm, even hot, weather. Never too cloying

    03 July, 2014


    Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

    This perfume reminds me of the smell of Halo shampoo..remember? That blue shampoo from the 60's?? However, that is not a bad thing, because I absolutely LOVED that smell and was thrilled when I found it in Champs-Elysee. In short: clean and floral with a mysterious note that is hard to define. Appropriate at all times

    19 June, 2014


    Jardin de Soleil by Escada

    I agree with the above rating except that there is a woody note in this, perhaps a bit of sandalwood that is not too strong and makes this the perfectly balanced scent. This is suitable for wear anytime because it is not too sweet or fruity

    13 June, 2014


    Gucci Flora : Generous Violet by Gucci

    A more floral violet than other violet frags thus losing the "old lady" quality of some violet scents. Not strictly violet, but smells better than the other fragrances in Gucci's Flora line

    24 May, 2014


    Baiser Volé by Cartier

    Smells wonderful, but not much lasting power...and this is for the EDP

    28 January, 2014


    Coromandel by Chanel

    Like a combination of Angel and Shalimar, only lighter and less jarring. Very nice drydown...a patchouli note that is not too heavy. Good longevity. The EDT lasts 8 hours on me

    08 November, 2013


    Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Just got a sample of this and am very pleasantly surprised..I am female and don't usually like "unisex" scents but this is somehow different. A fine amber and woods in good proportion with an incense note. USE SPARINGLY however.

    03 November, 2013


    Carven Le Parfum by Carven

    I was not thrilled by this...I love almost every scent made by Carven; in fact Robe d'Un Soir is my signature scent. But this, although it has some nice top notes, has that synthetic watery note like in (L'Eau de Issey) that does not add to the appeal of the scent.
    If that had been left out, and it had a little more sillage, it would be perfect. Bottle is nice, though

    31st October, 2013


    Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto

    Very Nice

    A fresh floral with just a touch of sweetness from the rum top note. The osmanthus lightens it up and keeps it from being too candy sweet or powdery. Nice bottle too. Price reasonable. I would wear this all the time

    Pros: Good all-around Fragrance
    Cons: Wish it lasted longer"

    09 October, 2013


    Carven Le Parfum by Carven

    Just OK

    As someone who loves most everything by Carven, I found this a disappointment-it seems to have that ubiquitous watery note like L'eau de Issey, combined with white flowers and a touch of woods. I guess I just expected something more, having gotten used to their high quality. The bottle is nice, though.

    My all-time favorite perfume is the original Robe d'Un Soir by Carven (1947).

    Pros: Not too heavy
    Cons: Not too distinguished "

    24 September, 2013


    Mèmoire Chérie by Long Lost Perfume

    This review is for the original Elizabeth Arden version, not the Long Lost version. The bottle is frosted glass with carvings of a lady in a long skirt all around it.
    This is a cool weather scent; indescribably pretty. A little goes a long way.

    NOTES: Sicilian bergamot, Mexican neroli, fresh apricot, Romanian chamomile, tarragon, soft honey rose , violet, opoponax, Moroccan oakmoss, amber, musk, Haitian vetiver.

    This original version was awarded the grand Coupe D'or in 1960 as "the finest fragrance ever created and acclaimed in France."

    Described as " a cool floral with green undertones."

    14 May, 2013


    Boyfriend by Boyfriend

    This is deceptive-smells almost too strong at first, then within about 20 minutes it turns into something lovely and warm, with a nice clean drydown. Very lasting, so one or 2 sprays will do it. Love the bottle and packaging. This reminds me of Le Baiser de Dragon by Cartier, and probably has some of the same notes

    21st March, 2013


    Fig by Aftelier

    This smells like incense. Fine worn by itself but is a cool weather scent

    18 March, 2013


    Bottega Veneta Eau Légère by Bottega Veneta

    Got a sample of this at Nordstrom after smelling a fragrance strip in a magazine and saying to myself-WOW. Well, I was not disappointed. This is clean and distinct with sort of a patchouli note from the oak moss. I do not detect the gardenia, but the whole thing blends nicely. Good sillage, but not too strong. Some might consider this unisex, but I don't-and I lke it better than the original Bottega Veneta fragrance. Elegant and well done.

    14 March, 2013 (Last Edited: 03 July, 2014)


    Happy Diamonds by Chopard

    This starts out like Tabu, but lightens quickly into something more elegant, with a burst of freshness at the end of the drydown. Too bad it was discontinued. Unknown to me what the notes are.

    28 January, 2013


    Truth or Dare Naked by Madonna

    This starts out floral...It seemed like a gardenia note, ( not as in-your-face gardenia as the original Truth or Dare), but it is actually honeysuckle, and not too overwhelming.
    This evolves into an incensy drydown, but a clean incense; not a "dirty" incense like Opium. In fact it reminds me a bit of Opium, but lighter and more feminine. I would wear this even during the daytime. Love the bottle too. Well done.

    20th December, 2012


    Valentino (original) by Valentino

    Hard to find, but I think it is better than his more recent fragrances. Elegant without being old-ladyish.

    09 December, 2012


    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme (new) by Dolce & Gabbana

    Am wearing this now, at work. I work as a hotel front desk agent, so I can't wear anything too overbearing. This fits the bill nicely-soft, citrusy, woody and sweet without being too sweet. Someone just peeled an orange in the back office and the scent of the peel seems to meld with the perfume...lovely.

    07 December, 2012


    Live in Love by Oscar de la Renta

    Very nice...smells of fresh flowers with a touch of sweetness. (This is the EDP). Has that "water lily" note, but dries down to sort of a woody base. Good sillage, but I had to reapply this about 5 hours after the first spray.

    16 November, 2012


    Ô d'Azur by Lancôme

    Light and pleasant, but not impressive. Nice bottle, though. I tested this in the store and kind of like it but don't want to rush back and buy a bottle.

    06 November, 2012


    Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels

    As a female, I will tell you guys out there that this is the best juice I have ever smelled on a guy (with Dior's Fahrenheit a close second). If you are wearing this, I will follow you anywhere, as long as...with most don't use too much.
    Two thumbs way up

    13 October, 2012


    Violette by Tocca

    This is surprising-the violet note has a sugary (rather than powdery) drydown, which keeps it from being "old-ladyish". Very well done

    13 October, 2012


    Infusion d'Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue by Prada

    A powdery floral, with more floral than powder...but the floral smells real, not synthetic.
    Even though this is the "Absolue" it is not overpowering. Really lovely.
    The best part is the drydown.

    12 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 13 March, 2013)


    Cocktail by Jean Patou

    This is unique..perfect for a dinner party; and whatever comes after!!! Vintage Vogue has it exactly right.

    08 October, 2012


    Câline by Jean Patou

    I don't think this smells AT ALL like Replique-this is a light chypre-classy and distinctive;
    BRIGHT is a good description. One of my favorites, and hard to find. Elegant

    08 October, 2012


    La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme

    Vibrant...basically, a party in a bottle.

    25 September, 2012


    Gucci Première by Gucci

    Tried this in the store today. Smells much like Gucci Flora, only lighter with a woodier dry down. This is OK. Bottle is beautiful, at least

    25 September, 2012


    Crown by Todd Oldham

    Unknown what is in this, except I heard it has some cucumber in it. Nonetheless, I like it because it is distinctive and pretty without being heavy. Worn by the actress Susan Sarandon

    13 September, 2012


    Diorling by Christian Dior

    I have a vintage bottle of the spray parfum that comes in a fluted bottle with a gold scroll design on the cap--but OMG--one spray on a cotton ball, and into my bra--and it is the loveliest
    "new car'' leather you could ever imagine. The reaction is always What are you wearing??
    I guess it's new Jaguar or new Cadillac leather-but manages not to come off masculine..they aren't made like this anymore, although I must say I haven't tried Lancome's Cuir yet

    03 September, 2012


    Clair de Jour by Lanvin

    This is a nice warm weather fragrance..fresh and floral without being cloying

    28 August, 2012

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