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Active Bodies by Adidas

Why isn't there any review of it here? Too cheap to write something? This is the best smelling adidas of all time, let alone the whole price range competition. Thanks to aldehydes and a few more higher quality ingredients it's the least synthetic smelling of all cheap perfumes. This is the cheap version of Chanel Allure Sport - very sexy.
In Europe women literally get wet smelling it;) This was true in the 90s, this still is true now...
07th November, 2009

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

I'm from Europe and have never come across any Abercrombie & Fitch product, let alone Fierce. To me, if I like a fragrance I don't care whether it's cheap (referring to bothe quality and price) or expensive, nonamesomething or top shelf, for yougner crowd or senior ones so I wasn't biased against A&F. 2 days ago I got Fierce and at the first sniff it was a no no - smelt soapy and cheap as something like Rexona deo spray for 3$. I didn't feel any development on the skin though the longevity was amazingly good - after 8-10 hours I could still detect it on my skin (vaguely but still). 1 spray on clothes remained much longer. Anyway, after having received and tested it I wrote a review giving 2 stars out of 5 and thumbs down criticizing the lack of development, cheap ingredients, overpricing and overblown positive feedback of this generic scent but fortunetely basenotes didn't publish my fierce essay against it;) Today I sprayed it once more and detected something more than soapy smell. I even detect a little bit of faint Egoiste Platinum notes and Boss no.6 (bottled). Who knows what else I will detect tomorrow/ in a week... Strange... For this reason I rechecked my rating to 4 stars and I am giving it thumbs up. I still think that it's definitely not worth the price I have decided to give it a second chance. If it helps understand this review more (I think it does) I'm turning 30 years of age so I'm not definitely the target group of Fierce and my personal favourites are Mania Armani and Chanel Allure Sport. This should help understand my point of view/taste.
28th October, 2009 (last edited: 30th October, 2009)

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

My all-time favorite. I love it even though it stays very close to the skin and you would have to bathe in it to radiate it to the all round you. On the other hand, this is its strength. It just is very hard to overuse it. I am usuallly very picky and for the last few years of conscious perfume choosing have found only 2 fragrances very appealing to me and not causing nausea, irritation or vomit reaction wearing them more than an hour. The best of the best has always been Mania, second best Allure Sport but still way worse than Mania.
Mania attracts women, smells mysterious, masculine and sophisticated in a nonimposing way (especially drydown which I love). The only flaws - sillage and the price (but still twice as cheap as hideously boring, generic, nonevolving and way overpriced Fierce by A&F). In Mania I can detect all the notes of which amber and musk are spectacular. To some people it smells cheap but I can notice its refined high quality ingredients. Very pleasant.
28th October, 2009
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