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Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

What else can be said about perfection.
04th February, 2006

Le Jasmin by Annick Goutal

This is the way all women should smell. Pure femininty at its best. To describe this frag anymore would ruin it.
11th January, 2006

Ce Soir Ou Jamais by Annick Goutal

What can one say about a rose scent so captivating, sultry and luscious as this. This is not an innocent little girl rose, although I love them too, but a refined seductress creating a sillage that morphs in space into "come hither" hands, caressing, soothing and inviting the mesmerized ever so closer. In other words, it is simply enchanting. The pear somehow intermingles and brings about depth and character that a straight ahead rose oil could not produce. It makes me visualize dark burgundy red roses with a black base coloring. If you don't want a scent that captivates a man and makes him think about nothing more than pleasure and seduction, then don't buy this.
22nd November, 2005
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Premier Figuier Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This is a very nice and warm scent. It makes you smell like you just ran through a tall green grassy field and jumped into a pool of coconut milk and toasted almonds and then dried off in the summer sun. Not much sillage but potent nonetheless. Sticks very close to the skin and when heated a little gives off like crazy. I have heard most of L'Artisan scents are like this. It has good lasting power as well as stays on your clothes, if you think that is a good thing. This scent can be bitter smelling at times due to the fig tree leaves I'm sure, but it is only a top note. It adds to the uniqueness and the "green" part of the entire scent. The almond milk I think dominates the scent at least on my skin whereas the coconut milk takes a backseat. Adding Sandalwood was genius as it gives it the "brown" part of the scent. So in essence you have the the ripened fruit, the green leaves and the brown wood. Wonderful scent
15th November, 2005

En Passant by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

An incredible delicate scent. The smell of a lilac is in itself a naturally delicate scent and seems to get lost easily amongst other scents. This scent captures that natural scent and allows you to wear it at will. If you are a guy and find yourself putting a little on your hand when you go to sleep, don't be hard on yourself, because you are not alone. Excellent scent for a woman who does not want to announce herself in an olfactory way, but to be found as if you happened across a hidden lilac tree in the springtime...and it's all for you.
29th October, 2005