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L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

I travelled into the city from where I live just to try this scent, after reading such evocative reviews. I am at home now and about 4 hours have passed. Only now is it bearable. The first smell of it nearly destroyed me. I hated it. I just do not get it. I tried so hard, sniffing every so often looking for something to like. The only redeeming quality is the carnation hint I got occaisionally. The vanilla was ok but so like all the other sweet guerlains.I feel as though someone mixed a whole bunch of disparite scents in a beaker and stirred them up and made the equivalent of brown paint. I am in my late 40's and usually love the aldehydes so it's not a generational thing. the annise choked me and made me ask why , why????
13th December, 2009

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

I remember the real thing. L'Air du temps in its original guise was indefineable. It was heartbreakingly beautiful, like nothing else. Words like haunting, elusive, fleeting, sad, warm, lovely, magical, ethereal, other wordly - maybe ...give one an idea, but for me the words to desribe it have not been invented. Alas it is lost forever. The new formula should not be known by the same name. When I smell it I remember what I have lost and it makes me so melancholy. Reformulating these masterpieces is like someone re touching the Mona Lisa to make her style more palatable to the current market. Someone should be able to buy the rights to these classics and produce them as a niche market. Do you think that would be viable?
31st October, 2009