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Todd Oldham by Todd Oldham

I remember owning this scent and it being one of my "go to" scents on a daily basis in the cold NJ Winter weather. It open's with a liquer'ish, syrupy sweetness with a lot of amber and what I think was some leather. I specifically remember this going very well with leather. Once it sets in and the heart notes develop I definitely pick up on the peach and the sandalwood as well as amber/incense. This is one scent that I would still search for today on places like Ebay, left that much of an impression on me. I live in CA now so it would be totally out of place and too potent for a CA Winter but nonethless it's a beauty of a scent. Definitely recommend!
26th April, 2011

Jennifer Aniston / Lolavie by Jennifer Aniston

I tried this at Sephora and they were (as always!) accomodatingly kind enough to make me a sample. To be honest, I thought this would be just another celeb attempt at a foray in the fragrance market but was refreshinginly mistaken. This opens with a nice burst of citrus and in about 10-15 mins the heart notes of Lily and Jasmine become nicely evident with a hint of a "beachy" accord somewhere in there. The Lily adds just enough to make this not your typical Jasmine scent and it's beautiful. The scent does bring to mind the beach, fresh-off-the-clotheline laundry and a beautiful clean soap but all in a very good way. It's fairly priced and I would certainly purchase a bottle. Just an idea but I think a selection of body products in this scent would be a nice accompanient...think deodorant/antiperspirant, a body lotion or a a body butter! Nice job, JA!
24th April, 2011

Jasmine Musk by Tom Ford

I found this scent to be very pretty but disappointingly short lived. This seemed to be a different Jasmine scent than ones I've previously tried ie: Creed's Jasmal,By Killian's Love & Tears...Surrender. It smelled a little greener with different notes comprising the overall scent and, upon drydown, you could pick up more of the musk. It did settle into a nice "Jasminey/Musk" after and hour or so but as far as longevity I think I'll stick to Serge Lutens or By Killian's Jasmine based scents. Not worth it's pricey tag,however. I'd pay it if the scent had better sillage but not now.
24th April, 2011
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Child by Susan D. Owens - Child

This is a very pretty indolic jasminey/soapy clean scent! I first tried it out as a sample and enjoyed it enough to buy the 1.3 oz. roll-on. It really is lifts my spirits (must be the Jasmine), people comment on how nice it smells but I don't get any sort of musky drydown...although it could just be the way the scent carries on my skin. If you're interested in trying "Child" I would go to "" and I believe they have it set up where you can try a sample vial for a nominal fee..I'm pretty sure they carry "Child"...although don't quote me on that. Mind you, this is a pretty heady floral but the right person/personality can carry it off! Enjoy!
13th February, 2011

À la Nuit by Serge Lutens

I tried this scent when I ran out of Creed's Jasmal and before I got hooked on Love, Tears, Surrender by Kilian. Funny thing is..although they're all indolic scents they all smell slightly different! I found A la Nuit to definitely be a Jasmine scent however I seem to detect either a note of Gardenia or Lily of the Valley in it. Beautiful..just different! Also the animalic notes make it different than other "fresh" Jasmine a night-blooming Jasmine @ midnight in the heat of Summer. Pretty but I've smelled others I like more!!
03rd December, 2010

Back to Black, aphrodisiac by By Kilian

This is a beautiful (albeit EXPENSIVE!) fragrance that one could easily wear on a daily basis. It reminds me somewhat of Chanel's Exclusifs Beige de Chanel in a way. Like wearing a beautifully heavy oversized Cashmere sweater!! The honeyed scent is what really attracts you and the underlying vanilla note is sweet yet not cloying. Not very good Sillage however the beautiful scent makes you want to keep reapplying it! A beautiful scent however definitely not worth $245 so I might spring for the refill bottle if I can find it online! All in all...a thumbs up from me!
03rd December, 2010

Love, don't be shy by By Kilian

Upon reading the other posts here I could really get a handle on what scents this conjures up for me. The first being Cotton Candy/Carmelized Sugar and the second being Root Beer, of all things. However, let me say this: This scent is just SEX personified. I wouldn't wear it on a first date...I'd save this for that romantic, just you and him night together because this one will burn up the sheets! ;) It's romantic and sexy and quite alluring however I'd handle this one with kid gloves. Go lightly with it otherwise you might smell like a French call girl! For me, I have no problem wearing this...I adore "sexy" scents and they work well on me. That being said, I am definitely considering purchasing the full bottle in the future.
03rd December, 2010

Love and Tears, surrender by By Kilian

I'm a diehard Jasmine fan. I have Creed's Jasmal and have had another Jasmine based scent (quite popular and expensive however the name escapes me..they sell it at Neimans, I know!), Creed's Angelique Encens,etc. When I heard the name of this scent it intrigued me...when I smelled it I KNEW I HAD to have it!! This is Jasmine in it's purest form!! It's a wet, just picked Jasmine scent but heady nonethless. For me, upon applying Vasline to my dry skin, I find that Love & Tears lasts much longer than Creed's Jasmal however it has FOUR different types of Jasmine in it...I'd expect it to last longer for that price! I went the cheapo way and got a few samples to try (Thank you, Saks!) and when I decided to buy I went online and got the 1.7 oz. refill (the only size it comes in for $245 in a much over-hyped bottle.) I got the refill, keep the lid tightly closed and keep in in my refrigerator applying it only with a Q-tip. It's lasting a nice long time!! I got mine for less than half the store price and was it ever worth it!
03rd December, 2010

Boucheron by Boucheron

This is one of my favorites from as far back as '89!! It has a very special place in my heart as I wore this scent when I was with someone special and the scent always transports me back to those memories. Enough reminiscing! Upon application I immediately pick up the top notes of Lemon & Orange Blossom (and I love Orange Blossom!). It settles briefly into beautiful mid-notes of Iris & Sandalwood before it's sexy drydown into a Tonka Bean note with just a hint of Civet & Benzoin. This is a quite 'regal' scent...smells quite expensive (and it's NOT cheap!) and has to be worn by a person with the right body chemistry or it can be overwhelming. A lot of people are saying this is an 'over-blown 80's scent' if it were like Opium or something. I'd have to disagree. This scent didn't come on the scene until the end of the 80's and it's a very complex, multi-note scent with excellent Sillage. TWO thumbs UP from me for Boucheron!!
03rd December, 2010

Sacrebleu by Nicolaï

I tried this scent a long time along and intially I really liked it...and after reading one of the posts from another poster I knew exactly what I did and didn't like about it! It has a note of Raspberry (somewhere in there!) but it's predominately an "incense-y" scent. This is definitely an older scent..I was in my late 20's when I tried it so it was way too old for me then and probably still too old for me now, approaching 40. Something you could picture smelling on your Grandmother. I'm not knocking's just different and maybe that's why I like it!!
03rd December, 2010

Mackie (new) by Bob Mackie

This is just a dreamy scent with lots of fruity topnotes that moves into a beautiful Jasmine/Orange blossom melange which settles into an Ambery (I don't pick up the Patchouli or Sandalwood in it...) drydown. This is definitely my "Go-To" I can wear without worry about anyone NOT liking it. This scent always draws lasts a long time! I'd recommend it to anyone..if you can find it!
03rd December, 2010

Virgin Island Water by Creed

I really enjoy this scent...especially on a hot CA day! It's refreshing, clean smelling with just a hint of a Margarita/lime note with some airy marine notes. This is definitely part of my Summer fragrance wardrobe along with Jivago 24k, Bond 9 Coney Island, Escada Pacific Paradise & Escada's Tropical Punch! I always smell summery & fun and that makes me happy.
03rd December, 2010

Jivago 24K Women by Jivago

This is yet another beautiful flowery floral in my wardrobe. You can definitely pick up the Jasmine in this scent but it's surrounded by some powdery notes in the drydown which makes it all the more sublime. I use the body oil and the EDP Spray and it makes for some staying power in a scent that could easily get lost on you after a few hours. If you like feminine, girly florals this is definitely one to try!
01st November, 2009
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Jasmal by Creed

Jasmal is one of my true favorites in the "Jasmine" lineup. A close second is Serge Lutens' A La Nuit which is nicer but seems to have a different drydown than Jasmal. Jasmal is one of my more feminine,romantic fragrances. Beautiful on a sunny, Spring day!! It's literally a burst of Jasmine supported by some light Rose, Iris and some Green t it. I love it so much I buy it in the 8.4 oz. size and decant it into a spray that I carry in my purse..I keep the 8.4 oz in my refrigerator. If you're a lover of Jasmine, please give Jasmal a try!!
01st November, 2009

No. 1 for Women by Clive Christian seems #1 is getting some negative press on this site and I must say that how this scent settles on you makes all the difference in the world. It is quite powerful upon application but once you let it dry down it's BEYOND least on ME!!! This is my most prized scent and at $860 per bottle (it'll soon be going up into the THOUSANDS!) I use it only on special occasions. It has an almost "royal" smell to it...all the notes coordinate to make for one spectacular scent.
01st November, 2009