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Just Cavalli Pink by Roberto Cavalli

A lovely perfume for everyday office use. Not too intrusive, not too distinctive. Nothing which suggests a great perfume acumen but it smells good and pleasant especially if layered with its body lotion.
26th September, 2010

Pure Poison by Christian Dior

Elegant perfume. For evening use but still very unobtrusive and not very distinctive. Very pleasant and easy-going. It is not a complicated perfume that needs getting used to but easily is worn and carried off. Not very warm but still pleasant.
26th September, 2010

Fracas by Robert Piguet

A sexy classy classic. Distinctive, a good way...Fracas...sui generis, nothing is quite like it...again in a good way. I have just discovered this perfume and I am in love with it.
26th September, 2010
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Little Kiss by Salvador Dali

A very wearable happy fragrance. It gives one a good mood and a lift to one's spirits. Nothing out of this world but since it is very wearable, easily liked and does not take much getting used to, it is a good day fragrance which emanates pleasant tones. Both longevity and sillage are good.
24th May, 2010

Remember Me by Christian Dior

A sharp, clean fragrance. Appropriate for the office. Longevity and sillage are both good however it is not an overpowering scent and it blends in. It is definitely not a sensual or sexy perfume. I wear it for work days but does not inspire me for more.
24th May, 2010

Spirit for Women by Antonio Banderas

I initially liked this one but the more I used it the more animalistic it smelt on me. At times I could almost smell sweaty undertones and so I started using it less and less. It has a generic smell...a smell of perfume shop but not of a definite perfume in itself. I cannot pin it down. It just smells of perfume in a generic way. It is initially very very strong but its longevity is not that good. It is not something I would refuse to wear. Worn in winter it gives out a warm pleasant smell. It is in the heat of summer that the 'sweaty' smell becomes marked. Considering how low its price is it is not that would have expected worse. Definitely not memorable and nothing to write about in the annals of perfume history but not a bad perfume either.
16th December, 2009

White Musk by Body Shop

Smells nice but non-descript. It just smells clean. So generic that no one will dislike it. Nor will it turn anyone on. You just smell generically nice when you put it on. On me it smells too light and does not last beyond half an hour. On the other hand it is my mum's all time favourite. It smells lovely on her and I can smell it for hours and hours on end on her. So I am quite baffled at the outcome...
16th December, 2009

Laguna by Salvador Dali

I do not usually love aquatic fresh fragrances and usually go for orientals and musks. This is a big exception for me. It is so fresh and aquatic but contradictorily heavy and strong. As stated by other members it is advisable to use in modest quantities or else you'll give everyone at your office a headache. It is initially very fresh and aquatic but progressively gets heavier and more spicy, especially peppery. I think it is a unisex scent. I think it smells quite masculine on me. Although I usually avoid perfumes which smell masculine upon me and usually like the most feminine fragrances, this one smelt good on me, determinedly seductive. It suits a determined confident woman but is not made for the shy. It lasts for the whole day leaving a pleasant smell even after showering.
16th December, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2010)

Versace by Versace

A happy perfume. Sets me in a good mood. It is not to be compared to any of the great melancholic classics like the Guerlain gems. Comparing everything to them would result in not liking anything. I just love it. Its golden juice is full of life like the sun. It has excellent longevity and is rather strong but still suitable for daily use. In fact, despite it's being strong, I would not recommend it for an evening function. It is too happy, solar and flowery for that.
14th December, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2010)

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

I used to really love this one but somehow I have grown so used to it that I cannot even smell it any more! It is an excellent perfume for daily wear. It can be smelled from a distance but is very mild and composed. It has excellent longevity and leaves a lovely fragrance on coats and scarves. It is very very clean. It is not a fragrance that shouts out, it is not something fantastic but it is 'lovely', exactly as its name implies. Quiet and unassuming, unlike the name of the woman it bears, it still makes a statement.
14th December, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2010)

Alien by Thierry Mugler

This is my current favourite. I am no expert in terminology but to me it smells so otherworldly in a fantastic way. A huge plus for me (and which led me to buy it) is its longevity. Nothing lasts on me except some four or five fragrances from the myriads that I've tried. It not only lasts long but it smells better and better as time goes by. It may have absolutely nothing to do with it in scientific terms but it also reminds me of one of my boyfriend's perfumes, 'Sculpture' by Nikos, this may have made it so familiar and comforting to me. Nothing to stand in awe of but entirely to be enjoyed. It is also intoxicating and alluring, warm and sexy...I just can't stop smelling my wrists when I put it on. Definitely a thumbs up...two thumbs up I say!!!
14th December, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2010)

Organza by Givenchy

Elegant in a mature way. Sensual in a subdued manner. It is strong but restrained. A classic. An evening perfume for the mature, elegant woman.
14th December, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2010)

Palazzo by Fendi

I am new here so please understand that I am not an expert in perfumes. I only smell and wait to see of I like it or not. I simply do not like Palazzo. Initially it is too sweet then it remains too citrusy all along. I can smell something I like amongst the base notes but it remains too sweet till the very end. It's the kind of smell that gets me a headache.
02nd November, 2009
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Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

I love the smell of Opium. However I think it is too sober, too mature for me. It is a beautiful classic fragrance. I especially love the amber and the myrrh in it. It is truly unique.
02nd November, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

I had already reviewed this perfume a while ago but now that I have become much more familiar with the fragrance world, having acquired and tried out many more perfumes, even many classics, I just want to reaffirm it's beauty. Try as I might to find another evening perfume I like this much I can't. It is my firm favourite, my signature scent.

I have also discovered something I wanted to share with all of you. Be careful to buy the scent made in Italy. I had bought a bottle of it from Vienna which was made in Germany and it smelt totally different with almost sillage and longevity close to nill. It is much lighter and the smell is not the same. It was a genuine product and bought from a reliable retailer so it was not a question of acquiring a fake or a cheap imitation. I have been told that the factories have been relocated to Germany so I have stocked on the made in Italy version. I will buy even more bottles to make sure I'll have a lifelong stock! Even the ingredients listed on the box are different and it contains less alcohol. The made in Italy Eau de Toilette to me smells as an Eau de Parfum usually would and the made in Germany one gave the effect EdTs usually produce.
02nd November, 2009 (last edited: 29th September, 2010)