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Shalimar by Guerlain

The first whiff on my skin made me think Old Library Books, not really enticing or sexy, but curious enough.
After thirty minutes, the top notes wore off, which were not fresh, but the opposite of fresh, the fragrance remaining was pleasantly strange, unusual and really authentic, like it was part of me. The heart and base notes were mingling and lasting for several hours, four or five, and they were fascinating and mysterious, not so bright. Comfortable shadowy scent. Something a bit rare and excellent here.
06th November, 2011 (last edited: 07th November, 2011)

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

Because of its oh-so-standard ordinary concept, a multi-floral, some feel it is boring. But this is my favorite Easter-time perfume, as a splash perfume. It is the Primavera of my scent collection. This scent can make you believe in fairies and the Easter Bunny and the sainted miracles. It may seem simple but it is actually orrnately woven, no minor keys, reminiscent of the good spirited smaller fairy kingdom. It dances well, like excellent champagne at a party. It creates a a grand ballroom where everybody is witty, tipsy, and released from the schackles of sarcasm and side-steps double-entendres that might be hurtful.

It is clear in spirit. I will not wear it in autumn or in winter. It is not a wooly spirit, and fine woolens are my favorite fabrics of all time. This is pure silk chiffon and silk oraganza, a pouf de la pouf of crisp flowery headroom, pale green tendrils lovingly wrapped around your body. It feels no pain, which means it is minus some maturity and depth that my favorite scents revel in. There is no irony or surprising juxtaposition in this perfume, but it is luxurious and elevating, and I like flying with it beginning with daffodil season through summertime.
06th November, 2011