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Amber Oud by By Kilian

this has no oud in it that i can detect, either natural or artificial. this is another sweet amber perfume. that's all. So if you take it that way, it's very nice, it's amber with spices. But if you're expecting oud with amber, which i DON'T think would be a nice blend, then lower your expectations and you might enjoy it as a gift. Now to spend money on it, as I did, would not be the best way to spend the money.
14th August, 2018
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Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud Absolu by Cartier

Mathilde Laurent created something massive here.

After the alcohol fades, you get a whiff of some oud's signature: that barnyard smell. which lasts for a few minutes.

It's not an unpleasant note, but I suspect it was created for people that know of and love ouds. It's just part of the game, and you're playing it as soon as you spritz it.

About 10 minutes in a smokey, very light but noticeable, pops up....and it sticks around for a few more minutes. What's next is the final product, the dry down. I heard that this was made with three different ouds, and whatever else the perfumer put in to amplify them (oud can only be 4% of the total concentration accord to IFRA, and so she must be working with captives to create this unique scent. Oud, the real stuff, is quite expensive, about $200-$4,500 for THREE grams. When perfumers' say they used the real stuff, I always wonder if they mean a drop in a gallon just so that they say they put real oud in it.)

Considering all of that, what she made is a massive attack. This smells like the real stuff, sweet and sour, but the sour and smokey notes go hand in hand. The drydown is a woody, sweet, but not vanilla, drydown that's totally addictive.

Will I buy another bottle? At $380 for 45mls, I think not. This was a splurge for me, a blind buy after trying Oud & Oud. This isn't as diffusive as that one was, but it's best to leave it alone and not layer it as they suggest. I think a perfume like this stands on its own and doesn't need "help." It's close to the skin, which is great as this won't be a crown pleaser unless your friends and coworkers are bonkers for oud.
09th April, 2018
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Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Oud by Cartier

Highly diffusive, killer sillage, but not very strong...

I wonder how long it took the perfumer to come up with that barnyard top note that lasts just a few minutes, suggesting a true oud.

The dry down is heavenly, but for me too light, compared to real ouds which are odorant powerhouses....and too light of a hand for an oud+oud. I would expect a stronger dry down. That said, technique, this smells just like a true oud, so the thumbs up is for that. From top to drydown, all I get is a profile of oud. Hurray! something is successfully done in this overdone world of ouds.

This is elegant, can be worn by any gender, and is a great impression of the real deal. I have the Oud Absolu too, so I'll write about that later.

Just a note, if there is real oud in this, this perfume it's not a dilution of a real oud as that would break IFRA regulations that state that oud (agarwood) can only be about 4% of the fragrance concentrate. There's a lot of other stuff in here for sure, but they all comingle into a set of accords that contribute to the top, middle, and base. The biggest difference is in the top, that barnyard smell, which lasts a minute or so after the alcohol dries. The rest is simply a gorgeous oud mix. I don't know how she did it, but it's genius.
09th April, 2018
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United States

Amore Mio by Roja Dove

here is a ylang without a single sour note. must be the spices. it's smooth, very rich, moderately lasting. this frag moves fast to a drydown of powdery cocoa and orris. it's totally sensuous.
17th March, 2018