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Arrogance Uomo by Arrogance

Arrogance Uomo

Not 'pour homme', not 'man', but 'uomo'. My bottle I've had for years now is dated to '89 <thx xmen!>. I get herbs and moss, moss and herbs. So much moss.

There seems to be a confusion with this one and, admittedly, it might just be mine. My perception seems so different to others'. Perhaps there've been significant recipe changes, maybe the mix is beyond what little deciphering ability I possess, or maybe my bottle is just showing its age, I don't know. No citrus, floral, sweetness, animal or leather to speak of, just herbal/moss prominence on vetiver/patchouli background and maybe a little dusty amber. Old school, definitely. Reminds me of a less polite, lower-toned, lower-pitched version of R de Capucci with less vetiver... a good office scent as well.
14th January, 2018

Yatagan by Caron

Herbal. Prominent pine and patchouli. A little castoreum. Yes, there's a celery salt, celery seed, or mustard type flair that only adds to its character.

Fanatics would also dig Phileas and Les Copains Homme, I think.
12th January, 2018

Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz

White 300ml edc bottle.

Citrus, aldehydes, tobacco, lavender, the masculine floral trinity of carnation, geranium, and rose? Sure. It all says 'well-groomed' and at <$3/oz is a great deal for a great light splash that'll last a satisfying few hours.

When I desire something similar yet with a little more heft and with an additional leather and moss character, I reach for Dunhill for Men. Tabac Original = Dunhill for Men lite!

11th January, 2018
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L'Homme Sage by Divine

Excellent as they are, these awesome gnummy ambers are simply not my kind of fragrance. I own a bottle and it's been nineteen months since my last wear. No matter, I don't wear LdDM much either but that doesn't mean they aren't fantastic.

L'homme Sage smells great and lasts for absolutely ever. But it is powdery sweet! Super sweet! Almost annoyingly so. They say there be immortelle, which usually comes off as everlasting maple syrup to me. Thankfully, that doesn't appear in this mix. Maybe it's the lychee note, something else, or some combination. Hard to put a finger on it exactly. It's not a candy floss or pungent fruit sweetness, rather it's the linear type sweet of aspartame or other artificial sweetener. Add some body heat and there's cloying risk that can be downright suffocating despite the pleasant smell - been there, done that with this.

Does a wise man fit the scent to his ways or does he adjust his ways to fit the scent? I have some thoughts but, regardless, I'm rather sure that a wise man loves smelling this one on his lady!
11th January, 2018

Secret Mélange by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

I like clove, bay rum spice fragrances but the orange, neroli aspect of Secret Melange is almost too much to bare. It does settle down and therefore it moves into neutral territory for me but that opening is cringe worthy, so actung baby!

I will add this: I mix my own and have a few keepers I group as 'dirty orange'; I hold Kouros, Orange Spice, Tobac 1800, and even Paco Rabanne and Kiehls musk (because of the musk, I believe) in such high regard and share similar threads in the fabric... degrees of separation, if you will. They work, some spectacularly so; Secret Melange doesn't so much.
10th January, 2018

Havana by Aramis

Blue Bongo Drum AND Gentlemen's Collection

First off, these two iterations are similar enough to one another. The price differential in the secondary market suggests otherwise, but my nose stands its ground. Next, Havana is similar enough to Montana parfum d'homme, not as much citrus through the heart but I've got to side-by-side in order to tell. (I'll 'put my money where my mouth is' as the saying goes... just PM).

They all ride a strong, sturdy backbone of bay rum. If you don't like strong spicy clove, then forget it. Citrus and tobacco may just be part of the supporting cast (as well as just about everything under the kitchen sink according to some pyramids) but it's all about a form of spicy bay rum to me.

I keep these bottles next to things like PS Fine Cologne, Shulton Old Spice, and my bay rum.
10th January, 2018

Royall Bay Rhum by Royall Lyme of Bermuda

Bay rum is bay rum is bay rum is bay rum. Yep. This IS bay rum. I'm halfway through a 4oz bottle I paid a little <$5/oz a while back. Not THAT much better than Pinaud's offering that can be had for a $fraction$. Thinking too hard about things like bay rum just hurts my noodle... so I don't!

Imagine peppered clove juice.
10th January, 2018

Cuir by Lancôme

Saffron with a nice styrax and leather backbone; it all comes off as a polite, soft, dense suede. It’s a little doughy. Low sillage, quickly become a skin scent, but it’s resinous, mixes well with personal chemistry and hangs around.

Cuir de Lancome reminds me of a new-smell suede jacket I bought decades ago from Bermans Leather, “the leather experts” and quintessential mall specialty store. I really liked that jacket. Every time I watch Pulp Fiction with Butch hopping those fences, trying to be invisible, creeping his way back to his pad to grab his watch, I think of that jacket. Memories and scent!

CdL is rather simple. It's not your typical russian leather like, say, Aramis or Bandit.

Montale Aoud Leather and Al Haramain Red Jafran oil (very strong) have a similar saffron. Chanel CdR les exclusif edt and CdL share a similar styrax leather base and feel, as well.

My bottle is from '07; I assume industry restrictions affecting styrax related material will hurt this one.
09th January, 2018

Méharées by L'Erbolario

Vanillary, a little powdery orange, cinnamon, and perhaps a little clean musk to it that gives it enough of a masculine lean. An attractive comfort scent. I’m a big fan of MR, find MR more complex and the two different enough to own both, but yeah they do share a lot.
08th January, 2018

Centaure by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Whoooaaa boy! This one starts smelling a lot better once it stops kickin’ and settles down.

Upper bod man/lower bod horse? Is that what they were thinking <lol>?

From another site:
Orange, mint, petitgrain, lemon
Black currant, lavender, fir, jasmine, neroli
Musk, oakmoss, vetiver, tobacco

Hmmm. It all comes off kind of like a strawberry jolly rancher that’s somehow lost most of its candy sweetness. I sense quality, but this simply holds no appeal to me as a masculine scent. Not at all my style… perhaps better suited for fans of things like Roma Uomo, Picasso Minotaure, Creed SMW, or Caron L’Anarchiste.
08th January, 2018

Cabochard by Grès

Cabochard’s a green, twiggy, russian leather, with an attractive hint of spicy floral like geranium or carnation. I find the leather to be similar to the petroleum type of my favorite, Knize Ten. Underrated, perhaps, and surely a bargain these days. Man or woman if you like Bandit, Aramis, so on and so forth… Russian Leather, yes!
08th January, 2018

Dehn Al Oud by Al Rehab

Catcher's mitt leather. These Al-Rehab roll-ons... maybe not diamonds in the rough, but when you find one you like, well it's simply TITS!
08th January, 2018

Catalyst for Men by Halston

Yes, nutmeg & cloves. Cloves & nutmeg. So many of the ones I like most have either or both these notes. I perceive Edition far better for this type scent re quality and performance however Catalyst is great when the flannels come out and the schedule involves less formality than say office work. Like a cudgel flanker. A good value at around $5/oz and the moisture providing quircky green after shave is great. I suggest going old. It's a favorite dumb reach.
08th January, 2018
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One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

Take Signature from the same house (a standard russian leather type)... add a bit of conifer. It all vibrates as masculine spice.

Great value. Safe blind buy. Real close to Quorum. They're all good to me.
03rd January, 2018 (last edited: 11th August, 2018)

Tribute Attar by Amouage

Another admirer. Smoke, leather, and tobac kind of like what you get in a good strong lapsang souchong tea at remarkable density. It's not meaty though. Flowers or incense? Perhaps, but in this mix they don't pop for me.

An absolute favorite.
03rd January, 2018

Labdanum 18 / Ciste 18 by Le Labo

This is a vanilla. It dances to the tune of Shalimar, as well-noted before. Labdanum 18 carries a similar dough-ee facet and I get a very appealing castoreum note thumping throughout (provided you're allowed intimate proximity to the wearer!).

Like Shalimar, this type scent is perfect on a lady. I prefer a more masculine overall feel, however, when I reach for an oriental. Say like with Heritage (cedar), Third Man (carnation / lavender), Opium pH (resin / spice / dark fruit) and Musc Ravageur (clove / musk). Personal idiosyncrasies for sure.

Too fem for me but I've gotta say, one of the best smelling, quality scents from this house. A great gift to give... and, yes, as is Shalimar.

A final thought: perhaps fans of Amouage Gold pH would like LeLabo 18?
03rd January, 2018

Quorum by Antonio Puig

I like big moss and leathers. I like the idea you don't have to drop a benjiman or two to smell simply like what a simple manly man might care to smell like when wearing his joe-six-pack, dumb-reach cologne from day to day and throughout those days.

Differs to One Man Show by degree of soap and I don't have issues with soap. I once had a deep vintage but don't feel it necessary, however I'd definitely suggest going pre-IFRA 43 (i.e. moss restriction c.2010 or so) with these types if you can.

Awesome value. Not one to overthink.
03rd January, 2018

Bogart by Jacques Bogart

"Is it safe? Is it safe?"

If you feel the ole' skewl IS the best skewl, if you like the twiggy, the non-floral, the no-candy-nonsense of the typical russian leathers (Aramis, Bandit, etc.) then "it's safe, it's very safe, it's so safe you wouldn't believe it."

Go old. Seems readily available and economical so no marathon chases or giving up one's eyeteeth... for the blind buy.
03rd January, 2018

Aoud Lime by Montale

I've had a 100ml for years now. Bought blind along with Black Aoud. Dare I say this one is stronger. I never got much lime... more of a rose, maybe not a virtual juicy big red as in BA, but primarily a rose, synthy oud scent just the same, and somewhat less attractive. Rubs me rather neutral. Strong and interesting is OK but upon a wear if I start wondering whether I'd appreciate the experience moreso if I'd sprayed it on my ankles under socks rather than the torso... well, there it is.

03rd January, 2018

Hard Leather by LM Parfums

Not dissimilar to Nasomatto Black Afgano, though not quite as strong and it sports a patchouli/amber facet remindful of Mazzolari Lui.

Dense, woody, resinous, incense. Lasts forever like Black Afgano as well. Leather? Sure, of the styrax variety of which I'm a fan but my mind doesn't go in that direction when I wear these types. It just smells good, is pungent and non-floral with no candy-sweetness.
31st December, 2017

Nicole Miller for Men by Nicole Miller

Parlux version. Dusty, green-tart apple, and amber that all comes off a little boozy. Don't use too much and it'll work anytime, anywhere. At a few bucks/oz it's a good value for this type. Too much and you'll be a clown.

30th December, 2017

Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

Dated and well-constructed. Good scent for <you guessed it> a boss in the office. Smells good on others but, whether vintage or newer, you got to be ok with honey.

Oh Honey, too much honey for me.
30th December, 2017

Black Afgano by Nasomatto

I followed mr. doody's advice from 6 years past and absolutely did try BA for I do like 'these sorts of rich heavy, woodsy, incensey types of things'. At the risk of a quibble I'd add 'resinous'. There. And toss the marketing hype... weed? hash?... big eye roll... whatever.

It lasts forever so there are likely some big fat fuggin' aroma-chems responsible for that, in all its glorious modernity. I may very well wake up some day and be tired of it all but until then I'm glad to have it sit alongside things like HoM Blackbird, LM Hard Leather, Interlude Man, and some Slumberhouse. A spray or two to the tum tum will do just right.
29th December, 2017

DK Men Unleaded by Donna Karan

Closest thing to its big brother, DK for Men / Fuel, I've ever smelled. Perhaps more subtle, more powdery. Both are Bulgari Black types of leather. Soft and unisex.

Older version, of which I'm familiar, has that annoying topple-prone bottle design, just like big bro, with similar bloated secondary mkt prices these days to boot. All that falling down does take a toll and -- honestly, that quirky design belies the quality within -- they do pop up time again at flea markets and yard sales for a pittance... scoop 'em up!

28th December, 2017

Olibanum by Profumum

A favorite incense and probably my favorite frank-n-myrrh. Simple, quality, and subtle. The coniferous aspect of frankincense is quite apparent from the get go.

Tis the season...

23rd December, 2017

Genghis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

My take is what's within the mongol cauldron looking bottle <vintage> and will forever be associated with hyenas and a certain virtual persona of prolific posting prowess...

It is quite spicy. Clove, nutmeg and other kitchen spices. The backbone, though, seems a rum-like-sweetened resinous amber. It projects as much as I care for it to, even under clothing, and it lasts.

Bijan, Old Spice, Havana, Moschino pH, MPG Eau des Iles, Davidoff '84, Edition... these come to mind when I wear GK. Common aspects to a degree, though on the whole I'd say it's rather unique.
21st December, 2017

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

This was #2 terrible blind-buy.

Upon first sniff, I was certain I had a fake. So I bought a couple samples from different sources... same juice. So I got my hands on an NM tester... same juice.

Like with OS, I had to ask myself: What self-respecting house puts out something that smells like this, asking the prices they ask? Answer: there is none. Doubts grew, but not self-doubt. Kept OV but the rest went away and I climbed out the rabbit hole.

Beware when the rah rah boys turn up the volume. Be very aware!
18th December, 2017

Original Santal by Creed

In my best Adm. Ackbar impersonation: "I've been jooop'd". And not the decent older J@@P! iteration at that!

This was #1 terrible blind-buy. I had to ask myself: What self-respecting house puts out something like this asking such MSRP? Answer: there is none. And I quickly climbed out of that particular rabbit hole. Enough said.
18th December, 2017

Davidoff by Davidoff

Not pretty.

No, and thankfully so because it's what I apparently like most in a masculine fragrance for men. Not much if any floral and there's a dense strength to it that might best be described as a tobac-amber. Sure, leather and moss too, but it's that ambery bit that'll choke me out if mis-used.

I spray to the sternum under a tee and polo or button-down mostly and certainly so for these strong ones. It's always worked best for me and Davidoff '84 is certainly not the exception to my rule. I spray this to the neck, ears, hands, etc., and get what I deserve... too much. Like ericrico says 'it'll wear you' if you don't watchit.

"Old school is the best school"? Yesss!
"They don't make 'em like this anymore"? Check.
"I'll take 'Big Fat Fuggin' Chypres' for $200, Mr. Trebek"? Oh, yeah!
And so on.

Overly expensive in secondary markets... Vermeil for Men shares a lot with this one yet they're different enough. A great scent for a boss in an office environment IF worn properly. And no, not 'like a boss' (queue the snoopy-diggity-dawg background musak), rather what a respectable supervisor would smell of and certainly not be broadcasting.
18th December, 2017

Sandalo by Lorenzo Villoresi

A tale of two scents.

The first one, to lift a phrase from another review, is almost too lovely for a man. Rosewood, rose, lavender, trace neroli, and sandalwood? 4-6hrs, perhaps. A few steps from perfect and by itself I doubt I'd wear it much, honestly.

The second one is a nutty, creamy, sun-kissed, 2nd-skin type sandalwood that remains with just a slight memory of the first. It lasts and lasts. Perfect.

I place Santal Noble and Santalum on the top shelf, Sandalo is close.
15th December, 2017