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Romance by Ralph Lauren

Let me start by saying something totally contradictory: This is one of my most favorite perfumes that I own (if not THE most favorite), but after a few hours it turns mega stinky on me.

I really like how this smells when I first spray it on: Slightly floral, slightly fruity, and slightly spicy. I find it appropriate for day wear, evening wear, special occassions, and grocery shopping. I think it smells young, but not immature.

Unfortunately it contains patchouli, and I guess patchouli doesn't work well with my skin chemistry because every perfume I own that contains it ends up making me smell exactly like sweaty, dirty gravel. It gives me vivid flashbacks of playing on my elementary school's playground. Luckily the top and middle notes more than make up for it and doesn't really change my opinion of it.
08th November, 2009