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Lynx Apollo (new) by Axe / Lynx

I really like the new Axe Apollo. I never smelled the old one so I can't say if they just brought it back with new advertising. If the old Apollo smelled this good I am surprised it got discontinued.

There is a lot more than Clary Sage and Sparkling Fruits in the notes. After searching the internet for descriptions of the new Axe Apollo I found several more notes listed. The full fragrance notes are, Clary Sage, Quince, Lavender, Musk, Mandarin and Sandalwood. Quite the combo which makes for a creamy citrus smell with sandalwood undertones.

As with all Axe products your mileage may vary with the scent line of this product. For me I love the body wash (lasts all day) deodorant and shampoo. I am not crazy about the body spray. The initial blast of spray is all sandalwood. After it dries it tones down after 10 minutes or so to the same scent as the body wash. I have to let it dry before putting on my shirt to avoid smelling like a sandalwood bomb.
02nd March, 2014

Axe Apollo / Lynx Apollo by Axe / Lynx

The new Axe Apollo is quite nice. Its a mix of citrus, sage and sandlewood with a creamy powdery finish. Its light compared to the heavy overpowering scents that used to come out of this line.

It is very much like their other offering, Anarchy. The difference is they substituted the vanilla in Anarchy for the orange in Apollo.

Of the two Apollo is much better.
19th April, 2013

Old Spice Wolfthorn by Procter & Gamble

The names on the new Old Spice Wild Collection crack me up. They sound more like names of schools at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books. Hawkridge even has a label that says for guys that are swift of mind. That's a bite off of Ravenclaw from Harry Potter.

My favorite of the new line is Foxcrest and you can read my view of that cologne. Hawkridge doesn't have a cologne just a body spray. That scent is hard to describe, its a buttery, cocoa, amber, almond smell to me. It is nice and I wish there was a cologne for that line.

Now for Wolfthorn. A review I read says it smells similar to Happy for men. Now its been awhile since I smelled Happy for men but when I first smelled Wolfthorn it did have a familiar vibe to it. It is strong citrus over musk to my nose. The citrus is almost creamy, like what an orange creamsicle would smell like if melted and poured into a vaporizer. It is followed by a tangy musk smell. It has longevity on me. One spray to the chest lasted all day. Strange but I like the matching antiperspirant better than the cologne. The musk is dialed down and the citrus is even creamier.

The price is right at $8 a bottle. You can't go wrong trying out this new line of Old Spice colognes.
19th April, 2013
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Old Spice Foxcrest by Procter & Gamble

I really like this new cologne from P&G's Old Spice brand. I do not know the scent notes but some reviews I have read online say clean woods, fresh herbs and a dash of citrus. That seems pretty spot on to me. I certainly smell the citrus (lemon) when first sprayed.

One spray to the chest in the morning lasts me until late afternoon. At that time I give my self a refresher spray. The matching antiperspirant is really nice for layering.

I can't speak highly enough of this cologne. It has become my favorite daily scent. Its perfect for my office job. Its not complex by any means, its just a good clean manly scent that I don't think will offend anyone. It stays close to the skin and my significant other doesn't gag. She gave it the thumbs up for that and she likes the smell of it when she snuggles up to me and gets a whiff.

Get yourself a bottle at $8 you really can't go wrong. For that price buy a few bottles. P&G has a bad habit of discontinuing their products. I am going to stock up so I have a lifetime supply.
19th April, 2013