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Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

This stuff is nuclear-powered. Thats not a bad thing. My big warning is, if you use too much of it - as in one small squirt too much of it - you'll be that guy that everyone is looking at, thinking, is he wearing the 1/2 the bottle?!

If you buy some, first time, try one modest squirt on your chest. See how that goes over the course of the day. If necessary, escalate slowly.

Its great for the cold of winter. US Thanksgiving until St Patrick's day. Perhaps its the violet-moss notes, providing a needed whiff of spring.

The lemon and orange elements are largely obliterated. Its all about the violet, moss and wood with this one.

Its hard to imagine under 30s liking this. But if everything that was once old at some point becomes new again, its possible. Remotely possible.
12th July, 2011

David Beckham Pure Instinct by Beckham

Smells very different after 10 minutes on the skin. The grapefruit vanishes completely in less than 1 minute. The remaining tobacco, woods and pepper/spices combine to create a harsh result.

I disagree with the other reviewer, this one has hours of staying power. It improves after a couple of hours, but even then, I'd give it a 6 (on a scale of 1-10).

I've had some success - some very, very good success, actually - using a single spray of it underneath citrusy/sweet scents (anything with prominent vanilla or sweet orange/lemon).
15th November, 2009

True Star Men by Tommy Hilfiger

I do not agree with the statement that this is for 18-35s. I'd add half a dozen years to the lower, and ten or more to the upper end. Maybe that's what happens with all men's fragrances, over time there is age migration, because the fickle young and cool wannabes move on to the next new thing. A fragrance has to grab a non super-young audience, or die.

I like the instant clean grapefruit/sweet lemony element, there might even be a very slight trace of warm honey also, and this instant element mix has some staying power. After a time, a wet leathery, black liquorice emerges without being overpowering. This mixed nicely with the sweet first wave. There is ultimately a whiff that, indeed, as someone else hinted at, hits a bit like laundry water with fresh scent detergent in it.

I don't perceive the advertised sandalwood, which is completely fine by me, because too many men's scents these days are too musky/woody. True Star is a nice anti-wood option.

The scent is not strong, so I'd apply near sweat glands, the side of the neck, or toward the front opening of a v-neck or buttoned shirt. I'm looking forward to wearing this one on a sunny day next Spring, as I think it may be most suitable for Spring/Summer.
10th November, 2009
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