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Harrods for Him by Bond No. 9

I'm not a cologne expert by any means, just a regular guy who knows what smells good to me and on me and I love Harrods for Him. It's light, airy, and fresh.

I only wear Bond No 9 colognes and currently own and wear Harrods for Him, Saks for Him, Riverside Drive, Silver Factory and Brooklyn. Of the five, Harrods and Riverside are my favorite warm weather scents and Silver Factory is my cool weather or late night choice.

When I travel from GA to NYC I visit Diana at the Bond St store. She's a big help.
10th June, 2010

Riverside Drive by Bond No. 9

Of all the Bond 9's for Men that I've tried, and I've tried 90% of them, this one is my favorite by far, as well as my wife's. Sak's and Harrod's round out my top three.
12th November, 2009