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JHL by Aramis

I always associate JHL with cognac or has a liqueur like effect...maybe a little sweet initially but wears well over the day. If JHL were interior design, I guess it would be characterized as 'restrained opulence'.

BTW the bottle has a nice heft to it. It has a copper top and an engraved copper base that complements the cognac -like color of the fragrance.

19th November, 2005

Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens

Iris Silver Mist is incredibly beautiful and refined. It has an exquisite ethereal quality that makes it something special. There is a slight metallic edge which for me takes it into the realm of masculine fragrances. If you love THE DIFFERENT COMPANY Bois d'iris and DIVINE L'homme de coeur, you should love this as well.


17th November, 2005

Cyprès-Musc by Creed

Another fan here.

Cyprès-Musc is not a "pretty" scent but I like it's rugged individuality and it's very unlikely to be recognized. Here are my notes from a few years ago:

sharp rather than mild but the edge softens somewhat in the drydown.
dry not wet. good longevity.
green + piney + resin = coniferous

21st October, 2005
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Krizia Uomo by Krizia

KRIZIA: Krizia Uomo (1984)
I bought this blind after reading some favourable comments (many thanks, RCavs!!) and it is a more sombre version of JACQUES BOGART One Man Show. Both have an arid, acrid opening that tickles your nose like snuff and transports you back to the 1980's. Like OMS, it makes a not-so-subtle statement and is the antithesis of Acqua de Gio type smells so popular following the turn of the century. A woody arid fragrance which is very masculine. After the slightly unpleasant opening (which i enjoy!), it mellows to a blend of dry wood with hints of moss and tobacco. Who would have thought something so sharp at the start could have such a soft marvellous drydown 5 hours later!
21st March, 2005