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Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden

Smells like smoke and disinfectant. For a similar experience, attend a barbecue in a public toilet. Actually the base notes are okay, but still smell like cheap hand cream. Sorry, but have no idea why anyone would want to smell like this! Big thumbs down.
06th April, 2010

Boss Orange by Hugo Boss

Reminds me of Clinique Happy. Not saying they smell hugely similar per se, but they are both out of the same citrus fruity-floral stable and both seem to be aimed at the same market- young, bright, modern, fun-loving girls. Even the bottle/packaging is reminiscent of Happy (but a bit more cutely decorative, moving away from Happy's über 90's minimalist style). Basically, the name says it all- if you want to smell like the colour orange and all you associate with that, then buy this fragrance. Not for me, but can see others enjoying it, so I'll give it a neutral.
03rd April, 2010

Brit Red by Burberry

Love this! It's definitely the rhubarb note which gets me every time- the perfect tangy edge to steer this way from being just another red/pink/purple berry/fruity floral. Of all those sweet 'pudding' scents out there which have recently become popular, I'd say this one is significantly more cleverly done as for starters it retains a certain freshness, possibly thanks to the ginger and lightly used citrus. Although this is a flanker to the original Burberry Brit, it really is quite different. I personally found Brit a little too vanilla and struggled to pick up the other components, which in itself isn't a bad thing for me personally, but I was a little disappointed it didn't have more to it. Brit Red on the other hand is far more complex and also very versatile: it is dynamic & makes its presence known, whilst not being so strong and sophisticated as to only be for evening/special occasion wear: you could also wear this for work, shopping etc too, whilst making a bit of a statement if you did. Brit Red is impossibly warm (& so tricky to wear in summer, but not impossible if used sparingly), seductive, alluring, rich and delicious...a truly lovely scent!
07th March, 2010
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Happy by Clinique

Strange how your tastes change as you get older isn't it? Between that ages of 20 and 25 I absolutely adored this scent, wore virtually nothing else and went through quite a few large bottles of it plus the body lotions etc- it was 'my' smell for sure. But now I almost cannot bear it. It smells very citrus/orangey (the colours of the packaging really match it at least) and when I say orangey, I mean in a syrupy kids drink sort of way, like Sunny Delight or similar. The flowery aspect, which was less apparent on me, is also overly sweet. Funnily enough, I remember that I always felt there was a 'mystery smell' in there somewhere and now, after reading these reviews, I know what that smell is- it's the 'latex' smell others have mentioned. I'm not sure I know what latex smells like exactly, but there's definitely a faint whiff of plastic, perhaps hot or burning plastic or maybe even burning sugar. I think I believed this gave it a 'hot edgyness', but now I just think it adds to the sweet, syrupy fruity mess. Definitely wouldn't wear it now, but will give it a neutral as I once loved it so, plus I must admit I did get regularly complimented on how nice I smelled back when I wore it, so I guess it can't be all that bad? Perhaps it's just for the young and I'm getting too old!
07th March, 2010

L - L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani

To my mind, this scent is oddly reminiscent of both Benefit's Maybe Baby and JLo's Glow range and I think it's because all of these fragrances remind me of bubble/foam bath and soapy clean skin. OK, so not the most sexy of smells (well not in the conventional sense), but this scent imbues me with confidence as I feel clean and fresh smelling and it has great longevity and sillage- a little goes a long way. I would consider this a casual or day fragrance as it lacks the sultry warmth required for night or a more special occassion. To my nose, the first smell is definitely fresh pears and rain on summer grass. This dries down to a pale floral aroma that is my least favourite part of the scent, but this quickly passes and the lovely warm, clean skin smell lingers on. Not the love of my life for sure, but certainly very nice and a winner for those who are into the 'clean' fragrances. My only moan (echoing other comments on here) is the packaging design. Apart from not matching the juice at all (the packaging has a real VIP lounge/night club vibe to it), it is clunky and awkward to open and SO heavy!
18th November, 2009

Paul Smith Extreme Women by Paul Smith

Although I wouldn't consider this my signature scent, nor would I say this scent is particularly outstanding, I do keep on coming back to it. I've owned 3 or 4 large bottles of this over the last few years and although I tire of it towards the end and usually don't want to go straight out and buy a new one, after flirts and flings with some other scents, I ultimately buy it again. Maybe you could describe it as my 'safe smell'. It's the delicious warmth that attracts me, a really comfortable and inviting smell. At first it's fairly fresh, something like a warm lawn/grass smell, then I usually get a hint of spiced orange, maybe a little mulled wine and a sprinkling of black pepper. Ultimately I'm left with a warm, clean skin smell, which is sexy without being overly so. I wouldn't use this for evenings/special ocassions as it lacks longevity and doesn't pack a 'night-out punch', but it's great in the day (maybe not in summer, when something cooler may be required) and also nice for cosy nights in.
18th November, 2009

By Woman by Dolce & Gabbana

As I was feeling a little nostalgic recently, I decided to hunt down this perfume and was rather disappointed to discover it now appears to be discontinued. I was certainly only able to source it from internet auction sites and the like. The reason for the nostalgia is that this perfume was the first 'real' perfume I owned, at the age of 18 when it first came out, and was bought for me by my first 'real' boyfriend. I remember finding the smell intriguing, sexy and above all, warm and inviting. I also loved the funky packaging, which seemed to symbolise a playful, teasing sexuality. This is certainly a young scent and now I'm entering my 30s, my tastes are quite different although I do still have a soft spot for this and wish they would keep it on the shelves a little longer. My boyfriend at the time was as besotted with this smell as he was me as far as I could tell and in fact bought the men's version to match! Well, we were very young! The men's version was less exciting I must say, quite average and indistinguishable from the crowd of smell-alike aftershaves around in the 90s (although the packaging certainly made it stand out). In conclusion, a great perfume and I would advise anyone to give it a whiff if they get chance.
18th November, 2009

Dune by Christian Dior

I was given a bottle of Dune as a Christmas present when I was in my early 20s and I'm afraid I HATED it! I think the kindly relative in question had heard about my love of 'warm' smells and I was also a little 'alternative' at the time so I believe they though I would appreciate the well-travelled, incensey side to it. Sadly they were completely wrong and I found this over-powering in the extreme, far too mature for anyone under 40, synthetic/chemically and quite stomach churning in it's relentless inescapability. I had to wash my clothes 2 or 3 times to get the smell out and also found I could smell it on my body even after a hot shower!! It's now 10 years later I still don't like it. I find perfumes this strong instantly make me want to ask 'what unpleasantness is that strong stink hiding?'...I would definitely exercise caution with this one.
18th November, 2009