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Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

This is kind of silly - I have just joined BN so I can post this review, but it's a bit of a waste of time: I can't really see myself ever posting another review because I can't quite imagine myself wearing any other perfume ever again.
I am now getting to the end of my first bell jar, having worn it through the summer and now wearing it through the winter; I have just received my second jar so that I don't have to be waiting for it to arrive when the first runs out soon. I may get the new spray as well (at the moment, I have decanted into several bottles for gym, travel, work).
This is a truly stunning, complex, amazing scent - on me, it wears very close to the skin and creates a fantastically warm, seductive scent (the notes have been well documented here); the animalic notes are just enough to keep this interesting and human - there is definitely a suggestion of clean human sweat but then it is this that makes it such a great perfume.
I completely disagree with the poster that said "we tend to wear perfume to smell good, and usually to mask our own body odor"; the seductive smell of a clean human body, warm and inviting entirely deserves to be brought out and accentuated; perfumes that try to mask it are losing before they even begin. If you don't want to deny your humanity and want to celebrate it in the most joyous and seductive way, this is the fragrance for you.
18th November, 2009