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Reaction T-Shirt by Kenneth Cole

Top Notes: Pear, Watermelon, Red Apple, Passion-fruit
Middle Notes: Gin, Lavender, Juniper
Base Notes: Cotton Flower, Musk, Sandalwood, Virginia Cedar

Reaction T-Shirt is actually a very unique and interesting fragrance. It doesn't remind me of anything that I've smelled but does give off the clean vibe from Gendarme for Men. Picture that clean, fresh linen smell from Gendarme. Now add all the fruity notes and gin, and that's what it smells like. In the top I get a puree of all the fruits blended, then I get a bit of the lavender and a heap of gin in the middle with the fruits still sweetening the mix, and in the base, I get a light musk and cotton flower with the gin/lavender/fruit puree dominantly lingering over. It's the scent of your favorite white cotton T-Shirt after it comes out of the dryer, assuming that you also used fruit-scented dryer sheets. You know when you're going out with friends but it's a casual hang out so you wear just any casual cologne? Y'all possibly go shoot pool or have a few drinks at a casual bar, maybe hang out and just have a few beers at each other's house while watching a game, then after the evening is over, you come home and crash out in your clothes. You wake up at noon and have nothing special planned so you stay in that same clothes and for the remainder of that day you keep smelling the light, leftover remnants of your cologne, from the previous night, on your t-shirt. You've just smelled Reaction T-Shirt! I really enjoy this one but sillage isn't so good but then again, that would sort of defeat the purpose of what this fragrance is about. I've only received a handful of compliments while wearing this but they were positive. Longevity is around 4-6 hours and it's a casual scent, nothing too special, good for anyone in their teens to someone in their 30's. It's meant for the warmer months but also works in cooler weather. My overall rating B-
06th July, 2011

Unforgivable Multi Platinum by Sean John

Multi-Platinum is essentially a middle ground between Millesime Imperial and the original Sean John Unforgivable. It has that same Unforgivable DNA but with a more fresher quality. The green birch leaf and florals are tuned down and the grapefruit and other citrus notes are amped up. Imagine the saltiness and bright, fresh watermelon/citrus vibe from MI and mix that with the rum, amber, and spiciness of the original Unforgivable, and there you have it. There really isn't much else going on aside from what I've already stated. Surprisingly, it also lasts a lot longer and has better sillage than the original. I also find this really similar to Love and Luck by Ed Hardy, just with an added booziness. If you can find this fairly priced, get it! Otherwise, for the price that people are selling this bad boy for, you can probably get MI, which is a obviously better but not by much. It's perfect for summer, warmer weather, and can be used by anyone and any age in casual attire or formal. There's great versatility with this one and I received a lot of positive attention! It's too bad I had to sell my bottle but I look forward to finding this again someday! My final rating B+
01st July, 2011

Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is considered a legend in the art of perfumery and like many others have stated, this fragrance was a huge let down. This is partly from the fact that Tom Ford understands and embodies the concept of a true gentleman. M7, Gucci Envy, Rive Gauche, and even his private line all have an untamed beauty and a unique quality that truly captures the modern man with class. For me, Tom Ford for men wasn't all that bad but it wasn't all that great either, not even a hair close. I purchased it blindly because I read a male magazine article that ranked Tom Ford for Men number one in a "Best Fragrances for Men" list and even went into detail with how the fragrance develops, it's appeal and aspects, etc order to justify its number 1 spot. So, I bought it and was super excited and when I received it, it was just another one of "those" scents. It had this very outdated feel to it but without being too old school. When I smelled it, I thought, "Man, where have I smelled this before?". I was completely disappointed but maybe my standards were too high, so, I lowered them and sniffed it for what it was and not for what it was supposed to be and the results were a bit more positive.

It opens up with a ginger, citrus accord and slowly develops into a woody amber scent. Disregard all other notes because this is all I get. The amber is somewhat creamy and the citrus remains for the scent life of the fragrance but does so in a softly manner over the light woods. The scent itself is pleasant but extremely mainstream and boring, not to mention a bit linear. Then poof, before you know it, it's gone. I figured that maybe Tom Ford wanted a fragrance for the everyday suit and tie kind of guy that works in an office, usually attends black tie events, but has an overall laid back outlook on life. He knows he's successful but doesn't allow it to get to his head. He works hard but can also play hard. When all that is taken into regard, suddenly this fragrance makes sense. Aside from the below average longevity and sillage, this fragrance is actually not that bad. It can be worn all seasons, day or night, by anyone with a formal to semi-formal lifestyle, although it seems it's work better for an older gentleman. My overall rating B-
27th June, 2011
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Kiton Men by Kiton

This was quite the find for me. After hearing about the much hyped Kiton Black, I had to try its older brother. For me, this scent wasn't too impressive but indeed did not disappoint. Judging from the notes, I was expecting a sweet floral, possibly warm at its base...something similar to Lanvin L'Homme or Uomo? by Moschino but instead, a dry, green floral was the main theme. Much like the reviews have already stated, this fragrance is dominated by a heavy violet note, the same violet note in Green Irish Tweed and Fahrenheit but closer to GIT. It also has that same green freshness in GIT's opening that actually lasts throughout the duration of this scent. As a matter of fact, Kiton Man is a great alternative to GIT and for about $100 less, I'd say it's a bargain. I truly mean that it is identical, maybe a few subtle differences but VERY FEW if not any!
The opening of Kiton Man is very odd. It's tangy and tart while also being bitter and dry, like biting into a grapefruit and tasting the skin, but once it settles down after about 20 minutes, the violet dominant floral heart gradually transitions and soon the base adds a lighly sweetened accord with a dry oakmoss and cedar and a light musk. By no means is this warm or rich in nature, but rather light, very green, and slightly fresh. Also, it's not sickly sweet as some reviews might lead you to believe, which is why I got it in the first place. Instead, the sweetness is very subdued. Projection is moderate with a scent cloud for about 3-4 hours and longevity is about 8+ hours on my skin. It's good dressed up or down and in all seasons except winter. Finally, I recommend this for anyone 20 and up. A young guy in jeans to an older gentleman in a suit can pull this off nicely. What's great is the first time I wore it, I received a mass amount of compliments.
My final rating B+
31st May, 2011

Unforgivable by Sean John

I'd like to second silentrich's statement. It seems that many individuals out there like to automatically disregard a fragrance based on the "celebrity" or any other preconceived negative"label" they tend to place on these type of scents. Okay, it's Sean John, I get it....but the fragrance isn't all that bad. In fact, it's probably one of the best celebrity scents out there. Is it worth the hefty price tag? Absolutely not, but what fragrance is these days. However, I've seen local discount retailers price a 1.7 oz bottle from anywhere between $15-$30. In that regard, it's a wonderful cheapie. It's very modern and has an uncanny sexiness to it. Dare I say, it has it's own "swagger". With that said, the notes in here are interesting. In the opening, I get a strong fruity, tart citrus over a very green birch leaf but all that is short lived because within seconds, that citrus, birch leaf becomes a bit salty (marine-like) with whiffs of spiced florals (only sage and lavender to my nose) taking account as well. The base uses pieces of all those elements and adds a rum accord and light amber. I don't get any woods at all nor tonka bean.
The overall scent is just a fresh, fruity, lightly spiced, boozy citrus, pseudo-aquatic. It works well dressed up or down, day or night, in any season. Longevity could be better, 3-6 hours. Projection is moderate but becomes a skin scent after 2 hours. Still, even with horrible longevity, I get compliments on this frequently. DO NOT over apply! It WILL get cloying and sharp and you'll end up really hating it.

For the record, The MI comparison is a bit accurate but more overstated than anything. I think "Puff" was most likely aiming for a similar scent to MI so those who do not have the funds to invest in a Creed can have a similar experience to the Creed legend. Did he succeed? Eh, somewhat. Unforgivable is a bit darker and spicier though, it's more of a clubbing, night out type of scent, while MI is brighter, fresher, and more of a spring/summer fling type of deal. I remain neutral in my rating because although I enjoy it, for some reason, I've always felt this scent is missing something. Every time I wear this, I feel that this fragrance lacks that OOMF factor......something big, something heavy, something I can't pinpoint for the life of me, but it's still sexy. I enjoy the top notes more than anything. If the top notes were the actual drydown, this would probably be in the top 5 in my collection. My overall rating B-
27th May, 2011

Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

When I first purchased this, I was so impressed! It had a beautiful blend of iris, nutmeg, vanilla, and citrus notes. I bought a 1 oz bottle fairly cheap and was so excited and proud of my purchase. I even wore it that night! It seemed to work in the cold weather very well but that was my initial impression. Overtime, as I wore it, it just had a note in there that turned sour on me, something I never really noticed until repeated use. It turned into the smell of pecans on my skin, but not just any pecans, the rotten ones that turn black and end up tasting grimey. I thought my bottle had gone bad so I sprayed it on some Kleenex and nope, it was wonderful! I sprayed it on my brother in law and it was even more heavenly! It's too bad this fragrance didn't work on my skin. It's sexy, mysterious, sensual, warm, inviting, and everything else in between. Projection is perfect and longevity is decent, especially for the price. Although this fragrance didn't work on my skin, I still feel the need to give it a neutral. It's a wonderful fragrance if it transitions correctly on the right person but unfortunately for me, I wasn't so lucky. My final rating B-
18th May, 2011

Gendarme by Gendarme

There isn't much going on in this one. It's just a linear soapy creation. A bit overpriced for what it gives but which fragrance isn't these days. I get hints of jasmine and citrus but they're faint, very faint, and the leather and incense notes are almost non-existent but they're there somewhere, lingering around all the light florals. Still, they all work in harmony to create a very clean, masculine scent. If you enjoy Prada Infusion D'Homme, this is one to try. It's just a lighter version, not as sharp nor as potent and definitely not as elegant, which isn't a bad thing. Also, you know that clean barbershop vibe that you get from Canoe For Men by Dana (1996 release)? Well, this also has that type of clean feel to it. It's perfect. It won't offend and smells like clean, fresh linen. Even for a cologne concentrate, it actually holds up pretty well. It's very aromatic and lasts 4-6 hours, roughly. I believe every man should have a nice, clean fragrance, in their fragrance arsenal, to wear in casual settings, and this one, along with a couple others, is mine. It just gives you that fresh out of the shower feeling, which I love! There is also an edp version of this, which I feel defeats the purpose of this cologne, but I have no basis for comparison so until I try it, this one will do nicely. My Final Rating B+
17th May, 2011

Givenchy pour Homme by Givenchy

A nice scent, but lacks that edgy appeal. The idea was to create a "gentleman's" scent but they were not specific on whether they were regarding a younger or an older gentleman. Either way, it is a mass market appeal fragrance perfect for any teen to a guy in his late 20's. The top notes to this are fantastic and last quite some time. Imagine a fresh citrus floral. YES!!! Even the transition to the heart is great with the fruits, exotic spices, and florals creating something interesting, something with an old world feel blended with a modern take. The base is a big disappointment though. This had so much potential! The top and the heart had a great thing working but this just turns into another ambery, cedar based floral at the base. The funny thing is that amber is not even in the note breakdown but it is defintely there, or at least my nose picks up on it. If you like the amber and cedar in allure homme sport, then I highly recommend this one but if you want this scent with that edge I mentioned, I would recommend trying Hearts & Daggers from Ed Hardy, at least that one stays spicy throughout the scent life and keeps me entertained everytime I wear it. Oh, and True Religion Drifter and Givenchy Pour Homme have the exact same drydown.... the exact same, I thought I would add that. Overall, this is a perfect, safe scent that is highly inoffensive and will get positive attention. Sillage is good for 1-2 hours then it becomes a skin scent, and the scent life is around 4-6 hours. Since I do enjoy it, I give it a thumbs up but a "thumbs up" slightly into the neutral. My final rating B-
14th May, 2011

Hugo by Hugo Boss

I cannot figure whether I like this or not. I owned a large bottle in my teens and repurchased a small 1.3 oz bottle to revisit the scent, but it still confuses me. Even when I wore this in high school, I could never really be too sure of whether or not I liked it. All I get out of this scent is an extremely sweet and minty fresh, green, semi-spicy, mossy pine with a touch of green apple.
The opening lasts about 15 minutes and is a tad bitter because of the grapefruit/green apple combination, however, the mint and lavender outweighs the bitterness with a heavy sweetness. As it transitions into the heart, the florals make their subtle arrival as the carnation dolls up the scent with a light, clove-like spice. The heart then enters the base with the clove-like spice and light florals lingering over a smooth but dry cedar and sandalwood, while the minty green apple and mossy pine create the whole overall aura of the fragrance.
This is great for anyone in their young teens to their early 30's but be easy on the trigger, this stuff is immensely potent and seems to lasts for days, even on my skin! If I had to compare this scent to another fragrance, I'd say this is similar to Diesel Fuel For Life with a healthy handful of Sonia Rykiel Homme. Diesel and this one are almost identical except this one is much more greener.....much more! I do advise for use in colder weather although it is truly an all season fragrance and believe you me, this seems to garner compliments more than the heavy hitters in my collection. My Final rating B-
13th May, 2011

Nautica Competition (new) by Nautica

If you enjoy Tommy Hilfiger for Men or Michael Jordan for Men, this one is right up your alley. It's essentially a creamy version of MJ and/or Tommy. It's much closer to Michael Jordan though, almost identical even. The juniper and bergamont opening is a vaguely dirty citrus accord and lasts for about 5 minutes. Soon, the top becomes creamy and faintly spicy with the rosemary, nutmeg heart. As it transitions into the drydown, the creamy nutmeg, citrus blend lingers over a smooth sandalwood base, almost like the creamy sandalwood in The Art of Shaving, but with the rosemary still spicing up the mix. It's very pleasing but not something for anyone over the age of 20. It's a great starter fragrance for any teen and/or pre-teen and it will definitely get anyone wearing it a mass amount of compliments. Sillage is moderate and longevity is anywhere between 4-7 hours give or take. I bought this this for my little cousin (15 years old) for around $25 (2.5 oz) and he loves it, along with all the young females in his life.
On that note, I wore this once and someone asked me if I was wearing Chanel Edition Blanche. I suppose it's the creaminess vibe that would allow for that confusion. Plus, when I wore this back in high school, females regularly insisted that I smelled, dare I say, like "a sexy beast!". My final rating B-
12th May, 2011

Grapefruit by Jo Malone

The opening to this is very grassy and citric, think of a freshly peeled tangerine. It also may even come off as a spicy lemon but I suppose it's the grapefruit. If I had a way of describing the scent as the heart notes blend with the base, I'd say that this is a mix between D&G Masculine and Aramis Tuscany. Imagine the citrus wood base of D&G Masculine under the spicy, mossy, woodiness in Tuscany. It's clean yet spicy. Projection is moderate and longevity is around 6-8 hours. I wouldn't go as far as dubbing this unisex neither. It's far too spicy and woody for a female, or at least I would say. Although I encourage any age to wear what they'd like, I'd d=say this is ideal for an older gentleman 35+. My final rating B-
12th May, 2011

Joop! Homme by Joop!

No thank you! This stuff is not that bad but by no means is it good. It's an overly sweet cotton candy cinnamon concoction that even the likes of me can't tolerate. What's worse is that my dad loves and wears this religiously! The bottle, the pink juice, and the smell is far too overwhemling for my nose. I can't imagine how people felt back in 1989 when it was released. It must've been like The War Of The Worlds radio broadcast in 1938 that had many scattering about in panic and sheer dismay, except everyone back in '89 was male and running out of their local department stores! I will say that Joop is ballsy and has no respect for anything in its presence. Imagine an 80's powerhouse fragrance that is ridiculously sweet instead of the green or the woody! Yup! Joop is a beast! I'll even go as far as saying that it was the prototype to the gourmand genre. Without this unapologetic creation, there would be no basis for the creation or comparison of any other kind of fragrance in that same vein so I suppose even though I can't bare Joop, I'm entitled to give it that much credit. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise? Regardless, it's not for me and I don't think I'll be coming around any time soon. My final Rating C-
16th April, 2011

Very Irrésistible for Men by Givenchy

This is a true gourmand! No bs about it! No unique or overly irrelevant notes, no odd opening nor disappointing drydown. It's just exactly the type of fragrance that gourmand lovers dream of. It smells so edible and delicious! Everytime I wear this, I'm told I smell "yummy"! I once had a two females tell me that they wanted to eat me up so obviously the compliment factor with this one is through the roof! The sillage is moderate and I get around 5-8 hours longevity give or take. Onto the fragrance:

If I had not known the notes in this fragrance I would have guessed raspberry in the opening. I get a very sweet raspberry mint mocha in the top notes but as it settles, I get a lightly sweetened grapefruit that balances the sweetness and almost gives a light tartness to the fragrance. As it dries down, I get a hazelnut mocha latte over damp woods with citrusy undertones. For what it is, I'd say it's not too complex but it somewhat is. After a few wearings, it just seems to get better and better. I do advise to go easy on the trigger. It can get a bit overwhelming if you overapply so be careful! I'd say it's a wonderful date fragrance and better suitable for the colder months, however, the citrus gives it enough character for the spring and summer wear so I'd say it's perfect all season. So how does this compare to A*Men? Well, it doesn't, but, if you can't stand the tar opening of A*Men, try this one instead. It's smoother, sweeter, and not as rugged. Basically, it's A*Men without the tar, pachouli, and other harsh notes. Although A*Men is in a league of it's own, this is still worth trying and almost just as good! My final Rating B+
16th April, 2011
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Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand

I like to think of this as Mugler Cologne for a younger audience, although it's not as soapy nor as bitter but rather sweeter and more floral. I went through 2 bottles of this in my teens and for good reason. It just works! No other fragrance I've tried truly captures the complexity of Spring like Lucky You. Call me crazy! The floral opening, with the cotton flower and melilotus herb, blends so nicely with the woody notes in the heart and base. I also get a hint of vetiver throughout the life of the fragrance as well. Longevity is about 4-6 hours and it's projection is moderate. The best part is that a 3.4 oz can be had for under $20 and the shower gel and lotion can be had for a few extra bucks give or take. Either way, it's a wonderful cheapie that's great for the summer and spring months.
Now, imagine yourself in a giant field out in the countryside in the middle of spring. The air is not at all humid. It's just a cool, breezy day, partly coudly, and everything around you seems alive. The field is full of dark green grass with flowers scattered about as they sway in the breeze. You're sitting under the shade of a giant oak tree just admiring nature in all it's beauty and wonder. You close your eyes and nature's aroma puts you at peace. That's what Lucky You is for me. I love this stuff! My final rating B+
15th April, 2011

Curve Connect for Men by Liz Claiborne

Another Curve flanker?!?! Yes, BUT, this one is well worth the price! It's a very nice tea scent, I say somewhere along the lines of Gucci Pour Homme II but a tad sweeter and with added florals. The opening is great and the drydown is even better!

It opens up with a sharp tea leaf thats very fresh, green, and semi-sweet, but, within 15 minutes or so, the light woods and spice appear and really balance the scent well. Do I smell tobacco? A bit but not too much, which is okay. The scent itself actually reminds me of Arizona Green Tea, but of course a bit deeper than that. Though this fragrance isn't at all complex (as you can tell by the note breakdown) nor groundbreaking, it's still very well done and actually not as synthetic as one may think, especially for a Liz Claiborne fragrance. It's actually very pleasing, rich, and different from most of the things readily available today. The longevity and sillage are wonderful as well! I get 8-10+ hours on my wearings and the well above average projection seems to give me compliments every 5 minutes! For $15-$20 bucks for a 4.2 oz, I'd say that's a deal! My final Rating A-
15th April, 2011

VIP by Usher

I agree with the surrounding basenoters! This is Fahrenheit rebottled and packaged as Usher VIP. Does this deserve a thumbs down? Possibly not, but for me, I say YES! Why? Although this smells like Fahrenheit, it's essentially a lighter version of it, much lighter, almost like a Fahrenheit summer. Lighter for me means lousy longevity. I get 2 hours tops with this. 4 hours if I choose to douse myself. Is it more wearable than Fahrenheit? I'd say yes, but for me, Fahrenheit does this unquestionably better and it should, I mean, it's the original for gosh sakes! I love the dirty, petrolium, leathery vibe from Fahrenheit, its fantastic! VIP, on the other hand, is toned down and not as brash or offensive. It's just another pleasant, boring, mainstream cloned scent. Either way, this is just another waste of time and money for anyone who owns Fahrenheit and loves it, but I suppose if you hate Fahrenheit, then give this a shot. It might be for you. Final Rating C+
11th January, 2011

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

I would like to start off by saying that the bottle is pretty darn cool! The chain wrapped around the cap with the hanging charm and the graphics of the lions over a shield all over a heavy glass bottle. This seems like a scent for the ultimate bad ass! The presentation is an A+ in my book! As for the scent, well, it's good, great even, but it has its flaws. Id give this a thumbs up but longevity lacks (4 hours tops) and sillage is even worse. This also reminds me of a lighter, dirtier version of M7 by YSL.
This opens up very spicy and leathery, mainly leathery, with light citrus but as it makes its transition to the middle notes then to the basenotes, it remains fairly linear sanz the citrus. Basically all I get is a light sweetness, moderate spice, moderate woods, and leather, leather, leather, and even more leather! This is very masculine. I picture a biker or rough houser wearing this as he sits at a bar, gulping shots of Jack Daniels, as he holds some guy in a headlock. Which also reminds me that this scent also has a boozy quality to it. Booze, leather, and spice. Sound appealing? I thought so too, but in my opinion, M7 does this far better. If this is the rough neck biker sitting at the bar, then M7 is the handsome, refined, suited gentlemen who enters that same bar only to use the phone because he got a flat or because he needs directions. They all stare at him and would love to bash his pretty face in. Final Rating B+
11th January, 2011

cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein

Overall, this is one of probably one of the better offerings from the Calvin Klein house, especially in most recent years. The bottle looks like a soda pop bottle and I think that's the whole underlining theme of this scent. Very "poppy" and "fizzy". The notes include citron vert, pomelo leaves, frosted tangelo, Cacao bean, jamaican pepper, shiso leaves, white musk, white cedar, and vetiver.
The opening of CKIN2U is very fruity and fizzy. Imagine opening a bottle of sprite. You get the citrus and a light lemon but also some gin, all over a slightly powdery musk. However, within minutes, all of the top notes are subdued by a light chocolate. The chocolate isn't at all dominant or harsh as say in Angel Men, Givenchy Very Irresistable, or even Euphoria Intense, but rather very light and almost fresh. It truly gives a unique quality to this scent.
As the scent dries down, the chocolate remains over the light woods and hint of vetiver with the underlying powdery musk. It has some unique aspects to it but overall, this pleasant scent isn't all that unique and longevity and sillage are both moderate. To best describe this scent, think of a less mature version of Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme (purple bottle). Although very pleasant, this is just another mainstream, run of the mill scent that we've all smelled at some point. Still, compared to all the other mediocre fragrances CK produces, this one stands just a hair above that. Final Rating B+
11th January, 2011

Candie's Men by Candie's

When I first tried this, all I smelled was unscented baby wipes. I tried it a few more times after that and I actually picked up on the grapefruit, watermelon, and basil in the opening with a green, fruity, light woodsy and light musky drydown. It's not as sweet as some reviews say. It's actually quite light and a bit powdery. I think of it along the lines of D&G Light Blue but without the lemon and citrus. Instead, the watermelon replaces the lemon and the only citrus note is the grapefruit. Think of a lightly fruity, green, baby powder wipe or baby powder in general. It's a decent scent but nothing special and definitely not for anyone over the age of 25. Sillage and longevity are excellent as well but the reason I give this a neutral is because it's just the same scent over and over again. So much that it becomes too boring and bland after a few wearings. Trust me, it's nice and safe, but you will get bored of it, and fast! Final Rating B-
20th December, 2010

Clean Shower Fresh for Men by Clean

I purchased this blindly expecting a scent similar to Mugler Cologne or Prada Infusion D'homme but this was not the case at all! All this truly smells like is lemon/lime dryer sheets. The top notes to this are incredible though! You get a blast of clean citrus, mostly lemon, and that lingers throughout the scent life. I don't get much of the nutmeg or anything else in the middle notes except the spearmint. It's very subtle, almost faint, but it meshes well with the lemon, black tea, and cedarwood. Normally, cedar is too heavy for my nose but this isn't too strong and the black tea really makes this light and very wearable. It's almost like a sweet cup of black tea with lemon,lime, poured on cedar. Now imagine that scent on a dryer sheet and there you have it. It's a very pleasant smell but I give it a neutral because the longevity and sillage are below average. I got 4 hours tops and within the second hour, this stuff stays ridiculously close to the skin. Clean Men set out for a fragrance with the idea of "shower fresh" but I don't see that in here. It is clean though, very clean, but not shower fresh, and it lacks terribly on staying power. Final Rating B-
20th December, 2010

Encre Noire by Lalique

A very dry, dirty, and earthy vetiver over smoked woods (almost burnt) and very light musk. The top notes are a bit strong but after about two hours or so, it settles out leaving a bitter green, peppery, woody musk. Sillage is above average and longevity gives me about 6-8+ hours. It's very unique and extremely masculine! I truly can't see any female pulling this off or anyone with a less refined taste in fragrance. This isn't another run of the mill type deals, this is something that can only be appreciated by an older gentleman or a lover of the art of perfumery. I also really like the bottle! Though the cubed, black stained glass bottle with the wooden cap is simplistic, it firmly captures the whole aura of this fragrance. That is, sophistication and class. This here is a true masterpiece in the art of perfumery! A+
17th December, 2010

Ange ou Démon Le Secret by Givenchy

Wow, this is absolutely intoxicating! When I smell this on a woman, I fall at her feet and become her slave! Haha, all joking aside though, this smells ridiculously amazing! It smells floral, as most all female perfumes do, but with a rich citrus. As odd as it is, I smelled oranges in this and it actually reminded of a female version of John Varvatos Artisan. Either way, this stuff if very classy and sexy so I recommend it to any woman looking to put a guy in a trance! Oh and longevity is amazing and sillage is great! I tried it on my skin and I got a solid 12 hours with great projection the whole way through! Yummy! A+ Rating
12th December, 2010

Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

This fragrance is the most perfect definition of an oriental/spicy! It is incredibly well blended and absolutely wondeful if used in small amounts. I have extremely dry skin and am lucky to get any type of longevity or sillage on anything but this beauty here gave me 12+ hours with only 2 spritzs and had everyone 3 feet from me telling me how great I smell!
The vanilla, amber, and nutmeg play very well off one another giving off a smooth, sweet, gourmandish licorice feel to it but the added clove and tonka bean balance the sweetness and almost give it a light incensey masculine feel. Id say it is a psuedo gourmand because of the way it comes off but it's oriental more than anything. When I smelled this for the first time, I immediately had a flashback of being 6 years old and watching my dad stand in front of the mirror, reach into the medicine cabinet in the restroom, pull out the TRES FLORES BRILLANTINE pomade, and apply it as he slicked his hair back with his pocket comb. The smell of the pomade filled the rooms in the house and his truck. Thats what this smells like to me, Tres Flores! It's not at all a bad thing, infact, it's devine! So very masculine and mature, but so much that I gave my bottle away. This fragrance is pure class and sophistication, such likes that I've never encountered before, and I can't see anyone below 40 pulling this off in anything less than a suit and tie. However, when I'm 40, I will definitely be purchasing this again! Final Rating A-
06th December, 2010

Silver Bond / Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

I don't understand what is so appealing about this scent. It's REPULSIVE, and I don't say that too often. It smells boozy and ridiculously metallic. It reminds me of silver cleaner mixed with whiskey or something along those line. Yuck!!! With a hefty price tag, I can't understand how anyone would drop so much money on something like this but then again it is pretty unique so I guess if that's what you're looking for, go ahead and make your wallet scream! My Final Rating: F
16th October, 2010

D&G Masculine by Dolce & Gabbana

I agree with all the reviews here, this smells almost identical to lemon pledge but it's not half bad! I'm very picky when it comes to lemon, it either has to be very natural smelling or blended with another note and this one mixed with light woods, tonka bean, musk, and vetiver make for a very masculine drydown. I enjoy it on my casual days and its great all year around with great sillage and decent longevity (4-6 hours). I read that this was released for a younger audience some years ago but I see this for anyone over 21+ since it is very masculine and smells more on the mature end of the fragrance spectrum. The best way to describe this scent is imagine D&G Pour Homme without the pepper blended with Obsession by Calvin Klein. Together, they'd create the fresh, woody, lemony, and masculine D&G Masculine! Haha, I guess thats what the name entails. My final rating: C+
16th October, 2010

Chrome by Azzaro

This one is a love and hate for me. I used this back in my first year of college and actually went through a whole bottle. At the time I really enjoyed it, as I received many compliments from the ladies, but now when I smell it, there's something about it that turns me off. I really have to be in the mood to wear this one and its not often I do. When you first spray this, the top notes are very fresh, citrusy, and light with a hint of a metallic note and as it dries down, that metallic note becomes more prominant blended with light woody undertones. Projection is good for about 2-3 hours and then it really sticks to the skin for about another few hours. I get about 4-6 hours with this fragrance on a good day but longevity is a bit spotty. My manager at work wears this and he's probably in his late 30's early or 40's but I feel like going up to him and giving him something more mature and sophisticated, but then again he drives a Harley to work! Which brings me to my next point, any male 25+ need not wear this, it's too playful and immature of a scent so I recommend this to a younger crowd for sure. Anywho, "CHROME" is just what this fragrance resembles, at least with the prominant metallic note so the name says it all! My overall rating, C+
16th October, 2010

Real for Him by American Eagle

My ex girlfriend used to work for AE so when she tested out this fragrance, she bought it for me immediately! Usually, I'm someone opposed to fragrances from stores as such, since the quality of the fragrances they produce tend to be lacking, but this one is actually quite a treat! It's very light and crisp and mildly woody and fruity. I don't see anyone hating this or being offended by it, even if one decides to bathe in it. It's just an awesome fun, casual fragrance perfect for those days where you're just hanging out at home and really have nothing special to do. On a good wearing I get about 4-6 hours and for the low price and great aroma, that is good enough for me! Final Rating B+
29th August, 2010

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

I remember in high school, I was the only person to wear this and let me tell you, I drove the ladies WILD!!!! I would stop people right in their tracks every time I was around, literally! Both guys and gals would follow me just to sniff me or ask me what I was wearing! Even teachers and faculty would stop to smell me! There's just something about this fragrance that is so alluring, pleasant, masculine, and sexy! Unfortunately, out of high school and into college and the real world, I soon found out that everyone wears this! I don't mind much though, I still wear it from time to time and it's still one of those scents that makes you wonder how something can smell so good!

Upon the initial spray, you can definitely detect the rosemary and jasmine but to me, it somewhat smells like a pleasant bug spray, if that sounds appealing at all. However, the heart notes and basenotes is where this truly shines! Persimmon fruits, marine notes, cedar, patchouli, white musk, and rock rose? What does all that smell like? Well, it's slightly musky and a bit woody but the rock rose gives it a subtle floral vibe with the fruits giving this a slightly sweet tinge. Now imagine all that mixed with the aquatic notes, and there you have it! The best way I can describe this is picture something that smells bitterly sweet and salty, almost like sprinkling salt and sugar on a bowl of citrus fruits. Try it if you haven't, there's a reason this stuff is an all time best seller! Plus, the purpose of musk is to give a fragrance longevity and this one is no slouch in that department! I get about 7 hours every time and though it's a bit pricey, it's more than worth it! My final rating A-

29th August, 2010

Diesel Zero Plus by Diesel

After trying this a couple times, I can see why it's been discontinued. This smells like a poor mans Burberry London and Chanel Allure. I generally enjoy powdery and/or spicy fragrances but this stuff is too over the top for me. The best way I can describe this scent is imagine if someone grabbed a handful a cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, then smacked you in the face! It's just a huge spicy, powdery, cinnamony mess and actually, I've never experienced a fragrance making me sneeze ever but this one manged to do so. Although many people seem to enjoy this scent, I find it cloying and too darn spicy. My throat actually stings when I sniff this. Oh, and in terms of longevity and sillage, this is probably the best of the best, but it's too bad I don't enjoy it! My final rating, C+
23rd August, 2010

Lanvin L'Homme by Lanvin

I agree with Andrewthecologneguy about this bareing similarites to 212 Men by CH, however, I hold Lanvin L'Homme of a more mature version of 212. It's such a great fragrance mainly because it's tendency to bare different qualities and aspects of different types of fragrances. What I mean is that this starts off as an aquatic, very fresh with a tangy feel to it but slowly becomes slightly powdery and dries down into a fresh, clean, woody, warm, and pleasant aroma. It's so alluring and sexy! It does stay close to the skin but that's what I love most because it's made for those who do not wish to draw attention to themselves, which makes it perfect for the office or class or any close-quarters setting. Don't be fooled though, just because it wears close to the skin doesn't mean that it's longevity is poor! On average wearings I get at least 6+ hours and for the price, you can't beat that! My final rating B+
22nd August, 2010