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Déclaration by Cartier

This one is, for me, one of the bext example of a total U-turn I had about a fragrance.

I bought Déclaration because I found it cheap and I was very curious about it because of all the reviews I read.
What a disappointment when I came home and finally smelled the fragrance, I was like "uh ? What people find so nice in it ? It smells like a bathroom deodorizer !".

But I kept trying from time to time and I slowly began to catch some different notes and appreciate it.
Now I'm to the point I think it's a genius masterpiece and I'll always have it in my wardrobe.

The composition is absolutely flawless, there was some serious work put in it and the result is a fragrance that evolves in a different way almost each time you wear it.
The notes I appreciate the most in it are bitter orange and cardamom, who are clearly noticeable but not overwhelming, just perfectly balanced with the rest.
But the genius touch here is the delicate hint of flowers which gives the fragrance a "romantic" style without being too effeminate to my taste.

This smell makes me think of a spring day's late afternoon, wandering in nature and just appreciating the beauty of what surrounds you.

If you're a romantic soul, you just can't pass on this one, it's simply marvelous !

Double thumbs up !
20th September, 2015

Invictus by Paco Rabanne

This is absolutely horrible.
I mean, there are lot of fragrances I don't like but usually they will be ok for the time of testing and I maybe will try them again few months later to see if something changed in my mind.
I will never try Invictus again, though.

In the first few minutes I was like "well it's a 1 Million-like fragrance again, not really my taste but not so bad" then after 15min or so, it literally assaulted my nose with its disgusting putrid smell.
I swear I fighted hard to rub it off my arm with soap, shower gel and brush but impossible, I had this obnoxious sock juice stuck on me for hours and hours.

Honestly, I won't even talk about notes I could smell or whatever, this is just one of the worst experiences I had in perfumery so far and it should be sold with an orange "NUCLEAR TOXIC" sign on it.

Now I know it's not a very useful "review" but I had to say it.
12th June, 2015

Cacharel Pour L'Homme by Cacharel

Cacharel pour L'Homme is very enjoyable from beginning to the last notes.
I won't go too far about notes because it seems other people are better than me to find them, but to my nose, the general feeling is indeed "fresh" (citrus part) and "spicy" (nutmeg part I guess). Good thing since I tend to be fond of spicy fragrances.
To be honest, it's hard to tell it was made more than 30 years ago...
Lot of fragrances made in this era have a significant mark of "smelling 80s" in them. This one just not, or maybe just a tiny bit, but it smells like it could have been made a few years ago as well.
It evolves through few stages on my skin, to the fresh citrus beginning going to the spices and finishing with a very lightly soapy vetiver.
Very "gentleman", unusual and not smelled often nowadays, this is a timeless gem which should be tried at least once by any fragrance enthusiast.
31st December, 2014
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parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Tar by Comme des Garçons

Since the very first time I heard about this series and especially this one, Tar, it was something I HAD TO try, just because I like eccentric concepts and I do really like some synthetic smells, especially the "new plastic" type of.

It's actually hard to find so I didn't have the chance to try before buy, but it couldn't be a better blind buy, it's exactly what I wanted in a synthetic fragrance.
To my nose, it doesn't really smell like tar, even if I detect this note somewhere, it's more something like freshly made plastic, gas with a touch of "electronic dust" added. The smell itself doesn't evolve so much, but it becomes a bit softer as the time passes, though.
Extreme, unusual, 100% non-natural, I imagine Motoko Kusanagi (from the "Ghost in the Shell" anime movie) wearing this fragrance.

Not sure it's well appreciated by the crowd, but I'm sure it was made for me, I love it !
11th February, 2012

Black by Bulgari

This is my Number ONE !
As far as I won't be jaded of it or find something better (afterall I don't know so much fragrances...), I found my perfect scent in this one.
If the word "cosy" was a smell, it would be Black.
The beginning, often perceived as "burnt rubber" by some people, is rather a "new rubber" smell for me, like a tire or some industrial thingies in rubber. According to some people, that's the smell of Lapsang Souchong tea, and since I didn't smell this tea yet, I guess it's correct. I have to admit it's the kind of smell which is very polarizing.
After like 1 hour, the rubber has faded a lot and melted with the vanilla which was just playing in the background before. At this point I find this scent has something "wet" in it, like some... recently showered hair doused by the rain then drying. Really sexy, actually. It doesn't evolve so much anymore on me, but the rubber kindly disappears as the time passes and what's left on my skin is a nice vanilla smell quite similar to the "magic fragranced trees" for the car, but doesn't smell cheap for my taste. BUT I have to warn, if you sweat too much where you applied it, the vanilla could become overwhelming and not blended correctly with the other notes anymore, so it isn't something to wear if you like being scented at fitness club or something like that.
The sillage seems very good and it's a stronger fragrance than the other Bulgari's, but there isn't anything sharp or aggressive in this, it's just plain sweet and comfortable. And about the longevity, like all the other fragrances of this house, it's impressively longlasting on me.
There's something in this smell that seems familiar to me, but can't know why. It maybe reminds me of a vanilla-scented toy in shape of foot I used to bite when I was a baby...
I don't see this fragrance as raw or edgy, it's very quiet and soft actually but never limp. There's something emotional with me about this one, it's not just a scent, it's a world on its own !
I find it kinda versatile and wear it all-year round, but I prefer to use it in the evening and often wear it for going out at club/party.

My summary : "Vanilla Petroleum Co. bought a black tea factory"
18th June, 2010 (last edited: 25th September, 2010)

Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

Don't like this one.
The beginning is almost pleasant with something actually similar to gasoline but subtly blended with some other good notes. Then, as more as it evolves it becomes sickeningly sweet at the point the scent makes me a bit nauseating.
I'm sure now I sometimes smelled it yet on some guys in the street but didn't know what it was, so I guess it has a bit of popularity, but I think it will probably never touch my skin again, though.
22nd May, 2010

Bulgari pour Homme Soir by Bulgari

Like all others Bulgari fragrances, I'm very hooked on this one.
Definitely similar to his brother Pour Homme (PH), it starts brilliantly with a mix of citrus and something kinda soapy. It's not totally as fresh as PH, but it's clean and distinctive. Then, unlike PH, it doesn't turn really warmer on the skin. Instead, the papyrus note starts to settle in slowly and become more prominent as the time passes. I don't know if it's this papyrus note who gives this feeling, but in the drydown I smell something very earthy, very natural, like the smell of roots of a green plant freshly harvested, when a bit of mud is still lingering on. I could understand someone who wouldd find this smell "dirty", but I find it actually very original and appealing since I like the smell of trees and green plants.
I find Soir being a cold fragrance, when PH is kinda warm, but I find it sensual as well. You can wear it all year round by any weather IMO, but as the name suggest it, I find it more appealing for an evening use.
I didn't use it enough to be sure about the longevity and sillage, but it seems to be the same as PH, namely close to the skin but with very good longevity.
My overall feeling of this scent : "What you're gonna do tonight, darling ?"
07th April, 2010

Light Blue pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

I prefer to develop a bit my reviews but this "fragrance" is just CRAP, period.
21st March, 2010

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

Mr. Morillas did it again !
Did what ? To create an amazing monument of cleanliness yet full of emotions.
Like most of people here, my favorite part is the beginning, a wonderful combo of flower and citrus that directly reminds me a soap with similar scent my grandmother had in her restroom. I guess this flowery feeling comes from the orange blossom and it's so well crafted, even if the notes could seem "simple".
The beginning is not really longlasting but the scent itself doesn't change so much though. As the time passes, the citrus becomes just a bit more prominent and maybe just a touch sour I could say (but not annoying at all), I think that's the neroli that gives this effect. The flowery side is not really there anymore, but the "S" note included in the so lovely beginning is still lingering and will never leave your skin until the end.
About the longevity and sillage, at beginning I feared that I bought a bottle of "fresh water" that just disappears in 30min, but it's actually really longlasting but not in the "straight in your nose" style, it will remain really close to the skin after the 1st hour but you'll have constant whiffs of it for a lot of hours. Don't expect to be noticed from a few meters in a crowd, it's a more intimate scent.
It seems so simple and familiar yet very unique at the same time, and I totally understand why some could refer it as a "baby smell", 'cause it's incredibly soft and comforting, maybe reminiscent of what a baby could think when he's wrapped into a soft wool blanket ;)
Totally unisex, I really would like to smell it on a woman too one day, I'm sure it would thrill me because under the fresh and clean sides of this fragrance, there's also something I find very sensual in its own way.
Besides the scent itself, I'm not used to be sensitive about the most of the fragrances concept and ads but I must say that the bottle (I got the "new" design one), the colour of the juice and this wonderful poster with that androgynous being are very coherent, thoughtful and just beautiful.
I like to summarize my overall feeling of a scent, and for this one it will be just one word : "cute" !
As long it will be produced, I'll probably always have a bottle of this in my wardrobe, it instantly became a classic for me !
20th March, 2010

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

To be honest, I hardly can't stand this one. Strange thing, since I remember I found this one really good 10 years ago, but that's the proof even olfactory tastes are constantly changing.
To my nose, the beginning is way too much flowery and it almost burns my nostrils. It's cloying and not classy at all. It reminds me the kind of women's perfume I really don't like, something very loud on flower and nose-piercing.
Then the flower thing fades a bit away though and it turns into something more woodsy and masculine, but still really generic and without personality. And it stays like that more or less until the end.
All the way through, you're constantly smelling something fresh that is supposed to evoke a "pure water note" but it becomes boring fast. Sorry to say it, but the overall feeling I have of this scent is a WC-freshener, and even not the best one.
Longevity and sillage seem really good though, but it always happens when I don't like a scent, so maybe I'm a bit fooled.
Really not for me --> thumbs down.
09th March, 2010

Wolfgang Joop Freigeist by Joop!

I just had a sample vial a few days ago and tested it on a paper strip since I yet wore cologne this day. I wasn't impressed at all but decided to try on my skin today though.
According to other websites, it's a "fresh floral fougere", and I would call it fresh too. But not fresh in the way I like :(
Well... I find it boring, extremely common in a 90s feeling. I still was a child in the 90s and I remember I was given some sample vials of Joop! and Joop! Nightflight. This is exactly what I think about when I smell this "new" Joop! fragrance. It's not really too much bad, it's just not me.
I don't really like what I call "perfumey" fragrances, I prefer to let the people puzzling what I'm wearing ("is that his showergel ?" "maybe a 'special oil' ?") rather than just make people think "oh he's wearing cologne...". Following this way, I'm rather in odd and light fragrances than powerhouses who fills a room by their smell.
And this Joop! is a typical generic and bland mix of this kind of fragrances who growned up in the 90s.
I'm sure it will sell though, cause I know a lot of people like that kind of fresh and a bit woody ones, and if I wanted one like that too, it could do the job well.
I only tried it once so I don't wanna be too much uncompromising about the longevity and sillage, but they seem to be both honest even if I tend to think that the longevity is not really impressive.
For me it's a thumb down cause I'm really not in that kind of frags, but let your own taste leads you, afterall I'm rather a newbie in fragrance world so I'm not trained enough yet to always perceive all the subtleties in a frag ;)
01st February, 2010

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

First try in men's fragrance for Bulgari, and what for a try !
It was the 3rd Bulgari scent I bought and I'm always surprised how their colognes reek of elegance and quality, even if they're not in the high-price category, I have the feeling to smell rare, precious and mysterious. Especially in my town/country, the Bulgari scents doesn't seem to be really popular, I almost never smelled those ones in street/club.
Well, the beginning of this scent is really citrusy-nearly-alcohometallic, and that could make you think it's a really sharp cologne, but quickly the "zen-effect", as mentioned before, appears and give an overall feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
Then, as your skin's heat make evolve the scent, it becomes warmer, muskier and less fresh, but still keeps the little touch of citric in the background. It remains comfortable and soft though, I guess due to the Darjeeling note. The drydown is more woodsy, the citrus almost totally faded and what you have now is a clean soft musk according well with the natural skin smell (at least mine).
In the men's line, Bulgari pour Homme have probably the most "classic" feel of all, maybe due to the high dosage of musk with the touch of citrus added, used in a lot of other frags yet. But the difference here is that it doesn't try to say "hey, I'm a manly man male" if you see what I mean, it's rather relaxing, self-assured, still masculine enough but not in an offensive way. I'm sure I would like it on a woman too, I guess it's the tea note which gives it this unisex side.
This is NOT weak, I sprayed one spritz in my elbow yesterday and even with a shower today, I still can lightly smell it when I put my nose on my arm. Nah, It's not weak but yes, it's subtle, really subtle, so subtle that often, the wearer is not able to smell it on himself, but it's still there, believe me. Like in all the Bulgari scents, the sillage is moderate and close to the skin, but you don't wear Bulgari colognes to impose your presence anyways.
It's really gentlemanly in a modern way and so I think it's suitable for all those who are looking for an elegant and not at all excentric scent, but avoiding yet the "like my neighbor" smell.
Timeless and distinctive, thumbs way up !
27th January, 2010

Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

What a wonderful elegant scent !
I can totally understand why someone would despise it, 'cause yeah it smells actually like an "out of shower" feeling and maybe it's not original enough for some people. But I wanna ask to these people which shower gel smells like that (excepted the BLV one, of course) ?
I'm not experienced enough to smell distinctly the notes alone, but the burst of ginger at beginning is not unpleasant at all to my nose and find it far less sharp than in a lot of other frags. Like said yet, this opening is not really longlasting, about 30min to 1hr, but it's an intense hour that I like very much.
Then it settles down into an incredibly sweet and fresh (but never nauseating) mix of "woody spices" which lasts and lasts forever on my skin, and even more if applied on clothes. I often see some people complaining about the longevity of Bvlgari scents, but I have to say that at least on my skin, they all have a more than average longevity.
The sillage is moderate but always there, perfect for those who dig the light but lingering kind of fragrance.
I remember the 1st time I smelled this one my first thought was "Wow ! That IS what luxury smell" and when I'm wrapped into the woody drydown, I still feel that whenever I'm wearing it. Even though it's a very versatile cologne, I prefer to wear it in spring or summer, because for me it's a really "sunny" scent, I couldn't say why I think that, but maybe it reminds me some suntan lotion. It also has a very sexy factor in it and I guess that girls who like sweet smells on guys would love this one.
If I had to summarize my overall feeling about this scent, it would be : "perfect summer day"
A truly unique masterpiece, simple, elegant, distinctive. You won't smell it so often on other guys, and for me, it's a plus side ;)
17th January, 2010 (last edited: 19th March, 2010)
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