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Cannabis Rose by Fresh

One day I went to Sephora and sprayed Cannabis Rose on one hand and D&G Rose The One on the other. I went home thinking that both were gorgeous. Since then I tried D&G Rose the One and got a face full of grapefruit... It was Cannabis Rose, all along, that had been lovely.

It really smells just like it is described -- as cannabis rose. The rose to me is a tea rose, or maybe it's that there are actual tea notes in the fragrance. There is also a warmness, a woody depth to it, that must be the cannabis. I hung out with some hippies in my day and know the smell of cannabis, and don't worry, I doubt anyone will think you've been up to any illicit smoking based on this smell!

It's an unusual rose for the rose lovers out there. You have to love rose to love this, but there's a lot more to it than rose. It isn't the pinstriped prettiness of Stella, or the in-your-face rose of Bulgari. It's a dirty rose. Dirty... but I like it.

(If you're wondering, I had to go buy a small bottle of this. I actually like to mix it with the D&G, but YMMV.)
20th January, 2010

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

To me, this smells like Flex brand Balsam and Protein shampoo, in the nicest of ways. I like it. I normally like gourmands and fruity florals, so a spicey risk like this one -- it's unusual that I'd like it, but I do.
02nd January, 2010

Emerald Dream by Estée Lauder

The way that, to me, Bronze Goddess smells like summer, Emerald Dream smells like spring. I know it's hard not to think "green" when it's actually called Emerald Dream, but it does smell green to me -- a little bit like rain, even a little bit like dirt, in the best possible way. It's just lovely. I don't get any of the fruit notes, nor can I pick out any particular flower.

By the way, when it first came in the mail, I was already wearing perfume and didn't want to put any on -- I was on my way out the door but I wanted to sniff it, so I sprayed some on a piece of paper. It smelled boring and ugly! It wasn't until it went on my skin that it smelled good.

There are some on ebay these days. Take a chance -- pick up a bottle, spray, and it'll be instant spring! Or better yet, don't.... I'll buy them all and keep them in the back of my freezer.
01st January, 2010
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Lucky You for Women by Lucky Brand

I don't know why, but I really like this one. I can't pick out any individual notes. Apple, maybe.. a little bit of baby powder (which normally I hate)... a pink smell, I think (although it could be because it's a pink bottle). Like a really nice shampoo. I guess that sounds like it should be a neutral review, but it isn't -- I love the smell, and it works with my chemistry. Just a cheery, pretty, nice smell. Sometimes I think some perfumes are so intent on taking risks that they end up smelling terrible... what's wrong with pretty? It's funny how even though it's a fruity floral I can't point to any other perfume it smells a lot like, and I've smelled a lot of fruity florals. Not long lasting, but it's cheap as heck so who really minds? I like to put it on before bed so I'm in a good mood when I go to sleep.
31st December, 2009

J'Adore by Christian Dior

Warm, fresh. A little soapy, at least on my skin. Reminds me a little bit of Sensuous by Estee Lauder -- at least, in the way that it's warm smelling. I get more freshness than sweetness. I don't get any fruit at all -- I'm not sure why anyone would smell fruit on this, but I know chemistry is weird. There's nothing unpleasant about it, but nothing really great either. Maybe it's just not my style.
29th December, 2009

Par Amour by Clarins

This one gave me a screaming migraine that lasted for two days. I don't know what it was, but I know that I didn't particularly like the scent anyway, so I didn't try it again. Thank goodness I only have a sample of it.
27th December, 2009

Romance by Ralph Lauren

I just have to add my voice to the throng. On me, this smells like lotion. I mean that completely -- the way that a lotion has the undertones of the chemicals and stuff that are there to moisturize, the stuff that the fragrance is there to mask? So it smells like THAT. Not a perfume at all. It's not horrible, but it's not anything I'd spend money on. In fact, I think I'll trade away my sample.
19th December, 2009

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

For me, this smells exactly like baby powder. Not like anything else, just baby powder. It smelled like baby powder when I first put it on 4 hours ago, and at every hesitant sniff ever since, it has continued to smell like baby powder, with maybe a little bit sweeter undertones. Slightly sweet baby powder. Personally, if I wanted to smell like baby powder, I'd rather just buy some baby powder for a buck. But since I hate the smell of baby powder, I won't.

Sillage is pretty good, and so is staying power. Lucky me.
27th November, 2009