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    Brûlure de Rose 13 by Parfumerie Generale

    The smell of this fragrance is just intoxicating! Rose and Vanilla. A bit dark yet very comforting. It's like a magnet to the nose. Many have complimented my wife when she wore this.

    01st April, 2015


    Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

    Smells like a toned down Tam Dao to me. And it's also a wee bit musty and incensy if compared to Tam Dao. But that's just good, it's subtle but very noticeable and it definitely last until the evening. It's one of those very unique yet very wearable scents. Just bought myself a bottle and I love every bits of it!

    30th October, 2010


    Index Geranium Pepper by Fresh

    Smells spicy geranium! It's a fresh scent for the first hour before it settles down to a woody geranium with a hint of spice (maybe the pepper). Although it's spicy masculine yet it's very wearable. Good for both office use and night outs. Silage is above average and it last about 7-8 hours on my skin.

    29th October, 2010


    Bois de Filao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

    Ohh this is unisex, but leaning towards masculine. Starts with fresh woody + bergamot before it moves to pink pepper after about an hour or so. And after 3-4 hours it dries down to a light amber with a hint of musky patchouli (must be the filao wood). It last long, about 7-8 hours with a pretty good silage. You don't need to re-apply in the afternoon, and that's great. Overall it's really a good scent. I bought it blind online and I'm glad I did.

    25th October, 2010


    Costume National Homme by Costume National

    This is one of my favourite cologne. It's unique and mysterious yet very wearable and fresh/modern. IMO it's on par with Musc Ravageur, Chergui, C&S No.88, Colonia and other top niche fragrances, coz it definitely turns heads around. Suitable to boardroom meetings, meeting clients, and even a date after work.

    You won't regret buying it unsniff.

    23rd October, 2010


    Eau Empire by Rancé

    Starts very fresh with a burst of grapefruit. Then after about 15 minutes it becomes green and dries down to a light musk + some woody. The drydown scent is a bit classic but there's nothing more than that. It's a fairly good fragrance but definitely not a great one. I certainly would buy it if I could get a big discount i.e on ebay. But not full bottle worth at all for the retail price coz it smells cheap.

    20th October, 2010


    Jammin by Réminiscence

    This smells like marijuana (main note) + pink pepper + a tiny bit of vanilla. A bit linear but that's just good coz it's pleasing from the start! It's something that you won't find in any other fragrance but at the same time very wearable coz it's not harsh/edgy/heady at all. Leaning towards masculine, but ladies can pull this off too.

    09th October, 2010


    Eau Lente by Diptyque

    Yup, the drydown is similar to Commes des Garcon's EDP. What i like most is the opening, the first minute after sprayed, very sensual.

    07th October, 2010


    Trouble by Boucheron

    Drydown is very creamy vanilla, amber and woodsy. Last really long and smells very sexual on women.

    19th August, 2010


    Karma by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

    This smells mysterious and sexy on any women..very unique but wearable at the same time.

    19th August, 2010


    L'Ombre dans L'Eau by Diptyque

    A very subtle dark rose indeed. It's subtle but stays for the whole day. Very dark rose reminds me of Black Aoud but without the aoud and No.88, but light and fresh, definitely FBW. I got many compliments with this. Suitable for everyday wear and also for special occasions

    13th August, 2010


    Kohdo Wood Collection: Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone

    Just got a bottle. Definitely my favorite Jo Malone. Enaf said.

    12th August, 2010


    Kadota by Michael Storer

    Simply the best fig scent out there. Much even better than diptyque's philosykos and l'artisan's premier figue, and that's because it's more lush, full-bodied, fresh and just a tad sweet.

    05th August, 2010


    Djin by Michael Storer

    I'm not really good in describing fragrances, but this is IMO a great fragrance. Fresh and full-bodied spice + dark woody + musk. It's got above average sillage and it really last long, about 9-10 hours on me, and that includes a hot shower after work. Wearability rate is about 7/10.

    05th August, 2010


    Orientalissime by Esteban

    A very warm and densed oriental scent. Starts out with bergamot, a little patchouli and chinese balm and dries down to amberish aoud and creamy sandalwood with resins. Smells expensive and very suitable for autumn/winter. Very serge lutens like. Sillage are slightly above average and it lasts long on me, about 7-8 hours. Full bottle worth.

    04th August, 2010


    Castile by Penhaligon's

    Seriously, this has got the best opening one can find in a citrus based cologne. It's just gorgeous and definitely love at first smell. Very wearable and yet distinctive at the same time. Two thumbs up.

    13th July, 2010


    No. 88 by Czech & Speake

    I have both C&S No88 and Montale's Black Aoud, and both are definitely great scents, so wonderful that you'll definitely get compliments from people around you..because of its uniqueness and different from other typical rose scents. Both scents are similar in a way that it's a rose scent and both projects very dark, dense and mysterious feel.

    The difference between the No.88 and Black Aoud:

    Black Aoud: Very sensual
    C&S No.88: Very classy..young modern English gentlemen (maybe like Jude Law type)

    No.88 is among my top 3 alongside FM's Musc Ravageur and MPG Santal Noble ;D

    29th March, 2010

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