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Féminité du Bois by Serge Lutens

Oh this was a fragrace I used for may years untill was discotinued (why??) they had those breath taking curved violet bottles to die for, and a smell that was just so different back then, they even sold at the shiseido counters travel size samples in a shape of a tiny pen with a roll to use. Uber modern all the line all the package, everything was just pure class, personality, unique, modern, warm but not overpowering.

To have a bottle like this ext to the squares of Chanel and the uber tacky high street brands was just a class apart.

I never knew what cedar was untill I did a research o this fragrance. I tried to find a substitute and I have failed.

It was a bottle that would look just like a sculpture o all the sizes available, Shiseido i my opinion will never make anything better tha this.
29th November, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

Oh I really enjoyed reading the reviews :) I always loved it and my friends told me it suited me, it was so unusual because It was a strong fragrance (for me) and just felt lush! I never knew why I loved it so much now I know, it has the heart of all the freshness I adore in fragrances yet this is deep and has personality and if it suits you , well..... there are no words :)

I simply love it and reminds me of all my gay friends and clubbing in Bristol three days staright! Gorg! Like a postcard o 3D
29th November, 2009

Eau de Rochas by Rochas

Very very popular in Spain, almost all my friends had it. When is hot you really love this kind of fragrances, makes you feel fresh and clean and alive like no other. For what I read we all draw the triangle with O Lancome and Eau Sauvage. This is I agree better than the others. Maybe I dare to say not as good as Hermes Orange Verte that is more fresh and thin.

Well I am no expert in Fragrances all i know is that I buy it 20 years later still and love it like the first time and everytime I see it on a shop I get a bottle. Is just part of me I guess
28th November, 2009
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