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    Citizen Queen by Juliette Has a Gun

    I love this but it does remind me of Bvlgari blu and something else I'm not remembering right off the bat. I wouldn't buy a bottle because there is something cheap smelling about it and it's over a hundred dollars a bottle so that makes no sense for me.

    14th November, 2011


    Carnegie Pink by Hattie Carnegie

    I would term this a soft chypre. It begins with a blast of lemon/bergomat, then softens into a floral, never moving towards the sweet. It keeps it's bracing citrus note, but this becomes a backdrop to something powdery and cheerful.

    04th August, 2011 (Last Edited: 23rd September, 2011)


    Shania by Stetson

    Basically a body spray. Very light and pretty. Extremely cheap and worth the price. One of the only perfumes I've ever been complimented on, the others being Shalimar, Knowing, Habanita and Coty Wild Musk...

    not that you asked...

    03rd August, 2011


    Y by Yves Saint Laurent

    This may be my favorite "green" fragrance. This may be my favorite fragrance I've ever smelled. I will have to try it against Anne Klein II to be sure, but this stuff is so lovely and clean but not shrill or piercing. The kind of scent that makes things happen.

    Can't pick apart the notes but I do get aldehydes and the oakmoss is not so "grubby" as what I'm accustomed to.

    Genius. I wish there were more scents in its class, or, if there are, I hope to smell and own all of them.

    25th July, 2011


    Daring by Isabella Rossellini

    to the thumbs up end
    very very sweet but not cloying
    one of two examples i own of this principle

    seems by turns woodsy with a hint of spice/incense
    very nice every day type scent

    06th April, 2011


    Anne Klein II by Anne Klein

    i feel like, for what i enjoy, this is a masterpiece.
    i feel the same about fendi and magie noire and wonder what unites them.
    the plushyness that makes the sweetness inoffensive.
    is this an oriental?
    the sweetness is so dry, maybe that's it.
    truly lovely and not overpowering even in large doses.
    the opposite of a headache in a bottle esp compared to other perfumes of the same era.

    23rd March, 2011


    Night Magic Evening Musk by Avon

    i really like this stuff and i know it's wrong.
    not sure how else to express it.
    it smells cheap and soft and has nothing to say.
    it's very comforting in that love's baby soft way.

    23rd March, 2011


    Design by Paul Sebastian

    it is like bug spray. not sharp but that scent is definitely there. it's something that i know i shouldn't like, but i do.

    just clean in a dull way. inoffensive. comforting in its wink of cleanliness. there is civet there but not in a raucous way. an almost peppery public bathroom cleanser.

    none of this sounds like a reason to buy it, and i probably won't again, i was just bored in walmart and grabbed the mini.

    27th December, 2010


    Rare Gold by Avon

    this smells like civet
    i have the real stuff and am BLOWN AWAY

    and I get the emphatic
    love it/hate it
    thing happening here
    it's so rich and opulent it's hard to think of as a floral

    very smart marketing and bottle design
    and not mentioning it as a "note"
    all in all, a coup
    and i bet men love it

    26th August, 2010 (Last Edited: 29th April, 2011)


    Timeless by Avon

    This is my favorite scent since Knowing.
    Topping Tabu and Obsession Night and Mitsouko.
    ~ weird ~

    26th August, 2010


    Odyssey by Avon

    ivory soap.
    this is getting freecycled.
    i can't think of anything more banal.
    don't pay money for this.
    i got it for less than $6 and feel gypped.

    21st August, 2010


    Night Musk by Avon

    i actually love this
    very strong
    but doesn't call out sneezes
    never goes away
    so if you don't like musk...

    this is a sweet and plushy
    one trick pony musk
    works great with men's cologne on me

    and a man could easily rock this
    and it's not raunchy or bracing

    06th August, 2010


    Obsession Night by Calvin Klein

    first perfume i've ever bought a second bottle of
    before finishing the first
    the only way it can be mistaken for a
    is by someone who
    doesn't like to


    no, tastes differ
    but this and mitsouko

    ...i'll buy again
    and again
    til the "they" run out

    30th July, 2010


    Mitsouko by Guerlain

    I actually CAN wear this every day.
    And my tastes generally go from cheap to VERY cheap.
    It is indeed symphonic
    refined but not snobbish

    I will buy the extrait
    and it is definitely edging out tabu
    and avon "tomorrow"

    It doesn't just have the
    of a luxury fragrance
    she has a story to tell
    she is a woman who can
    and has
    been worn by a man
    and will again

    not in the
    wink wink

    more like
    drink gin
    write *good* poems


    this lady lives to tell

    29th July, 2010


    Samsara by Guerlain

    gorgeous. but with nothing that cuts.
    beautiful but not aching.

    19th July, 2010


    Black Orchid by Tom Ford

    Something plushly understated in this unappealing mess.
    Gave it away.

    14th May, 2010 (Last Edited: 23rd August, 2010)


    Knowing by Estée Lauder

    this is the first perfume i ever owned
    gifted to me by a woman whose son i sat for in Connecticut
    she said it was for a much older woman
    but she thought of me when she smelled it

    i was fifteen

    it's very authoritative and stoic and still veiled in a sensuality i can't define
    it's illogical and airtight in its coherence

    i still love this perfume

    14th May, 2010


    Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

    this one gets good once it gets going
    behind the knees and under the bress
    too much for me on wrists
    there's a creamsicle thing on my skin that takes about 20min-an hour to fade

    but for what's left it's worth it
    and it's not quite a cheapie
    but it won't break the bank

    has the plushness and billowyness of a "fine" fragrance
    and the sense of fun of a drugstore perfume
    the attitude itself is a blonde smiling in the sun
    then lounging on a hammock
    still game for jokes or a game of pool

    22nd April, 2010


    Monsieur Musk by Dana

    this is a great one to have on the shelf for anything too sweet.
    too many white flowers?
    too much vanilla?
    overly innocent bland fruitiness?
    a little of this ground into anything makes it spicy in the herb garden/zesty way
    great for creating something beautiful from what might have gone in the trash

    dirt cheap and good to have around
    even and especially for ladies

    22nd April, 2010


    Habanita by Molinard

    this is everything i love from tabu without the sweetness.
    it's the "we both know what i'm thinking" of perfumes i've experienced
    this is very lovely for men too

    sweat and happiness
    singe myself scarlet and charcoal with the joy of it

    it's almost like a
    home truth
    of a smell
    whether or not you like it
    it makes a statement
    and the statement, like a *liberated woman*
    is simply

    " i am."

    20th April, 2010 (Last Edited: 04th October, 2012)


    Curve Connect for Men by Liz Claiborne

    i love this. it has no "statement" and just suits my nose and is comfortable and still "wakey wakey".
    good stuff.
    as i plow through cheapies trying to read and identify and categorize and define and learn what i like, this one is a total winner, outstripping many, but not boucheron or knowing.

    27th February, 2010


    Arden Men - Sandalwood by Elizabeth Arden

    this fragrance is aromatherapy more than perfume/cologne

    i've kept three essential oils in my home pretty much all the time for the last 6 years
    lavender, sandalwood, and tea tree

    this smells like lavender, which i only use for acne and do not enjoy especially
    this is not sandalwood so much

    there's a hint of it in there, but it's heavy on lavender
    luckily, it's not the piercing medicinal kind i would associate with a type A elderly nurse
    but it's not sandalwood

    still, it's grown on me and i'm glad i have it as it layers well with musk
    it's simple enough to temper sickly sweet things and soft in its herbish ways and means

    most people would find it pleasing, as do i

    24th February, 2010


    Vintage Soul by Curve by Liz Claiborne

    very "masculine", whatever that means, and it does mean something.
    i get the del monte fruit cocktail reference but i think it's nice. i get the bergamot, probably because i drink a lot of tea, and my nose is starting to be able to pick out the itch of patchouli, which i enjoy...

    it was cheap, it smells nice.
    oddly strong for something that sort of abruptly falls away...

    definitely not a nondescript fresh and fruity teen scene of a scent.

    25th January, 2010


    Stetson by Stetson

    delicious on a man
    or woman

    don't know if it's musks or resins but there's something "hot" about it that doesn't sit well with this chypre lover
    but i love to smell it on others

    18th January, 2010 (Last Edited: 29th April, 2011)


    Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

    doing a dog rescue hand off from brooklyn to upstate, a 5 week old husky pup had just pissed and crapped all over my small, carpeted apartment.
    enter the shepherd rescue woman...
    i cannot describe the way she smelled except to say what i said to her
    "you smell like you just took 9 million showers"
    she reluctantly told me what it was and that her mother had bought it for her.

    it's not something i could wear.
    but "clean" does not begin to describe it.
    for this pin straight blonde with perfect clothes and husband and daughter and car -- this is the smell she should always lilt along in.

    15th December, 2009

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