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Lacoste pour Femme by Lacoste

This is definitely a summer fragrance for me. It's light and refreshing.... perfect for those warmer days! I'm not a floral fan at all, but the warmer basenotes are what make this perfume for me. I wish it lasted longer on me though, but overall very nice!
27th April, 2007

Magnetism by Escada

I've had this on my wishlist and finally got it very inexpensively from TJ Max... gotta love it! Anyway, I really adore the opening notes. The basil and greens are very sharp, but I suprisingly really enjoy it. The drydown is very nice and lightly floral on me mixed with yummy gourmand notes. The finish is more powdery than my ideal, but it's close enough to perfect!
27th April, 2007

Betsey Johnson Parfum by Betsey Johnson

I can't believe all of the negative comments on this! I haven't seen the bottle, but I just tried my sample and I don't get cheap floral at all. Yes, it is pretty sweet, but I like very sweet perfumes. My favorite is Lolita go figure. I am really enjoying the praline and amber in this, it's working really well with my chemistry and I actually wouldn't mind getting a bottle of this or a larger sample!
22nd April, 2007
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Florence by Tocca

I definitely agree with starskyee, this is so much like Michael Kors. I just recently purchased these two samples in a bundle and found them extremely similar and I have to say....YUCK!!!!! I don't find anything pleasant about either of these nor do I like strong florals, so there ya go. My husband also told me I smelled like an old lady, which isn't a good thing in my opinion.
16th April, 2007

cK In 2U Her by Calvin Klein

I found this info on Sephora's website: ck IN2U her is a fresh floriental, combining notes of pink grapefruit, sugar orchid and neon amber to create the ultimate sensory experience of fresh, warm and sexy. Fresh but warm; a tension that creates sexiness.

Redcurrant Leaves, Sicilian Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit Fizz, Sugar Orchid, White Cactus, Red Cedar, Neon Amber, Vanilla Souffle.
Spontaneous. Sexy. Connected.

Wow! I'm actually the first person to review this! I bought a nice decant of this and just sprayed it on about 15 minutes ago... I have to say that this is very nice! It's warm and spicy and very wearable. I think the bergamot keeps it nice and fresh while the amber and vanilla base warm it up. I adore scents with vanilla in them, so this is perfect for me! But what the heck is neon amber???
16th April, 2007

L by Lolita Lempicka

This is really quite lovely! I thought it would somewhat resemble the original Lolita Lempicka, but the notes aren't anything alike. I really enjoyed the citrus notes combined with the caramely-vanilla bases. Anytime I see cinnamon in the notes, I'm practically guaranteed to love it. It adds the perfect hint of spice....Dolce Vita comes to mind. It finishes sweet and delicious and one of my new favorites and definitely bottle worthy!
16th April, 2007

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

This is a very nice floriental. It was very powdery and I love the violet notes, which I believe create the powdery scent. I don't get "candied" though like so many other reviews. This lasted for a long time on me and kept smelling great throughout the day. I have Flower Oriental and I like that alot too, but it's quite heavier than this. I smell alot of the original Flower in Flower Oriental, but this is lighter and more suited for daytime/casual. Overall a very nice scent!
16th April, 2007

Provocative Interlude by Elizabeth Arden

...the juice — created by Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong — is described as a modern oriental with gourmand accents.

The top notes are a blend of Champagne and white berries, highlighted with guava leaf. These lead to a heart of sunset orchid, rose petals and mango flower. The base features a white chocolate accord, teamed with cashmere musk and redwood.

I absolutely love this fragrance! One whiff and I was hooked! I'm a big lover of the gourmand/oriental family and this takes the cake! I have the lotion as well, and I love to put it on before I go to bed, the scent is heavenly! I haven't smelled the original Provocative, so I don't know if this is exactly a spin off of it. I do like the architectural bottle though, with the soft purple lacy overlay...very romantic. My husband liked it too, he likes it when I smell like something he could eat! :)
14th November, 2006

Aimez-Moi by Caron

This is a really beautiful fragrance! I absolutely love the notes of anise, bergamot, and violets! Those are some of my favorite notes and this is such a lovely mix of them! It's very long lasting as well, a perfect scent for all day wear. Reminds me of Autumn leaves, not necessarily the smell of them, but the beauty of them as they change colors in the Fall.
14th November, 2006

Vanille Extrême by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I have a sample spray of this and I'm not too fond of it. It reminds me of play-doh, which I actually like the smell of when I'm playing with my 2 year old at the kitchen table, not on my skin though.
29th October, 2006

Gravity by Coty

My high school sweetie, now my dear husband wore this in high school and I've always loved the way it smelled on him. Maybe it's the leather in it because he has another cologne with "leather" in it and I love the way it smells too! Very fresh, clean and oh so masculine!
29th October, 2006

Very Sexy for Her by Victoria's Secret

I bought this when it first came out for my "wedding" scent. It's a beautifully put together fragrance and rather inexpensive for the quality and staying power. This is quite different than my other amber perfumes in my collection so I'm very glad I have a bottle!
27th October, 2006

Fantasy by Britney Spears

I bought a decant of this because I found the notes interesting and ones that I enjoy in other perfumes, so I thought I'd give this one a try. Lychee, Quince, Kiwi, Cupcake Accord, Jasmine, White Chocolate, Orchid, Musk, Orris Root, Wood. I was actually curious about the cupcake accord because I've never seen it in another fragrance before. I put this on today after my shower and came downstairs to check my email and mess around on my computer and I was leaning my head on my hand and got a whiff of it and I kept thinking, "wow, that smells really good!" Then I keep telling myself that this is Fantasy from Britney Spears and then I keep getting a waft of it as I sit here...I'm very impressed, but I like very sweet candy-like scents. My all time fav is Lolita Lempicka if that tells you anything.
25th October, 2006
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Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

This description was taken from Created by Maurice Roucel, creator of L'Instant by Guerlain, this unconventional fragrance sweeps you straight into its heart: a new interpretation of violet. Exuberant notes of violet are accompanied by jubilant red berries like raspberry. A hint of orange blossom and rose impart a striking intensity, while sensual iris and tonka bean resins finish the scent, making Insolence the ultimate luxury fragrance.
I actually like this fragrance despite all of the bad reviews. It's very sweet, which I seem to prefer anyway. I really like the violet in this, and the berries are quite cheery. It dries down to a sweet powder, but it has a sort of synthetic quality to it. I might like it more if it had a softer finish, but overall I like this quite a bit!
23rd October, 2006

Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

This perfume is a strange one to me. I don't particularly like the opening, it smells like the color purple would smell if it had a scent, if that makes any sense to anyone... I do however really like it after it's been on me for about an hour. It's got a lovely base that's rich and warm, similar to most of my favorite perfumes. Overall, definitely not my favorite, but I'll use the several sample vials I have. Here is a little bit about the notes I found on a fragrance website: FRAGRANCE NOTES - Vanilla Absolute, Heliotrope, Citrus, Orris, Thyme, Orange Blossom, Cumin, Musk.
21st October, 2006

Scent Gloss by Costume National

I like this quite a bit and I'm not a very "floral" person. It contains rose, purple orchid and fresh musk. They describe it as having the "cheerfulness and sexiness of a spicy rose." It's quite nice if you ask me.
19th October, 2006

L'Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain

This is a beautiful, simplistic and warm scent to me. Thoughts of honey-coated blossoms come to my mind. It's lovely and I'd like to own a bottle of my own.
19th October, 2006

Rykiel Rose by Sonia Rykiel

I found this on an internet perfume website: "French fashion designer Sonia Rykiel brings forth Rykiel Rose, a charming rose fragrance in a pink-tinted, sweater-shaped bottle.
Rykiel's daughter, Nathalie Rykiel, inspired the youthful blend. Freesia, peony, and lychee fruit form a soft, fruited green opening that develops into a brilliant heart of rich Bulgarian rose. Amber, sandalwood, and teakwood support the full-bodied heart, adding spicy depth and balance to the rose bounty.
I have a sample of this and I like it, don't love it, but it's a nice warm rose scent. I love the spicy notes in the base, I just wish this lasted longer on me! It dries down very quickly and just leaves a light sweet smell on my skin. I want to try the original Sonia Rykiel, I bet that these would work well together.
12th October, 2006

L'Heure Bleue Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I bought a decant sample of this and was so excited to recieve it because of all of the reviews of praise for the famous L'Heure Bleue. I eagerly sprayed it on the second it came, and inhaled deeply...could this be the same mysterious and classic L'Heure Bleue that everyone is raving about? It's completely sour on my skin! I guess I built myself up to that moment when it came into contact but was so let down because the magic I was expecting didn't happen. It doesn't work well at all with my chemistry...very dissapointed.
07th October, 2006

Sandalwood by Body Shop

If this is the same as their "Woody Sandalwood" and they've discontinued it, then that's very sad. I absolutely adore the smell of this! It's so earthy and sharp. I use this sometimes before I go to bed, sort of an aromatherapy for me. This along with a few of my other staples go way back and I'll probably always have a bottle. I think this is suitable for women as long as they like sandalwood!
06th October, 2006

Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

I'm not getting alot of "woods" with this one as alot of people are. I'm getting very clean and sophisticated. Amber-vanilla fragrances are my favorite types of scents, but I don't pick that up as much in this as I do in the burberry brits, especially the gold, and organza indecense (which are a few of my all time favorites). However, I really do enjoy this one because it's something different and it's a very "clean" scent.
06th October, 2006

Ananya by Body Shop

I used to wear this in high school, so there are memories attached to this scent. I haven't smelled it recently, but I remember it being rather sweet with some florals in it. Overall, a pleasing scent, but I doubt I'd buy another bottle just for memories sake.
06th October, 2006

Madness by Chopard

I agree that this is an unusual scent. It's very frity to me and very spicy. I still like it very much and like the square red bottle and the top of the bottle is interesting with the sticky note labeled for you not to remove it. I've been layering this with Casmir to tone down the strong spiciness of it and it works out beautifully!
28th September, 2006

Lolita Lempicka The Midnight Fragrance / L'Eau de Minuit by Lolita Lempicka

I'm really not seeing much of a difference between this and the original. I found this description of the fragrance: The Midnight Fragrance is a voluptuous and sensual version of the Licorice Flower even enriched with special notes and sublimated by a Starry Night colored Bottle. I absolutely adore the original, it's probably my favorite perfume ever, so yeah I like this alot!
22nd September, 2006

Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

I love orientals, but this is too much! Smells almost like an older men's cologne. I'm not sure why so many people like it. It's very strong and spicy, nothing really feminine about it. Maybe it's the carnation or coriander that I'm not caring for? I'm hoping that maybe I'll like it more as it settles, but judging from the other reviews, that could be a while....
22nd September, 2006

Mira Baï by Chopard

This is a description that I found Mira Bai: The design house of Chopard presented Mira Bai in 1998 since then its been known for its woody, sharp scent which blends black currant, sandalwood, pralines and soft flowers. Its suggested for daywear. It's a very pleasant scent. I think I will layer it with Casmir (which I love) for added depth. It's nice alone, but it needs a little more punch.
22nd September, 2006

Far Away by Avon

I actually used to wear this in high school, so it brings back many memories for me. I just recently bought myself a larger bottle very inexpensively. Here is a description that I found: This modern oriental blends jasmine, freesia, orange flower, and peach. It's a very nice oriental, I love the peach in it and it's slightly spicy. It dries down to a very nice powdery velvet on my skin, and you definitely can't beat the price since you can find even cheaper bottles on ebay like I did. I believe it's the one of the nicest creations to come from Avon.
22nd September, 2006

Burberry Brit Gold by Burberry

I love this about as much as I love the brit red limited edition. It's a strong and heavy vanilla yummy creamy concoction that lasts and lasts. This does seem to be heavier and lasts longer than the original brit. I do like Blu Notte, Indecence and My Queen as suggested I would in a previous review. I haven't tried Flower Oriental though, but would probably like it too. So if you like strong vanilla/orientals and the other perfumes mentioned, you'll probably like this.
21st September, 2006

Tomorrow by Avon

This is not your typical Avon fragrance. It's described as: a whispering oriental with the warmth of African violet, sunset amber and golden raspberry. It's really quite lovely and warm, has great lasting power. I have the body lotion and the shower cream and they are nice too!
21st September, 2006

Live by Jennifer Lopez

This is sweet and slightly floral, I don't smell much violet. Not bad for a fruity/floral mix. I'm not big on these types of scents, but this one is better than the usual. I'm not smelling much of the basenotes now, but will hopefully smell them as the hours go on.
21st September, 2006