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Vetiver by Etro

I put this on and my first thought was "Animal". Deep and dirty, this is is for marking your territory. If you want base vetiver, this is it. For the alpha male in the pack.
11th October, 2005

Vetiver by Floris

I have long regretted the passing of Givenchy Vetiver - it was wonderful stuff, but alas, it was discontinued. So I've been searching, and a great voyage of discovery it's been too. I have found many fine new Vetiver friends (Guerlian, Creed, Carven) but none has matched my first love. Until now.
Floris Vetiver, although not identical to Givenchy, does the job. I would even suggest that it goes about it better. You see, it doesn't faff around with citrus and green top notes which fade over time - it gets straight to the point and delivers the base, earthy Vetiver from the start. This is balanced by crisp wood notes and a hint of spice. Long lasting fragrance perfection. So good that I've just ordered another bottle. So if you like good, deep Vetiver, go for this one.
(I'll still continue to look, though. Now I wonder what that Annick Goutal is like?...)
09th September, 2005

English Leather by Dana

Opening citrus note that soon disperses and settles down to a soft woody smell that somehow reminds me of old wooden railway dining cars. You can smell the nostalgia in this.
05th September, 2005
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