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Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

I don't know what this Bleu is trying to be---irish spring soap, coast, old spice or axe deo spray deodorant, original polo or drakkar noir? The good thing-- it doesn't stay linear, development is good throughout the day, so it doesn't smell the same all the time which is a plus. But this is just one of those generic men's fragrance, nothing extra ordinary...just the same old stuff rehashed--- one of those that retails for $70 but only takes only 3 dollars to produce.
16th August, 2010

Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

Perhaps the most appealing, intriguing and the most masculine of the By Kilian line.
Dark, smokey and camphoraceous. Something wild and beasty wants to come out. Patchouli and vetiver are 2 notes I love, this one does not have any vetiver which is a plus because the patchouli is coming out with a lot of depth. A rich, warm woody scent more suited to a man than to a woman, but of course all By Kilian lines are unisex. Nutmeg is one of the listed ingredients, for some reasons I do not like nutmeg in perfume but the nutmeg here is something too inconsequential for my nose to detect, hence is not a deterrent for my attraction to this scent. There is a note of eugenol that I could detect, something you would normally smell when you visit a dental is not a listed ingredient so I wonder if it is just my nose or my imagination. Nevertheless, Straight to Heaven, white cristal is a wondefully created masterpiece worth owning and collecting---you can smell this is a very fine expensive perfume, and indeed it is. Hideously evil for its price...but most luxuries are, but this one will not leave you feeling guilty or regretful after your purchase.
16th August, 2010

Sycomore Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I accidentally discovered this fragrance from a trip to New York City when in Saks Fifth Avenue at 49th street, a sales associate handed me a sample of this. Knowing this is being marketed to women, I just put away the sample. Once I am back in Canada, I tried to smell it, first with the intention of giving it to my lady, however the scent I detect is something that tells me this could not be a woman's way. So I tested it on my skin. I can smell a smokey vetiver---vetiver even better that Hermessence Vetiver Tonka or Creed's Original Vetiver or Guerlain's or Tom Ford's. I could detect a hint of pot (marijuana) and a scent of guava leaves (I used to climb guava trees when I was a child in the tropical country where I was born).

The more I use it, the more I crave it. Today, I bought myself a bottle which is $240, a bit expensive but considering this one comes in 200 ml....that is coming out as around $120 per 100 ml. Average price of ordinary colognes are $70-80 per 100 ml. Sycomore is an extra ordinary fragrance because there are no headache inducing top notes, the notes are seamless and not fighting each other as in some colognes and there is no synthetic smell. Just the smell of unlit cigars, tobacco, wood, smoke, incense. I just can't believe I am using a woman's fragrance but there is nothing feminine in this scent other than it is being marketed to women. Honestly, i would not want to meet women wearing this fragrance because this is definitely a man's scent----very masculine. There are a lot of men's fragrances out there that would smell feminine if compared to this Sycomore. In my opinion, Chanel should sell this to men.
15th August, 2010
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Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

Smells like Guerlain's vetiver, I was just wondering if it's really Guerlain's vetiver on a Tom Ford bottle?
24th May, 2010

Vetiver by Guerlain

Barber shop fragrance that is very common on most men's after shave. Refined scent on men over 40 years of age but this might not appeal to today's generation since the smell is quite dated.
24th May, 2010

Love In White by Creed

Elegant perfume in a virginal white bottle. Should be on every woman's top list. Arguably the best of Creed's women's line...modern, virile, yet pure. Hardly you would come across someone wearing this as everyday scent but you could very well do that if you can afford the price. This is appropriate in any ocassion. The vanilla marries well with rice husk and magnolia. Bellissimo!
18th May, 2010

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Minced garlic spread on a urinal cake. Disturbing and overpowering when over applied, yet sexy and sublime at the right dose (2 squirts the most --spread on a wider body surface like the torso that will be covered with clothing). And no, not the neck, nape or behind the ears...that will annoy anyone in close proximity. Worth collecting, nothing else today smell like this. If you like sandalwood and incense...then this is the juice for you.
18th May, 2010

Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

Pleasant can not be used as an adjective to describe this and neither the word stench or stinky. Sexy? Yes, very sexy indeed, in fact too sexy-- it screams sex and all the juices that flows while having sex (sweat, saliva, semen, B.O.). Brilliant creation if the intent was for the sole purpose of capturing all these sexual secretions and letting it dry on the skin. Would one show up in the office post coital without taking a shower? If you can do that then you can wear Eau d' Hermes in the workplace and perhaps people will think you don't care. Unisex indeed, because it smells a lot like a man's genitalia and a woman's crotch...that's why the pinesol aroma is there (or is it really Pinesol in there) disinfect. Hey, don't get me wrong, I am not trashing this one, in fact it's 2 thumbs up because I am really turned on by this juice. A good collector's item and a wearable one too...but choose the ocassion.
18th May, 2010

Fleurissimo by Creed

Regal, queenly, linear. Commands respect for the lady wearing it. Quite dated though, but will definitely stand out and assert amidst all the Pradas of today.
18th May, 2010

Hermèssence Brin de Réglisse by Hermès

Other than celery and lavender, there's really not much going on around this creation except smelling like money for the first 30 minutes. And when I say money, I do not mean smelling like a rich person but literallly smelling like any legal tender it doesn't matter what denomination or what currency. One can test this by spraying the cologne on one's wrist and then pulling out money from your pocket...then compare the smell. The lavender note is mild and not perfumey which is a plus but this is way too pricey for something that doesn't last more than 2 hours. You will get the same effect with a dash of Johnson's baby powder.
17th May, 2010

Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès

Excellent take on green mango. Very refreshing and invigorating, can be worn any time of the year but best during summer. This is a very feminine scent and there is no way a man can pull this off. Similar to Rose Ikebana and costs a lot less. My wife and kids love this fragrance. 2 thumbs up!
17th May, 2010

Hermèssence Vétiver Tonka by Hermès

Vetiver Tonka is the better juice if compared to Guerlain's vetiver, Tom Ford's grey vetiver, Dior's eau savage and Creed's original vetiver. However, Vetiver tonka doesn't last long on the skin (at least on my skin). This, being said, is too less of a good thing for a darn very expensive good thing. If the other fragrances could carry you throughout the day with a single application, with Vetiver Tonka you would need 3 or more applications during the day and this could finish your biggest bottle in a month's time. If Jean CLaude Elena could work on this longevity issue...then Vetiver Tonka could be the best of all the Hermessences.
17th May, 2010

Hermèssence Rose Ikebana by Hermès

Smells more like green mangoes than roses, in fact it's very similar to Un Jardin Sur Le NIl if one is to do a wrist test of both fragrances. They are both from Hermes. Anyone who uses Hermes fragrances and products knows that the Hermessences line costs 3 times more than the regular Hermes fragrances. There are lots of people who would be willing to pay the price but for those who want to save a lot, I would suggest to get Un Jardin Sur le Nil, instead of this one. No one can tell the difference which one you are wearing; trust me on this one. The savings you would get from getting Un Jardin is more than enough to buy a 100 ml of Terre d' Hermes which should be on everyone's list.
17th May, 2010
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Hermèssence Poivre Samarcande by Hermès

A nice take on pepper. Spicey, smokey and warm with very good longevity. Quite linear, just a pepper-vetiver interplay and nothing else but still, this one is the better juice among the 8 Hermessences line. There are lots of fragrances that use pepper but nothing comes close to the clarity of Poive Samarcande Leaning more on the masculine gender and well suited for a man who wants to make a simple but elegant statement.
17th May, 2010

Original Vetiver by Creed

A rather refreshing scent that leaves one smelling clean and not sour (vetiver has a sour note on skin). Better compared to Guerlain's Vetiver or Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. Way too pricey for a fragrance that leaves you smelling just like Ivory soap 2 housrs after application.
17th May, 2010

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

I have used two 100 ml bottles of this in early 90's. Fahrenheit is something I could still wear in 2010. Smells like gasoline, turpentine and paint thinner...and really, burnt rubber tire or freshly prepared asphalt. But you can't put those stuff on your skin, so yeah, if you want to smell like a dirty mechanic or construction worker, a truck driver or just to smell like a real man under the heat of the sun---this is the scent. Very good stuff indeed, except that there is that note I pick up that depresses my mood; and sometimes smelling like a real man and being depressed at the same time do not work for me all the time. But that's just me.
17th March, 2010

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Had I been reviewing this 20 or so years ago when it was my signature scent I would given it a thumbs up. It is a very manly scent and quite refreshing and I think it's over popularity is what makes me think this is unwearable to me at the present time. Lots of copies and you can also smell this in practically any man's soap, body wash or shampoo and deodorant. This is a classic and perhaps would be a benchmark for any other men's cologne being launched or reinvented, but I just can't wear this anymore. It's everywhere. I believe people like to be distinct most of the time.
17th March, 2010

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

Weird as it may sound but I can not detect any of of the listed ingredients of this concoction; instead all I get are coconut, pineapple and strawberry jam. And it is being marketed for men? Do men want to smell of pina colada or strawberry colada or do men want to be emasculated? Hello!!!
26th February, 2010

Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis

Timeless. In the same company as original Polo, Azzaro and Drakkar Noir. Tuscany per uomo is a real manly scent that gives its wearer the feeling of enhanced virility and extreme sexiness. While Polo and Drakkar Noir are on your face and a bit too brash, Tuscany is subtle but it's presence is there and can not be ignored. This is quite more like Azzaro, rich and deep but without the anise. You can not go wrong on this one. A gentleman's classic.
26th February, 2010

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

I was about to check this one out at the counter but the sales associate gave me a look of wonder why I would be purchasing this cologne so I asked her (she's about 50 years old) about her opinion on this one. She said this is a "so- so" fragrance for her and that she actually hates it and added only old men use this fragrance. I guess that comment has an impact on me so I put it away and did not make any purchase at all. No, the sales associate wasn't selling me anything different either, it was just her opinion. I know for a fact that Enrique Iglesias is the new face on this product and Enrique doesn't qualify as old man -supposed he is not just a model for this and he is actually using this himself.

Everytime I pass by a department store, I find myself spraying this on me, I guess I am intriqued by the scent. It's on your face after initial application but settles down quite fast. It is deep and very masculine a little richer than Tuscany per uomo and and quite similar to Drakkar Noir on dry down, there's also a hint of the original Polo and Paco Rabanne PH in it but I believe Azzaro is the better juice because it doesn't have a sour note of citrus and not as sharp as Polo. I am intrigued by this scent as I've tested it in different store and at times smelled a little different if one scrutinizes it closely---sometimes there is that smell of fecal musk that resembles the smell of saliva when one just wakes up in the morning (it's like you licked your wrist with that stale saliva and let it dry and then you sprayed some Drakkar Noir on it)...sometimes this is not noticeable. Sometimes you think the fragrance is gone and has lost it's longevity and sillage only to be surprised that you can still smell it after some 8 hours later.

I bought this anyway on a different department store and I love the sexiness of the fragrance---it is like a beast that is sleeping, quiet at times, at a different time loud and brash and headache inducing, roaring and sometimes you think it is not there but it's there playing like a peeping tom. It's definitely a sex in a bottle!!!

Nope, that sales associate was mistaken, this is not an old man's scent---this is a sexy guy's scent---the one who showers daily and not care to use any deodorant at all and the one who could afford to skip a shower or two and does not shave or trim his armpit bush and still smells sexy!!!
12th January, 2010

Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein

Very fresh and clean smelling. A stonger version of CK One- it's like removing some sweet accords from CK One and adding some masculine notes and then call it CK Man and marketing this to men; this could well be a unisex fragrance. On initial application CK Man smells similar to Hypnose pour homme (I like Hypnose better because it retains being a masculine scent until it wears off). On my skin, the initial aroma of CK Man is masculine but after an hour it starts smelling like a female cologne; the 100 ml bottle I own is still 3/4 full when I finally decided to give it to my girl. When she's wearing it, she gets a lot of compliments and gets asked what she's wearing. They all get surprised when she says it's a CK Man for men because they all think it's a woman's cologne she's wearing. After the bottle is finished, she got another one so I am giving this a neutral rating because it does smell great on girls.
11th January, 2010

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

This is a very wonderful scent. It reminds me of everything pleasant. On initial application it starts rather strong but it settles down quite fast to a fragrance very unique in it's way---not perfumey in a sense that all mainstream fragrances smell very much generic and not sexy in a way that most fragrances desire to impart something to attract the sexes--Terre d' Hermes, on the other hand stands tall and very distinct in the way it marries all the ingredients seamlessly that you are transported to a place so calm and so relaxing.

To me, the whole experience of wearing Terre d' Hermes is that I am inside a dry sauna where I left the door partially opened; the hot stones radiate its soothing heat on my skin when suddenly I smelled orange being peeled by my mother and grapefruit being sliced by my aunt, peppercorns being grated by my uncle and that my grandfather is burning dry leaves in the garden and the smoke finds its way into the sauna. All my senses are awakened that while I could smell all these scents penetrating my skin I could also smell that in a different room,my father has not emptied his ashtray yet and that on another room, my younger brother accidentally sprayed Raid on himself. Terre d' Hermes gives these kind of fragrant clarity. It's like Zen. I started using this in 2007, I am already on my 7th 100 ml bottle and still counting.
11th January, 2010

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

This is one of those very few fragrances in the market that doesn't smell like the others. A vey unique scent, indeed. Don't let the boozy top notes deter you from using this scent. Once you get into the heart of the fragrance which is smokey incence and the intoxicating dry down Michael for men is a super sexy scent as it mixes well with human male natural pheromone.

In fact, when I am wearing Michael I couldn't think of anything else except to get sex, give sex, have sex, lots of sex. I use this to spray my armpit instead of using deodorant and also spray this on the pubis, trust me, it gets things done!!! A word of caution 3 sprays max, as this is a very powerful attractant if used in small doses--- too much application it will work just the opposite---it is a repellant and people will stay away from you thinking you had too much alcohol to drink. Whatever your intentions are, whether to attract or to repel either ways Michael gets things really done if sprayed correctly. Goodluck!!!
11th January, 2010

cK one by Calvin Klein

There was a time when everyone I bumped into smells like CK One. This is perhaps Calvin Klein's best fragrance. It imparts cleanliness, freshness, purity. Heaven could very well smell like this. This is the ONE true fragrance that could just be worn by practically anyone on earth including newborn babies.
A masterpiece.
11th January, 2010

Hypnôse Homme by Lancôme

Similar to CK Man on initial application but where CK Man leans toward smelling feminine a couple of hours later, Hypnose pour homme retains smelling very masculine, it's lavender accord is more on the dirty side and plays well with patchoulli and amber. The longevity is excellent- a little goes a long way. Sometimes I spray it on the pillow, and true to its name Hypnose- it induces hypnosis (makes you sleep better); probably due to the calming effect of lavender. Hypnose is on my top 5, along with Terre d' Hermes, Michael, Tabarome and Tuscany.
21st December, 2009 (last edited: 11th January, 2010)

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

I have this cologne for about 2 years now and there is still some juice left for this entire winter season. I wanted to get something from Creed so I sampled all their men's fragrances in a span of two weeks.( I was lucky that when I asked the salesperson for free samples of each, she obliged--this is true). I did not write a review then since I was just a new member--Dec 2009.

I think this juice is complex yet subtle, very warm and elegant, stays on the skin and blends with the person's natural odour very well and enhances it in a very sexy way. There are colognes that you like the smell but you don't like to wear, there are those you like to smell on a different person---Tabarome is something I like to smell on other people and I like to smell also on myself. I think Creed blends the ginger, tobacco and citrus to perfect harmony and I think Lacoste knows that---while not exactly the same, the new Lacoste Challenge launched in 2009 comes very close to Tabarome; ahh yes---that sort of Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed again.
21st December, 2009

Lacoste Challenge by Lacoste

This is quite a refreshing fragrance and something a little bit different amongst the mainstream generic fragrances today. I do not see any similarity with PR One Million; Lacoste Challenge is the better one. If Creed's Green Irish Tweed smells like Davidoff's Cool Water, then Lacoste Challenge smells like Creed's Tabarome. Yes, if money is an issue and Tabarome is something you really love but can't afford to buy, by all means for 1/4 the price of Tabarome...get Lacoste Challenge.
The big plus??? While Tabarome works well with men at least over 30 years of age, Lacoste Challenge can make any man of any age smelling really clean and still very masculine. One of the finest ginger scents there is. Although this is a man's fragrance even women would love this smell on their own skin. Get this guys!!!
20th December, 2009