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Oriens by Van Cleef & Arpels

Love at first sniff. This is not sophisticated! But it is a lot of fun. It starts out aggressively girly, the berries heavily in play. They stick around for a while, and then the jasmine starts to emerge. I love jasmine, but what I really like about this is the dirty patchouli lurking underneath. I mean, it is DIRTY. Not earthy, but dirty and sweet. I like the movement of this scent, from a girlish giggle to a woman's purr. I wish the purr was a little louder, maybe, but we can't have everything!
17th June, 2010

Kenzo Amour by Kenzo

This was my favourite scent, back before I was big into perfumes. I first happened across it just before boarding a flight home from Venice; I couldn't afford to buy it then and there, but I requested a bottle for Christmas. Santa was good to me that year! I eagerly doused myself in it - and promptly developed a terrible headache.

Of course, I did not immediately connect the headache with the perfume. It took a few more wears for me to make the leap. I've worn it ... maybe ten times, in all the years I've had the bottle, and I've been headache-less once. It's such a shame. I love the vanilla, the amber, the hints of spices. It's still one of my favourites, despite the lack of longevity; it lasts a bare three hours on my skin. The headache, unfortunately, sticks all day.

I didn't wear it for a number of years, but at the back end of 2009 I started to get into perfume seriously, and a 'fume pal told me she'd always found it "milky". Of course, I had to revisit it, and she is quite correct. It's milky, sweet, still spicy with vanilla underneath. I do love it. So thumbs up, because it's lovely, but a four-star rating for the pain!
17th June, 2010