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Joop! Homme Extreme by Joop!

The fragrance opens with mega heavy blast of musk a very powdery musk that is followed by sugary sweet note. At this point the fragrance smells very feminine like a cheap Victoria Secret body spray. Believe me when I say this opening is potent, next comes in this very sickening note of what I take of as maraschino cherry and tobacco this note rears its head from the top to dry down of this fragrance. It is that note that makes me nauseous.

In the dry down I get a lot of the notes of Joop Homme Wild lingering in the background like the rum and sugary notes. The stuff has decent sillage and I can get 8+ hours from it and it stays on our clothes. I could only wear one spray other wises it cloying and the cherry notes makes me sick.
14th September, 2014

Patchouli Intense by Molinard

Very good take on patchouli mix for the price. I get a flavor of Muglar's AMen minus the tar notes, though Molinard's Patchouli Intense does focus heavy on the patchouli aspect of this fragrance. I have to admit helps cut down on the scent becoming overly sweet like AMen. Puzzles me why Molinard did not market this as unisex it's very masculine by today's standards of what is on the market for men and feel most women would shy away as finding this too masculine.
23rd February, 2014

One Man Show Gold Edition by Jacques Bogart

After reading Journeyfan's review I can understand the horror of this fragrance. It is like a bad crash you don't want too look but something makes.
09th December, 2012
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Oxford Street by Hugh Parsons

Love this scent it truly reflects the glowing crimson bottle it is contained in. The citrus top is lightly dusted with anais which fades into a deep semi sweet resinous feelin of cinnamon and saffron. The base bring a deep almost medicine feeling of oud wood providing a oily rich cherry cough syrup warmth. The scent lingers a long time with just the correct amount of sillage. Love this to pieces. Wear it in good health in the autumn months.
11th August, 2012

Aqua Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Very boring castrated version of the original at least 32 went into uncharted waters
03rd June, 2012

Monsieur Musk by Dana

The only musk I will wear - I call it a good cheap thrill.

Most musks to me smell very old lady floral powder bomb. This one has a unique grassy green spice to it. It is almost like an expensive man's bar of soap.

Never loud or shrill it just stays very close to your skin and only detected by those who get very close to you.

I always keep a bottle on hand when I need to take a break from fragrances.
23rd July, 2011

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Sorry I don't see the Barber shop connection here at least any I have visited in my time.

This could pass for a women's fragrance it is very sweet and mega floral. I very much link this men's fragrance to Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb and even that has some spicy patchouli to cut it sweetness which Le Male lacks.

The whole concept is very kitsch - this scent blatantly has more homo erotic overtones in both it add and packaging...yet we squawks about Joop in the 'pink'

I give props to both AMen and Joop for they are sweat scents like Le Male but counter part that sweetness with either spice or patchouli.
06th July, 2011

LouLou by Cacharel

This of this as the floral female version of Joop! Homme very very loud and strong with florals spice and heap load of sweet vanilla and helotrope.

I just can see any one wearing this as a everyday scent.
06th July, 2011

Elements Aqua by Hugo Boss

Maybe it is me but this smell just like the original 360 Perry Ellis for men. I think 360 was even launched before Elements much for originality here.
07th June, 2011

Sud Est by Romeo Gigli

After the unique and unusual Romeo di Gigli per Uomo I was looking forward to this one launching at Bloomingdale's back in 1995. But it was a let down a real weak offering that just played it too safe that it needed to copy the per Uomo bottle because it has no personality.
31st December, 2010

Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I personally did not understand this at the time of it's launch and still burn with "the question"...

Why 18 long years from the women's Opium launched in 1977 would you launch Opium for men? Opium a legend name in the fragrance world that both it's scent and marketing set the horizon for the 80's and beyond for women's fragrances. It is like Chanel deciding to launch No5 for men???

The men's scent is an awful product of its time and lacks the creativity of the women's which forged new territory. This men's version is very fresh and heavy on the male vanilla trend of the mid 90's brought on by the success of Le Male and A*Men.

There is no spice or incense of orient or even a shred of mystery in this scent - it's just overly sweet vanilla and cedar. Yes even the bottle is so sadly uninspired like a rush to market. I can see how this scent was one of the biggest flops for YSL Beautie and pulled from the USA market.

12th September, 2010

Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart

This scent reminds me of Regine's for Me that came out briefly in the early 90's. It's a fruity mix of orange blossom - vanilla - fruits. I kind of reminds me of an Orange Julies or a Orange Cream Sickle.
30th August, 2010

Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

I love this scent - finally something unique from Dior the house that brought us daring scents like Poison & Fahrenheit.

What I love about 32 is that like how Le Male combined Mint and Vanilla in the 90's to make a unique scent 32 combines Vetiver and Vanilla.

Great stuff that is very long lasting with great sillage!
02nd March, 2010
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Costume National Homme by Costume National

Today my bottle of Costume National Homme arrived and I could not wait to open it up and try it.

In taking off the cellophane wrapping I got a feeling of the gray rubberized box and thought to myself this is going to be unique! I pull out the bottle which is a highly polished and looks like a modern sculpture.

The cap is quirky and cheap and hard to grip to take off but I could not wait to try this. Well I gave a spritz on my wrist at that point was dumbfounded and had to put the bottle down on the table and walk away.

I sat on my leather couch scratched my head and looked over at the bottle sitting on the table – I could not believe it! What the f**k

Then it clicked on my slow brain - - - It’s a costume! It is fragrance in a costume!!!

Costume National – who is know for it’s quirks like having the models sit in the audience and have the photographers and guests walk down the runway instead…. just played such a stunt on us! They took a known fragrance and just re-dressed it in a costume and launched it to the world and gave a case of the emperor new clothes. I looked over back at the bottle and laughed my ass off mostly at myself to be taken in by this.

Costume National took Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme which is a lighter scent and revved up the notes making it EDP and just repackage it in a new bottle and even kept the jus the same color!

20th January, 2010

Séxual pour Homme by Michel Germain

Wow I can't believe that some finds this has light and not long lasting - ?

My problem is that it has too much longevity and too much sillage to the point that it becomes very sweet and cloying. The scent reminds me of a rip off on Eternity and Jivago 24K with a sweet dash of Animale for men. The problem with Sexual like Eternity is that wears become very immune to the scent and get this crazy idea this it not on their skin any more so they put more and more - and poor people around get a HEADACHE!

I have to give it a thumbs up for it longevity - but be careful with the sprays!
28th September, 2009

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

...Red Door or Red tell me. Spraying this stuff on and you might as well wait on the corner in the sleazy part of town and try to make $5.00 the hard way.
04th July, 2009

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

This scent gave me hope that 'designer' scents can be creative at times and still try to push the envelope. "for him" is nothing new that has not been done before in the 80's with the powerhouse genre chypres and fourge scents.

But it is an outstanding tribute to the greats such as Pour Lui Oscar de la Renta, Xeryus, Kouros, and Antaeus - when scents were laden with rich musk and sharp green accords settling into a smokey rich accord. A golden time when men smelled like men and their scent reflected attention.

Kudos for a designer to launch such a fragrance in the wake of Aqua di Gio and countless other forgettable men's fragrances.

21st May, 2009

PS by Paul Sebastian

To me Paul Sebastian or PS as it is now know - is a very baroque oriental which is very unusual to find in men's fragrances. It is a blend of flowers, rich spices, and incense. This fragrance brings to mind with its smell the likes of Opium for women and Coco by Chanel.

Very powerful and very rich - this is what Opium for men should have smelled like...
14th May, 2009 (last edited: 27th May, 2009)

Versailles pour Homme by Jean Desprez

This truly is a scent who's time has come and gone. To wear it now in this modern day and age makes no sense or the thought of resurrecting it on the sales shelf again would be like man going back to writing in hieroglyphics.

Let it rest in peace -
07th April, 2009

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

I can not believe that pineapple exists in this fragrance- where? First the bottle design looks like something off a Klingon spaceship set. The scent in itself is just as weird it like all those notes are blending together to create some kind of scent I just can't describe - I do think patchouli is in there trying to fight for the foreground..poor pineapple is lost in the vortex.

I can see why that this is the only fragrance know to have come from this pefumer Jacques Konckier obviously he changed his name after this creation or was driven by the country foke with burning torches out the land.

All I can say is please use with caution this is a powerhouse from the 80's and could clear a room with it's sillage!
22nd March, 2009

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

I do not see the comparison to D&G Light Blue Femme in this fragrance - I see it more in the top notes of Paco's Black XS to Light Blue Femme...but that is another review.

On Eau Fraiche I find it to be a very light watered down lemon water with a hint of woods the scent has not lasting power or intrigue what so ever and is a great marking ploy on Euroitalia for marking this and having such a hit with the public.

I feel that the last great scent from House Versace was The Dreamer since then nothing worth while has come from Donatella.
14th March, 2009

Versace l'Homme by Versace

Here is a well made fragrance - a classic!

This fragrance is very manly / masculine and it makes that machismo be known to all who encounter it's sillage. What I find so wonderful about this fragrance is that is multifaceted it is fresh and Mediterranean with its citrus and herbs then can also be oriental spicy and rich with woods. This scent will juxtpost between fresh and spice like a chameleon easily changing it's color and I have yet encountered a fragrance that can do this like l'homme so effortlessly.

A classic to Gianni's name!
14th March, 2009

Sung by Alfred Sung

My sister recently bought a Yankee Candle called Greenhouse that smelled like walking into a warm greenhouse with an abundance of blooming flowers and that green velvet moss you see on rocks... a very powerful scent.

So you may wonder where I am going with this...well that Yankee Candle copies the fragrance of Alfred Sung - which is the smell of spring or walking into a warm greenhouse.

The only drawer back with Sung is that it is very powerful and pumps mega sillage - a little goes a very long was. Should you suffer from allergies and get caught in the sillage of Sung well let's just say your day will be ruined!
23rd February, 2009

Photo by Lagerfeld

This was Karl Lagerfeld's attempt with the Elizabeth Arden Company in 1990 to reproduce the success of Drakkar Noir. The fragrance to me is like Frankenstein version of Drakkar!

The citrus of Photo is heavy amped up with the lavender that it gives a very perfumy effect the basenotes are so loud with the leather benizon they are actually shrill. I have found from my own demise that this fragrance makes the nose become very fatigued fast and you no longer smell it which will make you spray more and more thinking its a close skin scent.

It is not and you will knock over others with your sillage - to me this is the poster child for stinky men's cologne!
21st February, 2009

DKNY Men (New) by Donna Karan

The fragrance has a fresh wet green aquatic accord very much like Aqua di Geo which is off set by a spicy cardamom vetiver accord.

This is nothing mind blowing and I feel it really not going to be a big hit state side - I do feel flankers of this scent will most likely follow I could see a DKNY MEN Night version -
15th February, 2009

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

I hate this scent. The name is a joke being played on the masses - Aqua there is nothing water like about this fragrance, it is very woody and spicy even some lovers of this scent here are relating it to Quorum!

It has no lasting appeal on the skin and zero sillage - I can see how Bulargi released the Aqva Marine flanker to make up on sales.

At least the Marine version has a deep light water / salty edge to it and actually last longer then this stinker here.

Stick with TEA Bulgari !
14th February, 2009

Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

I find this scent to be very oriental in a very spicy yet contradicting fresh way. It very much plays on the same theme of Opium for men and Joop Homme of fresh contrast with spicy oriental.

While Opium will settle down of a woody vanilla scent Twice will continue to give off spicy tobacco notes to the point of being a little shrill.

It is a powerful long lasting scent and sillage is no problem with it - I would not recommend this for the office or hot humid climates either. You will either like it or hate it - I feel it is Iceberg's Italian version of the German Joop Homme. I do have give it a thumbs up for being such a powerful scent being lauched in the mid 90's marine light scents era.
28th January, 2009

Ulysse by Vicky Tiel

There is two version of this fragrance a Eau de Toilette and a Eau de Cologne. The EDT is harder to find and mostly you see the EDC which is much brighter then the EDT and it not long lasting at all.

I recently was able to sample the EDT and it is very sweet sticky and powdery at the same time it actually smells like how the color of the jus is in the bottle a funky florescent green....
22nd January, 2009

Guess Man by Guess

I can so smell that the perfumer who unleashed Calvin Klein's Escape for men also created this monster. The key word to with Escape was "synthetic" and it is also used here with Guess for men.

The scent opens very sharply on citrus notes that lead to a fresh fourge / marine flavor then the woody / forest / bed of pine needles emerges with a heady dose of sandalwood. From there it is headache city - this seems to be the perfumers calling card for he used this same theme with Escape for men. Unfortunately or should I say happily Guess for men doesn't last as long as his Escape does.

11th January, 2009

Ice*Men by Thierry Mugler

Yeah when one wants to smell like Ben Gay, Tiger Balm, or Absorbine Jr. give this one a try.

Did I mention that it may make a great muscle run after a of lifting....
31st December, 2008