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Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée by Chanel

If you are looking for a 'concentrated' version of the "Pour Monsieur", steer clear. This isn't that.

However, this is an absolutely marvellous fragrance on its own accord. This could have been given a different name.

The opening is very pleasant, with mild notes of lavender and mandarine and that slowly gives way to a wonderful smelling mix of spices that is dominated by sweet cardamom.

It dries down to a nice oakmoss and vanilla concoction (I fail to detect the vetiver in this). This is an extraordinary fragrance, and is among my top 5 "gentlemanly" fragrances.
21st September, 2010

Stetson by Stetson

Very highly synthetic, repulsive, abrasive smelling mixture. The drydown smells like an overheated mosquito mat. YIKES!

There are some fragrances out there (like Dune by Christian Dior and Live Jazz by YSL) which have synthetic vibes to them, but they smell in a very good and pleasing way. This one on the other hand smells just crude and nasty.

This is something that I do not want to sniff, leave alone me thinking of wearing it.
14th September, 2010

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

Queasy, vile, putrid, toxic, HAZMAT stuff that confusingly has many positive reviews. Smells like a loathsome abomination that must be buried into the earth real deep.

If I've to give an ounce of consideration for all the positive reviews, it probably was "reformulated" at some point, and went downhill from there. No, wait. It actually fell off the freaking cliff and went straight into the dark dungeons of chemical hell.

Cruddy, disgusting garbage juice in a bottle that could be used in a war to fend off enemy troops. Oh wait, that actually be quite inhumane.
11th September, 2010 (last edited: 24th March, 2017)
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Encre Noire by Lalique

Encre Noire by Lalique

There are some scents that are peculiar in their nature. This peculiarity could come from their composition, the notes that emerge through the phases of development, the complexity of the scent that it exudes, and some scents like Kouros even baffle me with their audacious civet opening. And others like Black Aoud captures my attention with a very potent, "viscous", yet unoffending Aoud opening. Why does Kouros open with a rather 'controversial', and animalic opening note? And why does it not try to cover it up with something else sweeter, and control the drama? How does Black Aoud manage to start out with something as charismatic, and strong a note as Aoud, and yet make you feel unoffended and uplifted?

The answers to those questions are not important - what's important is that this peculiarity is often required, for the fact that the perfumer decided to represent the fragrance itself with this peculiarity. It's like a résumé for the fragrance in one way or other. Taking the same example, Kouros goes on and on to be bold, loud, animalic, and manly. It never gives it a rest, and continues to go on the peculiar road that it chose to be on. If you notice, you'll realise that Black Aoud is peculiar because it somehow manages to be outrageously strong, and yet very magnetic and appealing! Some of the best fragrances are standing on top, because they're cheerily peculiar in some way or the other.

News flash: Encre Noire is peculiar in more than one way.

In perfumery, the top notes play a pivotal role, because they create the initial impression of the fragrance to the wearer. Therefore, most fragrances have carefully composed, unoffending, and "safe" top notes. They're usually pleasant, well-behaved, beguiling, and sometimes can fool the wearer into believing that it's just fantastic, immediately after taking the first whiff.

Encre Noire is peculiar, in the sense that it does NOT have any top notes. Losing hope already, are we? Hold on, there's more: You spray a bit of Encre Noire on your skin, and it welcomes you with a strong Vetyver note that slaps your olfaction brutally hard. It's like plucking a generous handful of vetyver grasses with their roots off the soil, and slapping you right on the face. **THWACK**

And you may think, "Oh my God, that opening is quite rude! What were they thinking?!". I do not blame you, because you're spoiled by the sweet, dulcet, honied, gentle openings of many other fragrances, from both niche and massmarket lines. But here, I'd like to remind you that we have no "opening". The perfumer wants to take you right into the middle of somewhere -- quite daring, I must say. If you give up your ego and take a good sniff, there's this Earthy, Moist, and may I dare to say, "Bewitching" note of vetyver that's saltating in front of you.

Encre Noire is peculiar, also, in the sense that it is almost a linear scent. There's not a load of complex notes that's competing with one another to grab the attention of the wearer. It's ALMOST vetyver, all the way through. However, Encre Noire throws egg in the faces of people who have a preconvinced notion that linear scents cannot be splendid. Encre Noire IS splendid, even with its limited number of notes.

As it 'progresses', the sharp vetyver note is tamed down constantly, but slowly by a Bourbon note. For good measure, Nathalie Lorson thought it would be a nice idea to make it Vetyver Bourbon, instead of any other Bourbon. And guess what? Strange, but holy smokes, it's worked!

The bourbon staye on top of the Haitian Vetyver for a while, and keeps trying to make the whole drama look polite. There's Cypress Wood, which stands aside and watches this scene unfold. The wood smells like it's been freshly cut, and looks gentle, in this play rather carried out by two Vetyver notes. It doesn't seem to be wanting to particularly dominate, but it's THERE.

Encre Noire continues to unfold its beauty in a linear path that's been decided hours ago. Slowly into the base, and there's some musk and some more Smokey wood. Strangely (or not strangely?), the vetyver is still detectable, and the whole thing smells magnanimous now.

It won't win a competition in projection and sillage, but hey, it's beautiful in its own accords, and that does it for me.

Call me an imbecile, but I see Encre Noire as a masterpiece; and is one of the finest vetyver scents out there. If you're a fan of the scent of unadulterated vetyver, then it's a sin not to have Encre Noire in your wardrobe.
03rd August, 2010 (last edited: 07th February, 2011)

Cuba by Czech & Speake

Feces, feces, and more feces. There's some cigar, some balm and then comes some more feces.

I cannot believe this fragrance has so many positive reviews. It *could* be a skin thing, so PLEASE do yourself a favour and do not buy this before sampling it many times.

Did I mention? There's very strong feces note in this fragrance.

Thumbs down.
02nd August, 2010

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

A sweet, creamy smelling lemon fragrance that is fabulous. I'm giving it a 3 stars out of 5, because it won't last for more than an hour on my skin. If it had better longevity, I'd really buy it.

As another poster said, if you have oily skin that retains weaker fragrances for a long time, please give this one a try. It's an excellent "gentlemanly" fragrance.
27th June, 2010

Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Nasty stuff. Starts stinking as soon as it gets right out of the bottle, and continues the stink for hours.

I was going to blind buy this, but I'm glad I chose to sample it with a vial instead. There's a reason why it has so many negative reviews! I wouldn't wear it if someone pays me to do it.
12th June, 2010

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

I don't understand all the positive reviews.

This stuff just smells of perspiration and with a cheap woodsy note. Nothing more to see here, move along.

Thumbs down.
12th June, 2010

Black for Her by Kenneth Cole

The jasmine note in the beginning is very sexy. Lasts long and retains the sexiness thorough all the phases, until it disappears completely.

If you're looking for a nice and sexy floral, this one is up your alley.
18th April, 2010

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I don't know if it's just me, but I could smell rose all the way from the beginning until the end. And the combination of metal (gunfling?) and rose is very good. If not the gunflint, this could have become a female fragrance. The gunflint makes the rose a bit spicy-hot and slightly metallic, thereby making it an unisex fragrance, if not masculine. Can be easily used by both men and women.

I have tried a vial, and I'll be buying a bottle soon. I think that it's slightly overpriced, but is definitely a good fragrance.

You should not over apply it, or it could be suffocating. Sillage is OK, but longevity is good (6+ hours on me). Thumbs up.
21st February, 2010

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I agree with MysteryBuff40. This smells like detergent. And there's a particular "dull" note in this that makes me feel let down. I don't give it a thumbs down, because it isn't a bad smelling cologne as such, but there's not anything special with it.

And definitely not worth the price in my opinion. If you are going to buy this, please try it once before you do so.
20th February, 2010

Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz

A whole lot of cloves in the opening, which smells pleasant and "clean". Has good longevity and moderate sillage. The middle notes are very different and enjoyable, especially for the price.

A very potent cologne, so be careful with this not to overapply. Just start testing it out with 2 spiritz and not more, as only 2 does it for me. One more and you'll have a headache!

I could give this something in between Thumbs up and neutral, if I can.

Score: 6/10
24th January, 2010

Adidas Team / Team Force by Adidas

Nothing special.

This may not be over-powering, but the jasmine in the middle notes smells cheap and that can be annoying. No projection or sillage, I might as well not wear a cologne at all. I'd spend my money on something better.
24th January, 2010
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Open by Roger & Gallet

Like everyone else says, it's too "soapy" and the beginning is too strong (but is pleasant). However, when it settled down, I did not like the synthetic smell. This isn't a particularly bad cologne, but you should not buy this one without trying!
19th January, 2010