Reviews by Tortina Mia


Jovan Woman by Jovan

Yes, a woody floral. Nothing sweet or powdery here. Very affordable ($14.00!!!)Definitely feels like a 70's fragrance, which I happen to love. I'm careful not to overspray, and in fact I tend to spray around my legs and let the fragrance waft up as I walk, leaving a softly fragranced path. I wish I had discovered this one sooner.
18th May, 2012

No. 5 by Chanel

This was my fragrance many years ago; given up at a time of great change. I always liked it's heady presence. It is unmistakeable. Anyway, here I am years later feeling nostalgic. I've invited it back into my life, wearing it occasionally when I want to noticed, and remembered. Welcome back my friend.
18th May, 2012

Kiehl's Vanilla Essence Oil by Kiehl's

This is a simple sugar-cookie of a fragrance. Not overly sweet but still a feminine scent; not unisex (unless you're a very, very young man.) Definitely a daytime fragrance. Delish.
03rd April, 2012

English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone

After trying this one a few times I am wondering, is it more difficult to balance a fragrance when it is composed of so few notes? My initial impression was lovely pear (I love!) accompanied by a little freesia. Perfection... then the pear completely disappears (fairly quickly, I might add) and I'm left with freesia.(Where's the patchouli???) It remained very close to the skin as a slightly cloying freesia for too, too long. An unfulfilled promise.
04th March, 2011

Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone

I was pleasantly surprised by this fragrance; light, peachy-nectariney with a little honey to give some depth without excessive sweetness. A fresh scent without the pretty. On my skin it dissipated pretty quickly and was barely discernible after an hour, hence the neutral rating.
04th March, 2011

Mark Jacobs Splash Grapefruit by Marc Jacobs

I gave this to my adult daughter a couple of years ago; her request. Of course I had to try it. It is a wonderful light, refreshing pink grapefruit fragrance but disappears on the skin quickly.Too bad.
20th February, 2011

Marc Jacobs Splash Gardenia by Marc Jacobs

A very light and fresh gardenia floral melange. A bit watery so feel free to really "splash." A kinder, gentler gardenia; easy to wear. I like.
20th February, 2011

Vanilla by Crabtree & Evelyn

Too sweet and sugary; cloyingly heavy. Ick.
20th February, 2011

Gardenia by Crabtree & Evelyn

The heavy and intoxicating aroma of gardenia is here! I think that is why it has been d/c by C&E; not a fragrance that can be worn easily. It enters the room before you do. I only have the powder left in my fragrance collection. I like to use it on summer nights after a shower.
20th February, 2011

Freesia by Crabtree & Evelyn

Simple, lightly sweetened single note floral. Not my cup of tea, but nice and uncomplicated.
20th February, 2011

Nantucket Briar by Crabtree & Evelyn

I used to work for C&E and have tried most of their line. Nantucket Briar is probably C&E's number one selling fragrance. I remember a customer asking me why it was so popular; she described it as smelling so "old ladyish." Well, it may not be a "modern" fragrance but is appealing to many women who a comfortable with a classic powdery, clean, slightly spicy floral. It's affordable, has accompanying items (i.e.powder, lotion, soap, etc.) and is easily gifted. One thing I can say about most C&E fragrances is they have staying power. If not careful, Nantucket Briar can be overpowering. I prefer using the fragranced body lotion.
20th February, 2011

Carré d'As by Nicolaï

I think this more a unisex fragrance-my 19 year old son likes it as much as I(Mom) do. (Anything to get him away from Axe!!)! Carre d'As is light and alluring, very clean. I could wear it as an everyday scent. Just wonderful. I just wish it would last longer on the skin.
20th February, 2011

Cachet by Prince Matchabelli

What wonderful memories associated with Cachet-high school days! I liked the scented body lotion better than the edt-I remember the guys liked it and knew it by name. It was a really young and fresh scent perfect for the time.
20th February, 2011

Arpège by Lanvin

I used to wear this off and on in the 80's; a very elegant fragrance, silk scarves, cashmere, pearls, etc. I kind of miss it and I think I'll purchase a small bottle to use again.
20th February, 2011

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

I agree this fragrance is a lesson in you either love it or hate it-no shades of gray here. I wore this for a short time in my early 20's. I loved it. It suited me perfectly- I was single and felt free to express my individuality. No one else I knew was wearing Aromatics Elixir. You have to be careful to keep it light, though. I'm glad Clinique has kept it alive.
20th February, 2011