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Vetyver by Carlo Corinto

I know the assessment of a fragrance is subjective, but I am shocked at how bad this was after purchasing a bottle based on the mostly glowing reviews on Basenotes. Ericrico’s review nails it and my experience was nearly identical. The vetiver in this scent is minimal to non-existent, only peaking through the mélanges of synthetic awfulness after 30 to 40 minutes of olfactory masochism. The initial onslaught is of the odor of my oven being self-cleaned with a rancid and sickly sweet overlay. After several minutes, which seem like hours, this devolves to an unpleasant, synthetic combination of smoldering garbage and Lysol air freshener, with apologies to Lysol. I am completely amazed that anyone could prefer this to Vetiver by Guerlain, Sycomore , or Vetiver Extraordinaire. Caveat emptor.
06th July, 2012