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    Oh wow! I don't usually even write reviews, but this fragrance simply commands a positive review from me! I found this at TJ Maxx earlier today and sprayed it on my wrist... It was one of those where I couldn't stop smelling my wrist all day. It smells so exotic and woody. I am in love. Smells like a cedar dry sauna - this is the theme that keeps jumping out at me. I went back and purchased the gift set for only $20!!! - A 1.7 oz spray, a deodorant, and an aftershave! No question about it; This is an instant favorite. I read that this was someone's favorite wood scent in a thread on this board, and thats the reason I decided to test it. Hooray for basenotes for hooking me up with another awesome fragrance I wouldn't have otherwise discovered!

    28th July, 2006

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