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Eau Lente by Diptyque

I often hear Diptyque criticized for having scents that are linear and unchanging, and I do understand the complaint from time to time. Eau Lente, however, is in no way linear.

Previous reviews are right-- this does start out with quite the potporri/spice rack smell. Two sprays on my wrists left me with quite the overwhelming smell of cinnamon and cloves, although it was interesting nonetheless. After about 20-30 minutes, these spicy topnotes begin to fade and the scent completely opens up to a lush, warm vanilla that retains a slight spicy edge. The woody opoponax, a note I'm not all to familiar with, also shines in this.

The initial 30 minutes are severe. The following 3-5 hours are heavenly. This is what a drydown should be like. This is an incredibly well made fragrance, and an incredible scent.
02nd August, 2010

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

Pros: Good longevity and excellent projection.

The scent itself is a strange one. I've tried various gourmands, and I really like them. I really like this one too, but I just can't wear it. I smell it and understand the pyramid and breakdown of the notes and all, but regardless, I just end up perceiving it as "this smells like a stack of pancakes with a cup of coffee close to it". Maybe it's just my skin chemistry, but this stuff turns mapley and buttery real quick. I absolutely adore the smell, but I just can't wear this seriously.
29th July, 2010

Burberry Summer for Men by Burberry

At first, this smelled just like a cleaning product to me. Then it faded away into yet another generic citrus scent. Bland and uninspired, and yet another failure from Burberry.
28th July, 2010
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Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

I guess I'm in the minority here. Upon first smell I got a decent orangey citrus. This quickly quickly faded down into what some would say mossy. I would call it gross. During the first hour of the 'mossy' stage, both the person I was driving with and I agreed that there was a certain... fecal note. This may be a little severe, and maybe the juice was bad (I received it as a sample from Hermes), but this was definitely not something I would ever buy. Maybe I'll use up the sample when I'm not around people to see if I like it more.
11th June, 2010

Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

This lasted less than an hour on my skin. On paper, it smells pleasant, green, and the fig is a nice addition.

On my skin, this fades immediately and all that's left is a trace of soft green notes. It's not bad, but as far as longevity and sillage are concerned, this is terrible.
01st May, 2010

Joop! Homme by Joop!

Because so many colognes fall in the gray area of "inoffensive but not wonderful", I give Joop! credit for being so obnoxious, despite the fact that it's obnoxiously bad. I've tried it multiple times, and each time had me questioning, "what was I thinking when I put this awful stuff on my skin?". The most recent (and hopefully last) time I put the stuff on, I tried scrubbing it off minutes later to no avail, which I suppose speaks wonders about it's longevity. Joop! is, of course, a very sweet and in no way masculine smell. It is also not feminine whatsoever, it simply falls outside of the spectrum of smells I would associate with a human being. Perhaps it's a great scent for a candy, but god knows it isn't for me. Musk, vetiver, cinnamon? I smell none of these things. It's dry down is significantly better than the blatantly offensive opening, but not enough to make this something I would ever want to wear.
14th April, 2010

cK one Summer 2009 by Calvin Klein

From the bottle and on first smell, this is some really expensive Hawaiian Punch. But I must admit, it's a really pretty bottle and the screw off cap is a big plus. While it's a little (a lot) fruity at first, I don't mind the overwhelming blast of tropical fruits. Unfortunately, within minutes the sweetness fades and what remains is, as somebody else put it, a smell of fruity fabric softener...which isn't too bad of a thing. It's very comforting and pleasant. The longevity is average and it projects without being annoying. It's a beautiful bottle and a pleasing smell, but I really do wish it would keep more of the initial Hawaiian Punch smell.
11th April, 2010

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

I found this sealed at a Goodwill for two dollars, and I think that describes the scent pretty well. It's thick, musky, and occasionally smells a little bit funny, but not necessarily in a bad way, just like thrift store clothing racks. While this isn't something that I would wear all of the time, it's fun every once in a while and carries really well and lasts quite a while, and for what it is this is an adventurous and somewhat unique scent that takes some chances.
11th April, 2010

DKNY Be Delicious Men by Donna Karan

From the bottle, and for the the first hour or two, this is a great fragrance. A comforting mixture of apples, citrus and coffee that is, despite being perhaps a little too obviously synthetic, a real great scent. Unfortunately, the longevity and silage of Be Delicious crashes and burns around the 2 hour mark and all that's left is a subtle and somewhat sour apple note that stays very close to the skin.

11th April, 2010

Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand

Lucky You isn't an artistic statement or a benchmark in modern fragrance. It's a nice, cheap, clean and green scent that is a completely safe bet in any situation. This won't turn heads, but it's also better than simply being 'inoffensive'. Although what you put on and what you're wearing four hours later is roughly the same thing, it's still going strong at four hours and has some outstanding longevity. If you go about this scent with an open mind and consider it's price and simplicity, it truly is a great cologne.
11th April, 2010

Hugo by Hugo Boss

Another scent that won't turn heads, but also won't offend or be overlooked. I don't quite get all of the fruity notes that others mention, but it's definitely a little spicy and peppery. It evolves quite well for being a cheapish (35 for 150ml) scent and has relatively good longevity.
11th April, 2010