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Acqua Fiorentina by Creed

Apple and cedar chips. A fairly authentic, nice apple, but still apple. I generally like cedar as a basenote with florals, but the ultimate cedar drydown on this is too dry when combined with the apple. While the top and heart were nice enough, they don't warrant the price, so I had to give this a thumbs down rating.
31st October, 2014

The Afternoon of a Faun by Etat Libre d'Orange

I don't think this is unisex - it definitely reads feminine to me. In fact, the first reaction I had to it was that it resurrected some of what was lost in recent reformulations of Y Yves Saint Laurent. I love the green orris combined with benzoin. Its also very long lasting being very noticeable even after 12 hours. Overall, a wearable and beautiful scent.
17th January, 2013

My Glow by Jennifer Lopez

Musky floral with aquatic undertones. The juice smells so impoverished I thought maybe they had spent more on the bottle. Nah.
29th December, 2009
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Histoire d'Eau by Mauboussin

I'm with UBU on this - I wore Daim Blond one day and this the next, and I think I may actually prefer this! Plus I got my bottle for less than $10. How can you beat that?
29th December, 2009

Un Matin d'Orage Eau de Toilette by Annick Goutal

I feel compelled to step in to break the tie on this one. While not as offensive to my nose as it seems to have been to UBU, what starts out as a faintly pleasant floral deteriorates into an irritating ozone-tinged sweet floral after about 15 minutes. I get the concept: the thirsty earth soaking up the welcome rain, the scent of gardenias mingling with steamy soil, but there are no surprises in this fragrance. My nose is weary after smelling it for 30 minutes.
18th June, 2009

She Wood by Dsquared2

I like She Wood, but where's the wood?? I guess I shouldn't complain, as so many feminine fragrances recently practically hit you over the head with too much artificial sandalwood or cedar (Jasmin Noir, Armani Code). From the name, I just expected a woodier scent.
06th June, 2009

Kapsule Woody by Lagerfeld

Not enough differentiation between Kapsule Woody and Kapsule Floriental IMO. None of the three are very good.
06th June, 2009

Kenzo Power by Kenzo

The note descriptions for this appealed to me, dispite it being marketed to men, and I was anxious to try it. My reaction upon smelling it was that it was pleasant, but disturbingly familiar. I finally realized that it reminds me of an Avon fragrance I used to have as a shower gel (Imari). That had something of a fantasy flower as well, in that the closest it came to including anything from a flower was the imagination of the perfumer. But I must have some pleasant associations with the scent, because I'm very drawn to Power.

It also has a very faint suggestion of mentholated Tocade to me.
06th June, 2009

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Candied Apricots on Vanilla Ice Cream. I like the Rose Gold color of the cap and neckband on the bottle.
08th February, 2009

Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

I like the top and heart note in this - I do get the "Jasmin" of Jasmin Noir, and actually perceived Joy-like floral notes during the first 45 minutes of wearing. The green sap note and gardenia in the top are nice as well. The problem I have with this is the same one I have with Blv Notte: Bvlgari has apparently started using an artificial sandalwood that turns to sour and acrid on my skin after a couple of hours. Lets just hope they don't reformulate the Bvlgari's I love (Femme, Eau Parfumee, Black) with this same ingredient.
07th January, 2009

Chemical Bonding by Ineke

I was strongly reminded of Clinique Happy by Chemical Bonding. I don't care for Happy due to the pronounced (to me) chemical notes, but I will guess that if you like Happy you will like Chemical Bonding.
18th November, 2008

Pure Vetiver by Azzaro

I got a bottle of Pure Vetiver as a toss-in with a swap for another fragrance, and have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. From the name, I was expecting VETIVER, but what it delivered is more a tea scent with the ginger notes others have mentioned. Very wearable by a woman - its more a unisex than true masculine. I like it better than Mugler's Cologne, which I owned for a while.
30th October, 2008

Ailleurs et Fleurs by The Different Company

What drew me to this fragrance was the concept of two white flowers with very different associations being paired together as equals: the bridal, even virginal orange blossom and the sultry night flower, tuberose. On first applying un parfum d'Alleurs et Fleurs the orange blossom jumps out with a very natural, high-pitched sweetness that registered at the back of my throat. I could actually taste it. This sweet floral note is balanced with the leafy green note mentioned by another reviewer. As the fragrance dries down the volatile orange blossom transitions to tuberose and the musky basenote appears. I'm a fan of many fragrances that fall into the "orange-tuberose" category, such as Carolina Herrera, Fracas and Delicious. This is a different and unique take on that category, much lighter and subtler, as is befitting something from "The Different Company". In this pairing, I'd say the orange blossom gets top billing, while in the others tuberose is the predominate note.
29th September, 2008
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Touch by Tous

I bought Tous Touch primarily because Tous occupied the street-level store in the hotel I stayed at in Barcelona last year, and every time I walked past I saw the big display of perfume bottles in the window. (Okay, I liked the bottle with the hammered-gold cap and teddy-bear charm around the neck!) As I wear the fragrance now that I'm back home I've discovered that its a virtual clone of Coco Mademoiselle in the drydown. It has the same citrus top notes, floral heart, and vanilla-patchouli base. Actually, Tous Touch may be more wearable in some ways because its not quite as instantly identifiable as Coco Mlle. Luckily for me, I like Coco Mlle, but don't currently own it.
24th July, 2008

Carlos Santana for Women by Carlos Santana

I tried this one twice before buying, and agree that the drydown is better than the topnote. I had a fling with my shower gel/lotion/EDT for a while, but have decided now that its just not complex enough on the skin. It ends up being too "soapy".
19th June, 2008

Estée by Estée Lauder

I wore Estee as a signature scent in the late 1980s, though in the perfumed cream version, which I think made it somewhat less sharp. I always got compliments on it. Unfortunately the cream isn't sold any longer, and while I occasionally wear the perfume, I've moved on to other loves.
19th June, 2008

Vanille 44 by Le Labo

Official notes are: Bergamot / Incense / Gaiac Wood / Mandarin / Vanilla / Muscenone / Pipol / Hedione. The first hit is the Gaiac wood and vanilla, but as it drys down the bergamot, mandarin and floral notes surface. Very pleasant, but also rather light. I think it would work well for daytime/office wear, and is definitely unisex.
16th May, 2008

Shalimar Light by Guerlain

I've read that people who love Shalimar come in two types: those who experience it as a sultry oriental, and those whose foremost perception is the fresh and floral notes. In the original, those two characteristics were always at war for me. It's both simultaneously, as if it were a botched layering experiment. I was pleasantly surprised that Shalimar Light corrects this problem. It starts out with lemon cream and vanilla, and seems to dry down in reverse to a pretty jasmine-iris floral. After several hours, I'm left with mainly floral notes with just a hint of vanilla. If you would never wear Shalimar, you may find that you love Shalimar Light.
01st May, 2008

Liz by Liz Claiborne

I'm really perplexed by the other two reviews posted - the both seem to be for the original Liz Claiborne fragrances, a sharp aldehydic floral. "Liz" on the other hand is an aquatic melon-fruity scent. Not much like the original IMO. I added this to my wardrobe because on testing it had a fairly long-lasting pleasant drydown, and already received a compliment on it today (my first wearing).
17th December, 2007

Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren

There is a kind of chemical, astringent, freshness to this scent. Interesting, but not something I can wear often.
10th July, 2007

Delicious by Gale Hayman

If you can't try this in parfum, don't bother, but in parfum it is subtle and divine. If it weren't discontinued, I might wear it every day.
28th October, 2005

Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice by Guerlain

While the top note was engaging - and that got me to buy it - the drydown was musky and smelled like a cheap aftershave (Old Spice?) Ugh.
09th July, 2005

Max Mara by Max Mara

After testing this at the perfume counter I liked it better than most things I'd smelled, and had it on my wishlist for quite a while. I eventually bought it a couple of weeks ago, but discovered I didn't enjoy wearing it as much as I thought I would. I seemed too similar to Sugar Blossom, but had an artifical note that annoyed me after wearing it all day. It has found a better home now.
09th July, 2005

Park Avenue by Bond No. 9

Fresh floral predominated by iris and chamomile. The chamomile softens and lightens the iris, making this a less serious fragrance than it would be otherwise.
16th November, 2004