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    Tuberosa by Profumum

    A sweet floral that unlike other tuberose scents manages to stay a few steps ahead of pungent fancy Vegas bathroom freshener. It is a powerful scent, but very pretty at the same time. I don't care much for tuberose so I wouldn't wear it myself, but on a lovely lady with pearls I can see myself completely enamored.

    05th June, 2011


    Flame by Burger King

    My coworker has this delightful fragrance and unfortunately some was sprayed on me. Smells primarily of charcoal grill, not really burger. Not that bad, but nothing I'd choose to smell.

    10th June, 2010


    Lentisque by 06130 Zéro Six Cent-Trente

    I want to love this scent, because I can smell the basis for something wonderful. The fragrance strength is so weak though that I have to fight to distinguish the notes, and then fight to smell it at all in just an hour. So sad. What I do smell when I can is lovely though.

    18th May, 2010


    Unspoken by Roja Dove

    I searched for something redeemable in the opening....and I could sense hints of earthy notes to tame the candy sugary beast....but then they were lost, swallowed whole by syrupy candy.

    The dry down is much more pleasant, when the sandalwood peaks through the syrup, but overall I felt very displeased with the fragrance.

    11th March, 2010

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