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Aria di Capri by Carthusia

Aria is an odd duck. It literally makes me sick when I smell it at the nozzle. The thought of wearing it puts me off. When I initially tested it, I was repulsed with the artificial "peach candle" scent that I detected. However - there it was stuck on my skin, in the heat and....I couldn't stop smelling it (in a good way) after a few minutes! My nose was plastered to my wrist the rest of the sunny afternoon. Day 2 - same thing - hesitant about testing it, but once on my skin - irresistable! Bottom line, warm, sunny peaches, aldehydes and some bitterness (bay leaf?)....won't grab it often, but when I do, it'll be hot and sunny out and I'll just spray it on without thinking about (otherwise I might change my mind) I said - an odd duck.
13th September, 2011

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

Womanity isn't Angel....period. OK, so now that that's overwith....what is it? Well, I usually say "on my skin" but in the case of Womanity I need to say "in my nose" as this fragrance is a nose scent rather than a skin scent to me. What I mean by that is it literally sticks in my nose (not sillage per se). This is one of the reasons that the longevity is incredible to me (don't breathe it in too deep or you might start tasting it - yuk). My nose first gets a sharp tingle (the salt effect I suppose) and then a juicy burst that is also someone creamy (the fig fruit). I really like the" juiciness" of Womanity and that's why I give it a thumbs up. I'm not a fan of fruity scents, but I am of "juicy scents" (I like Alien too for that initial juicy blast). I'm not going to try and list other notes as that's not my forte...just want to mention the sharp note followed by juiciness followed (long after) by a nice woody drydown - that's my review and impression. I like it for the melange of sensations, and to me - it's not common or like anything out there -'s not Angel :-)
09th February, 2011

Beige Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I went through a 20 mL decant of Beige and then purchased the full sized honker of a bottle. I have been searching for an "everyday" office fragrance that doesn't bore me to tears and this is it!! Starts with freesia and what I perceive as honeysuckle, but then moves into a creaminess that makes it more than a floral. I don't know why I find this simple fragrance so compelling other than the fact that it really isn't that simple (just masquerades as such) and it just smells good and clean - but expensive too!
22nd December, 2010
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Belle d'Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Beautiful bottle, ad campaign, heritage...boring, blah mish mash of a scent on my skin. This is one of those fragrances that was orchestrated to smell wonderful on much so that I bought it based on that (I had other fragrances on so I did not sample on my actual skin in the store - why can't I ever learn). Later, when I had a chance to properly spray the sample I had (luckily before opening the retail package) - I knew it was going back immediately. No discernable notes...warm and spicy yes, but just a mess of poorly blended perfume sillage on me. If you are lucky and it smells on you like it does on paper, then I would give it a thumbs up...unfortunately as soon as it hit the warmth of my skin, it disintegrated into an uninteresting, pedestrian hodge podge.
22nd December, 2010

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

When I saw Dominique Ropion listed as one of the perfumers, I had high hopes....but this was a major disappointment. Upon application, the sillage was that of the" air in Perfumania" after a spritz-a-thon. Just a mish mash of fragrance notes without any real structure. Once it dried down on my skin (about 15 minutes later), notes became clearer (jasmine, fruit) but still nothing special to talk about. Generic floral mess.
17th December, 2010

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

I've only owned VdH for a few days but I've been testing and wearing it often since I opening the box.

First sniff if straight gin and tonic! Fun that the smell of gin and tonic can be captured so well...luckily this smell lasts less than 5 minutes (I don't want to go around smelling like a spilled a drink on myself)....after that last, you're left with 100% JCE accord - but it's my favorite of his signature accourds thus far! Less sweet than Caleche Delicate, more sweet than Terre D'Hermes -just perfectly right in the middle.

I will wear and keep this as my absolute lightest scent in my wardrobe - it is fleeting, but great for when you want to wear this during the day and switch off to something heavier in the evening.

Also - I love how JCE at Hermes make all of the Hermes scents smell cohesive and signatures of the brand. I don't know how he does it but no matter whether you wear Voyage or Kelly Caleche or Terre, you always seem to smell like you walked right out of an Hermes boutique - brilliant!
15th August, 2010

Knowing by Estée Lauder

I wore KNOWING when it first came out in the 80s....I drenched myself in it (the horror!!), but now as I revisit this old-time favorite....I do apply it with a lighter hand.
Now, KNOWING has a lot of oakmoss in it and I fear(ed) a reformulation, so I got my hands on a bottle of new old stock (15 years old) and a bottle of fresh new stock and I will compare the 2 side by side.
The old new stock is a deeper amber color whilst the new stock is a lighter gold/slightly green color (I didn't notice the green tinge - it's so light - until I compared it side by side with the older one). Also, the older bottle has a more secure gold piece on the bottle.
I spritzed the older KNOWING on my left wrist and the newer on my right....I think I did pretty well with equal sized squirts. Within the first moments - I thought, oh no, the new old stock is "old" because a few moments of musty "old fragrance" were evident, but they disappeared in about 10 minutes and now I believe I am smelling true old stock in my comparison to new stock.
The old new stock now smells (25 minutes later), a little softer and less sharp than the new stock but this is a VERY minimal difference....honestly I would not notice this difference if I weren't doing a side by side. They smell very similar (so good job EL if there have been changes). The sillage of both seem the same. When I press my nose to the skin I cannot make out obvious note differences, however the one difference that I do get - and I can't explain since they do smell almost identical - is that when I breathe in the old new stock I almost think of the smell I get when walking into an Hermes boutique, however I do not get this mind/smell image when I breathe the new stock. VERY WEIRD and I can't place what is causing this difference.
Overall, if you are a KNOWING fan, I say kudos to EL for keeping this one true! I am a KNOWING fan and when I wear it, I feel rich and sophisticated and unique, but as others have said you've got to be in the right mood. Fabulous chypre IMO!
12th August, 2010

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

This fragrance came out when I was in college, and let me tell you - every young female that I knew (including me) snapped it up. It was/is a delightful, elegant sparkling scent - a lovely floral chypre on the line of Ysatis - but brighter. Unfortunatley we all grow older and when certain scents grow old with us - they get termed the dreaded "old lady scent". I absolutely abhor that phrase and mind set. My 7 year old daughter smells and tests everything I own without prejudice and some of her favorites are White Diamonds, Sublime, Shalimar Eau Legere...and Delices:-)

Now, on the other hand, this has been reformulated - I know it!! There is a more powdery - in your nose - drydown then there used to be. Is it a deal breaker for me?? Yes - because I have so many others that I now prefer....but had that change not occured, I would probably still grab it weekly. And of course, since it's a celebrity fragrance and mature people will gravitate toward Liz Taylor while the younger set may prefer Britney....but putting celebrity and marketing give this one an honest try if you love floral aldehydes/chypres!
12th August, 2010