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Signature Collection : Nuit Noire by Mona di Orio

I recieved a sample of this from the good folks over at the Perfumed Court after reading it was a "skank" perfume at another website. The opening was huge- civet and jasmine. Ohhhhh, nice! Like slightly floral MKK with the civet being more dominate. Into the midnotes, the civet began to shrink and as time went by the florals and amber overtook the civet and it became a little boring. I could still detect the civet every now and then, but the hot skanky vixen with the heavy black eye makeup and black-crimson lipstick had turned into a more refined proper lady trading in her Catholic school girl outfit for a designer evening dress. An evening filled with hot uninhibited sex followed by a quick shower and a formal night out. The drydown was strange, I must say. Like another reviewer all I got a wierd grape smell... like grape kool aid or some kind of hard grape candy. The longevity wasn't great ( the CK Obsession Men was still going like a steam locomotive on my other wrist- I use this as a control so I know it's not my nose getting fatigued ) , but towards the end you really aren't missing anything unless you really like grapes. I still have to give it a thumbs up because of the AMAZING opening and for what the designer was trying to do here.
20th January, 2010

Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria's Secret

Bought a mini of this to sample. The opening on this is a bit harsh, but after a few minutes it starts to become more mild mannered and starts smelling good. Definitely gets better over time. Fruity without smelling like a fruit salad or being overly sweet, with the florals becoming more prominant as it progresses. With all the notes listed, it's hard to single out indivdual notes. Definitely sexy, but don't know about the noir part - maybe that's what's keeping it from being one of those sickly fruity scents. Not the greatest, but still good none the less.
18th January, 2010

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

I am very sad that I bought a decant sample of this. All of my other 40-50 fragrances I own have now been diminished (to me) - hollow vestiges of their former selves. I had to have this and ordered it before the smell had even begun to fade from my initial spray. Only place I found it was Barney's and they only had the 50ml bottle. Stupid purple dinosaur! I hope my decant lasts until it gets here.

Not offensive, rank, funky, or foul, but maybe skanky in a "Come here and let's Fcuk all night and I lick the sweat off your neck before I bite you because you smell so good" kind of way. SeXXXy stuff indeed!!! This is my Holy Grail scent.
18th January, 2010
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