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    Magnetism for Men by Escada

    I had heard and read so many rave reviews from both men and women regarding Magnetism for Men. So when I saw this fragrance selling rather cheaply in a chemist the other day, I immediately tested it on both my skin and a tester card believing that I would be walking out the door with a purchase.

    Unfortunately, (I must be the first woman to say this), I didn't like it. Magnetism for Men, was in my opinion, far too sweet and strong.

    I like sweet scents on myself, however on a man it just doesn't seem right. Magnetism for Men, opens with an overly sweetened smell of glace cherries, which somehow smells medicinal to my nose, like that cherry flavoured cough syrup I used to take as a child.

    The leather note is not strong enough in my opinion and it tends to be rather synthetic and rubbery. The scent, although unique, has been composed in such a strange manner.

    I do agree that this fragrance is dark and in some ways sensual, however it is not my idea of a sexy scent. I would have liked to have seen more spiciness and richer woodsy notes.

    The lasting power is very good, very lasting on the skin. And as you may have guessed, the sillage is extra strong. The only thing I can manage to say in conclusion to testing Magnetism for Men, is that you really should test before you buy.

    07th August, 2011


    Emporio Armani She by Giorgio Armani

    We call this fragrance Armani She where I'm from. In my area it is extremely popular and has been for many years.

    Armani She is one of those simplistic, yet likable vanilla skinscents. Meaning that it smells very natural and delicate on the skin.

    The vanilla in this fragrance is warm, milky and creamy. The scent reminds me of Diesel Plus Plus Feminine, just without the synthetic edge. Honestly, the fruit in the top notes don't stand out much to my nose. The lime and pear are certainly present, however the white, flowery tuberose tends to dominate.

    The white floral components of Armani She are what drives the fragrance until the vanilla kicks in. However the vanilla in this fragrance is not sweet, rich or syrupy. It is really soft, almost powdery.

    I remember smelling Armani White last year sometime, and I recall it smelling a little similar to this fragrance. They both tend to have that clean, natural, creamy feel to them.

    The lasting strength of Armani She is good, however the sillage is fairly intimate. Because of its softness and delicacy, I would recommend this fragrance for wear all year round.

    07th August, 2011


    CK Free by Calvin Klein

    I'm a little shocked by looking at the notes listed here. CK Free doesn't smell as unique as its composition.

    I'm in agreeance with the other reviewers here, CK Free is very bland and boring. It's missing something that makes it stand out from the rest of the male scents on the market.

    CK Free is not unpleasant, I find it very wearable, however it has a very citrusy and fresh edge that is starting to become a little overdone in the fragrance industry. I don't see citrus listed here in the notes, but I swear I can smell some bergamot and lemon with an almost aquatic type note.

    The woods are not very prominent. In fact, the oak and cedar are so subtle that they could be easily dismissed. More in the way of the juniper berries, coffee and patchouli would have given this fragrance an interesting touch and would have made this fragrance far more complex than it is.

    All in all, CK Free is a pleasant Summer scent that just hasn't managed to reach the mark with me.

    07th August, 2011


    Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

    This is the first male fragrance that I've tried that I can actually classify as luxurious.

    Prada Man is sophisticated rather than overly masculine or sexy. I'm not saying that it isn't pleasant, because it most definitely is, however its cleanliness and subtlety is what I find differs from other scents.

    There aren't any particular notes that stand out in this composition. They all tend to blend together nicely, creating an almost soapy and creamy-like quality.

    There is a subtle hint of sweetness, particularly in the drydown, that is more natural than sugared. I'm certain that this fragrance's simplicity would garner many compliments from men and women alike.

    When I first sprayed this on a card, I had to spray a few times in order to smell it. Fearing that it would be like Prada L'eau Ambree, which I could not smell for hours, I over-applied. Prada Man does take a while to settle, so it's best to wait it out before coming to a conclusion.

    Prada Man lasts quite well and the sillage is moderate to average. I do believe that this fragrance is geared towards men who want to be conveyed as being conservative and classy.

    07th August, 2011


    L'Eau Ambrée by Prada

    Prada L'eau Ambree didn't start off to well with me. I had first sprayed this on the card, smelt nothing. I then applied to my skin, still nothing. I even sprayed into the air around me, absolutely nothing.

    I honestly could not smell a thing, and my nose is very sensitive.

    I was wondering how on earth I would write a review when I couldn't even tell you what it smelt like. Thankfully I could begin to smell a subtle hint of citrus and patchouli after an hour had passed.

    Well, this fragrance is certainly not loud or offensive. It is extremely intimate and very subtle. Unfortunately it tends to vanish on the skin quite quickly. So the moment it appears, it's gone again.

    Throughout the duration of this scent, all I had managed to detect was the patchouli, the citruses, soft amber and delicate, powdery vanilla. I concluded that Prada L'eau Ambree smelt very much like an expensive bar of soap. Very clean and feminine.

    This fragrance was certainly not unpleasant, however it was disappointing due to all the hype surrounding it. I much prefer the original Prada as a unique and characteristic fix for my amber cravings.

    07th August, 2011


    Kenzo Amour Florale by Kenzo

    I liked the original powdery and sweet Kenzo Amour, however it turned sickly with my chemistry. I had decided to try Kenzo Amour Florale in hopes that it would somehow suit me better.

    The florals in this fragrance are very fresh yet strong. When I first sprayed Kenzo Amour Florale on a tester card, I was amazed by how strong the sillage was on just the card alone.

    Summer and Spring seem like the perfect seasons to wear this fragrance. I'll admit that the grapefruit, black currant, frangipani and gardenia, although pleasant, do have a slightly synthetic edge, which to some may be off-putting.

    I don't mind the plasticy type smell. In fact, I rather love it. The array of fresh florals in this fragrance are quite lovely. The scent is rounded off with mostly musk, which makes for a soft and feminine drydown.

    I liked this fragrance so much on paper that I decided to test on my skin. Alas, once again the scent turned on me, creating something rather bitter and sour, a little like off milk. I was not too impressed. However it was due to my chemistry and not the fragrance itself.

    The scent lasts and lasts, and as I mentioned before, the sillage is particularly strong. For those that can wear these kinds of scents, I envy you.

    07th August, 2011


    Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès

    Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, is in one word, odd.

    This fragrance is the definition of unique. There really isn't anything remotely like it that I have come across so far.

    The opening is very herbaceous and vegetal. No doubt, by looking at the notes, you understand why it smells like this. I come from a home where my mother is a gardening fanatic, and I swear that this fragrance smells very natural, just like a thriving vegetable garden.

    Whether or not you want to smell like a garden is up to the individual. I'm not accustomed to these kinds of scents, however I'm not ruling them out altogether. Wearing Un Jardin Sur Le Nil would be both an experience and an honour all at once.

    Interestingly enough the heart turns quite floral on the skin. The orange and peony notes tend to battle it out in strength, and the lotus gives a delicate, almost aquatic type feel.

    The drydown is almost an oriental. Especially in regards to the incense, cinnamon and powdery iris notes. The base notes finalise this fragrance well, rounding off an almost wild and unique scent with a soothing, church-like atmosphere.

    The previous reviews do not lie, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a truly amazing scent, a masterpiece in fact. I am not surprised that Jean-Claude Ellena has composed this. With such great lasting power and its ability to work well in almost every climate, there is no excuse why every true perfumista should not try this marvellous scent.

    07th August, 2011


    Eau de Cartier by Cartier

    For those that love refreshing citrus-based fragrances with that slight masculine touch - Eau de Cartier is for you.

    I'm not a big citrus wearer. I prefer to smell it on others rather than on myself. However with that being said, Eau de Cartier is certainly lovely and fresh. Perfect for a hot Summer's day.

    The yuzu is an interesting note. I first experienced it in Incanto Bliss by Salvatore Ferragamo, which I think I liked simply because of the yuzu note. So for those that aren't too thrilled with citrusy scents, do try something with yuzu in it and you may be pleasantly surprised.

    Eau de Cartier is one of those everyday type of scents. On the skin it feels clean, subtle and comforting.

    In some ways Eau de Cartier reminds me of Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. Possibly because of the citrusy opening and the cedary drydown. I do however love the patchouli note in this fragrance. It is spicy, earthy and delightful.

    I did try to love this fragrance, however the masculine citrus note got in the way of that full-fledged love. The lasting power was rather weak as well, which only left me bitterly disappointed. However, as I mentioned previously, both men and women alike, those who love citrusy scents, will most likely love the classy Eau de Cartier.

    07th August, 2011


    Very Irrésistible for Men by Givenchy

    The first thing I thought of when I tried this fragrance was that it was a masculine version of Angel by Thierry Mugler.

    Chocolate is really dominant in Very Irrestible for Men. It's like a gourmand fragrance for men, which is often hard to come by. They do say that bacon is a man's favourite smell, so why don't they produce more foody-smelling scents for men?

    I quite like chocolate on a man. In this fragrance it is rich and syrupy. Almost dark in a sense. The hazelnut and mint only add to its deliciousness, however the grapefruit in the opening gives this fragrance a bit of a zesty and fruity feel.

    The colour of the bottle tends to confuse me into thinking that I can smell a greeness in this fragrance, however when I sniff more closely I contradict that thought.

    The woodsy drydown with the now softened chocolate note is something to die for. I can safely define this fragrance as being very sexy. The lasting power is good, however it could be better. But despite all of that, I think that Very Irresistible is a very irrestible buy.

    07th August, 2011


    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    Well, what can I possibly say to describe this amazing fragrance that hasn't already been said?

    To me, Tobacco Vanille is sex in a bottle. This fragrance seems to be edible, however I wouldn't classify it as a gourmand.

    I've grown up surrounded by the scent of tobacco, however I am never repulsed by it. The smokiness of the scent seems to be a comforting medium for me. When combined with the rich vanilla in this fragrance, the tobacco really takes on that soothing feel. It feels rather 'homey'.

    The scent is very strong at first, very rich and tobacco-y. If you've ever smelt a packet of cigarettes you'll find that they have a slight raisin type smell. This certain smell has been emulated in Tobacco Vanille's opening.

    The vanilla is sweet, yet not too sweet. This is certainly something that would smell amazing on both men and women, a true unisex fragrance.

    Expensive, yet well worth the money spent. Tobacco Vanille has amazing sillage strength and lasting power. I'm talking in terms of days. Since this is the only fragrance from Tom Ford's line that I've tried, I am very interested in testing them all.

    07th August, 2011


    Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

    I absolutely love ginger, particularly when it features in a male fragrance, such as BLV pour Homme.

    The ginger was so fizzy in the opening that it fooled me into thinking that lemon also featured in this fragrance. In that sense it does have a very fresh, almost citrusy feel to it, and because of that, I recommend this fragrance for the warmer weather.

    I must admit that the fragrance started off quite generic, however before I could yawn, BLV pour Homme developed into something rather woodsy and enticing. There was also a subtle spiciness that I really enjoyed.

    This fragrance is sexy without being too bold or offensive. It smells absolutely amazing on a man I must admit. I'm a little wary to try it on my own skin in case it disappoints.

    This is yet another pleasant and casual male fragrance from the classic Bvlgari line, who are in my opinion the gods of modern yet simplistic scents.

    07th August, 2011


    Dirty English by Juicy Couture

    Dirty English is true to its bottle design; very masculine, rich and boozy.

    Spicy and dirty, this fragrance is either a love it or hate it. I personally love it because it is so different from the other male scents out there on the market.

    The opening is extremely strong, almost like pouring straight rum onto your wrist and inhaling deeply. I am surprised to see that rum has not been included in the notes, for I swear that I can smell it.

    Dirty English has that real bad-boy appeal. It's for the man that is a little bit of a classic bad-boy. He wears black leather jackets, rides fast motorbikes, slicks his hair back and smokes cigarettes. He can seduce a woman with just one glance in her direction.

    This fragrance reeks of spice, woods and leather with a touch of boozy rum. It is almost impossible for a woman to pull this fragrance off. I feel like putting a sticker on the bottle saying 'for men only'.

    The lasting strength is good and be warned, this fragrance is very strong, so please do not over-apply. You may have women running in the opposite direction if you do. I highly recommend.

    07th August, 2011


    Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci

    I am really impressed with Gucci's male fragrance range. I have loved each and every one of them, so much so that I've even considered wearing them myself.

    Gucci pour Homme II is deliciously spicy, refreshing and sexy. It would make a fantastic all-year round scent, for all seasons and all occasions.

    It's masculine yet subtly sweet. It opens with a green yet floral violet leaf note followed by an interestingly citrusy bergamot and spicy cinnamon composition.

    Exotic spiciness is what makes this fragrance. The black tea note, (as others have already mentioned), really brings out an exquisite uniqueness in Gucci pour Homme II.

    Fresh yet warm, this fragrance tends to contradict my senses a little. One minute it's a comforting scent, the next minute it is rousingly sexual. The myrrh and the tobacco notes in the drydown really accentuate the ruggedly masculine sexiness that I find so intriguing.

    The lasting power is excellent so there is no reason why I should not recommend this fragrance so highly

    07th August, 2011


    Infusion d'Iris by Prada

    Prada Infusion d'Iris is the definition of elegance and class.

    For those of you that want lots of flowers, sweetness and strength, this fragrance probably isn't for you. Infusion d'Iris is a clean, inoffensive floral. Slightly musky and woodsy.

    In truth, I hated this fragrance at first. It opened with a harshness that was both soapy and herbaceous. All I wanted was a delicate floral note, yet what I first experienced was odd and unpleasant to my nose.

    Thankfully the heart was much nicer with the iris and orange blossom notes peeking through and eventually taking over.

    Well Infusion d'Iris is certainly a Prada fragrance in its sophistication and simplicity. I do appreciate those aspects in Infusion d'Iris, I think that more simplistic, classic scents are needed on the market these days. There are too many overly sweetened and overly fruity scents that people seem to prefer wearing.

    This fragrance is not something I'd personally buy for myself and to be completely honest, I do prefer Acqua di Parma's Iris Nobile for my iris fix. However, this fragrance is beautiful in a soapy, clean sense. It is perfect for those days at the office or when you want to feel fresh and feminine all day long.

    07th August, 2011


    Very Hollywood by Michael Kors

    I'm not actually certain as to why so many people dislike this fragrance. To my nose, Very Hollywood is a glamourous, feminine and delicate white floral.

    There is a slight tropical element to this fragrance, possibly due to the jammy raspberry note. This fragrance is a little similar to Marc Jacobs for women, especially in regards to the strong gardenia note.

    I like the creaminess that this fragrance conveys. To me this scent is smooth and divine. Its milky-creamy aspect makes this a perfect choice for white floral lovers.

    I do think that this fragrance is indeed very Hollywood. Both the scent and the bottle feels very chic and extravagant.

    The lasting power is amazing, lasting well into the next day. I'm impressed with this latest creation from Michael Kors.

    05th July, 2011


    Chocolovers by Aquolina

    This fragrance is for the true gourmand lovers.

    This is chocolate at its best. Rich, velvety and delicious. A melt in your mouth kind of chocolate.

    Chocolovers sits smoothly on the skin, almost like a creamy hot chocolate, thick and luxurious. The chocolate and hazelnut notes tend to dominate the most, however a sweet candy-like lemon note sets off this fragrance with a citrusy touch.

    I love this fragrance for Winter wear. It brings a sensual, foody touch to the cold night air. My friend who loves such rich chocolatey scents like Thierry Mugler's Angel, absolutely loves this kind of fragrance. As said in her words, "I want to eat it".

    I dare say this is one of the sexiest, richest gourmands you'll possibly ever experience.

    05th July, 2011


    Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile by Acqua di Parma

    I was beyond excited to try this fragrance. I almost dreamt about it.

    Magnolia Nobile does indeed start out citrusy and alcoholic, however the more it settles on the skin the better it becomes.

    The magnolia is obviously a dominant note in this composition, however the lemony finish tends to override it ever so slightly. I was disappointed that the rose and jasmine were not as prominent. The woodsy notes tend to be the main focus in the heart and drydown.

    I was honestly enjoying this delightful, Summery take on magnolia until it suddenly transformed into a big, strong, bathroom air-freshner type scent. Please don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, it's just not to my personal tastes.

    The scent is very feminine, just not very young or lively. For such an expensive price tag and a niche label, I really did expect something a little better, perhaps more floral and rich.

    05th July, 2011


    Omnia Crystalline by Bulgari

    This fragrance for me was very different after I spent the day smelling many fragrances that were partcularly 'perfumey'. Omnia Crystalline is more watery than anything. It's refreshing, light and oceanic.

    I'll start by saying that floral aquatics don't suit my skin chemistry nor my personality, but with that being said, I can appreciate them and in some instances, I do rather like them.

    I'm on the fence in regards to Omnia Crystalline. It opened nicely on my skin with a delicious pear note and watery lotus, however the tea note is particularly strong which doesn't agree with my nose.

    Throughout the transformation on the skin, Omnia Crystalline becomes ever so slightly soapy and clean. I must admit that if this fragrance was overwhelming or heavy I'd probably detest it, but in this case, seeming that it is so delicate and light, it is very pleasant.

    The lasting strength is pretty good, excellent for such a light scent. The warm weather I've heard really brings out the beauty of this fragrance. I'll be interested to see how it fairs in Summer at the end of this year.

    05th July, 2011


    Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

    I did not like the female version of this fragrance in the slightest, so I was actually interested to see whether or not this fragrance would once again disappoint me.

    Well, Diesel Fuel for Life Homme, is better than the female version. Five million times better.

    I couldn't believe what I was smelling. This fragrance is deliciously seductive and masculine.

    It opens with a subtle hint of grapefruit and rich, sweet, licoricey anise. It's like a more woodsy, more masculine version of Lolita Lempicka, just minus the vanilla.

    I'll agree with the previous reviewers that state that this fragrance can be worn by either sex. I'm a very girly-girl and I'm really enjoying gender-bending this fragrance.

    The deep woodsy aspect blended with the almost tart raspberry, anise, spicy notes and heliotrope, gives this fragrance an earthy-like finish, very unique and distinguishable.

    Diesel Fuel for Life Homme, smells sexy on a man and daring on a woman. The lasting strength is fantastic and the sillage rather strong. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming if over-applied.

    It's a pity that I hadn't discovered this fragrance until now. I have missed out on many a chance to douse past boyfriends in this wonderful scent.

    05th July, 2011


    First by Van Cleef & Arpels

    First by Van Cleef & Arpels, is in my opinion very classy and timeless. It is perhaps a little too old for me, but in regards to the future and much older me, I will be re-visiting First.

    There is an obvious powdery aspect to First, rather aldehydic and along the lines of another Chanel No.5. However, the powder is not all that sharp. It tends to be quite soft and elegant.

    Towards the drydown I detected an odd yet beautiful sweetness, which I now relate to the honey and vanilla notes. This subtle sweetness when blended with the delicate white florals, smells absolutely divine.

    The powdery-ness does diminish ever so slightly when settled on the skin, making way for a more soapy finish. First to my nose, smells like an old-fashioned bathroom complete with scented soaps and floral-printed shower curtains. Strangely quaint, yet very likable and familiar.

    One thing that we must acknowledge is the fact that this fragrance has lasted for over 30 years in the industry and has been crafted by the very talented Jean-Claude Ellena. I'd recommend this fragrance to anyone that loves powdery, clean or classic scents along the lines of Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel No.5 or Lanvin's Arpege. The quintessential fragrance for a true lady.

    05th July, 2011


    Arpège by Lanvin

    Arpege was an extremely surprising find for me.

    I dismissed it before trying it because I had assumed Arpege was your classic, sharp aldehydic fragrance that only suited the more mature consumers. How wrong could I be?

    This is no Chanel No.5. Arpege may be powdery and sophisticated, but it has such depth and elegance that somehow makes Arpege intriguingly sexy on the skin.

    As a young woman, not even 20 yet, Arpege doesn't make me feel old or predictable. In fact, I feel very comfortable wearing Arpege, sexy almost.

    It's mostly powdered jasmine, lily of the valley and ylang ylang to my nose, with a touch of spice. Very feminine and floral. I really cannot stop smelling my wrists with this one, which shows that aldehydic fragrances are really growing on me.

    I must add that I am so much in love with this fragrance that I have ordered a mini straight away. However something tells me that a full bottle will be sitting on my dresser very soon.

    05th July, 2011


    Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

    Parisienne is yet another quintessential rose fragrance on the market today.

    Unlike the original Paris by YSL, Parisienne is a much softer, more watery rose scent, excellent for wear in the warmer months.

    The red berries and blackberry in the top notes, really adds a lovely fruity touch to the already dominant rose note. It gives this fragrance a subtle tart-like finish.

    Parisienne is a modern take on a very popular scent; rose. In my opinion it is very chic and stylish. Kate Moss actually represents this fragrance well.

    I was a little surprised that this was in EDP concentration. The way it rested lightly upon my skin with such little sillage strength, made me swear it was an EDT.

    Like I previously mentioned, this is a very refreshing, watered-down rose scent with a slight greeness about it that makes for a very Summery and inoffensive fragrance.

    Casual yet classy, Parisienne will impress you with its simplicity rather than its uniqueness.

    05th July, 2011


    Pure DKNY by Donna Karan

    Simplistic yet likable, Pure by DKNY will leave you feeling feminine, clean and pretty.

    Pure and 'white' is really what this fragrance conveys to me. It's a subtle blend of florals with only a slight touch of sweetness.

    There is something very soothing about this scent, however it may be difficult finding an occasion to wear it. For me, personally, it's extremely casual, like something you'd wear if you chose to spend the day at home.

    I can't pinpoint any particular notes in Pure by DKNY. They all seem to blend together nicely making an all-round, pleasant and clean floral blend.

    The lasting strength is so-so. Not particularly long-lasting but not fleeting either. I'd recommend Pure by DKNY as being a good choice for those women that dislike anything too strong or too 'perfumey'. This could be that perfect, gentle and inoffensive floral that they may have been searching for.

    05th July, 2011


    Pleasures Delight by Estée Lauder

    Estee Lauder and myself tend to have our ups and downs. I rather enjoy her older and more classic fragrances, however the more recent fragrances often get bad reviews from me.

    Pleasures Delight is one of her scents that I do like.

    This fragrance is very gourmand. It's mostly rich caramel, strawberry icecream, marshmallow, pulpy pomegranate and sugared rose petals.

    The scent in my opinion is a little strong and often headache inducing, especially if over-applied. Because of its thick and syrupy, candy-like structure, Pleasures Delight won't appeal to everyone. In some instances it reminds me of Fantasy by Britney Spears and Fancy by Jessica Simpson.

    When this fragrance was released there was a massive trend for sweet scents, however recently there has been more of a need for soapy and refreshing scents. So evidently this fragrance wouldn't be as popular as it may have been, however for those of you that do love gourmands, especially those with a strong caramel note, Pleasures Delight may indeed delight you.

    05th July, 2011


    Glam Princess by Vera Wang

    Personally I think that this particular fragrance is aimed towards the younger segment of the population. For a few days now I've observed the particular crowd of people that test this new fragrance and their reactions. A majority of the positive reactions have come from young school-girls with rather girly attributes.

    Girls like myself, heading towards the end of their teenage years and facing the beginning of their womanhood may not find this fragrance overly impressive.

    I thought that Glam Princess was a little predictable. In my opinion it's your typical, overly sweetened fruity gourmand in a colourful yet childish bottle.

    The fruity notes are more like candy and gummi-bears rather than the actual representation of the real fruit. The heart of orchid and orange blossom was pleasant, however I felt as if someone had dribbled syrup all over the delicate bouquet, and the drydown in my opinion, was sweet, warm and woodsy, and far too similiar to the original Princess drydown.

    The scent is not boring, however it's not overly exciting either. To be honest I didn't expect much, so I'm not disappointed, I'm just frustrated in a sense that I can't find a Vera Wang fragrance that I actually like.

    Another unfortunate aspect of Glam Princess was its lack of lasting strength which was rather poor in regards to the high price tag which should suggest quality.

    05th July, 2011


    Sculpture by Nikos

    Sculpture by Nikos is absolutely delightful. I'm a sucker for unique fragrances, and this fits the bill perfectly.

    On the skin it's rather sweet, but not cloyingly so. It smells very much like marshmallows and sugared milk. Light and fluffy.

    In the opening, freesia tends to be the most dominant note, with the lemon being rather candied in the background. The floral notes make their entrance rather early, dismissing the fruity notes altogether. Orchid, ylang-ylang, jasmine and lily of the valley together create a softly feminine fragrance. There is also a subtle grassy note that adds to this fragrance's uniqueness throughout the composition.

    The drydown is quite lovely and warm. The vanilla and musk are soothing, while the benzoin, tonka bean and cedar create a rich, almost resinous, woodsy quality.

    Personally I think that Sculpture could wear well all year round, in any season. I find it extremely pleasant when worn on a very cold day, such as today. I'll add that the lasting power and sillage are commendable.

    05th July, 2011


    Éclat d'Arpège by Lanvin

    Eclat d'Arpege is a really delicate fruity floral. I'm not usually a fruity floral girl, however I am impressed with this fragrance.

    A little crisp, but mostly soapy and clean, Eclat d'Arpege won't attack you with any sharp citrus notes. It is perfectly balanced with the fruits and flowers coming together in harmony.

    It is somewhat similar to D&G Light Blue, just without the strong lemon opening and the cedary, pencil shaving drydown. I prefer Eclat d'Arpege over Light Blue any day.

    The fragrance has a slight aquatic feel in the opening, however towards the drydown the powdery woodsy notes deplete this sense of watery freshness.

    Unfortunately this fragrance doesn't last very long, however I often find that this is the case with most fruity florals that are on the softer side. Despite the poor lasting strength I still recommend Eclat d'Arpege as a nice choice for Summer for those that want something simple and pretty.

    05th July, 2011


    Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

    I have spent almost two years trying to figure out what this perfume was called.

    Giorgio goes all the way back to my childhood. I vividly remember my neighbour coming over for coffee doused in this fragrance. Strangely enough, no matter how much she over-applied, I loved this fragrance.

    This is your typical, loud 80's fragrance. A little bit peachy, flowery, vanillary and incensey.

    I must add that Giorgio goes extremely well with cigarette smoke, the two work hand in hand. The woman that wears Giorgio, in my mind, is usually a heavy smoker, with red cheeks, purple painted nails and high heels. In other words, a sophisticated woman with attitude.

    Giorgio may be cheap, but the fragrance itself lasts for such a long time. The sillage, you can be certain of, will leave a memorable trail. Rather classic in a sense.

    For most people, Giorgio will be far too heavy, sweet and flowery, however in my humble opinion, it is more than tolerable, it's a memory and a classic olfactory experience.

    05th July, 2011


    David Beckham Instinct Ice by Beckham

    I really liked the original Instinct although I found it a little sharp. Intense Instinct was dark, spicy, fruity and sexy, yet Instinct Ice is refreshing, light and comforting.

    I sprayed this on myself the other day, and let me tell you ladies, this can definitely be unisex.

    It opens rather citrusy with subtle pepper notes. Initially this fragrance does smell rather masculine and has many similarities to the original Instinct, just perhaps much fresher and lighter.

    After about an hour, the scent really softens with the birch, geranium and rosemary creating a lightly herbaceous and woodsy quality. The scent is still fresh however a somewhat milky sweetness, which turns very feminine on my skin, comes through. On a man's skin or another's chemistry this may or may not happen.

    The drydown is very smooth and peaceful, slightly woodsy and sweet from the tonka bean.

    Unfortunately the lasting strength is fairly disappointing, however male scents in general don't tend to last very long anyhow. I still recommend this fragrance despite the lasting strength being poor, to anyone of any age or gender.

    05th July, 2011


    Heat by Beyonce

    It seems to be that you'll either love this fragrance or hate it. Like most celebrity scents, Heat by Beyonce is somewhat generic, however pleasant.

    Although vanilla is presented well in this fragrance, the fruity notes tend to dominate. The peach and orange notes tend to be very sugary and synthetic, slightly headache-inducing when over-applied.

    I wouldn't say that this fragrance is particularly sexy or fiery as the name would suggest. It's one of those scents that wear well during the day or out at night without being too outstanding or offensive. I see many young girls liking this fragrance and being the most targeted consumers.

    I wouldn't have minded a little less sweetness here and perhaps some hint of spiciness, which in my opinion would have improved this fragrance greatly.

    Beyonce has a rather strong personality, a lot of sassyness and female power. I'm a little disappointed that her fragrance doesn't portray this. Heat, in my opinion, is too safe for me to wear.

    05th July, 2011

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