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    Bellissima by Blumarine

    I've noticed that many reviews liken Bellissima to other scents on the market. On my skin this fragrance does not smell like Ralph Lauren's Romance, D&G The One or L'eau The One. Instead it smells like an exact copy of Moschino's Funny!

    From the sharp, citrusy opening of orange, to the rich peony heart and the musky base, the similarities to Funny! are either intentional or a pure coincidence. With that being said, I'd classify Bellissima as a fruity floral.

    The scent is very refreshing and Summery, however I do wish that there were more floral notes here, I want to smell the passion flower note badly.

    I don't get much in the way of sweetness here, so perhaps that is a fault of my skin chemistry rather than the scent itself.

    I just haven't come to terms with how similar Funny! and Bellissima are. I can only wish that I still had a drop left of Funny! so I could compare the two on either wrist.

    I applied Bellissima to a piece of paper where I could clearly smell a sweetened, candy-like raspberry note which does remind me of The One in some instances. However I can not detect this note on my own skin.

    Unfortunately I'm disappointed by Bellissima, since I had expected something a little different and more floral. However as a substitute for Moschino's Funny! I'm not all that disappointed.

    05th July, 2011


    Tocade by Rochas

    The first time I smelt Tocade was from the bottle, and let me tell you it was not a pleasant experience. My first impression was that it smelt strong and medicinal, not at all sweet or feminine. A friend of mine sent me a decant of Tocade a few months ago and it took me this long to be game enough to try it on the skin.

    How glad I am that I gave this fragrance a chance. On the skin, Tocade becomes a warm and powdery vanilla, soft and delicate.

    I find similarities between this fragrance, Hypnotic Poison by Dior and L'eau par Kenzo eau Indigo, which I love.

    Tocade's baby-powdery softness is surprisingly light and clean on the skin. The loud, outrageous bottle design and the dark, richness of the liquid seemed to suggest otherwise. The word pretty actually comes to mind as I smell this wonderous fragrance.

    It's difficult to pinpoint any particular notes in Tocade, they all seem to blend together quite well. Obviously the vanilla is the most dominant note, however I guess there are subtle hints of the white florals and patchouli every now and then.

    The drydown is lovely; musky woods and creamy vanilla. The sillage is actually very intimate so this is not a fragrance sure to offend anyone. On that point however, I do wish that the scent was that little bit stronger. I wanted to share the scent with the people around me.

    05th July, 2011


    Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

    Boss Bottled is quite often mentioned in the forum as being an extremely sexy fragrance for men and adored by many women.

    Of course I was very eager to try it. Boss Bottled is an extremely pleasant and likable fragrance. Even the sales assistant was quick to agree and state that this fragrance was by far her favourite men's cologne.

    I won't go so far as to say it's my favourite, however I do like it, very much.

    Although it is primarily spicy, citrusy and a little sweet, Boss Bottled smells very refreshing and clean to my nose. The scent is masculine, however I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a woman wearing this fragrance.

    Although the notes listed as part of the composition look promisingly unique, I can't say that it's very different from anything else. Overall, Boss Bottled is a pleasantly wearable fragrance with only a subtle hint of sexiness.

    The lasting strength is quite good, the sillage being rather intimate and inoffensive. Personally I enjoy this fragrance from afar and up close. The spicy-woodsy quality is truly enchanting in a sense and the muskiness of the drydown makes this fragrance quite natural smelling. In my opinion, this fragrance should be an essential part of any man's fragrance wardrobe. It's a great go-to scent.

    05th July, 2011


    Imari by Avon

    I'm not surprised that Imari is a scent from the 80's. Scents back then were intended to be intense, lasting and rich.

    The powdery aldehydes are dominant from the very beginning. However, they are not sharp since the spices and resinous, bitter galbanum balance out the chemical-like quality that aldehydes sometimes portray.

    I can't say that Imari is particularly unique seeming that there was a huge trend for aldehydes during the 70's and 80's, therefore there are many fragrances that smell similar. However, there is something truly likable about Imari.

    It is true that this fragrance is likely to appeal to the more mature woman, although it must be said that as a young woman in my early 20's, this fragrance could be worn easily by anyone of any age, including myself.

    Imari isn't very sweet or flowery, to my nose it is mostly musky, clean, warm and powdery. It is one scent that really should be applied in small quantities, seeming that I made a mistake when I first wore it, of spraying way too much and smelling like a harsh overdose of talcum powder.

    Unfortunately the lasting power wasn't very impressive for me, lasting no longer than 3 hours, which was a huge disappointment. I only wish that Avon produced more fragrances that last as well as smell good.

    30th June, 2011


    In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon by Avon

    In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon, in my opinion, is a very likable and refreshing floral fragrance.

    My immediate observation was that it smelt very much like my fragrance love, Burberry Weekend. They both share a wonderfully luscious and juicy peach note highlighted by honeyed florals.

    The tea note gives In Bloom a sharper and stronger edge that Burberry Weekend lacks. While this fragrance reminds me of happiness and sunshine, I also believe that it could work well as both a casual and formal scent.

    The white florals in the heart of this scent are very pretty. Soft and feminine. However what starts out as a rich floral bouquet quickly becomes soapy and clean on the skin.

    Due to the 'straight-out-of-the-shower' type feeling that this fragrance conveys, I'd recommend In Bloom for Summer and Spring. I actually think that Reese Witherspoon was the perfect face for this scent. She's the kind of person that could wear classic, feminine, golden and carefree fragrances with ease and confidence.

    The drydown is rather pretty with the cashmere wood and amber rounding off the scent with a rich and soothing woodsy-ness. Unfortunately the drydown doesn't last very long, a few minutes at maximum. The overall scent itself lasts about 4-5 hours, not bad but not impressive either.

    30th June, 2011


    Absynthe by Christian Lacroix

    Absynthe is very chemical in a sense. However I don't mean that I'm repulsed by it, I just find it that little bit odd.

    When I first sprayed this on, my immediate thoughts were that it smelt like menthol and a cosmetic aisle. I was a little disappointed that it didn't smell anything like absinthe, the very potent alcoholic beverage that has been banned in my own country.

    Absynthe is only slightly green, but not in a grassy or rainforest sense. It smells damp and musty to me, like a heavily timbered area which barely sees the light. It reminds me slightly of Eden by Cacharel.

    This fragrance is floral, but not in a feminine or delicate way, they sit on the skin quite rudely with their complexity. There is also a subtle spiciness brought about by the saffron and a bitterness caused by the wormwood additive which is the most common ingredient found in absinthe.

    Despite liking the idea and concept behind the fragrance, this is not really a true homage to absinthe itself, but rather a unique green floral with an interesting muskiness. The lasting power is unfortunately very poor.

    30th June, 2011


    Unscripted by Patrick Dempsey

    Unscripted is very masculine and very woodsy. I was almost taken aback by how much the woods dominate in this fragrance.

    Upon first application, Unscripted is rather strong. However when it begins to settle it smells like pencil shavings and pepper. I surprisingly like this combination as I find it quite unique and interesting.

    The fig in the heart is rather pretty, however the thick, resinous quality of the woods doesn't allow the fig and lavendar notes to shine or take over.

    The drydown is quite earthy and musky, relatively natural smelling to my nose. I'm a huge fan of patchouli, so the note in this fragrance does not bother me with its prominence, although for some it may.

    Patrick Dempsey as seen on Grey's Anatomy doesn't suit this ruggedly masculine fragrance, however the way in which he has been portrayed through the advertising images for Unscripted; unshaven and fierce looking, captures the essence of the scent itself. In other words, this fragrance would suit a strong man that embraces his sexuality.

    If you're not bothered by this fragrance's poor lasting power and genuinely love the scent, I'd see no reason as to why you shouldn't go out and buy it.

    30th June, 2011


    Imari Seduction by Avon

    I quite like Imari Seduction. It has a deliciously oriental and jammy-like feel to it.

    The plum note in Imari Seduction is luscious and rich, not nauseating or synthetic in the slightest. The vanilla adds a touch of warmth and sweetness that is very enjoyable. I actually think this fragrance is a little similar to Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, it even has a drydown that is somewhat similar to Britney Spears' Fantasy.

    As you may have guessed, Imari Seduction is quite sweet and fruity. It's not unpleasant in my opinion and I rather like scents of this kind.

    There is a deliciously exotic note of orchid that arises every now and then to entice me, however the vanilla, which turns rather syrupy towards the drydown, overshadows the rich floral note.

    The packaging is rather lovely and the images very true to portraying the scent itself. One can almost sense the juicy plum before smelling Imari Seduction.

    Wearing this fragrance makes me feel sexy and exotic. I was rather disappointed when I realised that the lasting strength wasn't all that impressive. However this fragrance has urged me to try the original Imari and other Avon scents.

    30th June, 2011


    Black Suede by Avon

    I have been a tiny bit of a perfume snob, so I've often pushed aside many Avon fragrances thinking they were cheap and nasty. However, after receiving an Avon catalogue on my doorstep with some Avon perfume samples, I retract my previous comments.

    Black Suede could easily be unisex in my opinion. It has a beautiful powdery-like quality that is rather classic in a sense and soothing.

    For some reason I feel leather in this fragrance, but only a very slight hint of it. This fragrance is mostly musk, woodsy notes, sweet nutmeg and clove.

    The scent reminds me of crisp, white pressed shirts that my Father wore to work each day. It has a very clean and fresh feel that is lovely on both sexes.

    On me, this fragrance is soft, powdery nutmeg and leather, however on a man's skin Black Suede is far more masculine and warmer. I agree that this does have an almost baby powder type smell, however I'm a big fan of scents like that and sometimes wished more men smelt like this.

    A man wearing Black Suede would be a man that I could trust and feel comfortable around. It's not a scent meant to drive women wild, it's a comforting fragrance designed make a lady feel safe and secure around her man. I highly recommend.

    30th June, 2011


    Unforgivable Black by Sean John

    My man wears this and let me tell you, it's amazing on him. Very few colognes smell good on him because he's a heavy smoker, however this somewhat sweet and pleasantly fruity scent suits his skin so well.

    The sweetness is what makes this fragrance so different from the original Unforgivable fragrance. This fragrance seems so much more balanced than its predecessor.

    I think the few extra notes thrown in was a good decision made by the perfumers working for Sean John. The overall composition is quite calm, meaning that there are no nasty surprises hiding in the top, middle or base notes.

    In the opening I particularly enjoyed the tangerine and pear notes being supported by soft citruses, earthy cardamom and soothing lavendar. The slight sweetness is carried on through to the middle notes of herbs blended with iris.

    The base is very masculine with rich rum, tonka bean and amber concluding the olfactory experience. I find that with Unforgivable Black it smells much more expensive than what it is worth.

    I couldn't imagine any other fragrance on my man. He's been wearing Unforgivable Black as his signature for a few years now. Unfortunately this fragrance is becoming harder and harder to find these days. Such a shame seeming that it has proven to be an applaudable effort from a celebrity house.

    30th June, 2011


    Unforgivable by Sean John

    I find something rather strange and irritating about Unforgivable by Sean John. I can't put a definite finger on what it is that I detest, I just know that I'm not attracted to this scent in the slightest.

    The opening is extremely synthetic and sharp. It's one big citrusy mess with strange additives of basil and birch leaf which don't seem to blend well.

    The heart notes aren't much better, however thankfully the scent softens slightly. Lavendar, Clary Sage and Iris gives this fragrance a rather herbaceous and aromatic feel.

    In the drydown I can detect mostly musky sandalwood and some strong alcoholic note which I assume is supposed to be the rum, however instead it smells like straight vodka.

    I'm not really a fan of this fragrance, even the sales assistant turned up her nose at this one. It would suit very few men in my humble opinion.

    30th June, 2011


    Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

    A very interesting fragrance I must admit, which is surprisingly very masculine, even though the notes listed do suggest otherwise.

    Fahrenheit 32 opens with a milky-like quality and sharp orange blossom. It's a fragrance better suited to the warmer months in my opinion due to the citrusy elements, however it could wear well in Winter and Autumn also, in stronger doses.

    The scent itself is relatively intense, as is the case with most Dior fragrances. Tending towards the sweeter side, Fahrenheit 32 does have a dominant vanilla note, however it is neither sickeningly sweet nor thick and syrupy. The rich, woodsy quality from the vetiver with-holds the vanilla from becoming too feministic and strange. The vanilla to my nose becomes only slightly powdery and fresh.

    As a woman, I don't think that I could easily wear this fragrance so I can safely recommend this to men only. I am highly impressed by the lasting power which makes this fragrance one of the better EDT concentrated colognes on the market today.

    30th June, 2011


    Black by Kenneth Cole

    I was a little confused when I tried Black for the first time. I didn't know that there was both a female and male version of the scent, I thought there was just one, and that Kenneth Cole Black was unisex.

    Obviously now I understand, however I won't retract my original observation that this could be worn by both men and women.

    There is something very unique and likable about this fragrance. It tends to be rather spicy and sweet, exotic in a sense.

    The opening of ginger, mandarin orange, basil and mint is both refreshing yet delicate on the skin. Sensuality is projected through this fragrance quite strongly.

    I find that the incense, nutmeg, ginger and cedar seem to be the driving force behind this fragrance. The combination of those notes create an intense and sexy aura. Incense in any fragrance usually turns out to be a hit with me because of its beautiful smokiness and mystery.

    Unfortunately Kenneth Cole Black doesn't last for as long as I would have liked. I think it's very important to be able to enjoy this fragrance on the skin for as long as possible. However despite the poor lasting power, I do still recommend this fragrance to men and women alike.

    30th June, 2011


    The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

    I tried this fragrance out of sheer curiousity as to what Matthew McConaughey smells like. I thought that whatever The One for Men smelt like it would have to suit a sexy, suave, rich and egotistical man.

    Well this fragrance sure does suit men like him!

    The scent is kind of sweet but spicy at the same time. The grapefruit and herbaceous notes like basil and coriander tend to stand out a lot. While sweet, I fully recommend this fragrance for men, as it is extremely masculine, and dare I say, sexy.

    I detect a slight vanillary note that tends to mingle amongst the spicy and woodsy accords throughout this fragrance. It gives the composition a warm and somewhat syrupy feel which is both unique and sensual.

    The tobacco and cedar in the base notes, rounds The One for Men off nicely with a touch of smokiness which to me is the epitome of the perfect manly man.

    The lasting power is not bad, however I do wish that the sillage was that little stronger. I'd recommend this fragrance for wear during the colder months, special occasions or when you want to suitably impress your lady.

    30th June, 2011


    Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

    I was very intrigued by this fragrance seeming that I had read so many rave reviews on it. It was surprisingly quite difficult for me to track down, however I managed to find it hidden amongst some lesser known fragrances in a quiet little chemist.

    Upon first application I was beginning to question why this fragrance was so popular. The citrusy opening notes were very strong and in some ways, harsh. The scent was also quite green, which is an aspect that I rarely like in fragrances.

    I did not doubt Grey Flannel's obvious masculinity, however I expected something more unique and memorable. It wasn't until the scent settled that I understood why Grey Flannel is so likable.

    The scent has an almost soapy-fresh quality with subtle herbaceous notes. I can see why this fragrance is hailed as a classic, it is indeed very sophisticated yet adaptable for any occasion.

    It actually smells rather nostalgic to me. I swear that my Father used a talcum powder that smelt rather similar to Grey Flannel when I was a child.

    The whole powdery, clean aspect of this cologne is both warm and cozy. Unfortunately I find the name of this fragrance rather misleading, as the name Grey Flannel only makes me think of old, smelly men's pyjamas.

    When settled on the skin, Grey Flannel smells very natural and musky. It also lasts a good while which only adds to this fragrance's appeal.

    30th June, 2011


    Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    Gucci by Gucci pour Homme is certainly nice, but a little too safe in my opinion.

    A sales assistant described this fragrance as being sweet, however I do not agree. I'm also not very convinced that this is a woody chypre.

    I'd say that this fragrance is more of a woody aromatic. The scent is refreshing, masculine, yet bland. A little like Only The Brave by Diesel.

    The cypress and bergamot opening, while somewhat unique, needs more strength. I appreciate that Gucci wanted to produce something modern and stylish, however they failed, creating something rather generic.

    I agree with a reviewer on Fragrantica, "Acc", that Gucci by Gucci pour Homme "is not meant to be vibrant, virile, sexy, attractive to women, refreshing or fancy." I do understand that. However from a female's perspective, women like their men to wear a fragrance that is memorable, something that they may smell elsewhere yet connect to you with fondness. This fragrance just doesn't seem to have that ability.

    The scent dries down to something rather musky and subtle. Unfortunately the unique notes like elemi resin and olibanum aren't standouts here.

    The lasting strength is very poor, terrible in fact, which is very disappointing. I do still recommend this fragrance, however not with the upmost enthusiasm.

    30th June, 2011


    Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    I had almost given up on Gucci fragrances. I had disliked all the female scents, (with the exception of Envy Me 2) and had little enthusiasm when I came around to trying their male scents.

    What can I say? I like all that I have tried so far. Gucci pour Homme is to die for.

    This fragrance is spicy, woodsy and masculine; all that a man should be. With such complexity within this composition one might expect a disaster, but have no fear, Gucci pour Homme is so well blended.

    The opening is extremely powerful. One should wait until the fragrance has settled and dried on the skin before inhaling this wonderous scent. The top notes are mostly intense spices with a smokiness that resembles the scent of a smouldering cigar. The whole experience is almost aromatic.

    Towards the drydown, incense, papyrus, leather, musk, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli and oakmoss become more prominent, creating an earthy and dry finish that is rather sensual, warm and mysterious. The sillage and lasting strength is better than good. It is truly amazing.

    I haven't come across anything that smells this good on a man yet. I do more than recommend this fragrance, I urge all men to go out and buy it.

    30th June, 2011


    Envy for Men by Gucci

    I bought this fragrance just the other day when I was out shopping for a cologne for my boyfriend. I had tested many male scents that day, however this one stood out amongst the rest.

    To be completely honest, I think I liked this fragrance because I could see myself wearing it. It had this alluring, dark and spicy sweetness that captivated me almost immediately.

    The sales assistant actually agreed with me that this fragrance could easily be unisex on the right woman. I believe that I am the woman that can succeed in wearing Envy.

    Envy for Men opens with peppery orange, lavendar and rich mahogany. The top notes also have a slight menthol smell which is possibly brought to mind due to the intense green colour of the juice itself. The ginger is really lovely in this fragrance as in most cases ginger can make or break a scent.

    In the heart the sweetness becomes more apparent with the carnation, jasmine and rose hinting that this fragrance is suitable for women as well.

    The drydown is amazing. Vanilla, incense, patchouli, amber and tobacco creating a smokey and almost exotic scent. It is a delight to snuggle up to someone wearing this fragrance as it is both soothing and arousing.

    I had every intention of giving this fragrance to my boyfriend for his birthday, however now I seem to be changing my mind. I am almost decided on keeping this fragrance for myself and finding him something else to wear or suggesting to him that we could possibly share.

    30th June, 2011


    Vera Wang by Vera Wang

    Vera Wang is another one of those Summery wedding fragrances.

    To my nose, this fragrance is a rather intense floral blend with subtle citrus undertones and freshness. The rose, gardenia and lily tend to be the strongest floral notes throughout, however although pleasant, there is nothing particularly outstanding about the way it has been composed.

    Beautiful this scent certainly is, however I do crave more depth and character. Vera Wang doesn't evoke any strong feelings or themes for me. It is neither romantic nor memorable, which should be the requirements for a wedding scent.

    Personally I find Vera Wang to be more casual than elegant and sophisticated. This fragrance is unfortunately not compatible with my skin either, as it tends to turn sour towards the drydown.

    I had high hopes of this fragrance being a rich and creamy white floral scent, however the jasmine, gardenia and lily tend to create a clean-like quality that is both classic and pleasant, but not to my tastes.

    As in regards to Vera Wang's lasting power, it is rather average and disappointing for its high price tag. I somehow expected more from this famously renowned designer label.

    30th June, 2011


    Vera Wang Bouquet by Vera Wang

    It's my understanding that Vera Wang fragrances are designed to be worn on special ocassions, specifically on your wedding day. Surprisingly however is the tendency from most people to wear them casually.

    Bouquet is one of those fragrances I would wear casually myself. I probably would not consider wearing this on my big day.

    I've always been that girl that dreamed of an Autumn wedding, even though the consensus of women choose their wedding day in the heat of Summer. This crisp, citrusy and clean floral may be the perfect choice for others, yet it does not appeal to me.

    I seem to detect a note that smells rather similar to a green apple in the opening, which contributes to this fragrance's Summery crispness. The juiciness of the overall composition makes the scent more playful than romantic.

    Personally I find Bouquet to be rather synthetic and generic. This fragrance and the Incanto line by Salvatore Ferragamo are rather similar in both scent and style.

    Another disappointment was the lasting strength which was relatively weak on my skin. The scent comes across as being quite thin and watery. Unfortunately I am not a fan of this fragrance.

    30th June, 2011


    Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren

    I expected Pure Turquoise to be rather aquatic and crisp for some reason, however I'd describe this fragrance as being more of a delicate and fresh bouquet of flowers.

    Pure Turquoise is surprisingly pretty and feminine. The lily is the obvious dominant floral in the composition, however unique additives of cactus, birch, rum and cassia, keep this fragrance from becoming too predictable.

    This fragrance has a delightful softness which makes it ideal for wear in the warmer months. In a way, Pure Turquoise is a softer and fresher version of Donna Karan's Gold.

    It's a pity that Ralph Lauren has decided to discontinue this fragrance. At the moment I'm finding this fragrance being sold rather cheaply, sometimes unboxed. I actually prefer this fragrance over many of Ralph Lauren's other offerings.

    I particularly enjoyed the muskiness and the earthiness from the patchouli in the drydown. I can't understand why some people are questioning whether or not Pure Turquoise is a floral chypre. To my nose it certainly is.

    The lasting strength is rather good, however the sillage, particularly after a few hours is very weak, intimate in some ways. I may consider purchasing this fragrance just before Summer starts this year, however I still haven't made up my mind.

    30th June, 2011


    Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

    While I can understand why so many people dislike Couture Couture, I personally find myself rather enjoying it. I do not consider this fragrance unpleasant at all.

    In fact, Couture Couture is my favourite from the Juicy Couture fragrance range. It's a somewhat odd smelling fragrance, not something that I'm particularly used to trying.

    In some ways I find it a little similar to the newly released Christian Audigier For Her. It seems as if loud florals with strong fruity notes are becoming fashionable again in the fragrance industry.

    I don't think Couture Couture smells cheap at all. I also don't find the bottle tacky or ridiculous in any way. The composition has ensured a perfect blend of fruits, flowers, woodsy notes and vanilla.

    Upon first application the mandarin orange, orange blossom and grapefruit top notes are smooth and strangely intriguing. What follows is mostly plum, rich and jammy. The honeysuckle and jasmine sit lightly in the background, providing subtle hints of softness and femininity.

    The drydown isn't particularly ground-breaking, however it is extremely pleasant and soft. The sandalwood, amber and vanilla provide a nice, basic conclusion to a rather unique fragrance.

    The lasting power is very good and the same can be said for the amount of sillage. I am somewhat disappointed that there aren't many people appreciating this fragrance. I wonder if it had been under a different brand name, whether it would have the same bad reaction.

    30th June, 2011


    Je Reviens by Worth

    Je Reviens is one of those cheap classics. While the EDT is the most popular buy, I had the privilege to try the rather hard-to-find EDP.

    This fragrance is indeed very powdery and complex, but more so in old-fashioned, vintage sense. Since Chanel No.5 started the trend of the floral aldehyde, there have been many fragrances released that smell very similar to Je Reviens.

    Despite the dominant powdery aldehydes, Je Reviens has a very clean and soapy feel brought about by the citrus and floral notes. That refreshing quality, while safe, is extremely likable.

    I can't say that I've ever noticed this fragrance being worn by anyone close to me. I am surprised at this seeming that this fragrance is very popular and cheap in my country. However I am very certain that there are many ladies over the age of 60 who wear this fragrance everyday.

    I was thankful that Je Reviens didn't turn out to be an aggressive powdery scent, however due to my personal tastes I couldn't warm to the scent either. The EDP had rather average lasting strength, however due to a slight case of perfume snobbery, I must admit that I didn't expect much.

    30th June, 2011


    Ambre Gris by Pierre Balmain

    A lovely friend of mine has this fragrance as her signature, so almost two weeks ago when I went to visit her, she sprayed me with this divine fragrance and a little of the scent got on my jacket. I picked up that same jacket today and noticed how well this fragrance had lasted and how elegant Ambre Gris smells.

    I remember thinking when my friend first sprayed Ambre Gris how spicy and sweet it was. It had an almost gourmand feel to it with the cinnamon and vanilla creating a warm and delicious olfactory experience.

    While I delighted in the spiciness of Ambre Gris, I didn't quite agree with the sweetness. I concluded that it was my own personal tastes coming into play rather than the composition of the scent itself.

    I must admit however, that once Ambre Gris fully develops on the skin, there is a certain sense of magic in the air. I cannot detect any hint of pink pepper in this fragrance, yet there is beautiful, resinous myrrh, soft white flowers and edible cinnamon sitting on a musky and almost smokey, incense base.

    I can certainly see why previous reviewers refer to Ambre Gris as being a 'snuggly, sensual, cozy and extravagant' fragrance. Ambre Gris is all that has been already mentioned.

    Burying my nose into my jacket at this present time almost sends me into a state of euphoria. I love rich, spicy and smokey fragrances, so the moment this fragrance reached the drydown I was completely and utterly hooked. I don't believe that I will be able to wash my jacket ever again.

    30th June, 2011


    L'Orchidée Léonard by Léonard

    L'Orchidee isn't what I'd describe as being an oriental floral. What I smell is a particularly strong fruity floral.

    This fragrance was suggested to me by a helpful sales assistant when I expressed my love for strong scents. L'Orchidee is indeed very powerful, however far too much for me.

    The black currant, peach and bergamot opening, screams fruit. In my opinion, this opening is far too loud and offensive. I gave L'Orchidee some time to develop hoping that the orchid note mixed with the tuberose and jasmine would impress me.

    Unfortunately, the orchid note, although present, isn't particularly dominant so it doesn't seem to justify why this fragrance has been named after this note. Up until the drydown, this fragrance annoyed me with its cloying and intense black currant note which made me feel as if I'd had bathed in black currant juice for a couple of hours until it had permanently seeped into the pores of my skin.

    The drydown offered me some relief, with the jasmine, vanilla and woodsy notes calming me down considerably.

    I actually like the bottle, but I find the whole concept rather misleading. I expected something floral and feminine, but what I experienced was quite the opposite.

    On a more positive note, at least the lasting strength was reasonable.

    30th June, 2011


    S de Scherrer by Jean-Louis Scherrer

    Jean-Louis Scherrer fragrances are not very common here in Australia, so when I stumbled across this fragrance in an exclusive boutique, I was intrigued to see what his fragrances were like.

    S de Scherrer is very unique, but pleasant and pretty at the same time. I'm not usually a fan of chypres, however in this case, S de Scherrer has encouraged me to try more.

    The fragrance opens quite strongly. To my nose it's mostly a peppery-floral scent with a slight touch of sweetness. The overall quality of the scent, especially when worn on the skin, is quite creamy and warm.

    In lots of ways, S de Scherrer is a seductive fragrance. From the very first sniff, the scent is absolutely captivating. It's rather a shame that this fragrance hasn't become that well-known.

    The drydown is beautiful. Rich, powdery vanilla on an earthy patchouli base. This blend rounds the scent off nicely.

    The bottle design is a litte odd, but certainly likable. However, I don't think it matches the scent very well. S de Scherrer needs an elegant, minimalistic bottle, somewhat similar to the Chanel bottles.

    The lasting strength of S de Scherrer is fabulous. The scent also maintains the same amount of sillage from the beginning until the end. It's quite hard to put this beautiful fragrance into words, so I suggest that anyone who feels like this might be the fragrance for them, should get out there and test it as soon as possible.

    30th June, 2011


    Yvresse / Champagne by Yves Saint Laurent

    If someone had told me prior to testing Yvresse that it is possible for a fragrance to smell fizzy, to give one a feeling of small bubbles tickling the nostrils, I probably would have laughed. How this fragrance has managed to encapsulate every quality of a glass of sparkling white wine is beyond me.

    Yvresse opens very tart, fruity, strong and yes, fizzy. Whether you like the scent or not, the olfactory experience you witness is unlike anything you'll ever come across.

    Just like a glass of champagne, Yvresse entertains us with sophistication and intoxicating appeal. The incredibly unique blend of notes throughout makes this fragrance truly unforgettable. One of a kind.

    The apricot, nectarine and peach do come on rather strongly at first and in some ways the result could be described as sharp. It is actually this quality however that I enjoy.

    There is only a touch of sweetness in this fragrance, which is mostly caused by the coconut, cinnamon, litchi and vanilla. This sweetness is not unpleasant, just a little odd at first. Something that your nose will need time to adjust to.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this fragrance has been aptly named. Champagne is exactly what it smells like. I love that the later name has been derived from the word 'Ivresse' meaning intoxication.

    30th June, 2011


    Armani Code Summer for Women by Giorgio Armani

    The first time I tried Armani Code Summer, I was truly captivated. For some reason I remember it being more floral and intense. However, the second time I tried it, it was entirely different, quite fruity and light.

    The bitter orange note is very dominant in this fragrance. You're either going to love it or hate it.

    The refreshing and Summery burst of fruits in the opening along with the watery notes, establishes in the first few seconds that this version of Armani Code is not dark and flowery like its predecessor. The scent is light, flirtatious and vibrant.

    While I do like this fragrance, the ginger and cyclamen in the heart turns me off it slightly. Those two notes don't seem to mix well with the bitter orange and jasmine notes.

    The drydown is very simplistic but pleasant. The vanilla is not at all sweet here. It's mostly musk, white woods and orange that I can detect. Just a smooth and basic end to a rather lively scent.

    The lasting strength is exceptionally good. Lasted well into the next day on my skin.

    30th June, 2011


    Eau Mega by Viktor & Rolf

    Eau Mega is quite different to Flowerbomb, by the same house. Even though both fragrances are quite sweet, Flowerbomb tends to be sugary and candied, while Eau Mega is crisp and refreshing.

    Everyone is mentioning a melon note, however when I first smelt Eau Mega, I immediately detected pear. The opening is a little similar to Champs Elysees by Guerlain, just not as strong and more watery.

    The scent is certainly very pretty and great for Summer, however I believe that I would tire of this fragrance quickly. There's nothing overly outstanding about it. What makes it worse is that there has been a sudden boom of Summery, almost aquatic, light fruity scents on the market recently. I'm using the D&G Anthology Series as an example. There are some direct comparisons to L'Imperatrice, L'Amoureaux and La Lune in this fragrance.

    When the initial refreshing pear note subsides in the opening, the basil appears alongside the peony and jasmine, which is an interestingly unique blend. The peony is not strong here thankfully, so the fragrance continues with its subtle and crisp quality.

    Strangely enough I can only smell the lemon note in the drydown, which to my nose is mostly lemon and musk.

    Eau Mega is nice. I wouldn't say that it's particularly green or floral, it kind of sits between being a fruity floral and an aquatic. My only gripes with Eau Mega is the ridiculous price and the clunky, impractical bottle which looks incredibly cheap and nasty in real life. The spray mechanism makes it very difficult to apply in a hurry, as I do most mornings.

    The lasting strength also wasn't too impressive for the high price tag.

    30th June, 2011


    Burberry London for Men by Burberry

    I was eager to test Burberry London for Men as a potential purchase for my boyfriend, who is a rather heavy smoker. Unfortunately this fragrance didn't suit him, however I am quite captivated by the scent.

    Burberry London smells like the ideal man to me. Masculine, strong, fierce and sophisticated.

    This fragrance is certainly spicy, but not in a nose-burning, Indian cuisine type sense. It's more peppery and herbaceous.

    In the opening, the violet leaf, lavendar and bergamot create a somewhat soothing and aromatic quality, however the pepper note insists on making this fragrance masculine and strong.

    The introduction of mimose in the heart is actually really unique in the way that it adds a little sweetness along with the smooth yet sexual scent of leather. Despite the sweetness, Burberry London has rugged appeal.

    Although I am not a smoker myself, the scent of tobacco puts me at ease. I love the way my boyfriend smells; like smokey tobacco, mint-flavoured chewing gum, musty clothes and fruit-scented hair gel. The drydown in a way reminds me of him. It has a very smokey, musty and woodsy quality that I wouldn't mind wearing myself.

    With that being said, although Burberry London is essentially a very masculine fragrance, a woman could perhaps succeed in wearing it. It would take the right kind of woman however.

    30th June, 2011

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