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    Blush by Marc Jacobs

    I'm not a particularly big fan of Marc Jacobs' creations. Although some of his earlier creations are nice, I feel as if his more modern scents are too focused on the bottle design rather than the fragrance itself.

    I had read many bad reviews prior to trying Blush, so I really didn't expect much. What I experienced was actually quite likable.

    It's a little similar to Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana, yet much softer and cleaner. From the very first application, Blush is rather soapy and feminine. The top notes are mostly jasmine and banana with the bergamot and peach notes being extremely subtle.

    The heart is a predictable yet enjoyable white floral blend, which is very delicate on the skin and has a somewhat soapy quality. I don't mind this freshness all that much, I find it nice and comforting. Amidst the soothing white florals, honeysuckle makes an entrance which adds a little more character and depth.

    The drydown is primarily musk to my nose. A very close relation to a natural skin scent. Despite the fact that this fragrance doesn't have fantastic sillage or lasting strength, I'm moderately impressed.

    30th June, 2011


    Young Sexy Lovely by Yves Saint Laurent

    Pretty and delicate, inoffensive yet unoriginal. I'm a little disappointed in Young Sexy Lovely. Yves Saint Laurent usually comes up with interesting and in some ways, unique fragrances. However, in this case, Yves Saint Laurent played it safe.

    It is neither too fruity nor too flowery, it's a nice balance between the two. Young Sexy Lovely is yes, young and lovely, but definitely not sexy. Flirtatious maybe would have been a better choice.

    The scent from the opening to the drydown is very soft and intimate. Pear, peach, cherry blossom, magnolia and musk are the most dominant notes to my nose when I smell this fragrance.

    In my opinion, this would appeal to a relatively young audience, age 13-20. It's nice in a casual, everyday use, inoffensive sense.

    30th June, 2011


    Cheap and Chic Hippy Fizz by Moschino

    I don't understand the hippy reference here. I usually connect patchouli and incense to the scent of a hippy. However, this sparkling citrus fragrance is certainly fizzy.

    Hippy Fizz is very similar to Funny! by Moschino. Although lemon and bitter orange is not listed in the notes, they are certainly present, especially in the top notes.

    The scent itself is very crisp and Summery. Refreshing in fact. I don't sense much in the way of rose or violets, however the lotus and magnolia blend in well with the citruses.

    I was a little disappointed by the lasting strength which was extremely poor. So all in all, I'd suggest Funny! as a better alternative as something that is very similar and longer lasting

    30th June, 2011


    Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

    I see L'Elephant as an escape; an escape from the common and predictable fragrances of today. Not everyone will love L'Elephant, as in some instances the spiciness and boldness can prove to be too much. However, despite the fact that I'm not a lover of this fragrance, I do appreciate its uniqueness.

    The fragrance opens with huge intensity. One is almost blown over backwards with its rich spices and citrus undertones. I wouldn't say that the top notes are offensive in any way, just shocking and vastly different from anything you've ever tried before.

    The spices in L'Elephant are quite stunning in a dark, wild and exotic sense. The cloves, cardamom, caraway, licorice and patchouli gives this fragrance character and a somewhat smokey/incense quality.

    What I find incredibly appealing, and in some ways sensual, is the contrast between spiciness and sweetness, which is brought about by the mango, ylang ylang and vanilla. It's a guilty pleasure that you experience, like adding a spoonful of sugar to a spicy Indian cuisine to send your tastebuds on a confusing yet enjoyable journey.

    The drydown is very mild compared to the opening. The sweetness from the vanilla is more prominent here, as is the amber and the woods. I find it a delicate and comforting end to a rather wild olfactory experience.

    The L'Elephant woman, in my opinion, is either a charismatic extrovert or a dark, mysterious introvert. On the right person, this fragrance is unforgettable.

    30th June, 2011


    Kenzo Amour by Kenzo

    Kenzo Amour is really lovely, beautiful in fact.

    I had actually imagined something stronger, more bold and heavy as Kenzo's interpretation of love, however this fragrance is flawless. Delicate and predominantly powdery, its subtlety is very likable.

    I am a big fan of powdery fragrances as of late, especially powdery vanilla scents. There is something very feminine and comforting about them. Kenzo Amour's softness is pleasantly unobtrusive to both the wearer and the people around you.

    While the vanilla and musk really do feature in this fragrance, other detectable notes, such as frangipani and Japanese cherry blossom, gives Kenzo Amour a somewhat exotic feel.

    The overall result can be described as creamy and alluring. I disagree that this is just baby powder, I think it has far more substance than that. I really enjoyed wearing Kenzo Amour and I thought the lasting strength was simply outstanding. Another great Kenzo offering in my opinion.

    30th June, 2011


    Vintage by Kate Moss

    It's unfortunate that many of Kate Moss' fragrances are often overlooked. Amidst the celebrity perfume releases, Kate's fragrances aren't half bad.

    My favourite from her is still Velvet Hour, however Vintage stands out in its own unique way. The scent itself is quite fresh and pleasant, with only a slight touch of floral notes.

    I would have preferred the pink pepper note to be slightly more prominent in the opening, as it is a little too subtle in my opinion. The mandarin orange note is also quite subtle, so the freesia really comes forth.

    The freesia note actually reminds me of a freesia scented soap that my Mother uses, so in a way, Vintage has a somewhat clean, 'straight out of the shower' quality.

    The heart can only be described as pretty. The jasmine, heliotrope and almond blossom are mild and slightly powdery. Due to the sillage not being very strong, Vintage is quite intimate.

    There's far too much musk in the drydown, which I found overshadowed the vanilla and tonka bean notes. It smelt like musty sheets that had been stored in a dark closet for too long. However on my friend, the drydown is surprisingly the best part, as it smells deliciously nutty and vanillary.

    While Vintage has played it safe here with a very basic composition, I'll add that this fragrance is difficult to dislike. I actually didn't have a problem with the lasting strength, as I thought it lasted quite well on both myself and my friend.

    30th June, 2011


    L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

    It's quite intimidating to write a review on one of the world's most famous and well-regarded perfumes. Guerlain's earlier fragrances are all hailed as classics, even though many are hard to find these days.

    When I managed to track down L'Heure Bleue, I was both eager and a little nervous based on my expectations and what I had previously heard or read. The first thing I noted, was that it had a very distinct Guerlain vibe about it.

    Both Shalimar and L'Heure Bleue share similarities in the top notes. Personally, I believe they both smell like calamine lotion and face powder. This however is not intended to be a negative remark on either fragrance. I find L'Heure Bleue both enticing and unique.

    This fragrance certainly radiates a certain sense of maturity and class. In my opinion, it's not something that will suit everyone. It's very difficult to pin-point any particular notes here, as they all blend together to create a powdery and dusty floral with an elegant, old-fashioned aura.

    L'Heure Bleue is very 'French'. You'd most likely feel silly wearing this fragrance with a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of flip flops. I'd have to be decked out in an elegant gown with Tiffany diamonds before I'd feel worthy of wearing L'Heure Bleue.

    In some instances the rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and vanilla tend to rise up from the powdery-ness to make their presence known, yet as I said before, this is one well-blended fragrance with no definitive notes. Both the EDT and EDP last considerably well, and the accompanying lotion adds that special touch. I'm actually more tempted to splurge on the lotion rather than the fragrance itself.

    The smoothness, sophistication and beauty of L'Heure Bleue is difficult to surpass. 'The Blue Hour' as it has been aptly named, has the ability to capture almost anyone with its binding spell.

    30th June, 2011


    Elle by Yves Saint Laurent

    It seems to me that patchouli has become increasingly popular in fragrances these days, even though there are still many people that dislike its scent.

    Elle is very much dominated by the patchouli. There are many similarities between this fragrance and Dior's Midnight Poison, which reviewers before me have already noted.

    This is patchouli in a dark, earthy and somewhat spicy sense. Not particularly feminine yet not unpleasant either. Delicate just isn't the right word here, Elle is actually quite strong and in some ways sharp.

    In the top notes, the lemon, litchi and peony are rich and bold rather than being sweet and flirtatious as they are in most scents. The patchouli and vetiver tend to discourage the entire composition from becoming too sweet, too fruity or too flowery. The red berries seem to be the only competition with the patchouli in the heart, which tends to create an almost boozy-type smell.

    Elle definitely has character in an alluring and powerful sense. This fragrance is not for a meek and mild woman. Elle is a demanding, attention-seeking, modernistic femme fatale.

    Elle is in some ways too loud and dark for my tastes, even though I do enjoy patchouli in heavy doses. This fragrance does not suit my own personality, and even though it did agree with my chemistry, I couldn't feel comfortable wearing it.

    30th June, 2011


    L by Lolita Lempicka

    Lolita Lempicka; the house of exquisite bottles and sweet, unique scents, that unfortunately don't mesh well with my chemistry, however smell amazing on others.

    Lolita Lempicka fragrances are fit for the woodland fairy Princess; sugary, girlish and charming.

    L is primarily vanilla with salty and citrusy undertones. I knew even before checking the notes that the citrus was that of the bitter orange.

    To me, L is very much a beachy-type scent, easily worn all year round. It's comforting and casual, however it won't suit everyone. I'd say that it is very much geared towards vanilla lovers wishing to indulge themselves further.

    Although a vanilla lover myself, I find L a little too sweet even though the spicy cinnamon balances out that sugary sweetness nicely. I find some similarities to Dior Addict, Hypnotic Poison, Hypnose and Pink Sugar here, which are favourites of mine on others, yet far too sugary for my tastes.

    I'd say that L is pretty long-lasting, however the fragrance itself isn't all that strong yet the sillage is certainly not weak. The bottle will surely capture you if the scent does not.

    30th June, 2011


    Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

    The bottle itself and the darkness of the liquid inside, was certainly intriguing to say the least. Gucci eau de Parfum was one spicy fragrance that I was dying to try.

    The opening was good, spicy yet smooth and I saw that this fragrance had potential, however what followed was rather strange. The scent just vanished, it was barely detectable, a wimpering hint of spice the only thing left on my skin.

    Where were those enticing flowers, the double dose of caraway seed and herbaceous thyme? I began frantically sniffing coffee beans, almost shoving them up my nose in order to smell a faint hint of something, but to no avail.

    It was only about 5 hours later when the drydown began to immerge that Gucci eau de Parfum reminded me of its existance. I can see where the comparison to Dior's Hypnotic Poison comes in. The base is very vanilla with a musky and nutty feel to it. The incense and leather notes are only very faint.

    Overall, from what I can gather, Gucci eau de Parfum is intentionally a soft and intimate fragrance, not so heavy with the spices as some may think and quite feminine rather than being unisex or masculine.

    What I expected and what I experienced were two different things entirely.

    30th June, 2011


    Envy Me 2 by Gucci

    I had almost given up on finding a Gucci fragrance that suited me, until I stumbled upon this little gem. In my opinion, this is by far the best Gucci fragrance, but knowing my luck it is a limited edition and has since been discontinued.

    I disliked the original Gucci Envy Me, however Envy Me 2 is much more subdued and fresher. The orange in the top notes is delightful when blended with the violet. I very rarely enjoy fresh, Summery scents, however Envy Me 2 captured me with the very first sniff.

    The scent is very unique and soft. It is green in a way, but not in a sharp or bitter sense.

    The drydown is very pretty with the patchouli and vanilla being only very subtle, making for a pleasant casual feel. Envy Me 2 is clean without being too soapy or shampoo-like, it has an almost powdery quality and a slight hint of sweetness that gives this fragrance character. I find the fragrance to be very uplifting and certainly long-lasting on the skin.

    For now this fragrance is still available online and in some select stores, so I urge those who wish to try it or buy it, to hurry.

    30th June, 2011


    Ysatis by Givenchy

    Ysatis is fascinating. Powdery, elegant, beautiful and classical.

    I had really expected something extremely outdated, strong and aldehydic, however this is no Chanel No.5, Ysatis is different.

    The fragrance opens with soft aldehydic notes, creamy coconut and refreshing citrus, balanced out by subtle spicyness. The scent throughout has a likable powdery-incense quality that is both unique and sensual.

    A previous reviewer mentioned the prominent honey note which adds a sense of happiness, which I certainly agree with. The honey, vanilla, coconut and ylang-ylang does create a delicate sweetness, however the galbanum, patchouli, cloves, civet and oakmoss, give Ysatis a damp greeness which can be bitter at times. Animalistic yet refined really sums up this fragrance well.

    I don't get much in the way of white florals here, it's more powdery and fresh than anything else to my nose. The lasting power is truly worth the price as its richness lingers on the skin for days. Ysatis is strong and powerful with a lot of character. I recommend.

    26th June, 2011


    Very Irresistible Summer Sorbet by Givenchy

    Like the previous reviewers on other sites have stated, this isn't terribly impressive, however it is pleasant nonetheless.

    Opening with a sparkling cranberry note, there are similarities to the original Very Irresistible. It is a very Summery version of a fruity-rose scent.

    The sorbet idea hasn't been conveyed well in my opinion. I can't find anything smooth or cold about it. A typical fruity floral really. Nothing vastly different from anything else on the market these days.

    26th June, 2011


    Casmir by Chopard

    I had searched both high and low for Casmir for approximately 6 months, so you can imagine how excited I was when I finally stumbled upon it. My expectations were huge. I was so eager to test this famous vanilla-based scent.

    I sprayed on both the card and my wrist, and unable to resist or contain my excitement any longer, I inhaled deeply.

    The aroma was indeed strong, but only very subtle with the vanilla. It had an oriental feel to it, yet I felt that the citruses were a little too sour and basic. I was quite disappointed, since this had been something I'd dreamt about, almost being crazy enough to buy it blind.

    I proceeded to test other fragrances to ease my disappointment, until about an hour later I was met with a beautiful scent wafting around me. I was pleased to discover that it was Casmir enchanting me with its glorious aroma.

    Casmir is the absolute perfect orange-vanilla fragrance; gourmand, just like an orange flavoured cake topped with sweet vanilla icing. However, this is no toothache, this is incredibly sexy and rich.

    Towards the drydown, Casmir captures me with its subtle spicyness and smokey incense quality. It's exotic and seductive all rolled into one. May I also add that the sillage and lasting strength is highly commendable. I added Casmir to my wishlist immediately.

    26th June, 2011


    Escale à Portofino by Christian Dior

    Dior's Escale a Portofino, is in my opinion the essential Summer fragrance. Citrusy, pleasantly fresh and full of vitality, this fragrance has me thoroughly impressed.

    This fragrance is similar in some instances to the classic 4711 Eau de Cologne, however Escale a Portofino is much more feminine and sparkling.

    The spicyness is very subtle to my nose, barely there in fact. I get more citruses and woods than spice in Escale a Portofino.

    The scent opens with Sicilian lemon, bergamot and petit grain, which makes for a very bright and energetic opening. Thankfully the lemon in this fragrance doesn't turn sour on the skin or remind me of dishwashing liquid.

    This fragrance does indeed have a rather masculine quality, which is brought about by the juniper berries, cedarwood and caraway. In my opinion, Escale a Portofino is perfectly unisex.

    Its simplicity is very appealing to me, however this fragrance doesn't last to well. About 2-3 hours was all I could manage to get out of Escale a Portofino which was a shame. Apart from the poor lasting power, Escale a Portofino would make a wonderful casual and refreshing scent for the warmer months.

    26th June, 2011


    Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs (along with Kai), are two of the best gardenia scents around.

    This is a very creamy and soft interpretation of gardenia with a clean and refreshing approach. The composition has very smooth transitions from the top notes to the middle notes, to the base.

    The greeness doesn't really come through for me in this fragrance, which is a good thing seeming that I usually dislike green scents of any kind. Gardenia, jasmine and tuberose are of course essential ingredients for a successful white floral blend, however here they are highlighted with some refreshing and citrusy bergamot.

    The gardenia continues into the heart, where I suspect there are hints of rose in there somewhere. It stays mostly floral throughout this stage until the introduction of damp and musky cedarwood and subtle ginger accords. The drydown can best be described as a skin scent, very natural.

    Marc Jacobs' soapy gardenia can easily be a casual and formal scent. Its versatility is evident, even through the seasons. Lasting strength is exceptionally good, however the sillage is quite intimate. This is definitely a choice for an elegant, refined and beautiful lady.

    26th June, 2011


    Palazzo by Fendi

    Palazzo by Fendi is possibly one of the most elegant fragrances I've ever come across.

    From simply glancing at the bottle, one suspects this will be a sophisticated and glamourous floral, and that is exactly what Palazzo is.

    Opening with subtle citrus notes and peppery goodness, this fragrance is both bright and gentle on the skin. The heart of white florals however, really brings out the character in Palazzo.

    This floral blend is rich, warm and inviting. The whole experience is rather exquisite. Palazzo has a very classic, French-feel about it which reeks of confidence and glamour.

    The drydown tends to be quite musky and dense in a smokey sense. The patchouli is barely detectable here, so patchouli haters should be able to cope with Palazzo. This fragrance is bold and distinctive without being too strange for people to handle.

    It's such a shame that the Fendi fragrance line has almost ceased to exist. For such an interesting and pleasant fragrance, Palazzo does not deserve to disappear from the market.

    26th June, 2011


    Ralph Wild by Ralph Lauren

    Is this really perfume or home-made strawberry jam and watermelon gelati?

    While I love sweet scents, the definition of pleasantly sweet has its limits. As my tastes change with age, I find myself running from scents such as this one.

    Ralph Wild is the ultimate girly scent. I imagine young, giggly 15 year old girls going bananas over this fragrance. It captures their youth and vitality perfectly. I can also see this appealing to the young at heart, those women who love being transported to their younger days through the scent-portal.

    Strawberry certainly features in Ralph Wild, and it opens the scent with a 'KAZAAM'! To the older crowd, this may remind you of a Strawberry Daiquiri on a hot Summer's night.

    Somewhere in the heart the scent becomes slightly clean smelling, a little like shampoo, but an expensive one at that. Refreshing is almost the right word, however the scent does maintain a pleasant sharpness throughout.

    Because of this fragrance's simplicity, Ralph Wild does come across as liquified strawberry candy. The Ralph series, including the original, has been successful in creating casual, sweet, Summery scents for the younger crowd, however not all appeal to those over the age of 20.

    26th June, 2011


    D&G L'Amoureaux 6 by Dolce & Gabbana

    I disagree that this fragrance is strictly masculine, it is certainly unisex in my opinion. A girly girl like myself could wear this with ease.

    Initially I thought L'Amoureaux was rather herbaceous, a little like the smell of oregano and basil. Its spiciness was too full on for me at first, yet the more I smelt L'Amoureaux, the more I liked it.

    As the scent wore on it became increasingly softer, subtly powdery in some ways. The spiciness is still detectable, however it seems to be much more balanced in the heart.

    Woody, green and peppery sums up L'Amoureaux nicely. While I can certainly picture a man wearing this, I think it can just as easily be worn by women. The lasting power is so-so. Not particularly bad but not impressive either.

    While basic, this fragrance tends to allude the common spicy fragrances. The greeness gives L'Amoureaux a pleasant freshness which redefines what is expected here. So far I think that the Anthology series has been a success.

    26th June, 2011


    Rush by Gucci

    Bizarre is the first word that comes to mind when describing Gucci Rush.

    I'm actually quite familiar with this fragrance, my childhood dance teacher used to wear it as her signature. To me, Rush conjures up memories from the past. It's the smell of lipstick, hairspray, various cosmetics and hair curlers.

    Gucci Rush does however smells wonderful on smokers. The smokey tobacco tends to blend wonderfully with the plasticky, peachiness that is Gucci Rush.

    However, without the tobacco, this fragrance is a nightmare. Oddly enough I find that if I continue to smell Rush I start liking it as my nose becomes accustomed to its unique smell, however if I leave it for 30 minutes and then go back to it, I'm back to disliking the scent.

    It's either a love it or hate it. I personally dislike the tackyness of the packaging and the cheapness of the fragrance itself. I'm usually pretty open-minded with unique fragrances, but in this particular case I am not.

    This is what I'd describe as being the smell of melted lipstick meets tomato sauce. Odd, loud and nauseating, it seems to last a lifetime on my skin. Even harsh scrubbing can't kill this fragrance or help regain my sense of smell.

    26th June, 2011


    Rush 2 by Gucci

    Rush 2 is hardly related to Rush at all. This is an entirely different composition altogether.

    Upon first application, I could barely smell it. The opening notes are extremely subtle and intimate. I would describe the rose, freesia and lily of the valley as having a soapy and fresh-like quality.

    With the emergence of the heart, Rush 2 develops character. The scent strengthens considerably and shows elements of originality. The soapiness is still present, however I detect a subtle greeness, like a tropical, damp garden smell.

    Rush 2 concludes with a simplistic black currant and musk blend, with this being the only fruity kick you will experience during the development of Rush 2, right at the very end.

    I vividly remember a man that owned a perfume store where I used to live, raving on about Rush 2. He had me try it several times but I had to go back to this fragrance 3 years on because the scent hadn't stuck in my memory. Because of that I don't think this fragrance is very memorable, certainly not signature material in my humble opinion.

    26th June, 2011


    Gucci Eau de Parfum II by Gucci

    This seems to be a very popular fragrance, and while I understand its appeal, I guess I expected something more.

    Gucci eau de Parfum II appears to be the perfect Summer choice for the young and extremely feminine. This is your typical pink fruity floral, inoffensive and pleasant.

    The opening of Gucci eau de Parfum II is actually quite strong, with the berries and citrus coming to the fore early in the composition. The florals, although present, hardly feature in this fragrance. The fruit certainly dominates.

    The heart softens a little into a shampoo-like concoction that is both clean and delicate. Once again it is that 'straight out of the shower' type smell that is replicated here.

    The drydown is by far my favourite part, with a musky and subtle berry scent creating a direct comparison to berry flavoured yoghurt. I thoroughly enjoyed this sudden creaminess and I found it to round off the scent nicely.

    Although fruity fragrances aren't really my thing, I rather like its 'cuteness', I have to say that this is quite delicious. I'll also add that I found no problem with the lasting power, it lasts considerably well on me.

    26th June, 2011


    Secret Wish Magical Romance by Anna Sui

    While Anna Sui fails to impress me with her uniqueness, I can't help but admire the cute, girly bottles.

    I must admit that in real-life the bottles look rather cheap and tacky, but since my teenage years I always longed to discover what was inside those delicate and fairy-like bottles.

    Well, the green-blue bottle (Secret Wish) was a disaster, however the contents of the pink bottle are rather likable.

    Magic Romance is what I'd call a subtle fruity floral. It opens with soft and harmonious citrus and sweet melon. The overall impression is fresh and wearable.

    The white florals in the heart are more soapy than creamy, which had me slightly disappointed yet also relieved. Magic Romance does have a somewhat synthetic feel, most likely caused by the coconut and musk which reminds me of an air freshner.

    I'm actually a fan of this fragrance's simplicity. While personally I seek more complex and unique scents for my wardrobe, I can see why this may appeal to the younger crowd or those just becoming interested in fragrances.

    The lasting strength is very good and I don't doubt that this fragrance has been a popular sell, however I do disagree with the price which is a very costly $70 Australian dollars, (and that's the discounted price).

    26th June, 2011


    D&G La Lune 18 by Dolce & Gabbana

    On the tester card, this fragrance is easily the most feminine of the series. The lily and tuberose are the most dominant notes to my nose. In fact I couldn't sense any woodsy or leathery notes at all.

    I was rather enjoying the soft, powdery white floral blend which reminded me of a lighter, not as complex version of Fracas. I liked it enough to test it on my skin.

    Oh the horror! When applied to my skin, the pretty white florals disappeared leaving behind strong leather and musky notes. Forget this fragrance being feminine, this is purely masculine on my skin.

    It had an almost sour cream like smell, that was extremely off-putting to my nose. I'm a girly-girl, and as open-minded as I am, I couldn't possibly see myself wearing this and pulling it off.

    The lasting power wasn't all that great, so thankfully the scent disappeared completely after a couple of hours.

    Now this fragrance could work either way. If the La Lune agrees with your chemistry, then it's a beautiful, feminine, powdery white floral with refreshing and watery lily notes. If it disagrees with your chemistry (like it did with me), this is masculine, leathery and strong, perfectly suitable for a man to wear. Your skin will decide whether you'll like it or not.

    26th June, 2011


    D&G L'Imperatrice 3 by Dolce & Gabbana

    L'Imperatrice is delightfully fruity, watery and fresh.

    The watermelon and kiwi fruit notes go well together and in some ways I enjoy this lack of citrus. I am reminded of sorbet when I smell this fragrance, it has quite a sweet touch which is both smooth and desirable.

    Although sweet, L'Imperatrice is not synthetic. This smells expensive. I am rather surprised that this is unisex, I found the top notes to be extremely feminine. However, in the base notes I sense a hint of masculinity. The sweetness tends to mellow and the kiwi note becomes stronger and much more tart. This tarty kiwi fruit and musk blend I don't enjoy on myself, however I could see it working well on a man.

    The lasting power is so-so, with the sillage being quite intimate. I think it would be risky to buy this for a man if you weren't sure if he likes sweet scents. However, in the case of women, I think a majority of their buyers will be the fairer sex.

    26th June, 2011


    Versace Versense by Versace

    While reviewing Versense, I am currently sitting in a rather stuffy, hot room with a fan while the temperature outside is 37 degrees celsius (98.6 degrees fahrenheit). In such dry, hot conditions, Versense works extremely well. It's refreshing and clean without being too generic or bland.

    This is one Summer scent that transcends beyond the typical lemon candy and cheap shampoo type scents. Versense equals class and distinction in my opinion.

    Versense opens with mandarin orange and bergamot, which come forth in a subtle fashion, while the fig creates a green and somewhat sweet blend. From the first application, it is obvious that this fragrance has been well-crafted.

    Unique was the first word that sprung to mind when the heart began to develop on my skin. The lily and jasmine were like a freshly picked, Spring bouquet, sprinkled with a fine mist of water, while the cardamom created a spicy and earthy finish.

    The drydown, while primarily musk, has a beautiful, salty olive tree note, which does indeed make me long for Italy and Greece. Versense is like the Mediterranean; serene, picturesque and soothing.

    While most Summer fragrances, mostly citrus-based scents, don't work with my skin chemistry, Versense did. The lasting strength was fantastic, lasting almost a whole day through such high temperatures.

    I'd recommend Versense to those that love green florals like Envy by Gucci and Chanel No.19. The musky drydown may be a bother to some, so it's best to test this fragrance a few times before deciding to buy.

    26th June, 2011


    Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

    While I agree that Cinema is a lovely, elegant and inoffensive scent, I have experienced what many other reviewers here have mentioned; it reminds me of something I've smelt before.

    I don't mean that in a bad way, and I certainly wouldn't be put off this fragrance because of it. After racking my brain for a few hours I haven't pin-pointed exactly what it smells like however I think it's a little similar to Organza by Givenchy, Poeme by Lancome and Donna Karan's Gold.

    In regards to the scent, I find it to be very classy and cosy. It has all the glitz-and-glamour to be worn to special occasions and the comforting vanilla in the drydown that makes for a wonderful casual, 'hanging around the house' type scent.

    Cinema fits the oriental category perfectly, with rich ambery and musky notes surrounded by sweet, honey-like florals and thick vanilla. The woman that wears this fragrance, in my mind, is mature and confident.

    It also has a soft, powdery-like quality which I really admire. Cinema certainly wasn't as strong as I expected it to be. For some strange reason I expected a loud and brash floral explosion.

    While the sillage is quite average, the lasting power is not. Cinema lasts considerably well, at least 9 hours so far. A somewhat creamy and rich oriental, that I do whole-heartedly recommend.

    26th June, 2011


    Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

    This is one loud rose fragrance that I do enjoy greatly.

    As a child I always preferred the scent of the Black Madonna rose to any other rose in my Mother's garden. It had such a rich, distinctive smell that has been so well emulated through Paris.

    This fragrance opens with rich, (and in some ways harsh) rose, gernanium, green notes and what seems to be aldehydes. There is a definite soapy/powdery quality throughout the composition which I find rather alluring.

    Just looking at the adverts, I can't say that Paris is particularly sexy or seductive. I'd say forget the sexual aspect and focus on the romantic and classic feel of the scent. This is romantic, candle-lit dinners in a restaurant with a view of the Eiffel Tower, not a clothes-tearing, extremely urgent romp, beneath red satin sheets in a sleazy motel.

    I also find this scent to be quite fresh, almost something that I could imagine wearing during the heat of Summer, despite the scent being quite strong. For me, Paris sparkles with vitality and commands attention.

    The lasting strength is absolutely amazing. Even showering doesn't completely rid oneself of this potent fragrance.

    To some this will seem out-dated, far too strong and 'nightmarish', however I do have hope that some will appreciate this fragrance like I have.

    26th June, 2011


    Marine Groove by Escada

    I find this scent to be quite interesting. It's really not that bad.

    Passionfruit was the first note that I experienced when opening my sample, and by far the most dominant note on my skin.

    Comparing the sample to what's settling on my skin, the sample has a very fruity and shampoo-like quality, whereas on me, Marine Groove smells like tropical fruit juice.

    There's subtle hints of pineapple and orange in the top notes, which don't seem to be listed here, although I swear that I can smell them. I'm rather surprised that this isn't sweet, it's more juicy than sugary.

    I'm not familiar with the entire range of Escada, however I have tried Moon Sparkle and I find no correlation between the two.

    For those that enjoy rich and fruity scents, or just Escada fragrances in general, Marine Groove could be right up your alley. I would personally wear this if I was to go vacationing to a beautiful, picturesque and tropical island in the middle of Summer.

    26th June, 2011


    Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

    I can't understand this fragrance. I can almost see why people love it, yet at the same time I can see why people dislike it.

    The opening is bitter, strong and alcoholic. To me it smelt like nail polish remover complete with hints of acetone. Not a particulary pleasant olfactory experience.

    The heart is fierce and powerful. It's like a floral explosion on your skin. I found it confusing and disturbing to say the least.

    I get the medicinal and herbaceous quality that other reviewers have described, in the drydown. It was too green and musty for my liking. In fact it was very difficult for me to identify any particular notes. Aromatics Elixir can be quite messy at times.

    I wanted to experience a rich, warming and unique fragrance, but what I received was unwelcoming and strange. I still for the life of me, can't understand this scent. Definitely not my cup of tea.

    26th June, 2011

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