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    Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels

    If you want masculine and sexy, look no further, Tsar is exactly what you need.

    I'll admit that when I first sprayed this, I was almost blown over backwards by its boldness and strength. The opening was extremely overwhelming, a little too strong some would say.

    However, giving it a few minutes to settle I found myself falling in love. Tsar is rich, masculine, spicy and complex. I couldn't help noticing a chocolatey like note which doesn't seem to be listed here. I'm not talking light and sweet milk chocolate, I'm talking strong, bitter and rich dark chocolate, liquefied and oozing.

    Don't be afraid of the floral notes listed here, because I can assure you that they are very subtle. The coriander, green notes, lavender, juniper berries, caraway, leather, patchouli and amber dominate this fragrance.

    Yes, the scent is a little soapy, especially in the drydown, but I don't find that a turn off at all. In fact I would definitely consider buying this for a man of great confidence and strength. Everything about Tsar screams masculinity and there's really nothing like it. It's a one of kind type scent.

    15th June, 2011


    Onde Vertige by Giorgio Armani

    Although I prefer Onde Mystere and Onde Extase over this fragrance, I do still find Onde Vertige quite delightful.

    The fragrance itself is both flowery and sweet with subtle hints of fruits and spices.

    I love that licorice is a dominant note in this scent. Just by having its presence in the composition, it adds a wonderfully unique sense of originality. The patchouli compliments the scent beautifully, while the jasmine and frangipani give Onde Vertige a refreshing and exotic feel.

    I think this fragrance is a little more daring than the other scents in the Onde series. Onde Vertige seems to be much bolder and sharper, but certainly not unpleasant.

    I think it's extremely unfortunate that this scent refuses to last. The lasting strength is this fragrance's downfall, not the scent itself which has been carefully composed.

    15th June, 2011


    Onde Extase by Giorgio Armani

    I am profoundly in love with Onde Extase.

    In lots of ways this fragrance reminds me of Diesel Plus Plus Feminine. It has that beautiful milky and powdery like quality that appeals to both my nose and my skin.

    This scent is very pretty but also quite sensual and alluring, with the pink pepper and bergamot giving it that little kick, that little something.

    The scent is quite flowery but the jasmine, mimose and narcissus are presented in a powdery and soft way, even though the sillage from this scent is quite powerful.

    The woods in the drydown are also very beautiful, with the oakmoss and cedar rounding the scent off with style and charm.

    I found Onde Extase to be very lasting, in fact I'm glad that I didn't experience poor lasting strength like some of the reviewers here found.

    15th June, 2011


    Idole d'Armani by Giorgio Armani

    I'm on the fence with this fragrance. While Idole d'Armani is a pleasant floral, I can't say that I've warmed to the fruity undertones. It's almost juicy-floral quality is very foreign to my nose, however I do appreciate its uniqueness.

    I like how the ginger and saffron give Idole d'Armani a spicy and rather sensual feel. While the top notes of clementine and pear didn't sit right with me, the ginger made the experience a pleasant one.

    The heart is again very interesting with notes of rose, jasmine and saffron creating a rich, spicy floral combination, somewhat comparable to Agent Provocateur, just not as heady and strong.

    My favourite part was the drydown which was simplistic yet comforting. The vetiver is smooth and feminine and I can also detect two other notes which I assume to be vanilla and musk which give Idole d'Armani a slightly sweet conclusion.

    Overall, the lasting power was not bad at all, however the sillage was actually quite light, a lot lighter than I expected. I think Idole d'Armani is certainly an enjoyable scent, just not for me.

    15th June, 2011


    Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

    Armani Mania is a pretty yet fairly subdued fragrance. This fragrance is the opposite of mania, I find this scent to be rather soothing and peaceful.

    Casting aside the unbefitting name, Armani Mania has some real likable qualities. The scent is very natural and I find it to compliment the skin beautifully. It has an almost creamy-like feel which is somewhat milky and soft.

    All the notes are quite lush, however neither one dominates over the other. I don't get much of the citrus/fruity notes nor the herbs or spices. The pink pepper lingers delicately in the background providing only a subtle hint of spiciness.

    The floral notes are gorgeous and feminine, they are what makes this fragrance so desirable and warm. The woodsy notes are nicely composed, with the vanilla maintaining the creaminess until the scent disappears.

    Overall, the scent strength and sillage are very good and the fragrance itself quite inoffensive. Armani Mania would be very versatile, making it easily adaptable to changes in weather and different occasions. I recommend.

    15th June, 2011


    212 Splash by Carolina Herrera

    This is very similar to the original 212, however Splash is more citrusy and vibrant.

    While the original had some admirably unique qualities, this fragrance will appeal to a larger audience.

    The citruses in the opening are nicely balanced, not too sour, just right. I think the bottle which is meant to resemble a can of soda is fitting to the scent, because Splash does indeed refresh you like a can of icy cold soda on a Summer's day.

    The peony, litchi and rose actually compliment the citruses well. I couldn't have chosen a better combination myself. To me this is the essential Summer scent. Splash reminds me of the beach and fruit-flavoured icypoles.

    Unfortunately the lasting strength is relatively weak, however I see no harm in reapplying throughout the day. Overall this is a pleasant fruity floral with a slightly different approach. In other words, unique.

    15th June, 2011


    212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera

    Talk about spices, incense and powder, 212 Sexy is all that and more.

    This is sexy in its own unique way. The spices make it exotic while the incense note gives it such a mysterious aura. There is a subtle hint of sweetness throughout this scent, but I can safely say that this isn't sickeningly sweet, it's sophisticated and well-composed.

    The spices in 212 Sexy are what do it for me, it gives this fragrance the 'wow factor'. I actually don't get much in the way of the floral notes, the gardenia is only very subtle. I'm convinced there is some other spice or herb in this scent, not just pink pepper.

    I love this fragrance for the simple reason that it smells wild and seductive. It has all the intrigue and allure of something foreign and exotic.

    I do urge you to test this on your skin before buying, a blind buy would be very risky. Spicy and musky fragrances are often the hardest scents to compliment skin chemistry. However, if the perfume suits, then you have won yourself a very sexy little number.

    15th June, 2011


    Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui

    Flight of Fancy isn't as strong as I thought it would be, and that's a good thing.

    When I read the notes I was preparing myself for an intense blast of lemon, litchi and yuzu, however when I actually tried this fragrance, the opening was light and sweet, not at all sour or sharp.

    In fact Flight of Fancy is rather mild. It's peaceful and delicate, a great composition in my opinion. The fruity and floral notes come together nicely. I also detect a subtle hint of musk closer to the drydown which really softens the scent.

    Flight of Fancy is wonderfully inoffensive. I wish that more people, especially young girls wore this. No matter how much of this you apply, I doubt that it would ever become too overwhelming.

    This may not be the most unique fragrance you'll ever come across, but it certainly is appealing. It's pretty and feminine and that's all that matters to me. I'll admit that I was shocked to like this seeming that I've disliked most of Anna Sui's other scents.

    15th June, 2011


    Hypnôse by Lancôme

    This is one vanilla-based fragrance which I find utterly breath-taking.

    Hypnose is yummy and sweet without being overwhelming. This has no where near the same strength as Fantasy or Pink Sugar, to my nose this is light and much more grown up.

    This is spicy, but only mildly so. Hypnose is mostly soft and slightly powdery vanilla, jasmine, passion flower, vetiver and bergamot.

    I find this fragrance to be one of those scents that smell better on the skin rather than paper. On the skin it becomes very warm and soft, however on paper it can be rather sharp.

    The lasting strength and sillage are good, but I must advise you all that this fragrance should not be over-applied. Hypnose would make a lovely fragrance for the colder months and special occasions, however I would wear this casually myself.

    15th June, 2011


    Fracas by Robert Piguet

    This is most likely the most popular niche fragrance in the world. Prior to testing Fracas, I had read so many rave reviews so my expectations were high, very high.

    I'm certainly not disappointed. Fracas is every floral lover's dream. Rich, heady white florals on a creamy and woodsy base.

    Don't think pretty and reserved, think bold and seductive. Fracas is an interesting combination of buttery tuberose and jasmine with subtle hints of spiciness, (possibly due to the coriander, geranium and amber), and a refreshing green-like quality.

    This fragrance is powerful and a definite head-turner. Despite being produced in the late 40's, I find Fracas quite modern and certainly appealing.

    The lasting strength is beyond wonderful and the sillage equally as strong. However, if over-applied this fragrance could be a little overwhelming.

    Fracas becomes particularly powdery in the drydown which doesn't bother me in the slightest. Its delicately powdery quality is very soothing and feminine on the skin.

    This is one fragrance that I urge other floral obsessed people, like myself to try. It's hard not to love this very unique and beautiful scent.

    15th June, 2011


    Le Chèvrefeuille by Annick Goutal

    Le Chevrefeuille is an extremely green scent, almost bitter but lovely all the same.

    For those who aren't usually wearers of green fragrances, this may take a while to get acquainted with. Le Chevrefeuille is actually quite delicate and fresh. The honeysuckle, jasmine and narcissus gives this scent an unusual femininity while the petit grain creates an interesting grassy and herbaceous finish.

    The lemon is quite dominant alongside the honeysuckle, however this isn't sour citruses, it's more fresh and energizing, with a definite 'zing'.

    Oddly enough this fragrance is not sweet. It's rich and quite brash. I disagree with those reviewers that call this a simplistic scent, I think there's a lot going on which makes it very complex for me.

    All in all this is a very luscious and happy fragrance which would wear wonderfully in Spring and Summer. The lasting strength is so-so in my opinion, not terrible but certainly not as lasting as other Annick Goutal's that I've tried. If it's possible to get Le Chevrefeuille in eau de parfum concentration then disregard the price tag because that would be your best option.

    15th June, 2011


    Le Jasmin by Annick Goutal

    Think jasmine essence, ginger ale and freshly squeezed lemon juice, and 'voila!' you have Le Jasmin.

    I'm truly enchanted by this fragrance's unique approach and sophistication. However it did take a while to become accustomed to this fragrance because it's a little heavier and spicier than what I expected. Do not assume that this will be an ordinary jasmine-based floral because you will be very wrong in that assumption.

    The way in which Le Jasmin has been constructed shows that Isabelle Doyen intended that this fragrance should be complex and exotic. I disagree that Le Jasmin is a soliflore, I get much more than jasmine from this fragrance. This is rich, green, spicy and fizzy jasmine at its very best.

    In fact, Le Jasmin is a reproduction of jasmine in its purest and most raw form. The sharp greeness that you experience in this fragrance is very reminiscent of jasmine blooms in the Spring just after a drizzle of rain. Fresh and luscious to the senses.

    I applaud Annick Goutal from avoiding the additives of sweet notes and musky undertones which would only make this fragrance like all the rest which are boringly creamy or sweet jasmine scents.

    For something very, very different you just can't ignore this fragrance or the Annick Goutal line for that matter. With excellent lasting power and such expensive and exquisite taste I don't think anyone could resist.

    15th June, 2011


    Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

    I am enjoying Donna Karan Gold quite a bit. It has proven itself to be a beautifully composed floral with warm spices and ambery goodness.

    The scent is actually rather light which may be my only gripe with this fragrance. When I think gold, I think extravagance. Boldness, richness, sensuality, attention, extreme pride and dominance. Donna Karan's Gold is a little too much on the quiet side, a little like copper to me, not gold.

    But casting all opinions aside, this fragrance is indeed glamorous and elegant. The lily in Gold is very dominant and feminine. The amber, cloves and patchouli only add to this fragrance's warmth and prevent the lily note from smelling too fresh and watery.

    The pretty floral softness of this scent would suit a blushing bride on her wedding day or compliment a sweet and innocent blonde in a pretty, floral-printed sundress. Donna Karan Gold is reserved and lady-like, not at all raunchy or seductive.

    The complexity and fantastic sillage has me wound up in its spell. I really do love this scent although lily isn't one of my favourite notes. My cousin actually wore this on her wedding day along with a bouquet of rare white lillies. She loved the flower so much that she named her first born daughter Lily. I'm certain this fragrance will always be a staple in her collection.

    15th June, 2011


    Fuel For Life pour Femme by Diesel

    Although this fragrance isn't the most likable scent around, it sure is popular. Before becoming interested in fragrances, I had always noticed this fragrance on the shelves and noted how many people bought it on a daily basis.

    I was surprised by the opening notes which really turned me off this fragrance. I was assaulted by strong and peppery citrus which to my nose was rather synthetic. For about the first three hours all I got was a loud concoction of peppery fruits and predictable and plain jasmine. I was indeed underwhelmed by Fuel for Life.

    However, the drydown was quite pretty. The scent became warm and powdery, also a little sweet. The base notes agreed with my chemistry and also smelt agreeable on paper. Looking at many of the other reviews, I'm not alone in my appraisal of the drydown.

    Unfortunately, even though the base notes are nice, after a while the scent began to smell like air freshner mixed with the musty and dirty scent of a bathroom.

    I'm disappointed in Diesel for creating such a scent. I find their cheaper and lesser known scents more pleasing to say the least. Strangely enough I can see how this would be pleasant for some, however I just can't seem to like it myself.

    15th June, 2011


    Insolence Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

    Insolence is not nearly as bad as what people make it out to be. It's unique, I'll give this fragrance credit for that. It's something you'll either love or hate.

    I'll admit that I disliked the opening of this scent. The raspberry, bergamot, lemon and red berries were synthetically sweet and there was a strange medicinal type smell which reminded me of cough syrup. Not only that, but the scent was very strong and almost cloying.

    However, an hour later Insolence softened into a beautiful, sweet and powdery violet and rose blend. The slightly medicinal scent remains, however in the heart it becomes bearable for me and adds a certain sense of uniqueness which I rather like.

    Insolence is daring from beginning to end. I'm finding myself loving the strange sweetness and fabric softener type smell. It's odd yet somewhat sensual to my nose. With fantastic lasting power and sillage, I can't help admiring this fragrance.

    I like it in the concentration that it is now. Although I haven't tested the Eau de Parfum version, I feel as if a stronger Insolence would be too much. If over applied, this fragrance could be a nightmare, but with a few small squirts, Insolence is enchanting.

    15th June, 2011


    Ange ou Démon Le Secret by Givenchy

    Ange ou Demon Le Secret is pretty, but not nearly as unique as the original Ange ou Demon.

    Although not particularly outstanding, this will be widely liked because of its inoffensive, simplistic and safe floral blend.

    I sense a majority of the notes listed. Peony, jasmine, green tea, soft lemon and white woods are all there, however the patchouli is very mild, not nearly as dominating as I would have liked it to be.

    Le Secret is sweet but not overly so. The fragrance is very balanced and feminine. It has an almost fresh and clean like quality which I do admire.

    Overall, the lasting strength and sillage is good, if not better than average. All in all, this is a lovely, soft floral which tends to be shy rather than loud. A very basic yet enjoyable casual scent in my opinion.

    15th June, 2011


    Idylle by Guerlain

    Idylle is pretty but not very memorable. After the scent had disappeared from my skin I found it hard to recall.

    A nice and what I'd call, safe blend of predictable florals. I can't say that I got much in the way of a 'perfect rose fragrance', the rose was overshadowed by the lily and freesia notes. Its simplistic composition would smell wonderful as a bar of soap but in a fragrance this is far too linear and common.

    I must agree that this a very classy floral, it certainly smells expensive, but I just can't help feeling disappointed and coming to the conclusion that Idylle lacks character. Nevertheless, the sillage and lasting strength is good, and although I don't think this will be an overly popular scent, I do appreciate it for all that it is.

    15th June, 2011


    Bandit by Robert Piguet

    I never expected to fall in love with this fragrance, but here I am finding a new love for leather-based scents.

    Bandit is definitely not a shy fragrance. This wants to be loud and I'm happy to let it do its thing. The composition is mostly sharp green notes, with surprisingly lots of soft flowers and rich, hard leather notes. This is truly an intense olfactory pleasure in one sniff.

    In truth this fragrance isn't as strong as you might think, it's not girly that's for sure but it's still very feminine. This is for a woman of confidence and strength, not necessarily a raunchy woman, just a woman that knows what she wants.

    Like alcohol, Bandit is strong and fierce like a glass of straight vodka, not those watered down, lolly-flavoured vodka beverages.

    Overall I still cannot believe that I love this dry, smokey, leathery and almost bitter fragrance. Bandit truly is a masterpiece.

    15th June, 2011


    DKNY Women by Donna Karan

    Clean and refreshing but unfortunately not my cup of tea. A pleasant enough lemon-scented detergent blend in my opinion.

    I'll give credit to this fragrance for being unique and modern. DKNY is like a mixture of fruits, soapiness and spices. There is also a subtle hint of alcohol, like vodka intermixed with the citrusy top notes.

    I have actually smelt this on a girl that I used to work with that really did this scent justice. On her DKNY smelt clean and pretty but on my skin this fragrance is acrid and strong. It really depends on skin chemistry with this scent.

    I read somewhere that there was a note of wet cobblestones in this fragrance and somehow I sense it. DKNY does remind me of a city just after a storm, the smell of damp concrete and stone. A fascinating scent to say the least.

    This is a relatively light scent which lasts a great while on the skin. I can't say that I disliked this fragrance, I enjoyed it to a certain extent just not on myself.

    12th June, 2011


    DKNY Delicious Night by Donna Karan

    Whenever I see the colour purple I immediately think berries and this is exactly what Delicious Night is, rich, dark berries.

    Hands down my favourite fragrance from the Delicious series. There is something so very sexy and mysterious about it which none of the other scents have.

    Blackberry, pomelo, ginger, orchid, incense, patchouli and jasmine, all the notes that make up a fabulous night-time fragrance. This is dark if not a little bit naughty and outrageous.

    Even if the name and the advertisement didn't suggest that this was intended to be worn at night I would have chosen to wear it so. Delicious Night makes me think of dim nightclubs, flashing lights, cocktails, stilettos and dancing till you can't dance no more.

    This is very powerful stuff, so beware when applying. Overall, Delicious Night is a delightful scent which is sure to seduce both you and the opposite sex.

    12th June, 2011


    DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

    This is apple at its very best.

    DKNY Be Delicious is not tarty or sour like I expected it to be, the apple note is fresh, juicy and pretty.

    This would make the perfect Summer fragrance. The additives of cucumber, magnolia and lily-of-the-valley makes this fragrance so very soft, feminine and crisp. There's an element of watery freshness which makes this fragrance ideal for really hot days.

    The woodsy undertones in the base of this scent is fantastic and very different. A definite highlight for me and a great credit to Maurice Roucel who created this very popular fragrance.

    DKNY Be Delicious' popularity is probably what turns me off buying this fragrance. I can't stand the thought of smelling like everyone else. Regardless of how much I enjoy this fragrance, I can't convince myself to get it.

    12th June, 2011


    The One by Dolce & Gabbana

    I'm all for sweet fragrances, but unfortunately this fragrance just seemed too sweet for me.

    The opening although pretty fruits, is a little too much like sticky candies overloaded with sugar. Due to this sweetness I would say that The One is a relatively young and flirtatious scent, not something to be taken seriously.

    The One does mellow into a warm and pleasant oriental floral, however I can't say that I was blown over backwards by its uniqueness. The jasmine, lily and plum are pretty and certainly wearable, the most pleasant aspect of this fragrance so far.

    The drydown isn't bad either, the vanilla brings back an element of syrupy sweetness which made me cringe at first but it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I'll give credit to this fragrance for its excellent sillage and lasting power and its sensuality and creaminess. It is unfortunate that the scent doesn't appeal to my nose.

    11th June, 2011


    Rose The One by Dolce & Gabbana

    This fragrance disappointed me. I was hoping this would be a soft, sweet and pretty interpretation of rose but in reality Rose The One is quite tart and fruity.

    The opening is incredibly strong with sharp and sour notes of grapefruit, litchi, black currant and mandarin orange. Together with the loud rose note, the combination becomes quite metallic and synthetic.

    Thankfully the opening does soften making way for the more delicate floral notes like lily and peony. I must add that the rose in this fragrance is very cloying and intense, it's almost too much.

    The drydown was my only enjoyment which is basically a soft, sweet, powdery and musky floral blend, a little too predictable for my liking.

    Not exactly a fan of Rose The One, but for those that like the scent, the lasting strength is good.

    11th June, 2011


    Diorella by Christian Dior

    Diorella is a classic scent, you'd be hard pressed to find anything of this calibre in modern fragrances.

    Typical of most chypres, Diorella opens with a citrusy and refreshing burst of Sicilian lemon and bergamot. Adding to the citrus is an interesting blend of green notes and basil which gives this fragrance a herbaceous like quality.

    Despite this rather sharp and sour opening, Diorella is extremely feminine and balanced.

    The top notes transcend delicately into the heart which is mostly subtle, green and slightly sweet honeysuckle, rose, jasmine and peach. After a while the heart takes on a clean and soapy quality which is a little similar to Miss Dior.

    Rounding off this scent is the drydown which is rich, animalistic and woodsy. A masterpiece in my opinion.

    Upon your first encounter with this fragrance it may not be love at first sniff, but like so many other Dior fragrances it will certainly grow on you

    11th June, 2011


    Love and Luck for Women by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

    I don't think this should be categorised as a floral fruity gourmand. It's more of a fruity floral in my opinion.

    Unfortunately I just can't seem to warm to this scent, it's a little too synthetic for my liking. It smells a little like laundry detergent mixed with blackcurrant juice.

    I kind of wish that this fragrance would smell like the notes listed, I was so hoping to smell a peppery floral with rich, fruity undertones. Instead Love & Luck is a tropical, sunscreen-ish and slightly soapy mess.

    Another disappointment was the absence of the pink pepper and patchouli notes. Either they weren't added or they were made so subtle that they could hardly be detected. These notes, if stronger, would have given this scent more character and boldness.

    The staying power isn't very good which only adds to my disappointment. I much preferred the first Ed Hardy fragrance

    11th June, 2011


    Bulgari pour Femme by Bulgari

    What is there not to like about Bvlgari pour Femme? This fragrance is pure elegance, perfection and class.

    Appropriate for any occasion or season, you'll feel instantly feminine and beautiful when wearing this glorious fragrance.

    Bvlgari pour Femme opens with a fresh and clean bouquet of flowers with subtle citrusy undertones brought about by the bergamot and orange blossom. This scent is mostly floral from beginning to end, fresh and pretty carnation, violet, iris, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley.

    Slightly powdery in the drydown yet somewhat rich and woodsy, this fragrance concludes beautifully. The lasting strength was wonderful in my opinion.

    Although Bvlgari pour Femme isn't entirely unique, there is something very sensual and expensive about it which should appeal to those that seek a sophisticated and distinguished fragrance.

    11th June, 2011


    Eau de Charlotte by Annick Goutal

    I don't think I could ever refer to Eau de Charlotte as being a gourmand. To my nose, this fragrance is more of a rich fruity floral rather than being particularly 'foody'.

    Nevertheless, Eau de Charlotte is a lovely fragrance. It's a surprising scent to say the least. In the opening it's very juicy and intense, however in the drydown it becomes soft and powdery.

    Eau de Charlotte opens with sweet berries, which almost resemble the scent of home-made berry jam. Very delicious indeed. I began to predict that this fragrance would mellow slightly and end with a musky drydown, however, as I said before, Eau de Charlotte is surprising, you can't preempt how this fragrance will develop.

    In the heart, Eau de Charlotte became quite flowery and feminine. The combination of both mimose and lily-of-the-valley is crisp and refreshing, bringing me to conclude that this would make an excellent Spring/Summer scent.

    The vanilla is pretty much all I can smell in the base notes, which certainly isn't a bad thing because vanilla settles on my skin beautifully and just happens to be one of my favourite notes.

    Overall, Eau de Charlotte is unusual, classy, relatively long-lasting, wearable and very enjoyable.

    11th June, 2011


    Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal

    It's easy to fall in love with a scent such as this. Classic yet simplistic, Petite Cherie has shown once again why I love Annick Goutal fragrances so dearly.

    Although primarily fruit-based, with pear being the most notable accord, Petite Cherie proves to be quite refined and elegant, which are rare qualities in a fruity floral. I find the scent to be very rich and insanely addictive. My mother happens to love this fragrance with a passion, so it looks to me like I'll be buying her this for Christmas.

    Petite Cherie is Spring and sunshine in a bottle. The refreshing pear note blended with rose, gardenia and peach makes this fragrance so very juicy and green, especially with the almost grassy-like note in the drydown.

    Unfortunately, like many have stated, the lasting strength is very poor. I'm determined to find a giftset where a lotion and shower gel is included so that the scent should last a lot longer.

    11th June, 2011


    Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile by Acqua di Parma

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. An iris based fragrance at its prettiest.

    Iris Nobile is so very feminine and subtle. On the skin it becomes incredibly natural and soothing. This fragrance smells as expensive as it is worth, a delicate and interesting blend of notes which is in no way synthetic or loud.

    I find that this fragrance could suit any age group, it's versatile and suitable for all occasions, all seasons.

    The drydown is my favourite aspect of Iris Nobile, the powdery iris and vanilla blend is to die for. However, this fragrance is divine from beginning to end.

    Lasting strength of this fragrance is excellent, well worth the money in my opinion. One of the prettiest florals I've ever come across and certainly worth all the rave reviews. Iris Nobile gets the thumbs up from me.

    11th June, 2011


    Eau de Lune by Laura Mercier

    Eau de Lune is a beautiful soft floral which is simplistic but never boring.

    The scent itself is generally fresh and clean with a glorious musky drydown. The notes have been blended well with the violet, white peach, rose and hibiscus giving this fragrance both character and style.

    It's a relatively safe scent, something that would suit all seasons and occasions and would suit the workplace nicely as it is very inoffensive and subtle.

    The lasting strength is great and the overall composition, in my opinion, heavenly. I highly recommend.

    11th June, 2011

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