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    Heir by Paris Hilton

    Oh, this is horrid. It does smell like bleach or some sort of cleaning solution, the previous reviewers do not lie.

    What's even worse, the sillage is incredibly strong, so by the end of the day you'll be feeling nauseous.

    How can I possibly describe this scent? I'll start with citrusy, an overload of sharp and sour citrus notes. This is shortly followed by lavender and fir which tries its darndest to blend but fails miserably. To top off this nightmare composition is an extremely synthetic leather note which thankfully proves to be rather mild than bold.

    What can I say, Paris Hilton hasn't impressed me with either her perfumes or colognes. I really wanted at least one good one from her and unfortunately this wasn't it. I guess I'll keep hoping.

    11th June, 2011


    Intimately Beckham Men by Beckham

    I was always curious as to how this would smell. In fact I am somewhat impressed.

    Intimately Beckham for Men is mostly a spicy and woodsy scent. Not overly complex but not bland and boring either.

    The opening, while sharp and sudden, is strangely likable with its sour grapefruit and earthy and herbaceous cardamom. The drydown only becomes increasingly spicy and warm possibly because of the patchouli making its presence known.

    I love that this fragrance is subtle and 'intimate' it truly is. The softness is very sexy and mysterious.

    11th June, 2011


    Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

    Let's start by saying that this is a rather unique fragrance. It has a certain powdery and musky quality which could take you either side of the fence. Love it or hate it you can't deny that this is a very intriguing scent.

    Sweet it definitely is, however this isn't synthetic or sugary sweet, it's more accustomed to being powdery sweet, almost a sunny and warming scent.

    Peach seems to be the most dominant note to my nose. Subtle hints of rose, lily, apricot, coconut, vanilla and woodsy notes make up a majority of the fragrance. In a way Dolce Vita can be interpreted as a tropical scent, being slightly beachy.

    Unfortunately this fragrance disturbs me. I'll blame it on the musky vanilla which makes me think of dark and damp cellars and second hand dress stores.

    Overall, the lasting strength and sillage are equally good. Distinctive and generally well received, Dolce Vita may not appeal to me but I'm sure others will enjoy.

    11th June, 2011


    Incredible Me by Escada

    You can imagine my surprise when I discovered a sample of this fragrance in my mailbox the other day. I could have sworn that 3 months ago I was told that they were out of stock and that samples could not be sent to me.

    Even so I tested this fragrance on both my wrists and sat down to give you all my honest opinions.

    The opening smells strongly of alcohol however once settled on the skin honeysuckle, orchid and what seems to be tiramisu make an entrance. I quite enjoy this slightly odd combination which is both sweet and creamy.

    In the heart I get mostly strong clementine which doesn't exactly agree with my skin chemistry. This smells quite sharp and sour.

    However, once again the fragrance softens and becomes sweet once more with vanilla and the sugary tiramisu notes making this fragrance very dessert like, gourmand in a way.

    Although somewhat similar to many gourmands being made nowadays, the clementine gives Incredible Me that kick, that little something which stops it from becoming too sugary and nauseating. Overall I believe that this is a fragrance which some will like and some will dislike. A person could go either side of this fence.

    In my opinion, it's not bad. Not something I would personally buy but nice all the same.

    11th June, 2011


    Touch for Women by Burberry

    Burberry Touch is different to say the least. I'm not usually a lover of green and soapy scents, however this fragrance charms me.

    This fragrance opens with a sharp, green bitterness which tends to rather masculine. Despite being turned off by this opening I was intrigued by it and kept bringing my wrist to my nose to smell it over and over again.

    In a way I wanted this fragrance to turn creamy and slightly sweet, however in the heart it is mostly a powdery and soapy scent. The notes are very light, almost undetectable. It's like the composition has been mixed so well that it's hard to identify any particular notes.

    Some would call this powdery floral mediocre, but I find it to be much more complex than it seems. The way it settles on the skin is very delicate, it becomes a scent that isn't just perfume, it is like a natural part of yourself, a natural skin scent.

    This fragrance lingers on your skin for hours and I never get sick of it. It is so enticing that I can barely stop smelling it. The overall impression is a light, pretty and inoffensive fragrance best suited for daytime/casual wear.

    11th June, 2011


    Hot Water by Davidoff

    Not bad, not bad at all. Although Cool Water still reigns supreme in my eyes, Hot Water is a nice follow-up.

    I get spicy, but not a strong, bold spiciness. I'd say it's a subtle hint of spice more than anything else. Warm and inviting are two words that suit this fragrance well.

    Honestly I don't think this fragrance will send many women into a spin however it will certainly smell seductive on a man.

    The lasting strength is not great, which is a pity. I must say that I was hoping for more depth to this fragrance. I wanted wild and sexy rather than romantic. Even so, I do still enjoy this fragrance and have no doubt in my mind that it will sell well, partly because of Cool Water's affiliation with it.

    11th June, 2011


    Dior Addict 2 by Christian Dior

    Dior Addict 2 lacks something for me.

    While Dior Addict hits you in the face with its bold personality and strong, smokey vanilla notes, Dior Addict 2 sits in the background, in a corner, not wanting to be noticed.

    This is a fruity floral which resembles something that you swear you've smelt time and time again. Unfortunately there is nothing particularly unique about this scent.

    Sure, it's pleasant enough and definitely wearable, however it's disappointing when Dior produces so many interesting fragrances yet can't seem to make this one stand out.

    The scent itself is sweet, juicy and pretty. It's very light, in fact it is so airy that I can barely detect it on my skin. I must add that the lasting power is terrible, absolutely shocking for a fragrance with such a high price tag and a designer label.

    I'm not impressed.

    05th June, 2011


    Incanto Bliss by Salvatore Ferragamo

    I rather like this fragrance. In my opinion it smells quite tropical and fresh.

    I love the fruity blend of apple, yuzu and kumquat in Incanto Bliss. This combination is in no way sharp or sour, it is beautifully soft and feminine.

    The freesia, rose and lotus notes only compliment the scent and don't clash too loudly with the dominant fruity notes. They all come together in perfect harmony.

    This is by far my favourite fragrance from the Incanto line. It's different while still being pleasant and easy to wear. In my humble opinion, this isn't your typical fruity floral, it has that certain something that makes you step back and say, "that's new and exciting".

    The lasting strength for Incanto Bliss is surprisingly good. It held on my skin for well over six hours which is rare because fruit-based fragrances hardly last on me, let alone smell good. I give Incanto Bliss my thumbs up.

    05th June, 2011


    Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

    Mugler Cologne is very simplistic yet beautiful all the same.

    It's refreshing yet unique which is a quality that I very rarely find in a citrus aromatic. I can see how this fragrance easily becomes unisex, its softness is feminine enough on a woman and its slightly sharp citrusy notes would compliment a man.

    The citrus notes in Mugler Cologne actually become quite sweet but certainly not nauseatingly so. The orange blossom and musk balance this fragrance out well, insuring that the scent doesn't become too sharp or linear.

    A sense of being lightly refreshed and revitalised is achieved successfully through this fragrance. The lasting strength is good, at least five hours, and the sillage very mild, which is great news for those wishing to wear this in the Summer months. I certainly recommend.

    05th June, 2011


    Innocent Rock by Thierry Mugler

    This fragrance is like a breath of fresh air to me. It is so different to what you might expect from Thierry Mugler.

    Innocent Rock is fruity, but uniquely so. There is no correlation between this scent and the original Innocent, they are entirely different from one another.

    This fragrance is a delicious blend of tropical fruits and spices. There is really nothing like it. It has an almost grape like scent, which makes me think of wineries, the smell of red grapes freshly crushed under one's foot.

    Innocent Rock, in my opinion, is indeed boozy and daring. I can imagine wearing this fragrance while partaking in wild activities, driving fast cars and flirting with forbidden men.

    I highly recommend this modern and bold new fragrance from Thierry Mugler. Like I said before, it is unlike anything else from his range.

    05th June, 2011


    Angel Garden Of Stars - Violet Angel by Thierry Mugler

    I love the smell of violets when they are not too strong or too powdery. In this fragrance they are perfect.

    Violette Angel is delicate, fresh, green and sweet. It is surprisingly quite warm and comforting, almost like a cashmere blanket draped over your shoulders. I'll agree that this is indeed a Wintery scent.

    I love that this fragrance is sweet without being too sweet. Forget cotton candy, think lightly sugared violets, powdery almost.

    This is by far my favourite from the Garden of Stars collection. I loved it the moment I sprayed it, even before I let it develop. And let me tell you, the drydown is divine. Soft and powdery vanilla with the slightest hint of violet.

    Once again the sillage and lasting strength does not disappoint, Thierry Mugler fragrances rarely do. This fragrance gets the thumbs up from me.

    05th June, 2011


    Angel Garden Of Stars - Peony Angel by Thierry Mugler

    Perhaps not as pretty as the other fragrances in the Garden of Stars range in my opinion, yet still not something that has left me unimpressed.

    Pivoine Angel is rather strong from beginning to end. Rich with patchouli, pepper and peony, this fragrance is more bold than pretty.

    What makes this fragrance stand out over and above the other scents in this series is its lack of sweetness. Pivoine Angel is quite raw and simplistic, the vanilla is barely there.

    The drydown is the only relief from this very busy and loud fragrance, which turns surprisingly soapy and musky on my skin.

    Although the lasting power is well above average, this lasted the shortest out of all the scents in the Garden of Stars series.

    05th June, 2011


    Angel Garden Of Stars - The Lily Angel by Thierry Mugler

    I see this fragrance as being a refreshing spin on the original Angel.

    The lily, honey and fruity notes gives Le Lys an almost watery freshness and an undeniable casual feel.

    This fragrance is missing the dark chocolatey notes which make up the original making this scent much lighter and for some, more wearable.

    Le Lys is so fresh and different, clean almost. The dominant lily note makes this fragrance sparkle with vibrancy and colour. This is a variation of Angel at its prettiest.

    The lasting strength is good yet the sillage is no where near as powerful as Angel is, however I admire this fragrance's subtlety. For lovers of lily fragrances or people searching for a lighter or fresher version of Angel.

    05th June, 2011


    Angel Garden Of Stars : Rose Angel by Thierry Mugler

    I love Angel for its uniqueness and dominating presence, so I was really eager to try the Angel Garden of Stars range.

    This fragrance was the first one I tried and honestly I disliked it at first. My nose was assaulted with a strong burst of pink pepper, coumarin and heavy, old-fashioned rose. The opening was so loud that I was almost shocked, which is weird because I usually love bold and 'out there' fragrances.

    It pays to be patient with La Rose. After the loud and incredibly rosy introduction subsides, the rose note softens into a beautiful powdery and feminine scent. It's hard to believe its the same fragrance that I had been smelling only minutes before.

    The delicate rose note transcends effortlessly into the drydown to blend with the vanilla, caramel, chocolate and patchouli which makes for a truly delightful gourmand experience. The patchouli in La Rose is much dryer and lighter than in the original Angel where it can become quite overbearing.

    Overall the lasting strength and sillage is as good as Angel, it will last and last. The drydown was the highlight for me by far. One of the most beautiful gourmand blends I have ever come across

    05th June, 2011


    Scarlett by Cacharel

    Scarlett is surprisingly clean and refreshing. It seems like more of a fruity floral than a floral woody musk in my opinion.

    This fragrance is quite strong. I tend to get a lot of citruses like orange and bergamot mixed with a little jasmine in Scarlett. The fragrance is sweet but not overly so. In my opinion this isn't just suited to teens, anyone of any age could wear this.

    I personally like this scent, possibly because of my love for orange-scented fragrances and white florals. I disagree on those reviewers who find this fragrance synthetic, it is no where near as fake as some fragrances I've tried.

    The sillage and lasting strength was really impressive, especially for that of an EDT. As I said before, this is a fragrance for everyone. I urge you all to try it despite whether you think you'll like it or not.

    05th June, 2011


    Amor Amor Tentation by Cacharel

    While I love Cacharel as a fragrance house, I can't help feeling disappointed by its most recent perfumes.

    I loved the original Amor Amor and when I saw the advertisements for this fragrance I hoped for something unique, dark and slightly dusty like Lou Lou or Eden. While this fragrance is nice it is no where near being dark and mysterious. I didn't find this fragrance seducing me like it was supposed to.

    The scent is quite light, transparent almost. Amor Amor Tentation opens with the mandarin orange and a note that I believe may be plum. Sure it is rich and fruity, however it certainly isn't unusual.

    The ivy, tiare and jasmine notes are hardly strong enough to make any real emphasis and the musk makes its appearance far too early in my opinion. Overall, this fragrance was quite linear, I didn't sense much of a change from the top notes to the drydown.

    The only likable quality I found myself enjoying was the slightly smokey and musky drydown, however although the lasting strength is quite good the sillage is fairly poor meaning that I could hardly smell the drydown on my wrist at all, I really had to inhale deeply in order to smell anything.

    05th June, 2011


    Burberry Summer for Women by Burberry

    At first this fragrance was quite strong, a sudden sharp burst of fresh apple, lemon and freesia. Taken aback by the strength of the scent when first applied, I wondered how a fragrance of this kind could not be cloying and overbearing in the Summer months.

    Thankfully after the initial notes subside, the scent weakens and becomes much softer and more bearable. The apple note, which is in some ways quite sour yet not overly unpleasant, blends with the rose and freesia notes making an interesting yet pretty scent. The vanilla is quite notable as it adds a certain sweetness which thankfully doesn't become too sugary or sickly.

    I can think of crisper and fresher Summer scents, however I like that Burberry Summer is different. In my opinion it is more of a soft floral than anything else.

    The lasting strength is good, as is the case with most Burberry scents I've tried on my skin. Although I can't say that this is a favourite of mine, I certainly like it enough to recommend it as a unique fragrance for Summer.

    05th June, 2011


    Brit Red by Burberry

    So, so very beautiful. A sweet and mildly spicy vanilla fragrance which has all the class and sophistication of a true Burberry perfume.

    While most of Burberry's fragrances are casual and Summery, Brit Red I would dare to wear to any formal event. I believe that I could never tire of this exquisite fragrance.

    Brit Red is warm and comforting while at the same time it's incredibly sexy. It has all the appeal of a floral-scented perfume, yet the spicy kick from the rhubarb, ginger and patchouli makes this fragrance so different and so appealing.

    For the life of me I cannot understand why they are discontinuing this fragrance. I test many scents, yet it has been quite a while since a fragrance of this kind has grabbed my attention. I do hope to purchase this fragrance so that I can wear it during Winter next year.

    I must add that the lasting strength is amazing, lasted on my skin the whole day. The sillage is also good, not overpowering but heavy enough to leave a light trail. I cannot wait to get my hands on a bottle.

    05th June, 2011


    Omnia by Bulgari

    My first impressions of Omnia was that it was a lot lighter than I expected and probably not as rich and spicy as I had hoped.

    However with that being said, I am not disappointed by this fragrance in the least. It's very unique and quite modern.

    Although this is a predominantly foody fragrance with strong notes of coffee, chai, chocolate, spices and nuts, don't assume that this is a gourmand. Surprisingly Omnia tends to be quite woodsy and the lack of sweetness makes this scent quite masculine, especially in the opening.

    Omnia is a rather dark fragrance and strangely sexy too, however it is not your typical sexy, it has more of a mysterious aura. I'm not usually a coffee lover, however in this fragrance the added spices make the scent somewhat exotic and unusual.

    I can certainly see this fragrance adapting well to both men and women. It is unfortunate that they have discontinued this fragrance in my country because I feel that unique scents like these should be more readily available.

    I must say that although I like this fragrance's subtlety, the lasting power did let me down. Perhaps layering this fragrance with a matching lotion would help with the longevity.

    05th June, 2011


    V by Valentino

    This fragrance is quite charmingly delightful.

    It's such an enticing, creamy and elegant fragrance. V is indeed rather similar to Deep Red, however while Deep Red is very provocative, V is more subdued, sophisticated and refined almost.

    I find the mandarin, grapefruit and orange notes to be the most dominant, yet the cassia, rose, frangipani and vanilla gives this scent an almost refreshing quality which is both soft and feminine.

    The overall fragrance is nicely balanced and inoffensive. It would make a lovely alternative for those who find Deep Red a little too young or too popular. I recommend.

    05th June, 2011


    Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men by Giorgio Armani

    Since I wasn't a fan of the female version of Emporio Armani Diamonds I didn't have much in the way of expectations, however this fragrance has me pleasantly surprised.

    This is one of my favourite clean masculine scents. It is very fresh and woodsy with hints of spice. Almost natural I would say, quite close to the skinscent of a clean man.

    The drydown is quite musky, while the opening of bergamot and guaiac wood is quite fresh and enticing. This contrast I like immensely. I would even consider wearing this myself. I think this fragrance is unique, however with that being said I'll admit that I am no connoisseur of male fragrances yet there is a clean sexiness in this fragrance that I very rarely find in a female scent. It is this fragrance's composition which I greatly admire.

    Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men gets the thumbs up from me.

    05th June, 2011


    cK be by Calvin Klein

    There is something incredibly relaxing and calm about this fragrance. It is comfortable and light while maintaining a certain presence that is both charming and ideal.

    Unisex it certainly is. While the opening is rather masculine, and in some ways similar to Bvlgari Black, the drydown is quite floral and clean, but not at all feminine. CK Be is somewhere in between, something that would smell sexy on a man and pretty on a woman.

    CK Be is mysterious but certainly not dark. There's an element of cheerfulness behind this fragrance and it is quite refreshing.

    I sense a subtle rubbery note intermixed into the notes which gives this fragrance that little something. The rubber combined with smokey woods and sweet floral notes really makes this fragrance worthwhile.

    The lasting power is quite good and the price is fantastic for such a quality scent. I recommend for both sexes.

    05th June, 2011


    Pure White Linen Pink Coral by Estée Lauder

    This fragrance seems to be either a love it or hate it scent.

    I personally like it, which is strange because I'm rarely a fan of Estee Lauder scents. Pink Coral is refreshing and delicate. A soapy floral to say the least.

    I'm often bothered by Estee Lauder scents being too strong and too synthetic, but Pink Coral is quite light and although not completely natural smelling, it is bearable.

    This is a relatively linear fragrance, I didn't notice much of a change between the opening and the drydown. I find it to be a nice and rather pleasant blend of subdued flowers and a hint of watery freshness. The beachy and Summery aspect conveyed in the advertisement is very true to the fragrance itself.

    Not a particularly mind-blowing scent, but pretty none-the-less

    05th June, 2011


    Allure Sensuelle by Chanel

    When it comes to Chanel fragrances it is either a hit or miss with me. While I quite enjoyed the spicy Coco, the powdery and soft Allure and the fresh and exciting No.5 eau Premiere, other Chanels like No.19, Cristalle and the highly renowned No.5 left me dissatisfied.

    However along came Allure Sensuelle which restored my respect for Chanel fragrances. The scent is unique, stylish, rich and spicy. A scent that will certainly rouse up the men and awaken your animalistic desires.

    Do not be turned off by the opening which tends to be rather strong and alcoholic. Once you wait it out for a few minutes, a gorgeous dusty yet sexy spice warms the skin.

    In reality Allure Sensuelle is a combination of a variety of smells; spices, woods, musk, fruits and flowers. Somehow all these notes blend together successfully. I'm still in awe of this fragrance.

    The patchouli note is dominant, so I'll admit that this won't appeal to some. The vanilla note also lingers in the background creating a slight sweetness and comforting warmth.

    The sillage and lasting strength is unbelievably good, so good that you would find it quite overbearing in the warmer months, so it is best worn at night or during Winter.

    Overall, Allure Sensuelle is indeed very sensual. Chanel never fails in producing elegant and sophisticated scents.

    05th June, 2011


    Promesse by Cacharel

    This fragrance is really pretty.

    A delicate balance of soft florals and sweet fruits. It's light, sweet and creamy all wrapped into one.

    The scent is a little synthetic, however that doesn't bother me. My initial impression of Promesse was a good one, and I'm rather surprised that this fragrance has slipped under the radar.

    Although you probably won't find this scent to be overly outstanding or unique, there is something about it which is very appealing. I can't exactly come to a conclusion about what it is that I like about Promesse, but I know for sure that I am impressed.

    05th June, 2011


    Fancy by Jessica Simpson

    This does smell exactly like Pink Sugar.

    Despite the two smelling very similar, seeming that Pink Sugar isn't readily available in Australia, this for some will be unique.

    I really love the sugary sweetness in Fancy, although for some this will be quite sickening. You've definitely got to have a sweet tooth for fragrances like these.

    Fancy is quite warm with a gourmand, dessert like quality. I sense a lot of apricot, caramel and vanilla, which together makes an adorably girlish and pretty fragrance.

    I must repeat that this isn't for people that dislike sweet scents or gourmands. But for those of you that love scents of this kind, Fancy and you are sure to fall in love.

    05th June, 2011


    Circus Fantasy by Britney Spears

    Well, what can I say, I'm a diehard Britney fan, however when it comes to her fragrances I've always tested them without a biased opinion.

    Circus Fantasy is great. I was quite disappointed by Hidden Fantasy, yet this fragrance has made up for it.

    Seeming that we're now going into Summer, this is the perfect season to start wearing Circus Fantasy. The scent is quite refreshing and clean, but still has that signature sweetness that all of Britney's fragrances possess.

    Circus Fantasy opens with soft raspberry and apricot, which resembles more the scent of fruit flavoured icecream rather than the actual fruit. Eventually the vanilla appears making me love this fragrance even more. When all blended together, the notes smell rather sweet and dessert-like, a little like the original Fantasy but certainly not as strong. The overall scent is rather musky but beautiful.

    I rather like that this fragrance is soft and that it stays close to the skin. It is a nice change from Britney's previous scents. The lasting strength was quite good I found, it's lasting well over five hours on my skin. I'm almost certain I'll be adding this fragrance on to my Christmas wishlist.

    05th June, 2011


    Diorissimo by Christian Dior

    This fragrance is one of those classics that capture you with its simplicity and charm rather than its uniqueness or bold new approach.

    Diorissimo is the perfect example of a fresh, green floral that somehow manages to be loved by so many people even though the scent itself is nothing particularly mind-blowing.

    To my nose I sense a lot of lily-of-the-valley in this fragrance. Almost the exact same smell as a flower bed just after it has been sprinkled with rain. For this reason Diorissimo reminds me of Spring.

    Diorissimo settles on my skin beautifully. The scent is clean, flowery, soft, elegant and only mildly sweet. There is something slightly old-fashioned about this scent, however I feel that it transcends into the modern world with ease.

    This fragrance could be worn both casually and formally, it really is a versatile scent. The sillage is not strong, just enough presence to be enjoyed by the wearer. I highly recommend.

    05th June, 2011


    Pure Poison by Christian Dior

    This is the first jasmine based fragrance that I can safely call undeniably sexy.

    Pure Poison has it all. It opens with a refreshing and zesty orange, mandarin and bergamot blend and mellows into a beautiful, almost soapy but divine floral bouquet before drying down into a rich, creamy and ultra-feminine jasmine, amber and woods.

    Now that I've tried all five of the 'Poisons', I can honestly say that I haven't been disappointed. Each fragrance was unique and bold and neither one was similar to the next.

    Pure Poison is probably the safest choice out of the five because it is the lightest and the most delicate. Femininity is expressed so well through Pure Poison.

    I find the scent to be very fresh and clean, possibly because of the soapy like quality. Because of this fragrance's freshness I'd probably wear this all year round, I could most definitely see Pure Poison being worn in both Summer and Winter.

    05th June, 2011


    Miss Dior Chérie L'Eau by Christian Dior

    Quite an enchanting, refreshing and simplistic fragrance which will certainly appeal to a wide audience I am sure.

    The grapefruit is quite strong, yet not repulsive or cheap smelling. This fragrance is sophisticated, feminine and charming.

    Miss Dior Cherie L'eau is bright, revitalising, fresh and Summery, it is absolutely bursting with life. The scent is also quite light and airy so I doubt that this fragrance would ever offend.

    This fragrance has a certain girlishness about it, it speaks youth to me. Hence I'd most likely recommend this fragrance to younger consumers. The lasting power is average, roughly 3-4 hours, which I'm not bitterly disappointed over. I'd see no harm in reapplying during the day.

    05th June, 2011

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