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    Miss Dior Originale (previously Miss Dior) by Christian Dior

    I tried this once before, but since being put off by the strong green and aldehydic opening I wasn't eager to try this scent again. However since delving into Dior fragrances recently, I decided upon giving Miss Dior another chance.

    Once again I was turned off by this fragrance's opening which hadn't changed since I last tested it, however I waited it out because I wanted to see how this fragrance developed.

    I must say that the way this fragrance settles on the skin is divine. When the sharp, almost bitter, grassy like note subsides, I'm left with a delicate, creamy and leathery scent which although slightly dated, has such a vintage charm.

    Miss Dior is for the sophisticated lady. She's of the classic, conservative type and she's always emaculately dressed.

    This fragrance is strong, but pleasantly so. The lasting strength is fantastic, but then again I wouldn't expect anything different from Dior.

    I highly recommend.

    05th June, 2011


    Black Star by Avril Lavigne

    Black Star is quite fruity. An almost refreshing fruity scent at that.

    The plum note is certainly present but I sense something else, perhaps some citrus notes and berries.

    Don't expect this fragrance to be unique, because it isn't. Black Star seems to follow in the footsteps of many fruity florals that came before.

    I must add that this smells nothing like Angel or Covet to my nose. I didn't get the chocolate note at all, and in my humble opinion this is barely a gourmand, there's nothing particularly foody about it.

    I didn't really enjoy this on my skin, however I loved how it smelt on my t-shirt. Black Star is quite a clean, fruity scent which I'd half-heartedly recommend to young girls or lovers of fruity scents.

    05th June, 2011


    Dior Addict by Christian Dior

    Oh, this is delicious! It's a pity that I didn't find this fragrance sooner.

    Like Hypnotic Poison, Dior Addict is a rather potent yet sexy vanilla blend. It's hard not to like such a richly unique and complex scent.

    Dior Addict opens with a sultry and smokey vanilla. The blackberry and mandarin leaf notes only compliment the vanilla, they never overpower.

    I find this fragrance to have an almost animalistic quality. The scent is sweet, but not sugary sweet, just pleasantly so. I love that this fragrance is dark and mysterious, it's something that would suit a woman in power perhaps even a femme fatal.

    The lasting power is amazing and the sillage quite strong. I probably wouldn't wear this as a casual Spring/Summer scent because it just doesn't seem to fit into that category. By all means wear this as a night fragrance or even as a nice, unusual choice for the chilly weather.

    05th June, 2011


    Boss Femme by Hugo Boss

    A very pretty little scent. Nothing extraordinary, but wearable and inoffensive nonetheless.

    I particularly enjoy this fragrance's softness and ultra femininity. Although this fragrance is a fruity floral, it doesn't scream fruit or synthetic sweetness, rather it's delicate, natural and unobtrusive.

    There's nothing to dislike about Boss Femme. The opening of black currant, freesia and tangerine is pretty and soft. The heart which is made up of lily, jasmine and rose, smells like a fresh bunch of flowers which settles so naturally on the skin. The lemon tree note in the drydown is a lovely way to conclude this scent because it literally smells like a fruit orchard.

    I had no problem with the lasting power. I've been wearing this for 4 hours and I can still smell it.

    Boss Femme is a delightful fragrance if you want something gentle and feminine that guarantees not to offend.

    05th June, 2011


    Chrome Legend by Azzaro

    A male friend of mine wears this on a daily basis and I must say that it's quite pleasant.

    This is my first introduction to Azzaro fragrances and so far I'm liking them. Chrome Legend is a quite a fresh and crisp, almost marine like scent. The apple, tea and bitter orange notes give this fragrance an interestingly sharp yet clean quality in the opening.

    The apple is the dominant note from beginning to end which makes this scent rather fruity yet masculine at the same time. Initially the scent starts out sweet and light, however seconds later the scent becomes a rich and refreshing blend with subtle hints of vetiver and woodsy notes in the drydown.

    Chrome Legend has fabulous lasting strength and sillage, so be careful when applying. I recommend this cologne as a nice choice for wear this coming Spring/Summer.

    05th June, 2011


    cK one Summer 2009 by Calvin Klein

    If I ever created a scent from scratch, this is how I'd want it smell. Fresh, exotic, sexy and bright.

    You can tell that this is a unisex scent, but that doesn't bother me. On both sexes this would smell absolutely amazing.

    CK One Summer 2009 takes me to my happy place; lying on a beach on a warm day sipping a refreshing beverage while feeling the sun soak into my skin. In other words this is a very beachy scent.

    The fragrance opens with the delicious blend of mint, cucumber, lime and bergamot. I can smell every one of these notes and let me tell you, this is the ultimate Summery scent.

    The scent is so unusual with notes like sea water, rosemary, rum and oakmoss creating something that you'd only expect to find hidden in a niche fragrance.

    I am highly impressed by this offering from Calvin Klein, it's a pity that it's a limited edition. I'm seriously considering buying this fragrance in bulk because I love it so much.

    05th June, 2011


    Secret Wish by Anna Sui

    A very fruity scent. Not much else to it really.

    It's nice enough and Summery of course, but it's not the scent I expected to find in such an enchanting, child-like bottle.

    I expected sweetness and flowers, but Secret Wish is mostly soft lemon, pineapple and melon. Not particularly a blend that I usually associate with young girls, which I assume this fragrance would be marketed towards.

    There's a surprising element of sharpness which continually bugged me. I'm guessing that it's the blend of lemon and pineapple that makes me feel this way.

    Overall I can't entirely hate this scent, but I can assure you that I will never love it. Some have mentioned similarities to D&G Light Blue which I do detest, partly because of the strong lemon notes which remind me of cleaning solutions.

    Secret Wish is really to do with personal taste. If lemons and pineapple are your thing, certainly give Secret Wish a try.

    05th June, 2011


    Lola by Marc Jacobs

    Well, what can I say, I genuinely don't understand this fragrance's popularity.

    Personally I find this to be your average fruity floral, nothing too ground-breaking here I'm afraid.

    Lola is basically an opening of peppery and musky citrus followed by a fresh burst of pear and predictable florals, finishing with an uninspiring blend of musk and vanilla.

    I'll give credit to Marc Jacobs for refraining from making this sickeningly sweet like most new perfumes aim to do these days. The scent is playful and young without making one smell like a candy shop.

    I can imagine that this will be quite popular this Summer as it seems that already women and young girls alike are buying Lola like hotcakes. From just over-hearing what people have said about Lola, many are attracted to the bottle design. I, for one, don't find the bottle to be overly appealing. The pictures on here seem to flatter the bottle, in real life Lola looks quite tacky, especially with the multi-coloured, plastic folds which are meant to represent god only knows what.

    05th June, 2011


    Pleasures Intense by Estée Lauder

    There is something about Estee Lauder fragrances that don't quite agree with my chemistry.

    Pleasures Intense is fresh, flowery and certainly pleasant, but it is one of those scents that I'd imagine one to tire of quickly.

    The opening turned rather bitter on my skin and was actually quite heavy and sticky. I disliked being shrouded in a cloud of this when I had only applied a small squirt to my wrist.

    The heart of Pleasures Intense was a warmer yet smoother blend of florals, with the lily and jasmine creating that all too familiar 'bouquet of flowers' type of smell.

    This isn't the type of fragrance that you would wear if you were to impress someone, especially the opposite sex. Pleasures Intense is more like the scent you would wear on a Summer's day while out walking the dog, sitting drinking cups of tea or digging around in the garden.

    My advice, if you don't like heavy florals, stay away from this one.

    05th June, 2011


    Mariah Carey Forever by Mariah Carey

    At first sniff I could have sworn I'd smelt this before. Not surprising that this isn't unique, but it's pleasant none-the-less.

    The apple note is quite dominant in the opening, giving Forever a rather fresh and vibrant quality. The tuberose and gardenia are present in this fragrance, however they do not steal the limelight, they prefer to linger softly in the background.

    Perhaps I find Forever similar to the DKNY Be Delicious series. It's twin would have to be a fresh, rather potent fragrance dominated by juicy apple.

    Must admit that the bottle in real-life is not dainty and pretty, rather it is quite bulky and if you happened to purchase the 100ml, it would most likely be the biggest bottle in your collection. The bottle design is in one word; odd.

    Overall this is a nice, youthful and refreshing fragrance that has great lasting strength and quite a powerful trail of scent. I recommend to apple lovers.

    05th June, 2011


    Signature Story For Her by Beckham

    Don't mind this latest offering from Victoria Beckham.

    Unlike the original Signature which was rather fruity, this fragrance is quite soft and flowery.

    Certainly not original, but pleasant to say the least. Just a nice, inoffensive blend of peach, rose, peony and musk. Unfortunately I was waiting for the bitter orange kick in the opening, which never came, and the earthy yet spicy contrast with the patchouli. I was disappointed that the composition lacked these notes.

    The drydown turned out to be quite strange, like the scent of musk and mothballs. I must agree with other reviewers here, this is a mature scent, something that doesn't seem to suit Victoria's stylish and modern approach.

    Not a horrible scent, but not an overly outstanding one either.

    05th June, 2011


    Sui Dreams by Anna Sui

    I love vanilla in most fragrances, however in Sui Dreams I can't help feeling as if they've made the vanilla too syrupy and sugary sweet.

    The opening was rather disappointing with the vanilla and fruits creating a cheap and synthetic mix. It has an almost soapy quality to it which doesn't seem to work well as a perfume.

    As might be expected, this is a rather girly fragrance, most likely aimed at young consumers.

    In the pictures the bottle looks quite pretty, however in real-life the bottle is cheap, plastic and tacky. The blue juice also stains clothes.

    I don't know of anyone that wears Sui Dreams, but in my personal opinion this is light enough and childish enough to be worn by young girls.

    Must say that I'm disappointed that such a high price tag has been placed on such a cheap smelling fragrance. Certainly not something that I would personally buy.

    05th June, 2011


    Look by Vera Wang

    I can't say that I like this. Look is so unbelievably odd to my nose. I feel as if I've been offended by an overpowering fruity musk.

    The apple and litchi make quite a sharp opening, that once settled on the skin, irritates me. I wanted to wash it off as soon as I applied it.

    I decided to give this fragrance a chance to develop so I walked around for a bit trying to ignore its strong presence which followed me with an incredible amount of sillage everywhere I went.

    The drydown was the only aspect of this scent that I could only just tolerate. I felt uninspired by its mediocre vanilla, musk and patchouli blend.

    Unfortunately this fragrance has missed the mark. It horrifies me to say the least.

    05th June, 2011


    Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

    Oh, how I love spicy orientals from back in the day!

    Back then perfumers knew what they were doing. They knew how to create a sensual fragrance that would last decades. They understood the art of perfumery.

    Opium is one of those breath-taking scents. A seductive blend of spices, smokey incense and floral notes inter-mixed with subtle fruits. A scent that requires an acquired taste for sure, but one that you can hardly push aside.

    The woman that wears Opium is very stylish and as some might agree, exotic. There's an element to Opium that is rather dirty and shocking, like the scent of a heavy smoker or the scent that lingers in the air after a night of passion. While some will find Opium repulsive, others will love its blatantly sexual appeal.

    For an EDT, Opium lasts and lasts, so I assume that both the pure parfum and EDP could possibly last on the skin for days, (that is if you didn't shower). I highly recommend.

    05th June, 2011


    Miami Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

    I expected so much from Miami Glow. After being raved about constantly when it hit the shelves by fellow reviewers and then 4 years on brought back by popular demand, I assumed that this would have to be Jennifer Lopez's best fragrance to date.

    Forgive me when I say that I don't understand all the fuss. Sure it smells beachy, tropical, Summery and a little like sunscreen, but aren't there enough fragrances like that already?

    I unfortunately didn't sense any coconut, just grapefruit and passionfruit, followed by orangeblossom and then musk, lots of it.

    I couldn't get over how synthetic this fragrance was to my nose. If it had been a sweet synthetic smell I may have liked it, but this fragrance is similar to the scent of cheap suntan lotion. Not my cup of tea at all. I must add on a nicer note, Miami Glow does have great lasting power, I guess that earns this fragrance one star from me.

    05th June, 2011


    Shalimar by Guerlain

    It is not difficult to see why Shalimar has stood the test of time.

    Shalimar is still unique after all these years. Such a beautifully done fragrance, composed with careful consideration and oozing sophistication and elegance.

    This fragrance is a warm, smokey and slightly spicy vanilla scent, with all the right qualities to make this sensual fragrance irresistible.

    The opening is a wonderfully obscure citrus blend complimented by cedar. This combination surprisingly works. The top notes are strong but not overly so.

    The heart of this fragrance is where the magic begins. On my skin I get a warm, somewhat leathery and spicy blend of floral notes. At first this scent reminded me of calamine lotion. Thank goodness that I like that medicinal type smell. Later I got something that smelt like a mixture of cigar smoke, powdery incense and fragrant woods.

    I love that Shalimar continues to change and surprise me. I love that this fragrance is so unpredictable. Guerlain has certainly outdone themselves with this masterpiece.

    05th June, 2011


    Red Jeans by Versace

    I rather like this popular offering from Versace. Despite having an affordable price tag, Red Jeans proves to be quite a delightful and unique scent even though it is a little dated.

    The scent begins with a distinctive fruity sweetness which I found myself liking. The apricot and peach notes make this fragrance fruity but only mildly so, more sweet and candy-like rather than being juicy.

    The floral heart and the presence of the vanilla makes Red Jeans very feminine and comfortably so. I would be surprised if anyone found the scent to be offensive, because in my personal opinion this fragrance is soft and non-cloying.

    The sillage is good and the lasting strength equally so. I'll admit that you probably won't be blown over backwards by Red Jeans, however I'm sure you'll be impressed. This is a lovely choice for Spring and Summer.

    05th June, 2011


    Prada Tendre by Prada

    Don't be fooled into thinking that Prada Tendre is just a lighter version of the original. They are completely different compositions.

    While Prada is rather heavy and oriental, Prada Tendre is mostly soft woods and lively citrus resting on an element of fragile femininity.

    I like that this fragrance is smooth and easy to wear. It is unique without being too strange and 'in-your-face'. Gentle is a word that comes to mind when describing Prada Tendre.

    Prada Tendre starts off quite green and fresh, with the citrus signalling that Summertime is around the corner. Soft and sweet jasmine rounds the scent out nicely in the heart, where the vetiver and tea notes add variety and prevent this fragrance from smelling too predictable and common.

    The amber, which makes the original so popular, has obviously not been disregarded in this fragrance, however although it is still a dominant note in the drydown, it is not as strong. The patchouli however does give Prada Tendre that earthy feel that the original Prada succeeded in so well.

    I can't say that this is the best fragrance in regards to lasting strength, but honestly I'm not too fussed so I see no point in going on about it.

    Overall, Prada Tendre is a pleasantly sweet and feminine fragrance, which for some will be a Spring/Summer alternative when the original Prada proves too heavy for the warmer months.

    05th June, 2011


    Tuscan Soul by Salvatore Ferragamo

    A beautiful, light citrus based scent that one can certainly imagine wearing on a warm Summer's day while strolling along the beach feeling the sand between your toes.

    This scent is so refreshing and delicate, almost like someone has squeezed lemon juice and mandarin orange directly onto your skin. Such an energizing and delightful feeling.

    Be warned that this is a very intimate fragrance, stays very close to the skin. Tuscan Soul is not the kind of fragrance that will overwhelm the people around you, rather it will please yourself and the people that you allow to transcend past your personal boundaries.

    Salvatore Ferragamo has shifted back to their original approach to fragrance compositions, leaving behind their most recent fruity floral presentations aimed solely at the younger market. Tuscan Soul is for the older market, men and women who prefer their Summer scents to exude class and distinction.

    05th June, 2011


    Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo

    Not bad, not bad at all. As a person that usually dislikes fruity florals of this kind, I found myself enjoying its fruity freshness and appreciating its bright and youthful charms.

    I particularly like how Incanto Charms opens with passionfruit and honeysuckle which gives it that tropical and slightly unusual appeal. I was rather glad that this combination didn't end up smelling like cheap shampoo.

    This fragrance sparkles with life. Incanto Charms never becomes dull or putrid, it continues to be Summery and fresh from beginning to end.

    This isn't a particularly unique fragrance, I'm almost certain there are replicas left, right and centre, however if I had to choose from a majority of fruity florals on the market today, I'd certainly choose this.

    Unfortunately the lasting strength is pretty weak. Not terrible, but certainly disappointing.

    Dismissing the fact that this scent hardly holds, I like Salvatore Ferragamo's approach when it came to creating this sweet, flirtatious and youthful fragrance. I recommend this fragrance especially to teens as a pleasant Summer/Spring alternative.

    05th June, 2011


    F by Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo

    Just by looking at the bottle, one could forgive you for thinking that this would be a strong, perhaps spicy or dominating scent.

    In reality, F by Ferragamo is quite sweet, flowery and feminine.

    The initial sweetness in the opening certainly took me by surprise. My nose was assaulted with something that smelt like a bag full of lollies. Thankfully this was a scent that I rather enjoyed.

    Later a peppery, almost spicy note made an appearance, adding an unusual twist and providing a good introduction for the entrance of the orange blossom, jasmine and rose notes. I feared that this fragrance would become quite boring with the presence of such predictable florals, however the scent stayed true to its strange yet unique beginning.

    I think this fragrance would suit anyone of any age, it has enough versatility to do so. It also could be worn all year round, throughout every season. I urge you all to give F by Ferragamo a try.

    05th June, 2011


    Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren

    So sugary, so sweet, yet surprisingly lovely, and dare I say addictive.

    It smells a lot like an icecream called 'Splice', which is basically vanilla icecream covered in an icy layer of sugary lime. Just like the icecream, this fragrance would be best enjoyed on a hot Summer's day.

    The opening is mostly sugared fruits, however the drydown becomes rather warm and I can detect a subtle note that smells somewhat like maple syrup hidden in there somewhere. Ralph Hot turns out to be a very gourmand experience.

    The sillage and the lasting strength of this fragrance is simply amazing. I certainly recommend Ralph Hot to lovers of vanilla based scents like Dior's Hypnotic Poison and Thierry Mugler's Innocent.

    05th June, 2011


    Cheap and Chic I Love Love by Moschino

    I Love Love is very different from the original Cheap & Chic. There are very few similarities.

    This fragrance is quite fruity, Summery and fresh. But like all Moschino fragrances, do not assume that this scent is like any other.

    What starts as sugared fruits, almost like lemon flavoured sorbet, intensifies and becomes quite a crisp and colourful blend of both fruits and flowers, with a touch of pepper.

    I disagree with those that find this fragrance similar to D&G Light Blue. In my opinion there are no comparisons. Light Blue is quite sharp with its lemon notes and woodsy undertones, however I Love Love is so much sweeter and certainly more feminine. I would definitely choose this fragrance over Light Blue any day.

    The rose and the pepper notes in the heart of this fragrance, in my opinion, is what makes I Love Love so amazing. It is that transition from a bright citrusy opening into a soft, flowery yet spicy scent which gives this fragrance that undeniable charm.

    With fantastic lasting power and so many positive reviews, how can you not pass up the chance to own such a wonderful, (and may I add), affordable fragrance?

    04th June, 2011


    Cheap and Chic by Moschino

    Cheap & Chic fascinates me with its diversity and unique blend of both spices and fruits combined with a soapy and clean accord.

    I will admit that this fragrance will probably not capture you instantaneously, instead it will grow on you and develop into a scent that is truly difficult to resist.

    I love how the coriander blends with the peach and citrus notes in the opening. Together they create such an unusual yet classy scent, which is not too spicy nor too bitter or sour.

    The heart is pretty, but not overly feminine. I prefer it that way. It has more of a raw, 'don't mess with me' kind of approach, which would really suit a strong and determined woman.

    The musk certainly dominates the drydown, however I don't see this as being this fragrance's downfall. It is a rather nice finish to an incredibly alluring scent.

    From start to finish it is obvious that this is an Italian fragrance; such class, such distinction. Beautiful from start to finish, I advise anyone to try this scent.

    04th June, 2011


    Moschino Couture! by Moschino

    Moschino Couture! is a truly delightful scent.

    Often mentioned by celebrities themselves as being one of their favourite scents, Mena Suvari being one of them, this fragrance has certainly gained a lot of success.

    It's not hard to see why Couture! has captured so many people's hearts. The fragrance opens with peppered citrus which is both unique and classy. The scent is feminine without being overly sweet or fruity.

    Whenever you suspect that this fragrance will become too predictable or girly, it hits you with a note which completely changes your mind. The pepper in the opening, the pomegranate in the heart and the benzoin in the drydown are examples of notes which continue to change the composition and give Couture! that unusual and distinctive appeal.

    Its spicy and woodsy type scent blends so well when worn on the skin. Couture! has such a natural feel to it, almost as if it isn't a perfume at all.

    Hard to believe that something so wonderful is sold at such an affordable price, I highly recommend.

    04th June, 2011


    Michael Kors / Michael by Michael Kors

    If you're a big fan of freesia or tuberose, (or the both combined), and love strong, heady florals, then you can't go past Michael.

    Michael is all flowers. Rather strong and overbearing bouquets of the stuff, but surprisingly a scent better suited for wear in the warmer months.

    This fragrance has a slight shampoo-type scent, particularly in the drydown, which does give this fragrance a fresh and clean like quality which you'll either love or hate.

    Michael is definitely a sillage monster. The scent will linger in a room hours after you've left. The lasting power is also pretty powerful, so less is more when it comes to applying this perfume.

    From my perspective, a floral-loving one, Michael is a little too strong and nauseating for my tastes. From a distance this fragrance smells divine, however the closer you get the more it repels. If the scent had been made lighter, I'd most likely be giving Michael the thumbs up, but for now Michael is getting the thumbs down from me.

    04th June, 2011


    Moschino by Moschino

    Moschino is no doubt a classic fragrance which has somehow slipped under the radar during the last few decades.

    I very rarely hear of this signature scent by Moschino, it seems that their fruity florals and more modern offerings have gained them more success. A shame seeing how elegant and refined this fragrance actually is.

    Moschino is spicy yet soapy. The spicy components in the opening when blended with the vanilla, patchouli and floral notes in the drydown, gives this fragrance a beautiful, creamy texture which I really admire.

    I'll agree with trueperfumelover that suggested that this fragrance is similar to the classic and highly praised Boucheron pour Femme, although it is perhaps not as complex.

    I like Moschino's simplicity and also love the fact that for an eau de toilette, this fragrance lasts almost a whole day.

    I highly recommend.

    04th June, 2011


    Obsession by Calvin Klein

    Obsession, well what can I say, a true masterpiece is what you are.

    This fragrance is everything that you could ever want in an oriental. It's spicy, warm, incensey, sensual, beautiful, rich and utterly breath-taking.

    Unfortunately Obsession does tend to turn away a lot of people with its opening, which is indeed very heavy and thick, almost polluting the air. However, I cannot urge others enough to let this fragrance develop, because that's where the real magic lies.

    When the initial intensity subsides, Obsession transforms into an alluring and comforting spicy-sweet scent. Vanilla, incense, cedar, amber, jasmine, coriander and a variety of spices all blend together creating a delicious aroma that is almost good enough to eat.

    When tastefully applied (that is, sprayed sparingly), Obsession is somewhat mysterious and utterly gorgeous. Unfortunately many have been exposed to this fragrance when its wearer has overloaded themselves in this rather potent juice, therefore resulting in many people disliking this scent.

    I think it's a shame that a lot of people dismiss fragrances from the 80's simply because they find them dated or too strong. One thing that's for sure, they don't make scents like this anymore.

    04th June, 2011


    Allure Homme by Chanel

    Wow! I never thought I'd see the day when a Chanel fragrance would appeal to me. I found a brand new appreciation for Chanel fragrances hidden in their male scents.

    Allure Homme is delicious, complex, incredibly sexy and so very pleasing from a female's perspective.

    This fragrance is the epitomy of the perfect man; rugged good looks, masculine, strong, intense and although a little rough around the edges, it's enough to make women fall at his feet.

    Allure Homme has a commanding presence in a room. The scent is very grounded yet quite rich and warm, creating a sexual yet relaxed atmosphere, which certainly calms me yet puts me in the mood almost instantly.

    Unlike most male colognes on the market today that all seem to follow the predictable citrusy/fresh pattern, this woodsy and earthy scent has character and appeal.

    I highly recommend even if the price is a little too high. It is definitely worth it.

    04th June, 2011


    Samsara by Guerlain

    Quite an alluring fragrance that has certainly stood the test of time and is hailed as one of the most popular fragrances over the last two decades.

    There's lots of rich woodsy notes and enough smokey incense to balance this fragrance out nicely. Particularly in the drydown, Samsara has a rather soapy yet spicy-like quality that I really admire.

    The woman that wears Samsara is pictured in my mind as being classy yet seductively sexy, dressed immaculately in black silk and surrounded by a cloud of cigarette smoke which she manages to make a sophisticated recreation rather than a repulsive one.

    Samsara is in one word; class. Luxurious, inspiring and elegant.

    I can't say that I'm overly familiar with Guerlain scents, but from what I've tried or smelt on others I've been highly impressed, and Samsara is no exception.

    I wouldn't call Samsara a loud or particularly bold type of scent, instead it is rather intimate and mysterious. I feel that this particular quality makes it all the more appealing.

    Just a few squirts of Samsara and I can guarantee you that you will feel almost instantly more attractive and confident. A true gem in a world of rather common and boring scents. Samsara will make you stand out.

    04th June, 2011

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